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Shopify Pacific Theme Review: Features, Design & Support

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Continuing the series of reviewing all the popular themes on the Shopify store, whether paid or free, today, let’s take a look at another one made by Pixel Union - the Pacific theme. It has gained many users while being a top-of-mind choice for many Shopify merchants, so I want to dive deep and find what makes the theme so unique.

A quick word: This is a series of Shopify theme reviews by AVADA. We are a dedicated application development company aiming to create the best software on the market for eCommerce companies. More than 37,000 merchants have trusted us and used our apps to extend their online business functionality. Our blog exists to provide the best eCommerce guide and information, helping entrepreneurs gain all the necessary knowledge to succeed.

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Back to the main topic, let’s explore all you need to know about the Pacific theme for Shopify in this review.

What is the Pacific theme for Shopify?

What is the Pacific theme for Shopify?
What is the Pacific theme for Shopify?

The Pacific theme for Shopify is a modern and menial theme made by Pixel Union for expansive Shopify stores with large inventory. The theme is easy to work with and customizable to fit any style of products or industry.

On the Shopify theme store, the Pacific theme has 74 reviews, in which 82% of them are positive reviews. In number, there are 61 satisfied reviews and 3 normal reviews, 10 unsatisfied reviews. On the Pixel Union website, the theme has 46 reviews, all of which are also positive.

Although being several years old, the theme still has constant updates, with its last update by Pixel Union being in January 2021, which is just two months ago.

The Pacific theme is used by many Shopify stores, including some well-known names like The Little Wooden Peg, Tracie Martyn, Whitney Shellhamer, or OptiBoutiq.

On the Shopify store, users can find four versions of the Pacific theme, which are:

  • Bold

  • Warm

  • Bright

  • Cool

With just a one-time purchase, you can own all of the four styles, making the Pacific theme a fantastic 4-in-1 option. Each version has a particular style that can fit a wide range of businesses and industries. Buyers can also adjust the theme to meet their brand’s characteristics.

The Pacific theme features review

The Pacific theme features review
The Pacific theme features review

The Pacific theme for Shopify has a modern design and bold presentation, suitable for all types of eCommerce businesses. The look itself is flexible, user-friendly, and well-made for a lasting first impression.

The theme has a striking hero image area and many types of typography for each version, which are sure to grab the visitors’ attention. Also, the Pacific theme has attractive collection pages and mega-navigation, which guides users to find products more efficiently. Just through a glance, the Pacific theme can create a strong and memorable impact on everyone who comes across your online store.

Not just that, with the Pacific theme for Shopify, you can easily add a full-width video, more engaging images, or a slider to your homepage. The layouts are well optimized to display large images, making the Pacific theme ideal for showing off a brand.

The dynamic vibe of the Pacific theme is suitable to showcase many categories of products, such as fashion, technology, accessories, beauty, foods, and more. Even for more classic items like perfume or vintages, the theme can still perform well with the customization features.

With four versions available: Bold, Warm, Bright, and Cool, the Pacific theme can help you design your Shopify business as you wish. You are able to view all four versions’ demos on the Shopify theme store and see how they look for fictional brands. Personally, I recommend this theme for any business that sells modern products.

Think of products like furniture, fashion, jewelry, coffee, watches, shoes, accessories, high-tech products, and more. With the overall design and flexibility of the Pacific theme, you can easily create a trendy eCommerce website for your business. It shouldn’t be hard to set up a Shopify store with the theme since it is so versatile.

That is enough for an introduction. Now, let’s see the features that make the Pacific theme ideal for a Shopify store:

Pacific Theme Typography


In the competitive environment of eCommerce, it is obvious you want your online store to be unique. Typography is one of the most efficient ways to create that distinctive look for your website.

The font combinations can create the look and feel of your brand. Typography considerably influences visitors’ emotions about your website. It also builds a visual hierarchy of your store’s content that ensures a well-crafted reading experience and leads users through different sections of your pages.

Understanding the importance of typography, the Pacific theme comes with many types of fonts for your store. You can change the typography for your website’s heading, body, and paragraph text.

The blogging functionality of the Pacific theme gives you the power to choose and display your most recent blog posts right on the homepage. The typography choices can draw visitors’ attention to your headlines and make them read the preview text, which ultimately leads them to the blog post. Similarly, you can make consumers click on your products by the font selections.

Pacific Theme Homepage

Pacific Theme Homepage

The hero image or slider plays an essential role in conveying the first impression of your brand. Each style of the Pacific theme does this very well by displaying the image clearly and has many layouts to choose the best photography style.

After the hero image, the Pacific theme can include:

  • Some featured products.
  • New arrivals.
  • A short introduction to the brand.
  • A promotion banner.
  • A blog section.
  • A social media section.
  • A social proof section.
  • A newsletter section.
  • A footer section to provide essential company information like addresses or phone numbers.

Of course, you can customize all of these elements to create a look and feel that fits your online store. With all the available features, the homepage of the Pacific theme gives a clear picture of your brand and conveys information about products or services in an easy-to-understand way.

A notable element that you can add to your homepage with the Pacific theme for Shopify is the featured products section that displays product images, names, and prices from your available items in the catalog. From the homepage, visitors can click on a product to view it and start purchasing.

