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Lunar New Year Sales 2023: Great opportunity to boost your eCommerce revenue

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Sam Thomas Updated: April 26, 2023


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2022 is approaching quickly. In Asia, we are nearing the end of the 2022 lunar year. The 2023 Lunar New Year is right around the corner, and it is time for family reunions, presents, and good luck wishes.

As the most important holiday in many Asian nations, the Lunar New Year is a high-flying holiday season with wonderful opportunities for many online shops to boost their eCommerce revenue. It features a shopping festival, which is a great chance for online companies to increase their Lunar New Year sales.

If you are unsure where to start, utilize this article to get your eCommerce business ready for the Lunar New Year sales of 2023. Let’s dive in!

Lunar New Year Sales 2023

Lunar New Year 2023: What is the timeline?

The Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, commemorates the beginning of the lunar calendar and lasts several days. Depending on the year, this holiday falls between January and February. The Lunar New Year in 2023 is set to take place on Sunday, January 23rd.

This special season is a time for family reunions, feasts, and gift-giving. Traditional practices and rituals include cleaning the house to sweep away bad luck, adorning with red lanterns and paper cutouts, and setting off fireworks. In many countries, Lunar New Year is a public holiday, and people take time off from work and school to celebrate with their families.

The Lunar New Year is significant for a large part of the worldwide population. You will be delighted to know that this traditional holiday is held throughout most of Asia. Moreover, it is commemorated by more than 20% of the world’s population. The Lunar New Year is a significant holiday for buyers since many eCommerce companies celebrate the season by giving special deals and creating a great shopping experience.

How do Lunar New Year sales help you boost your eCommerce revenue?

What you may not realize about Lunar New Year is that it has grown into a lucrative eCommerce opportunity equivalent to Single’s Day. Without a question, the Lunar New Year has been the most profitable season for vendors in South East Asian countries. Sellers on eCommerce platforms are eagerly awaiting this fantastic chance. As a result, the Lunar New Year sales will be a great opportunity for online vendors, particularly those in the South East Asian area.

Tradition is associated with shopping, since purchasing new stuff represents a fresh start in the new year. Therefore, Lunar New Year sales are also a crucial occasion for Shopify companies. Top-selling items range from seasonal food and flowers to clothing, furniture, and electrical gadgets. Because of the ease of the eCommerce ecosystem, the most popular selling goods are becoming increasingly diverse.

The term “celebrations” refers to the period during which people celebrate holidays and other special occasions. With these additional days off, your potential customers will have more leisure time, which you can capitalize on by providing them with an excellent online buying experience.

How do Lunar New Year sales help you boost your eCommerce revenue?

If online businesses can plan in advance for the Spring Festival celebrations, they will have a great chance to enhance their Lunar New Year sales. To attract people to notice your online business, start conducting promotional ads as soon as possible after the Christmas season. You will notice a lot of red around Lunar New Year since it is the color of success and wealth, which you should keep in mind for your promotions. At Lunar New Year, it is usual to send red envelopes with money to family and friends, making this a wonderful design alternative for special offers, mailings, discounts, or promotions.

Content concepts such as joy, family, togetherness, and vacation are great for marketing campaigns and the creation of landing sites, mailings, video clips, or visuals. Many folks return home for the holiday to see family and friends and spend time together. During Lunar New Year, local shoppers appreciate warm, soothing, well-wishing communications.

During the Lunar New Year, there are several ways to market your items. Attracting customers at the beginning of the year provides you with an extra cushion when sales decline in the subsequent months. Online businesses should take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase eCommerce revenue with targeted promotional campaigns.

Popular Lunar New Year eCommerce promotional campaigns

Lunar New Year Campaign Discounts

Discounts have long been used to entice consumers and prospects to buy products. As knowledgeable customers hunt for attractive offers before buying anything, you should utilize this campaign to advertise new goods with a new release sale. The end of the year is the “gold” season for shops launching a sales strategy based on bulk purchases. Due to the increased propensity among customers of buying presents for friends and family during the Lunar New Year.

It is common for eCommerce store owners to begin advertising 4 to 5 weeks before the Lunar New Year period since sales may slow down in the lead-up to the actual Spring Festival holidays. With this in mind, you should launch your campaign discounts as soon as possible to capitalize on this.

Lunar New Year Flash Sales

Flash sales, another popular sort of discount, may offer an excellent opportunity to sell a large number of things in a short time. If you have determined that your flash sale will produce enough orders that you will need to plan ahead of time, you should get started as soon as feasible. When appropriate, begin your preparations weeks in advance to ensure you have time. Start cycle new year advertising at least one week before your sale to advertise, and then prepare yourself to prep orders, sell your stock, and swap services.

