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20+ Best Sales Prospecting Tools That Help Finding More And More Customers


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We all know that the sales process essentially boils down to two things: numbers and time. To nail those two things with the most time-saving method, you must invest in the possible processes, activities, and skills. However, sales change quickly, so you must need techniques, tricks, and processes for prospecting.

That’s why I create this 20+ Best Sales Prospecting Tools That Help Finding More And More Customers post to introduce sales prospecting tools to boost the whole prospecting process in this growing sales landscape with a lot of processes and key strategies. So, let’s get started!

What is prospecting in sales?

Normally, prospecting is known as the procedure of beginning and developing a brand new business by looking for customers, buyers, or clients that are potential for your goods or services. Generate more interest in them through the sales funnel and finally convert them to revenue-generating customers.

In prospecting in sales, one of the most critical factors to make it useful is about clarifying good-fit users for your business. It means getting leads and prospects who want to have your product or service to let their pain points or challenges being solved. You know that these are the people who will offer you the long life development of business. To clear your good-fit customers, you must have good sales qualification questions to ask about your leads and prospects.

What is prospecting in sales?
What is prospecting in sales?

What to look for in a sales prospecting tool?

First of all, you must know that there is a kind of software supporting you in automating small repetitive tasks to save time for your sales reps to deliver the right messaging to prospects. You can gather more information and develop faster with prospecting tools, which means engaging prospects in a closer way to the deal.

When you look at a sales prospecting tool, you will see that there are so many of them in the modern sales process. However, I think there are several things you should consider for it:

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing is considered to be one of the most effective methods to have qualified prospects as you can get the highest return on investment with it. So, it would be best if you look at this factor while looking for sales prospecting tools to enable you to send emails in bulk to receivers that are a list of leads or prospects utilizing customizable email templates.

Additionally, with the bulk email being sent, you can get multiple abilities and templates to ensure that you can track open rates and many more email marketing campaign performance elements. This is an effective way to help you see what works and what doesn’t for email campaigns in the future.

  • Visualization

Yes, this is what you want to know: the stands of each prospect in your pipeline, which also means a great visualization. While choosing sales prospecting tools, you need to pick what can tell you important details of your prospect and the correspondence stick with them.

For example, if you haven’t accomplished and introduced yourself to a prospect, you will need prospecting software that can make you aware that you don’t contact them with the information they aren’t prepared for. Just with a small little way to each prospect’s visualization in the pipeline, you can be more productive to make contact each time.

  • Automation

Timeline is so crucial to be the attention of prospects. You can have many ways to gather prospects and their information; however, you might lack time to enter data and reach out to all of them. Automation saves you with this as it helps you not have to do many manual and repetitive tasks. As a result, you can ensure every prospect is contacted and cut down your sales team’s workload.

20 most powerful sales prospecting tools for your business

1. AVADA Marketing Automation

AVADA Marketing Automation
AVADA Marketing Automation

Pricing: Free plan available. Pro plan start from $9/month

Rating: 4.9/5 on Shopify App Store

AVADA is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that is tailored for eCommerce stores on sending emails and SMS as well as collect more quality leads. Automation campaigns on AVADA are based on customer behavior triggers such as Abandoned Cart, Welcome messages, Order Confirmation, and Cross-sell/Up sell campaigns. Also, you can send Newsletter emails and SMS to promote your sales, new products and inform any store updates instantly to all of your subscribers.

AVADA is considered an amazing sales prospecting tool since you just need to set up the automation campaigns at first then let it convert your customers automatically. The more leads you have, the higher chance you can increase your revenue.

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2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pricing: Starting at $65/month for paid plans.

Rating: 8.4/10 on TrustRadius.

LinkedIn is an easy-to-see choice in the phase that the world is expanding for the professional social networks and other salespeople looking for prospects. To serve the purpose of that, LinkedIn has started a program called LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a tool to enable more advanced search filters. It shows detailed information about every prospect, also the possibility to save and recommend leads, and InMail credit.

3. Wiza


Pricing: After exporting 20 emails for free, paid plans start at $30 per month.

Rating: 4.8/5 on Capterra.

Once you refine your search with the previous tool, it makes sense to streamline your prospecting on LinkedIn even further with a tool like Wiza. Designed to collect and verify data from LinkedIn users, Wiza allows you to create significantly more opportunities for your outreach process.

Instead of the typical outdated contact information that so many tools collect, Wiza helps your business filter out only accurate, real-time data from your prospects with the help of its AI. Cross-referencing takes mere minutes, saving your sales team hours they’d spend on research and sending emails that will only bounce. Wiza’s refined algorithm prevents those issues and helps you focus only on prospects that matter to your business.

4. Leadfeeder


Pricing: 14-day free trial, starting at $55/month for paid plans.

