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How to See Your Subscriber on Youtube? Simple Guide for Youtuber

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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If you possess your own YouTube channel for any time, having subscribers play such a vital role in growing your channel. As you might not know about, getting subscribers originally is one of the safest ways to let people know your channel, but it might take a bit longer. Others can purchase subscribers from Social Media Daily. The more subscribers you have, the more viewers you get. Then, those views can result in popularity, particularly in the eyes of YouTube. People believe that collecting subscribers can be known as a full-time career.

In this article, you will be instructed on how to see your subscriber on YouTube. If you are new to YouTube, passing by this article is definitely not a wise choice.

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Learn how subscribers work on Youtube

Sometimes, you might hear questions from the YouTuBe community on how different subscribers work on YouTube. There are some popular questions that are solved in the FAQ. You can refer to one of the most common questions to understand more about the working process of subscribers on YouTube.

Learn how subscribers work on Youtube
Learn how subscribers work on Youtube

Does YouTube unsubscribe views from channels automatically?

The answer is no. But some conversations about viewers who “unsubscribe automatically” from channels have been seen. As admins receive this kind of feedback, they definitely take it into consideration. This subscription team can implement all investigations into the data that is submitted to check what is going on.

In each case we check, the admin team has been verifying there exists no problem that leads to viewers to be unsubscribed by YouTube automatically. Following are what they are judging:

  • It is found that viewers are subscribed to the channels most of the time.
  • There are several viewers who already unsubscribed from a channel by accident. In addition, YouTube also inserts a confirmation pop-up as unsubscribing (this action is not presently available on iPad and iPhone devices).
  • Many other people believed that they were already unsubscribed from channels since videos did not appear in their Home tab. As this case happened, it was reported that they were subscribed to channels as well as had not been unsubscribed. The Home tab is tailored to display your videos YouTube is thinking that you are interested in watching. Also, you are not ensured to see videos from your own subscriptions on the Home tab; however, you are able to find out complete lists in the Subscriptions feed.
  • Several creators guaranteed specific viewers had not been subscribed since the subscribers did not turn up in the channel’s subscribers list. The list shows only subscribers who have selected to make their own subscriptions become public. Then, by default, subscriptions are private.
Does YouTube unsubscribe views from channels automatically?
Does YouTube unsubscribe views from channels automatically?

Are all of my videos displayed in my subscribers’ Subscription feeds?

  • Take note that each video you have published as a creator is displayed in your own subscribers’ subscription feeds automatically. But, there will be advanced settings you can apply as publishing videos to prevent it from displaying in Subscriptions feeds. Most creators publishing videos daily can use those settings in order to show some particular videos in Subscription feeds.
  • By the way, as a video is uploaded, it will be published to Subscriptions feed as quickly as YouTube can. It had better take several minutes or less. Making this work as quickly as possible is a top priority for this Subscription team. YouTube has been reducing the time of publishing by two-third in the last six months.
  • If you do not change your own distribution selections, each video will be published to the Subscriptions feed. As YouTube hears those complaints from different viewers they do not see videos there, it can be for among reasons:
    • Should you be subscribed to lots of channels, it is not too difficult to miss something. Viewers have hundreds of subscribers. Sometimes, videos you are seeking can be hard to find lots of subscription videos. Unless channels you are subscribed are not posted regularly, it is possible older videos will not display in Subscriptions feed.
    • It is necessary to take note even though all videos in Subscriptions feed, they will not display in the Home tab. This Home tab can show videos YouTube thinks you as viewers do not become interested in monitoring now. There is nothing they can guarantee that videos from the subscriptions will be displayed there.
Are all of my videos displayed in my subscribers’ Subscription feeds?
Are all of my videos displayed in my subscribers’ Subscription feeds?

How does YouTube count subscribers?

YouTube verifies the legitimacy of accounts, along with actions on your one YouTube channel. This is known as a part of the whole process to ensure that its site metrics are free of abuse, spam, and deactivated accounts to keep YouTube a good place for people.

How does YouTube count subscribers?
How does YouTube count subscribers?

Will closed accounts count toward my subscriber count?

As someone closes his or her Google Account, he or she will not exist on YouTube; hence, they will not count toward your own subscriber count. You are able to see how many subscribers deleting their own accounts in your own channel’s YouTube Analytics, where they are accounted as “closed accounts”. Keep in mind that closed accounts will not account for your own subs.