Grab your customers’ interest with a flash sale, incorporating previously reduced sale products, marked down to an even greater deal. To increase tension and let customers know that certain designs and goods may not be available in the future, entice them to take these gems off our hands already when your shop has to bury them forever. Let’s provide your customers with a terrific bargain as soon as possible throughout the holiday season!

Lunar New Year Flash Sales

Lunar New Year Emotional Advertising

During the new year, friends and family meet to make new memories. This main message should be integrated and communicated throughout your eCommerce lunar new year advertising campaign. Due to individuals being away from home during this season, Tet marketing should primarily focus on promoting the family-oriented message. This sort of messaging will undoubtedly become popular among other advertisers. Advertising that evokes this emotion typically stands out from the crowd.

However, delivering a large message over a long time may be expensive, and not every organization can afford it. Instead, businesses may ingeniously combine pictures and text. This will almost certainly result in robust outcomes at the end of the year.

Lunar New Year Email Marketing Campaigns

Aside from promoting the above-mentioned promotional discounts on your online shop, you need also be active in your marketing approach by employing email marketing campaigns to advertise your promotional campaigns, ensuring that your returning consumers are aware of the Lunar New Year specials.

By marketing your eCommerce items early in the holiday season, you will be able to remain ahead of your competition by attracting your customers’ attention from the beginning. You also profit from being able to organize your operations when a large number of customers visit your online business.

The Lunar New Year is a perfect time to wish your subscribers good health and prosperity for the next year and to incorporate some product deals into those wishes. This special occasion also allows you to thank your Asian consumers, including those who observe the Western New Year.

Lunar New Year Email Marketing Campaigns

How should eCommerce businesses prepare for the Lunar New Year sales in 2023?

Acknowledge the deadline

Because the traditional Chinese calendar is based on the lunar system, the exact date might vary yearly. Therefore, you will need to have all of your items ready to ship and accessible for order in the weeks and months leading up to this day since people tend to buy ahead of time to visit loved ones. Similarly, if your sales during the Lunar New Year in 2022 were successful and you want to repeat the feat in 2023 or later, you will need to pay close attention to the shifting dates because it will have a significant influence on your logistics for future sales.

Place orders and prepare your strategy ahead of time

Given the significance of the Lunar New Year, customer expectations are high, and you do not want to lose money on returns and refunds. Make sure to finalize your orders and operating strategy as soon as possible. Although the Spring Festival does not begin until February, the time in between is filled with key Western holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Take your 2022 lessons to heart so you can start planning for the Lunar New Year 2023 campaign early.

It is also vital to consider your selling platform. Based on your consumer insights, you may discover that one platform is best suited to your product line than another; nevertheless, it may be safer to utilize a bigger platform for higher customer accessibility and product visibility.

Stock up on supplies before the Lunar New Year sales

Before the Lunar New Year, you will need a lot of supplies. For one, you need to evaluate the days before the holiday. Then there is the Lunar New Year day off when companies close to celebrate or observe the lunar calendar.

Ensure you have adequate stock before the Lunar New Year arrives. If you run out of goods during the Lunar New Year, you may restrict your promotional efforts to keep you afloat until new inventories come following the Lunar New Year.

How should eCommerce businesses prepare for the Lunar New Year sales in 2023?

Make use of sales throughout the entire week

The Lunar New Year is considered one of two ‘Golden Weeks’ in Asia, which is culturally significant festivals that extend longer than the customary three-day period for other traditional celebrations. As you plan your week, attempt to come up with a strategy that encompasses the full week: target a specialized customer group or provide a larger selection of items with impulsive buys and last-minute goods on offer.

Happy Lunar New Year 2023 from Avada

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, Avada would like to express our best wishes for peace and happiness to all of our valued customers and their families. In the New Year, best wishes for love, good fortune, and longevity. We also want to express our gratitude for your prior support and comments, which have helped us progress and become a better version of ourselves.

Over the past year, our team has worked with zeal and dedication to develop valuable solutions for Shopify eCommerce enterprises. We believe that our applications will be useful eCommerce solutions for you as you grow your business! Thank you very much for your trust and companionship with us!

Happy Lunar New Year 2023

The last word, we wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. We promise to always be there for you and to do our best to deliver you the most creative eCommerce solutions. We hope that you and Avada can take a long journey together in the future.

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