However, the Quick Shop function that other Pixel Union themes have is unavailable with the Pacific theme, which is unfortunate.

In general, the homepage of the Pacific theme is best designed among Pixel Union’s Shopify themes, in my opinion. This is because all the elements have good whitespace surroundings and convey information very well. Every style of the Pacific theme is capable of this efficient layout, which is impressive.

Pacific Theme Header

Pacific Theme Header

A necessary part of any website that helps visitors navigate through the pages is the header - which lets consumers access all the important pages in just one place. The header is always visible on every part of the website, so it is a helpful feature to browse efficiently. It also helps you display the pages that need traffic the most.

With the Pacific theme for Shopify, your header would have dropdown menus so visitors can check out more product categories just by hovering their mouse over the “Catalog” button, like in the image above. You can create more categories and product collections in the deader as well.

The theme also includes a customizable and powerful live search function, cart access, and personal account view. The search option is a fantastic feature since buyers can quickly look for items using keywords. The cart page is also well designed and optimizes the checkout process for your business.

Pacific Theme Product page

Pacific Theme Product page
Product page

The product page plays an essential role in the buying experience and helps visitors quickly decide on which product to view. The more convenient the product research process is, the more opportunities you have for more conversions.

The Pacific theme has many featured tools to help visitors when they are on the product pages. These include the mini cart, the extensive filters, the quick view option, and many others. I really appreciate the viewing feature that lets visitors see another side of the product simply by hovering the mouse over an item. It creates a wonderful effect that can enhance the product’s visual.

Pacific Theme Product page

In addition, you can display your product’s name, price, promotion status, description, quantity, sizes, variations, add to cart and buy button, and more. Like in the image above, customers can change the color variations, quantity, and decide to add to the cart or head to the checkout page immediately.

While scrolling down, buyers can see a row of similar items called the cross-sell section and can increase each consumer’s average order value.

Pacific Theme SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential for any eCommerce website if they want traffic and gain visitors to their store.

When consumers search for products on the search engine, the most optimized websites would have the top spots in the results. The Pacific theme for Shopify allows users to make all the necessary modifications to optimize the site’s performance and have higher rankings.

You can also change your Shopify store’s logo size, fonts, color schemes, and many other parts of the store to increase the site’s loading speed. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you risk losing many potential customers at the doorstep.

Great visuals and neat organization of the Pacific theme ensure that your visitors would spend more time browsing the store and reading your content. This increases the retention rate, which can positively affect SEO rankings. Also, the more time a consumer spends on your website, the more likely they are going to buy or engage.

Pacific Theme Speed

A website that takes too long to load would consequently have a low conversion rate and lose traffic. Fortunately, Pixel Union optimizes their themes very well so the Pacific theme has a relatively high speed thanks to the simple design and auto-optimized image sizes.

Therefore, your visitors should be satisfied browsing a super-fast loading website if you install the Pacific theme for your Shopify store.

Besides, the Pacific theme also has a mobile-friendly design - which can adjust the website’s layouts, font sizes, and photo sizes to suit users’ devices, whether it is a mobile phone or tablet.

The Pacific theme’s pricing

For four styles, the Pacific theme’s pricing is $180.00 USD, which is affordable for any eCommerce business at the starting point. Of course, before purchasing the theme, you should set up your Shopify store to see if the theme fits your brand.

If you think the Pacific theme is suitable for your store, all you need to do is purchase the theme from the Shopify theme store and then apply it to yours. You can customize the Pacific theme and switch styles from the admin homepage. The customization process is done by dragging and dropping so you would have no problem performing even without coding knowledge.

The Pacific theme’s support

The Pacific theme's support
The Pacific theme's support

When installing the Pacific theme for Shopify, you immediately get access to all the knowledge in the Pixel Union Help Center. You can browse theme topics and see if your question already has an answer. The Help Center should have all the most necessary information about the theme that you can find.

You can also join the Merchant Collective community curated by Pixel Union and Out Of The Sandbox, a forum for merchants to share helpful resources and support each other, whether by answering or asking.

If you still can’t find a satisfied solution, you can submit a support request to the technical support team of Pixel Union - available from Monday to Friday 9 AM - 5 PM. However, be aware that Pixel Union does not offer support for any changes made by a third-party application or after-purchase modification in the theme’s codes.

Pixel Union team also provides an agency service that can help you build a new custom theme for your Shopify store, showing your brand’s characteristics in the most customized way possible. If you have the budget and aim for the long run, a theme made solely for your brand is a better option.


Before we end the article, let’s once again see all of the Pacific theme’s best features:

  • Optimized for large catalogs
  • Multi-column menu
  • Site-wide promotion sections
  • Multi-leveled sidebar menu
  • Multiple product page layouts
  • Custom modules
  • Integrated social feeds
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Built-in styles and color palettes
  • Search engine optimization
  • Free customer support

The Pacific theme for Shopify is a wonderful theme option for Shopify merchants who want to build a dynamic, modern, and attractive online shopping experience. You can customize your store and create a high-converting store just with $180.00, which is a relatively low-cost investment.

Would you use the Pacific theme for your Shopify store? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and if you want to check out apps that can optimize your store’s performance, head to AVADA Apps!

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.