Rating: 4.7/5 on G2Crowd.

Leadfeeder is created to assist you with finding possible new leads and prospects by following which organizations visit your site, regardless of whether they don’t fill out your form or in your contact.

With Leadfeeder, you have to input the Leadfeeder Tracker content and interface your Google Analytics account to have available options to follow and investigate what pages individuals are visiting. This enables you to freely make an effort and commitment procedures dependent on each lead’s behavior, just as assisting you with distinguishing possibilities you probably won’t have known about previously.

Furthermore, Leadfeeder likewise supports you in discovering the contact data for workers at any organization that visits your site, which permits you to rapidly find out who the leader is and promptly connect with them.

5. Prospect.io


Price: $79 to $129 for each month

Average Rating: 4.1/5 on G2.

Prospect.io is considered as one of the most powerful sales automation tools in the market that can distribute the great suite of traits that support you and your sales team to develop.

This prospecting feature will support you in getting and clarify crucial characteristics about your prospects, such as their emails, phone numbers, job titles, for example. The feature is even easier to use with the help of the Google Chrome extension. You are able to construct templates and drip campaigns to automate follow-ups as well.

What is more, this tool offers you principal metrics to examine your efforts. Also, it integrates with your existing sales tools such as HubSpot and Salesforce as well.

6. Quora


Pricing: Free.

Quora is an online forum where anybody can post inquiries on it and get the answers. On account of their strict control strategy, Quora is not like comparable destinations like Yahoo Answers, questions, and replies on Quora generally of a higher caliber and give more superior knowledge. With Quora, you can set out inbound, showcasing open doors by providing intuitive answers and evaluating your organization’s profile.

However, you can likewise discover potential possibilities by glancing through the followers that a specific inquiry has or who upvoted particular answers. Through Quora’s inner informing stage, connecting with these individuals or discovering their contact details via their public profiles or linked online media accounts is also possible on Quora.

7. AngelList


Pricing: Free.

AngelList was initially intended to be a stage for new businesses, VCs, and angel investors to look for each other. However, for salesmen, it’s an index of various organizations that you can filter by the organization type, the number of representatives it has, and even what phase of financing they are at at the moment.

8. CrunchBase


Price: $0 to $29 for each month

Average Rating: 4.1/5 on G2.

In case you are keen on focusing on youthful and developing organizations, you basically can not miss out on CrunchBase. It is an inventive database that provides data on the top new businesses.

This tool is famous for its profound search functionality; it can bring you data that may require hours to assemble all alone to dive deeply into details such as rounds of funding.

9. Product Hunt

Product Hunt
Product Hunt

Pricing: Free.

Product Hunt is a registry of up-to-date and forthcoming organizations and items. More than just looking through the directory utilizing keywords and filters, Product Hunt has recently started growing its platform and features. For instance, they currently have an “Ask” platform where, such as Quora, the clients can ask and answer inquiries from the community. They have likewise dispatched a “Collections” feature that can support grouping bunches of businesses by particular subjects, for example, “Email Apps,” “Marijuana Tech,” or “Class kickoff Apps”.

10. Capterra

Pricing: Free.

Based on your industry or niché, Capterra is one more special tool for sales reps looking for prospects. Capterra has a wide range of listings of various advanced digital items and organizations, which salesmen can utilize to filter through theme and classification type and even the ratings for Leadfeeder.

11. BuiltWith


Pricing: Free Google Chrome extension; $295 per month for paid plans.

Average Rating: 4.2/5 on Capterra

With BuiltWith, the salesman no longer worries about discovering organizations utilizing particular bits of software or technology. This is especially useful for searching for rivals in your space. With Built, you will be able to discover which organizations are utilizing particular tools, and it goes above and beyond by likewise offering you the contact details of every single business.

For individuals who are turned off by the beginning value purpose of $295 per month, you can generally look at the free Google Chrome augmentation, which enables you to execute some essential understanding into the tools a site is built with.

12. Bloobirds


Price: Not Available

Average Rating: 4.4/5 on G2

Regardless of how you discover your prospect, at some point or later, it will the interesting part – the first contact! It’s good to get going with Bloobirds and its real-time messaging tool based on your email strategy.

This tool arranges different approaches to email marketing by recommending messages based on the buyer target market, persona, and the prospect’s unique information. Consequently, you will be able to discover who you know in like manner, how their organization is getting along, and what their interests are.

13. Skrapp


Price: Free for less than 150 emails and $209 for the first 50,000 emails

Average Rating: 3.5/5 on G2

Skrapp is an incredible tool that helps you looking for the email address you need for vital individuals in B2B organizations.

It enables you to discover these messages through LinkedIn and company sites with the Google Chrome Extension, or you can utilize the in-application highlights to help you construct your email list.

