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15 Useful Sentimental Analysis Tools you should use


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Not many people like to listen to everything that others talk about them. However, to businesses, it is invaluable information. They need to know about it and understand how people think about them to make their brand better.

Obviously, it is not easy; there is so much chatter every day, especially with technology development; people are provided additional channels to express their opinions and feelings.

Nevertheless, don’t be worried, there exists a tool that can handle all these problems - It is sentiment analysis tool.

Understanding merchants’ demand, various developers have launched their sentiment analysis tool to help people figure out the emotion hidden behind the text in real-time.

In this article, we would like to introduce 15 best tools for analyzing people’s sentiment and its definition and why entrepreneurs should possess a sentiment analysis tool.

What is a sentimental analysis tool?

Sentimental analysis tool definition
Sentimental analysis tool definition

As the name suggested, a sentiment analysis tool is a piece of software used to analyze people’s feelings. It accesses the intent, tone, and emotion revealing from the text to define whether they are in good or bad moods.

In marketing, a sentiment analysis tool helps marketers understand their audience’s reaction to their brand, products, or services. This tool is aware of how people feel about your business, whether it is positive or negative. More than that, this tool can figure out the writer’s feelings behind social media posts, chat messages, and emails.

Based on machine learning and natural language processing, sentiment analysis tools are equipped to scan strings of text. It then evaluates the positive and negative connotations and scores the sentiment level of the text. Besides, with just one sentence, sentiment analysis tools can label whether it is positive or negative, regardless of its topics.

For instance, when analyzing the sentence “I love your service, but I’m not a fan of their current ads campaign”, After scanning, this tool analyzes that this sentence can be divided into two parts: the first clause is positive, but the second one is negative. Therefore, the conclusion will be a neutral statement.

Why you should use a sentiment analysis tool for your brand

Rather than completing everything manually, a sentiment analysis tool enables users to label feedback on social media like Facebook or Twitter and sort them without human control.

With its help, merchants are aware of their customer feedback in real-time to sort out the negative comments in seconds and find out the problems of their services or products.

More than that, sentiment analysis tools can support merchants in quantifying qualitative data and visualize the information of customer insights by the visualization tools. This allows them to find out the trend patterns quickly. Also, they can identify customer’s difficulties and then introduce measures to help them solve their problems.

Top 15 Useful sentimental analysis tools to use

Quick Search of Talkwalker
Quick Search of Talkwalker

Founded in 2009, Quick Search of Talkwalker is a helpful tool to analyze text’s sentiment which is trusted by plenty of big brands like Adidas, Spotify, Methodist, Publicis, etc. Even though merchants can exploit it for different platforms, it seems to work best with social media channels.

Via Quick Search, users can acknowledge people’s attitudes from their comments, mentions, engagement, and more. From this data, merchants will have a source to effectively respond and communicate with their customers, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

By listening to people’s emotions, Quick Search helps support entrepreneurs in having timely and conscious decisions for their business to generate more suitable strategies to attract more people. Regarded as a copy of the Quick Search States, this product of Talkwalker is a helpful assistant in seeking content, KOLs, and top trending among the public.

In term of pricing, Talkwalker provides users with three packages with different features which are Listening, Analytics, and Research.

  • Listening: Start from $9000 per year
  • Analytic: On request
  • Research: On request

2. Sentiment Analyzer

Sentiment Analyzer
Sentiment Analyzer

If you are looking for a free tool to analyze people’s attitude, don’t forgetSentiment Analyzer - a useful tool from danielsoper.com.

Based on the use of more than 8,000 writing samples and spoken conversation, Sentiment Analyzer can figure out exactly the opinion of writers from the messages. This tool makes use of what is called “computational linguistics and text mining” to analyze the writer’s sentiment.

The findings will be compounded and compared with other samples and conversations on Sentiment Analyzer to figure out the final score. Thus, businesses can understand all the messages of customers, even the most confusing ones.

Thanks to it, understanding others’ emotions will no longer be a challenge to entrepreneurs. The score ranges from -100 to +100, respectively, representing the negative and positive views. Users can see the score that this tool scales for each text to define whether it is positive or negative.

However, users have to import the data manually when they want to analyze a text. To do that, what they need to do is pretty simple: copy the text they want and paste it on Sentiment Analyzer then click on the “Analyze!” button. In a couple of seconds, the result will be displayed on the scale next to the text.

Besides, keep in mind that this tool only provides the general sentiment of the message, not each separated part. So even when there are some negative words about the products or service, the result can still be positive when there are more positive views than negative ones.

3. Repustate


Founded in 2008, Repustate offers users complicated text-analysis API that helps them understand clearly the emotion hidden behind their customers’ responses. To analyze the text thoroughly, a mechanism named part-of-speech tagging is activated before each analysis, which allows it to analyze and evaluate each part of the text.