Will spam accounts count toward my subscriber count?

As YouTube is able to find out accounts are spammy, it will not count toward your number of subscribers. Those accounts will not be subscribed to your own channels. In fact, to this account, it displays they are subscribed and they keep getting your own videos in the Subscriptions feed.

Why is my subscriber count dropping or changing?

Basically, seeing fluctuations in your own subscriber count is not something special. Should you take note of a big drop, you can see the reasons why your own subscriber count can change.

How to see your subscribers on Youtube?

With more than 500 hours of video that are uploaded to YouTube each minute passes by, there is no surprise many publishers can develop massive followings with the number of subscribers reaching millions and of course benefits from product placements and advertisements will reach very high.

See your subscribers on Youtube on the desktop

In case videos are published to YouTube by yourself, you might want to know how you can see your own subscribers. This will not only help you see how people subscribe to you, check the types of people following you to help you create ideas, then trying to find out kinds of videos your own subscribers want to see from you. Obviously, you are able to see who subscribes you to your own YouTube channel through the desktop ver of YouTube or see your subscribers count though Android or iPhone apps. And here is the instruction:

  • Step 1: The first thing you have to do is logging into your YouTube account before clicking in your own profile image located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Step 2: Locate, then click on your channel option.
  • Step 3: A count of how many subscribers you are having should be under your own channel’s username. You are capable of seeing lists of the most frequent subscribers, such as profiles and names in YouTube’s Studio feature.
  • Step 4: Opt for the blue YouTube Studio button located in the menu bar at the top of the channel.
  • Step 5: In this part, you can seek the card named Recent Subscribers, then clicking See More in order to receive more information. Keep in mind that only 100 recent subscribers can be shown and subscribers who have selected to include their own profile will only be visible.

Unless you have YouTube Studio or the above list is not shown on your account, you are allowed to check the full list of your current public subscribers by heading to youtube.com/subscribers through YouTube’s Creator Studio Classic.

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See your subscribers on Youtube on mobile devices

The complete menu of your own subscribers is available only on the desktop ver of YouTube. You are able to access it on mobile devices by getting your account logged into on web browsers and heading to youtube.com/subscribers.

However, on YouTube mobile apps, you can see your quantity of YouTube subscribers only instead of a complete list of names, and here is the whole process:

  • Step 1: Locate, then tap YouTube icons to open this app to ensure you can log into your own account.
  • Step 2: After that, you can tap your own profile icon located in the upper-right corner of the screen before choosing Your Channel selection on your Account screen.
  • Step 3: You can see that your number of YouTube subscribers is shown beside your user icon and under your name.

How to see other people’s subscribers on Youtube

Is there any way to help you see other people’s subscribers? Yes, it is.

In fact, there is a way to do this inside YouTube. It has been done to do with a specific link that will guide you to other users’ lists of subscribers. Here is the set-up link:


All you have to do is to replace “USERNAME” with the user’s name you want to see. After that, you can copy as well as paste this link into the browser. If you want to try this, it will not work. You will get messages on another blank page saying that no longer available. This means that this link above is no longer working. Because of security, along with privacy reasons, YouTube already changed everything so that every user is unable to view other people’s subscribers.

Some tips to get more subscribers on Youtube

You might not know that nearly 1 billion hours spent on YouTube is viewed by users daily. This can be equivalent to about 8.4 minutes each day per person. With this widespread popularity, it is extremely hard for any marketer to neglect video marketing channels. Hence, the question is how marketers can grab their viewers’ attention to get more eyes on YouTube channels. If you have not found out the answer, let’s us help you with that.

The following are 7 handy and useful tips to grow subscribers on YouTube.

get more subscribers on Youtube
Get more subscribers on Youtube

Clean up your YouTube channel

Before you would like to introduce your new things in your channel, it is necessary to do some cleaning. All you need to do is to take a closer look at your own YouTube channel as well as evaluate again what is on there. This will result in the realization that your old content should be removed if it is poorly produced or outdated. Or just a flop of videos that should not make it up in the very initial place. In case you get something of that nature tied to your own brand, it is time for you to turn this lead off and make them lose trust in your own brand. You had better remove it and never look back again.