14. Snov.io


Price: $39 to $199 for each month

Average Rating: 4.6/5 on G2

One more great cold outreach mechanization platform is Snov.io, which provides you with a lot of tools for the lead age.

It is probably the most noteworthy instruments are the email finder, which glances through domains to discover contact data, and the technology checker, which supports you in distinguishing the tech stack being utilized by organizations.

The platform keeps on earning a great deal of attention in the sales and marketing world. It produced almost 2,000 five-star surveys in the Chrome Web Store.

15. AeroLeads


Price: $49 to $499 for each month

Average Rating: 4.1/5 on G2

AeroLeads is another astonishing alternative, which can be started by just downloading the AeroLeads Chrome plugin; at that point, go to LinkedIn search.

This is the place where you can transfer names and organizations to access up to 15 information points on each prospect, such as position title, location, business telephone numbers, and considerably more. At that point, you can export your own list or move the information into basic CRM tools, like Salesforce and HubSpot CRM for example.

16. Hunter


Pricing: Free for the first 100 emails; start paid plans at $39/month.

Rating: 4.2/5 on G2

Hunter tool, which is once in the past known as Email Hunter, functions as a straightforward Google Chrome extension to locate all the related email addresses of any random domain. It will also provide a score on how likely it is that somebody will answer to that email address.

Regardless of whether you can’t locate a particular possibility’s email address, Hunter offers you the regular pattern behind completely related email addresses so you can productively think of what your objective’s contact details could be.

You’ll likewise have the option to assemble email addresses by bulk thanks to their Google Sheets add-on which finds out all messages connected with a domain and automatically duplicates everything to a Google Spreadsheet.

17. MailTester


Pricing: Free.

MailTester is a fundamental tool that enables you to enter an email address and check whether that email address exists. Though the tool is restricted in certain aspects, it is still valuable in supporting your “guess” and check whether a prospect’s email is working or not.

18. Datanyze Insider

Datanyze Insider
Datanyze Insider

Pricing: Not Available.

Rating: 4/5 on Capterra.

Datanyze contains many useful tools for salesmen; however, their “eyeball” highlight is good for them. With this Datanyze tool, you should go onto a prospect’s site and hit a single click, then it will pull up the technology and tools they’re utilizing, even with the number of employees, or yearly income, and their linked online profiles.

At the same time, their paid plans start at 600 dollars each month, you can generally look at their free Datanyze Insider Chrome Extension, which will give the essential measurements of the organizations you’re visiting.

19. Zoominfo


Pricing: Not Available.

Rating: 4.2/5 on G2Crowd.

ZoomInfo is fundamentally a big data set that offers clients all the data they require to certify a prospect. Not only finding an organization’s overall data, but ZoomInfo also allows you to uncover further and discover the contact information for that organization’s workers.

20. Detective by Charlie App

Detective by Charlie App
Detective by Charlie App

Pricing: Not Available.

Rating: 4.6/5 on G2Crowd.

The Detective tool developed by Charlie scours the web whenever your prospect and organization have been referred to give the most recent news regarding your prospect. You’ll know what activities they’re following and whom their greatest rivals depend on their data. By incorporating it with Salesforce, you will see whether you have shut any deals with customers in a similar niche, area, or industry just like them.

21. Demodesk


Pricing: 7-day free trial; paid plans starting at $19/month.

Rating: 4.8/5 on Capterra.

Demodesk is designed as a web-based Screen Sharing and Video Conferencing tool. Some traditional tools only record a video of the presenter’s neighborhood work area screen. Demodesk sets up a 100 percent online virtual display to replace. It doesn’t ask you to download or have browser extensions, and a simple click can access it for connection. You can work with any browser, device, or firewall. With this tool, the members can likewise preload content, including Websites, Documents, or Google slide introductions, making meeting layouts, and adding notes.

This Demodesk tool is created to optimize for programming demos, sales demos, distant onboarding, and remote help. Accompanies with automated meeting planning, it also has pre-built presentation flows, calendar, and CRM combination.

22. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales
HubSpot Sales

Pricing: Basic plan for free; Start paid plans with $400 per month.

Rating: 8.3/10 on TrustRadius.

One of the most mainstream email management and tracking tools on the planet at this moment is HubSpot Sales. It is a division of Hubspot’s CRM stage, HubSpot Sales permits clients to build up custom email successions, track email open and navigate rates, and automate routine deals tasks such as pivoting leads. You can utilize this tool the help you discover more prospects by looking through who’s meeting your site. In addition to that, it brings you the alternative of drawing in with them in a straightforward way with their live chat feature included.

How to do sales prospecting successfully?