More than that, this tool is equipped with the ability to understand such things like slang (like lol, rofl, smh) or emojis ( like “:)”, “;)”. These things are all included in the analysis and Repustate will depend on specific context to define its meaning and the emotion inside it. Also, there are 17 languages supported on Repustate, so merchants will no longer have to worry about the language barrier; they can understand their customers’ response even when they do not know their language.

However, that doesn’t mean that you are unable to modify the tool to fit your business. This tool empowers users to personalize their API’s rules. With this feature, users can choose specific languages for your industry by the filter. Also, they can add new slang or alternative meanings for words, increasing the accuracy of Repustate’s result.

In fact, Repustate offers merchants two plans which are Standard Plan and Custom Plan. Each plan possesses different features, so merchants can consider them carefully before selecting the suitable one. While the Standard plan displays the price publicly ($299 per month), entrepreneurs have to connect Repustate to get the price which often ranges from $99 to $1699. Besides, users also have a free trial before actually paying for what they get.

4. Lexalytics


With more than 18 years of development, Lexalytics pays much attention to the reason why the client sends the response to the merchant in a certain manner. This tool takes advantage of what is called natural language processing to understand the sentence by dividing it into smaller parts which makes it easier to know the message hidden behind the text.

Besides, Lexalytics can satisfy plenty of demand given by users, such as processing a long text, protecting your system, or tuning and configuring the text analytics. When a new text is imported into the system, Lexalytics will rapidly separate the text into small parts like phrases or sentences in order to estimate the semantics, syntax, and so on.

After that, the system will start its procedures of analyzing the text which are about the sentiment, categorization, name entity recognition, intention detection, etc. When everything is done, the conclusion will be given based on the data analysis from a readable and shareable display. Then, it will be visualized and sent to the business so that entrepreneurs will have a reliable source for the upcoming plans..

In fact, there is various software that allows users to be aware of their customers’ text. However, with lexalytics, the sentiment and the reason of sentiment will be shown to merchants, making it stand out in the market. If you are interested in this product, you can access its demo and request a price for their campaigns.

5. Social Mention

Social Mention
Social Mention

Monitoring more than 100 social media platforms such as FriendFeed, Youtube, Digg, as well as blogs and websites, Social Mention is a mighty tool to evaluate the fame of any brands on social media. This real-time tool collects all the data from multiple sources about your company, enabling you to track and measure your customers’ responses.

Additionally, this tool doesn’t require people to register an account or install it on their devices to exploit all the features. Hence, people can access the site and freely take advantage of its capabilities without paying any fees.

Social Mention will aggregate the data from all social media platforms and generate a summary to display to users. This summary consists of plenty of elements which are top keywords, users, hashtags, source, and the rank of sentiment (positive, negative, neutral). Also, it predicts the percentage of people who are likely to mention your keywords, and their popularity level.

6. Social Searcher

Social Searcher
Social Searcher

Focusing on main social network platforms like Twitter, Social Searcher possesses a real-time search engine which sorts mentions by post type, social channel, and sentiment. Equipped with multiple helpful abilities, this tool empowers users to see how their brands perform on apps and channels.

Social Searcher offers users a variety of features which can be named as listening to all web mentions, social monitoring of your brand, unlimited history, data export, API, advanced analytics for periods, automatic language recognition, email notification support, and secure payments, and custom limits.

Merchants can access straightforwardly to social mentions history which can be arranged based on such criteria as pagination, sort by date, popularity, social network, sentiment, content type, and more. More than that, it can place the data distributed by week, day, hour, links, users, keywords, and hashtags, which supports business in evaluating their strategy’ performance.

Not only English but also 42 popular languages like German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, etc. are supported on Social Searcher. Thus, users can select the most familiar to work with. Also, Social Searcher will send merchants email alerts and notifications when there is a new mention.

To use this tool, what you need to do is type the keywords, hashtags, or usernames on Social Searchers and it will do the rest. After a while, you will receive a report including all the mentions about the topic you want to analyze and define whether it is positive or negative.

Social Searchers provides users with four packages which ranges from free to 19.49 € per month, which are:

  • Free: 0 €/ month for 100 real-time searches/ day and 2 email alerts
  • Basic: 3.49 €/ month for 200 real-time searches/ day, 3 email alerts, 3 monitorings, 3000 saved posts/ month, all web mentions
  • Standard: 8.49 €/ month for 400 real-time searches/ day, 5 email alerts, 5 monitorings, 20,000 saved posts/ month, all web mentions
  • Professional: 19.49 €/ month for 800 real-time searches/ day, 10 email alerts, 10 monitorings, 100,000 saved posts/ month, all web mentions

Besides, it also allows people to experience a free trial lasting 14 days with the standard package.

