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Shopify is a well-known online store builder that allows you to start your own online business. Many themes are available to suit your needs, and it lets you sell both digital and physical things. As a Shopify drop-shipping theme, the Konversion theme comes with an extensive feature set that may be just what you need for your business.

If you’re looking for a unique design for your shop, this Konversion Shopify theme is for you. Your store’s items will be well-displayed in this elegant and modern design. Social network integration and SEO-friendly design make it easier for visitors to find your website and become paying customers. We’ll go over the Konversion theme’s features and what we think of them in this review.

Konversion Shopify theme: A Quick Overview

Konversion Shopify theme

Phil Kyprianou, a well-known Shopify vendor, created the Konversion theme. The source code was developed with both speed and aesthetics in mind.

Konversion is a premium Shopify theme that focuses on enhancing your e-commerce site’s mobile usability and boosting online sales. Store traffic is now 80% mobile, which means that your store’s interface should be tailored to match the screen of a smartphone.

Colors, fonts, backgrounds, and other elements of the Konversion Shopify theme can all be adapted to suit your preferences. Additionally, it comes with a library of hundreds of high-resolution stock images. Using the Konversion theme, you can quickly disable or modify the functioning of specific elements on your site. One of the greatest Shopify themes currently on the market delivers all of these incredible customization features at no additional cost.

Konversion Shopify theme - Key Features and Functionalities

Konversion is a Shopify Theme with a plethora of customization options for its users. All these features may be found in Konversion.

Homepage Content

There are five columns of featured blog articles available in this theme, making it ideal for creating a full-fledged e-commerce site. Showing post titles and dates, as well as excerpts and reading more links, will be an option. HTML blocks let you add photos, text, links, buttons, videos, social media plugins, and just about anything else you can think of to your unique content.

Homepage Content

Customize the entire content, including alignments, show or hide content on different devices, modify colors, text sizes, and fonts, and show or hide content on other devices. In order to give your business more credibility, you might include logos from locations where you’ve been highlighted.

This is just one example of the many options you have for customizing your homepage. Other options include adding an announcement top bar for promoting offers or social media buttons, including embedding videos from YouTube or embedding reviews from Loox. You can also add maps from Google and newsletter forms with CTA buttons.

For Shopify collections, you can feature a single product with CTA buttons, a single collection like your best-sellers, or a list of collections. Images, checkout buttons, picture hover-over effects, and image cropping are included with all settings.

Product Pages

This feature allows you to display the goods and hide the banners if necessary on mobile or desktop. Zooming in and showing arrows to switch between photographs are both available in the fantastic product gallery. Under the main image, smaller thumbnails are also an option.

Product characteristics are a smart feature that allows you to place a brief description of the product next to the photographs. You can move the add to cart button and display information such as SKU, seller, quantity, collections, and tags wherever you want to.

Related products can be added manually or automatically, depending on how you choose. Add safe payment badges and trust icons to your product page as well as sticky add to the shopping cart bars, as well as product-specific content tabs.

If you like, you can use the Loox, Ryviu, and Yotpo apps to add reviews to your site. These can also be added to the product tabs or the product description part of the product page. If you’d like to include a size chart, for example, you can do so at the page’s very bottom.

Cart Pages

Cart Pages

Adding a floating picture when you add a product to your shopping cart, continue shopping button, banner at checkout, logo, and title, as well as the full-page layout, can all be edited with the Konversion theme.

When it comes to the cart page, you can control how customers arrive there, whether they go straight to checkout, stay on the product page, open their cart, or pop it up in the same window.

With the custom content and HTML box, you can also include trust badges like payment badges, warranty icons as well as phone numbers, support details, phone numbers, and any other information you want to include in the cart field.

Collection Pages

It can be difficult to tailor your Shopify store’s Collection Page to focus on conversions. You can manage and configure your collection page in a jiffy with the Konversion Shopify theme, which gives you complete control. One of the best features of the Konversion theme is the ability for users to customize their entire collection pages.

Filter sections, sidebars, and moving the “Add to Cart” button are all possible with this theme. Your collection pages can be better organized with the help of breadcrumbs, a left-side bar or drop-down menus with tag filters, sorting options, and a navigation menu.

Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization

The Konversion Shopify Theme is a responsive design that works flawlessly on any mobile device. Optimized layouts for smaller screens can also help your business enhance its conversion rate thanks to Konversion’s clean and modern design. The Konversion Shopify theme ensures that browsing and shopping are just as efficient on a PC or a mobile device on both platforms.

Shoppers on a mobile device can easily purchase products from your store using the Konversion Shopify Theme. The Konversion Shopify theme provides a seamless and fast user experience that leads to sales funnels and improved conversion rates. This premium Shopify theme also eliminates abandoned carts and lost revenue due to a confusing mobile checkout procedure. The Konversion Shopify Theme is here to help, so don’t delay.