Half of the sales time is squandered on ineffective prospecting. So you might wonder Hơ to do it successfully, so we have some suggested inbound ways to set up a fundamental framework that applies to all business procedures below:

1. Research


This is, so far, one of the most crucial steps of prospecting. We have to guarantee that we’re qualifying our prospects to enhance our opportunities of offering some benefit to them or their business. In this phase, we’re hoping to achieve a couple of objectives:

  • Deciding whether the possibility is functional.
  • Meeting the requirements and start focusing on some prospects.
  • Discovering chances to build up a link via personalization, compatibility building, as well as trust improvement.

Plus, I have a below list of some certified questions and related takeaways that you should ask to assist you while researching and assessing whether a possibility has a high chance of turning into a client:

  • Have you distinguished their key stakeholders?
  • Is the prospect’s business a hierarchical fit?
  • Do the prospect’s constraints have a deal-breaker?
  • Have you have experience with the market?
  • Do they have a familiarity with our contribution?

2. Prioritize

Focusing on our prospects can save us time and guarantee we’re devoting our endeavors to deservedly prospects that possibly are our clients.

There are different levels of prioritization, which will differ between each type of sales association and every salesperson; however, the fundamental idea is about making a couple of prospects depending on their probability of purchasing and prioritizing each bucket in a time. For instance, the chance’s size is likely to be more essential to us than timing in terms of closing a deal, so it would get around 70 percent while timing would get a 5%

At present, you can assign an incentive somewhere in the range of 1 and 100 to these measurements for each prospect in our list. When we complete this progression, we will multiply each prospect’s by the percentage weight we provided for the measurement. In the end, you should add up these dimension scores until each prospect has a complete score. Then, you have a prioritized list.

3. Set up the Outreach

Set up the Outreach
Set up the Outreach

The ultimate objective of this step is to assemble top to bottom data on our prospects to sharpen our pitch and customize our outreach. So, first of all, we should figure out what our prospects care about by taking a couple of ways below:

  • Decide if the prospect websites to find out about the thing they’re composing and publishing to define what they care about.
  • Do they have recent updates or new posts? Ask this question to recognize and review their social media profiles.
  • View the business site to check their “About Us” data.
  • When we’ve done checking prospect’s business and role, we should explore the motivation to connect them. You should answer those questions: Do we have mutual associations? Has there been a trigger occasion? Have they recently visited our site? Provided that this is true, which search terms drove them to our site? Then, which pages did they look at?

In case you want to get more high-level with your prep, you can form a decision map to outline your prospect’s end-goals as well as options. As a result, you will be able to handle any objectives and personalize a pitch that is resonates with their primary goals. Plus, you could also conduct a competitive analysis to decide how you can better position your company’s service or item within the industry and how you can combat with other prospects’ objections.

At the same time, you can make a choice guide to layout our prospects’ alternatives and final objectives. This will help us better handle any protests and customize a pitch that reverberates with the target’s essential goals. Likewise, you could do a examination to decide how you can more readily situate our organization’s administration or item inside the business and battle the prospects’ complaints.

4. The First Touch

Keep these general tips in mind when contacting a prospect, whether on the phone or through email:

Regardless of whether calling or messaging, the outreach should be exceptionally custom fitted to our prospect’s specific business, objective, and industry. Here are some common tips while contacting a prospect, regardless of whether on the telephone or through email:

  • Customize to reference a particular problem that the prospect is experiencing with a specific arrangement.
  • Stay relevant and on time to guarantee the problem that a prospect is attempting to settle is as yet relevant to that person and their group.
  • Be human cause nobody likes to speak with a robot expert. You can receive genuine contacts that enable you to set up an association by adding details like wishing somebody a great occasion end of the week or by conveying how wonderful their organization’s item is
  • Support but don’t try to sell. You should offer them some benefit and request nothing in return. This interaction isn’t about us, it’s about THEM. For instance, rather than planning a subsequent gathering, we could offer to conduct an audit on their digital media presence and hit them up with our discoveries in seven days.
  • Keep it easygoing by making it only a conversation. Stay normal and not solely as could really be expected. The way to prospecting is that we’re won’t ever sell. We’re essentially deciding whether the two players could commonly profit from a relationship.

5. Repeat

Make sure you have noted all through this process to survey what activities can produce a value for the prospecting cycle and which waste your time. After each contact with a prospect, we ought to check how well we think we:

  • Revealed difficulties
  • Helped make all around characterized objectives
  • Confirmed availability of the financial plan
  • Know the decision-making process
  • Determined outcomes of inaction
  • Identified potential results of achievement
  • This self-reflection will assist us with enhancing our calling procedures later on.

Final words

Overall, the sales prospecting process is not troublesome and tedious as we have tools for it. It very well may be a positive encounter for salespeople and prospects. I hope you will no longer find it a tedious and repetitive task, but enhance your productivity, connect more prospects in less time, and close more deals with the recommended tools in this blog.

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