7. SentiStrength


SentiStrength is another free sentiment analysis tool in this roster. In fact, this tool seems to be useful with academic research. It can offer analysis of 16,000 social web texts each second with the same accuracy level in English as humans.

Unlike other platforms, each SentiStrength report consists of two sentiment strengths which are -1 (not negative) to -5 (extremely negative) and 1 (not positive) to 5 (extremely positive). The reason for these two strengths is that according to SentiStrenth, human’s emotion is so complicated which can include positive and negative sentiment simultaneously.

Even though this tool is designed for only Windows, people using Mac, Linux, and Android can install and use it with the help of Crossover or use the web version.

8. Meaning Cloud

Meaning Cloud
Meaning Cloud

Advertised as the solution for performing a detailed multilingual sentiment analysis of text from different sources.Sentiment analysis of Meaning Cloud helps users figure out the emotion behind the text in all documents, even comment on social networks or surveys. This free tool runs based on identifying each phrase and then analyzing the relationship between them.

In details, this software provides users with 6 main features:

  • Global sentiment.
  • Sentiment at attribute level.
  • Identifications of opinions and facts.
  • Detection of irony.
  • Graduated polarity.
  • Agreement and disagreement.

What’s more, users are allowed to import custom dictionaries to use in the process of sentiment classification. Meaning Cloud also gives users the Excel add-in for Windows. In addition, this tool supports various languages Spanish, French, Italian, Catalan, and Portuguese, not just English.

9. NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization

NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization
NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization

NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization, or Sentiment Viz is a useful tool for Twitter which visualizes the data from Twitter and helps entrepreneurs analyze it more easily. To use this tool, you can select and type the keyword you want like your brand. Then, NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization will do the rest: collect the data from Twitter and display it in forms of graphs. You are also allowed to read the detailed information by clicking on the dots on the graph.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of view options available for users based on the criteria like sentiment, topics: Sentiment Viz will analyze the emotion and use blue for negative and green for positive, or display the related topics to the keywords which are filtered by the machine-learning algorithms. If their option is heatmap, the graph will be a grid with mapped tweets with red representing higher popularity and blue representing the less one.

Otherwise, they can select

  • tag cloud (the more popular words indicating emotion will be shown bigger)
  • timeline ( the number and the time posting appear on the graph with green for good and blue for bad), map (location of tweet on the world map)
  • affinity ( displaying the regular tweets, people, hashtags, and URLs)
  • Or narrative (chronological sequence of tweets in a story) which measure pleasure, activation, and dominance for your graph.

This tool estimates the emotion depending on the meaning of words included in the tweet as well as combining its pleasure and arousal ratings to define the emotion for the entire text. Since this tool requires no fees for use, some problems still exist: It can’t work well with slang or sarcasm.

Besides, more than one keyword can be queried simultaneously on Sentiment Viz by making use of boolean operators. Hence, merchants can save a significant amount of time spent on analyzing the sentiment.

10. Rapidminer


Rapidminer is a platform used for the purpose of data science which assists merchants on analyzing the sentiment of the text. Exploiting artificial intelligence, Rapidminer helps users understand the emotion behind almost everything ranging from online review, social media posts to official publications or documents.

Thanks to Rapidminer, merchants can easily find out the trending topics among customers and consumers. More than that, they can aggravate feedback about the products and the potential area for the expansion.

To do that, Rapidminer will collect “the entire data science lifecycle from data prep to machine learning to predictive model deployment”. It provides users a resolution for mining and analyzing the text. With this tool, data is not just figures and numbers, it is also qualitative and textual content.

When purchasing this tool, you will be offered two options for enterprise or individual. With enterprise, customers will connect directly with Rapidminer and ask for price based on their strategy scale. With the individual plan, there are two packages for customers which are RapidMiner Go and RapidMiner Studio Free. If you don’t want to spend money for analyzing sentiment, you can select the Studio Free package. Otherwise, you can choose the Go one that costs $10 per month and users will have a free trial of 30 days before actually paying for the package.

11. Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite Insights
Hootsuite Insights

With more than 100 million sources from over 50 languages, Hootsuite Insights is regarded as one of the greatest assistants in helping brands understand their customers’ points of view toward them. Developed by the social media management legend, Hootsuite, this tool enables users to make cleverer decisions by listening to their opinions on social media, websites, forums and even blogs.

Via Hootsuite Insights, businesses can dig deep into their customers’ attitude and exploit it to improve their campaign. This information contains not only sentiment but also influencers, stories, and trends. Therefore, when finding out the data, you can share it with your team, sort it by the filter of location, languages, and gender, which is a helpful source to define and build up your targets in a more systematic and specific manner.