Custom Options

Custom Options

Your site can go in nearly any direction you wish with the Konversion theme’s extensive set of customization options. Customizable layouts, a page builder tool, and flexible widths are just some of the cool features that come with it. All of this, together with our straightforward pricing policy, sets Konversion theme apart from the competition. We believe in treating our customers fairly rather than charging them excessively for everything.

There are many special features that Konversion Shopify Theme offers, such as a countdown timer, newsletter popup, announcement popup, an upsell popup, and several app integrations.

Page load time

There’s no need to search any further than Konversion Shopify for a Shopify theme that’s quick and light on resources. If you want to keep up with the newest web design trends while keeping your potential clients happy, you can’t do better than this. If you’re an interactive marketer looking for the fastest, most successful approach to selling your store’s products, have a look at this theme.

Regardless of the kind of your business, this is a major aspect of generating revenue. With Konversion Theme, your products will load faster, no matter what your internet speed is. The faster your sites and products load, the higher the conversion rate you’ll see over time.

Call-To-Actions buttons

Call to action” buttons can also be added or customized using Konvershion’s theme. In order to compel visitors to click on a button and make an immediate purchase, the unique call-to-action buttons were designed. Custom text and a call-to-action can be added to the footer, along with contact information and links.

The buttons’ vibe and style, as well as the content, can all be adjusted. This call-to-action tool will surely assist you in growing sales in the most effective way possible. CTA positioning is maximized with the Konversion Shopify theme.

Currency converter

Konversion’s currency converter tool makes it easy for visitors to become customers of your online business. Your site’s default currency and the currencies that appear on it can both be customized for use on desktops and mobile devices. On the desktop, the currency switcher is located in the top header bar; on mobile devices, it is located in the drawer under the settings menu.

If you like, you can create your own currency. For best efficiency and the lowest effort, you can alter the default currency and the list of currencies you want to display.

Support And Updates

As with any theme, you should be able to get in touch with the developer if there is a problem. To help you with typical issues, Konversion provides a help desk with a knowledge library of articles. Customer service representatives can be summoned via a ticket if you continue to have issues. Your questions can even be answered by posting them on their Facebook group.

Konversion Shopify Theme - Pricing plans

It’s no surprise that the Konversion theme costs a lot of money compared to other themes out there. The Konversion theme is available in 2 different packages.

Konversion Pricing plans

One single site - $197

A single site license costs $197, which is on the high end of the premium theme market, but you get a lot of functionality and the theme looks amazing on both mobile and desktop. With every theme, you receive one year of support and a 15-day money-back guarantee (which you may renew at a cost of $97 per year if necessary).

2 for 1 license - $394

Choosing a 3-site license for $394 saves you $65.66 on each license, making it an excellent choice for growing businesses. Don’t let a spammer fool you into thinking there is a discount or coupon for the Konversion theme.

Some alternatives to the Konversion theme to consider for your Shopify store

If you’re looking for Konversion theme alternatives, we’ve put up a shortlist of suggestions for you.

Booster Theme

Booster Theme

The Booster Shopify theme is praised for its simplicity of use and customizability. There are already more than 3000 internet stores that rely on this theme. This theme’s main feature is its flexibility to be easily customized within Shopify to match your requirements.

Moreover, there are a number of sales-enhancing tools built into the theme. As a result, you’ll be able to use up to ten different apps simultaneously. This theme is suitable for both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Retina Theme

Retina Theme

The Retina theme is an excellent choice for those who want a more contemporary look with all the latest features. Quick Shop” is featured on category pages of this theme and serves as an alternate method of shopping for the customer who prefers a more basic product page.

In addition, this theme’s volume of cart ads has sufficient conversions to exceed the alternative. Also, the ability to narrow possibilities and locate the perfect product is a major bonus for driving conversions for expensive and highly-customizable items on category pages with filtering options.

Turbo Theme

Turbo Theme

The Turbo Shopify eCommerce theme is widely regarded as one of the best on the market right now. Franklin Hatchett, a drop-shipping expert, designed this theme with confidence. This theme has a slew of wonderful features at your disposal that will help it stand out from the crowd. One of these aspects is the availability of a number of simple-to-use conversion apps.

In addition, you’ll get a complete homepage customizing feature, including titles, layouts, and prices, so you can create your own distinctive design. As an added bonus, Turbo is completely adjustable. Moreover, it will look fantastic on both mobile and desktop computers.

Final Words

Overall, your work and money will be wisely spent with this Konversion Shopify Theme. This theme has a slew of advantages that make it a strong contender for your online store. Additionally, if you have any problems or queries with the theme, you may contact the Konversion theme’s superb customer care staff at any time of day or night. To sum up, the Konversion Shopify theme is an excellent alternative if you’re trying to upgrade your current Shopify theme but don’t want to fork over too much money.

It is apparent from our review that you may build your stores with over 20 custom features and plugins to maximize conversions. All rookies and experienced marketers, as well as online entrepreneurs, can develop their own successful stores with the help of this fantastic theme.

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