Make sure your videos do not last 5 minutes

Now, your videos last from 30 to 60 minutes since your own digital engineering software is too complicated to explain. While the testimonials become great, YouTube and long videos do not match together well. No matter how complicated your product is, your own videos should not be over 5 minutes. You might ask the reason why. According to a study, online video viewers possess a short attention span. Basically, HubSpot also found out that the ideal length for YouTube videos is nice and finishes in 2 minutes. As a result, you had better re-edit those long videos and turn them into short clips.

Generate custom human thumbnails

Let’s face to face this problem. Your own video thumbnail looks like the cover of your videos; hence, you need to make your videos more engaging. In fact, video thumbnails are the most important items that can decide a visitor will play or not play the video. One of the perfect ways to make sure your videos to be played is by making use of images of smiling humans who can make eye-contact as your video thumbnail. The reason is people will relate to the other one. Another incredible way to bring your thumbnail to the next level is by throwing a smile on it.

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Spend money on advertising YouTube

Investing in advertising YouTune is one of the greatest ways to increase your subscribers. The internet is a big space and money can talk there. Therefore, it is essential for you to invest your marketing budget located behind your own channels.

YouTube is making your channel advertising customizable with various ad formats, consisting of the following:

  • Overlay ads
  • Display ads
  • Skippable as well as non-skippable video ads
  • Sponsored cards
  • Bumper ads

Like other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, YouTube enables you to target videos based on demographics, interests, and in-market audiences.

Spend money on advertising YouTube
Spend money on advertising YouTube

No matter it is a Linkedln group, Twitter chat, Reddit, or other common online communities in your own industry, you had better take an active part in those worlds before spreading video content when it is relevant.

Should you be working for accounting companies and taking part in conversations where everybody seems to have problems with their tax. This is also the perfect time to help your useful videos shared, then introducing your services that some taxpayers might take you upon.

Post regularly and consistently

Do remember that consistency is the key since subscribers will not properly stay subscribed should you never update your channel regularly of in case you do update 4 times in just one week. Then it takes a month length. If you are doing SEO, you might likely hear of Moz. Moz can perform a wonderful series that is called Whiteboard Fridays, along with weekly videos breaking down SEO concepts on crisp whiteboards.

Those videos are not only super-engaging and produced perfectly but they are also consistent. This is the reason why they are called Whiteboard Fridays. In case you are able to nail down re-occurring series like this, you will turn into golden for giving your beloved subscribers consistent video content, then allowing you to not only keep the current subscribers but also have good chances to attract your new subscribers to increase the video engagement.

Execute Top-Notch channel trailers

YouTube is loaded with this amazing feature for each marketer who is looking to grow his or her subscription base, which is called channel trailers. These are just as they sound, short trailers automatically playing as visitors arrive on your current YouTube channel page.

This is known as a wonderful opportunity to build up your subscription base, if, and only if, you can generate compelling content.

Those trailers need to be kept in short from 30 to 60 seconds and compelling. Most importantly, they have to offer your visitors reasons to stay. If they are hilarious, beautiful, and emotionally charged, it will definitely help. Let’s check this incredible example from the SoulPancake. The trailer is not only the perfect length, but it also promotes motivational comedy, emotions, and ends with a creative call-to-action button.

Extra tips to get subscribers on YouTube

  • Remove any old and low-quality videos from your current channel
  • Use the right equipment, write a great script, and keep videos staying short for the maximum engagement
  • Generate super-engaging channel trailers
  • Get videos edited to 5 minutes or even under, with attention in the first 10 seconds
  • String shorter videos into a binge-able playlist
  • Insert CTA’s cards and like end screens into your own YouTube videos
  • Make a custom thumbnail, featuring a smiling face preferably
  • Have new videos posted on a consistent schedule
  • Boost your own videos with YouTube advertisements
  • Get your videos promoted on other communities and social channels
  • Incentivize people to get subscribed with giveaways and contests
  • Apply SEO techniques to have your video for search optimized


You should bear in mind that building up a YouTube channel looks like building a marketing strategy. Things are getting changed faster those days than any other period. Keeping your own channel flourishing and afloat is not something easy for you. Successful business owners even online and offline are well-prepared to make adjustments in the long-term. Hence, we hope that our article on how to see your subscribers on YouTube will provide you with enough confidence to give it a try. Otherwise, let’s prepare yourself to be flexible in any case.

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