In addition, this platform gives users the ability to monitor the analysis by keywords. For instance, with positive sentiment, users can add the words they want like thanks, love it, cool, awesome, etc. Also, a lot of emojis can be understood as a sign of positive sentiment like thumbs up, smiley face, clapping, and more.

12. MonkeyLearn


Trusted by big businesses like Drift, Clearbit, Dell, PubNub, MonkeyLearn is an effective tool to understand people’s emotion from the text. By offering a free “World Cloud” which lists clearly which words are used regularly in each category. From it, merchants can easily realize the barrier between them and their customers and get rid of it.

For example, when looking at a product, or services and you see that there are multiple words belonging to the negative group. Obviously MonkeyLearn will define them as negative responses. And when it appears regularly, this tool will analyze and figure out the most common problem that people often encounter with your products, or service in order to fix it.

Furthermore, this is a user-friendly tool which enables users to customize with ease. What users have to do is just generate the categorization tags, emphasizing different parts of it to display the content of each tag. More than that, it can analyze more than one text at the same time, so that businesses can save lots of time for processing the text.

MonkeyLearn offers users three packages with three different price:

  • Start Free: this plan requires no money but users are only able to use MonkeyLearn Word Cloud
  • MonkeyLearn API: $299/ month, users are given 6 features: 10,000 queries per month, 3 customer orders, 3 seats, API, Excel / CSV, Zapier, Google Sheets, and connect the support team via email
  • MonkeyLearn: People have to contact the sales team to know how much they have to pay. When selecting this plan, users are given the ability to exploit all these features: queries, customer models, workflows, seats, pre-made models, integrations, visualization dashboards, business intelligence and warehouse, dedicated onboarding, support channels, and services level agreements (SLA).

13. Critical Mention

Critical Mention
Critical Mention

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on both Capterra and TrustRadius, Critical Mention is another platform for analyzing sentiment that we would like to introduce to you. After nearly 20 years of development, Critical Mention has reached a certain status in the market of sentiment analysis tools.

Different from the tools mentioned above, Critical Mention empowers users to figure out the emotion from news and other publications related to your enterprise. In fact, compared to comment or feedback on social media, news and other publications have much higher information transmission speed. Thus, they are crucial sources that businesses have to concentrate on to know what the public thinks about their brand.

With this tool, you will rapidly be aware of all the information telling about your company and the sentiment behind it as well. Moreover, this tool works 24 hours a day so that whenever there is new information, your will be altered about it immediately.

Particularly, this tool analyzes not only news and other written publications but also data from video on television. Users are allowed to seek for the video about your brand on the video files and capture it. You, then, can share it with your team or upload it on your social network account in case it is a positive one.

To be able to use Critical Mention, merchants have to request a quote from the system by filling in the information about their name, email, phone, company, and your message.

14. Clarabridge


In fact, the sentiment analysis tool from Clarabridge is a part of CX Analytics which is one out of two tools in the Customer Experience Management solution of this brand. When purchasing this solution, users will be equipped with CX Analytics and CX Social.

This software uses the 11-point scale to evaluate the emotion from the content they aggravate. Instead of evaluating based on the meaning of words in the dictionary, the tool of Clarabridge considers a variety of elements like grammar, context, industry, and source to score the text, which are positive, neutral, and negative.

This tool is able to identify the differences of one word in different contexts and then display different results. For instance, the word “thin” when talking about a laptop will be identified as a positive sign but if it is about walls in a hotel, this system will regard it as a negative one.

Since Clarabridge doesn’t publicize the pricing plan so entrepreneurs have to contact them to request a demo and a quote for CX Analytics. In addition, they will be given the opportunity to experience a 14 days free trial of CX Social which allows merchants to manage their social media effectively.

15. Brandwatch


Founded by Giles Palmer in 2006, Brandwatch is considered one of the best tools for understanding people’ emotion from their text. It is used by thousands of big brands, such as Unilever, Sky, Delta, Monster, Nestle, and so on

Besides the ability to analyze the written information, Brandwatch offers people a special feature which is called “image insights”. It can identify the image related to your company by images like your brand’s logo, etc. With this feature, not only words but also images can be interpreted simply via Brandwatch.

When you post your brand’s logo, Brandwatch will look for all the images with your logo on the Internet. After that, these images will be gathered and emphasized the places it appears on the lists that will be displayed to you.

What’s more, users can access the detailed information about each individual image from the list. It includes multiple metrics like aggregate followers, mention volume, and latest activities. From it, merchants can acknowledge where their brand’s photos appear and its performance with your target audience.

There is no pricing plan displayed on its site so click here if you want to purchase this tool of Brandwatch.

Wrap up

In short, it can be denied that sentiment analysis tool is an effective assistant for any businesses. Thanks to it, business owners can easily know the public’s attitude toward their products and services, which is an invaluable source for their company’s development.

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