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Hotjar Shopify Tool: Boost Your Store Conversions

CEO Updated: December 01, 2023


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Online sellers can have essential numbers like drop-off percentages from their analytics tools. However, what is the reason why the user makes a sure way? Where do they have the matter that makes them bouncing on the page? Why are they not converting? Hotjar Shopify tool is the solution for any online sellers to collect the data and insights from customers like any traditional web analytics tools; for example, Google Analytics. In addition, this tool also supports the users to combine an industry-leading and easy-to-use service. It is also considered as the feedback tool to understand what their customers care about and what they are saying about your stores to improve their shopping experiences effectively.

This object Hotjar Shopify tool: How to increase your Shopify store conversions will help you increase conversions as well as customer’s satisfaction by using Hotjar for your Shopify page so that it is easy to boost the sales. With this free Hotjar Shopify tool, Shopify store owners have the best Shopify apps to deal with about 100 shipments a day.

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What is the Hotjar Shopify tool?

What is the Hotjar Shopify tool

Hotjar is a service that helps online sellers know user feedback and behavior analytics, besides that, it helps to know the behavior about your website consumers and through the device such as surveys, session recordings and heatmaps that help you receive their feedback.

Hotjar complements the information and data that online sellers search on traditional website analytics devices like Google Analytics. It is the best service in this field and uses it easily so that you can know what’s really occurring on your location when you combine Hotjar with feedback tools and analysis.

Why you should use Hotjar Shopify tool?

Why you should use Hotjar Shopify tool
There are many reasons why Shopify merchants should consider using Hotjar

What Hotjar for? It is not only a new way but also helps consumers know about both your mobile site and your website.


Visualize behavior - Know what consumers want, do and care about on your address by optically representing taps, scrolling behavior, and taps - they may be the strongest indicators in visitor motivation with desire.

Visitor Recordings:

Look what your consumers look - Remove the guesswork and Recordings of absolute consumer behavior on the site. You may identify usability problems and matter they encounter on the fly by looking at your consumer’s taps, clicks with the mouse movements.

Conversion Funnels:

Where are visitors to online sellers dropping off? - By determining on-page and which step most consumers are leaving the website so you can find big chances for improvement.

Form Analysis:

How are forms of online sellers used? By finding which fields have to spend much time to fill online sellers can promote form completion rates, which are bank pages, and the reason why your consumers abandon the form and the page.

Feedback Polls:

Figure out the reasons through behavior - Improving the experience and performance of the website begins with figure out what your consumers need and what’s the limit them from getting it. The goal of questions to particular consumers anywhere on the web and phone site.

Instant Feedback:

Immediate visual feedback - Recommend your consumers how to leave easily immediate visual feedback at the website address and or app. Look what people like and dislike, identify matters, and find chances for growth.


Research the audience better - Create your own sensitive surveys using the easy editor. Collect feedback in real-time in many kinds of devices. Allocate the surveys using website links, emails and besides that online sellers can invite consumers before they leave your web to find their concerns and objections.

How to install Hotjar Shopify tool?

Online sellers can only follow the Storefront and the Order Confirmation page when Hotjar is set up properly. If online sellers have Shopify Plus, they can follow the checkout page, then let you talk to the Merchant Success Manager at Shopify to accumulate Hotjar to the checkout.

Install Hotjar with Shopify theme

Step 1: Go to Online Store

On the Shopify dashboard, online seller tab on Online Store.

Step 2: Click Themes

They can continue by choosing the Themes button.

How to install Hotjar Shopify tool: step 2

Step 3: Choose to edit code

On the top right, let’s tab on Actions button and then click Edit Code.

How to install Hotjar Shopify tool: step 3

Step 4: Go to theme.liquid

At this step, under the layout, online merchants can choose them.liquid.

How to install Hotjar Shopify tool: step 4

Step 5: Find </head> tag

After scrolling down the page, you can find out the tag in </head>.

How to install Hotjar Shopify tool: step 5

Step 6: Paste Hotjar Tracking Code

Before the closing </head> tag, let’s paste the Hotjar Tracking Code.

The online website sellers add to the Hotjar account that will contain its own Tracking Code to set up. You may find the Tracking Code to set up by choosing the TRACKING CODE button near the site URL and going to Sites & Organization.

Step 7: Publish the theme

Tab Save and Publish your Theme to add the changes.

On your Storefront, the Hotjar Tracking Code need should be set up now. To also follow order confirmations, online sellers will have to set up the Tracking Code in another part. In order to do this, let’s track Steps number from lines 8th to 11th.

Step 8: Choose equip icon

Open Settings by choosing on the equip icon at left the bottom.

Step 9: Choose Checkout

Tab on Checkout.

Step 10: Paste Hotjar Tracking Code

You will see the Additional Scripts pack after scroll down. Then add the Hotjar Tracking Code.

Install Hotjar with Hotjar Install app

About Hotjar set up, it is easy for online merchants to do it. Without knowledge on coding, online sellers can set up Hotjar on the Shopify easily.

All your themes will be automated by the addition of the Hotjar script across. You do not need to edit the theme precisely because of using the Shopify ScripTags to add the Hotjar script to the published theme. That is a great way for the people who are not evaluated development resources, do not change themes constantly or do not wanna edit the theme. In any way, this application will not edit the theme.

You just need to pay for about $0.99/month in order to set up it.

How to increase your Shopify store conversion with Hotjar Shopify tool?

Identify your high-exit pages

An e-commerce sales channel (or another name is conversion funnel) is many steps together that lead a consumer through the site from the new consumer to the confirmed customer. Online sellers can plug and deliver traffic down a channel more as Shopify conversion following and channel analysis will make online sellers identify hole.

E-commerce Shopify channel will see something as:

Go to Homepage > click to category page > product page > cart > thank you page

Online sellers can adjust Hotjar to any steps of page: begin the essential page (it brings in a good business) and work toward the rear to recognize the major page that achieves users there.

Firstly, online sellers can increase your sales and conversion is to look for the page and good drop-offs due to you can channel more customers to the high-converting page if you repair these pages.

Find the best (and worst) elements on important pages

Let’s find out the Shopify heatmap device and set up instead of predicting which design factor help or prevents your consumers.

On your website (consist of scrolling/clicking on mobile), A heatmaps (or heat map) that is an aggregated record all the activity of the mouse.

Online sellers can easily determine what information has neglected and the factor which is attended by the users as heat maps show you correctly what they tab on, where users scroll and around a page how they leave the mouse.

After considering heat map info can be easy leaving a CTA (call-to-action) toward a different place, improvements will be made.

See how your visitors interact with key pages

By analyzing meeting recordings online sellers can achieve a deep-seated understanding of distinctive user behavior when head maps accumulated data for your users.

Recordings (also known as the meeting or user replays) rebuild experience to use the web on multiple pages.

Before converting, online sellers may use recordings in order to check the page consumers visit. Find patterns: are exchanging taking the users time to read product descriptions? Before making a buy, how many crop photos do change customers’ views? Before moving with a deserted cart you can research deeply how customers browse the Shopify store on the throwing side. You have determined consumer trends a time, online sellers will understand what to remove, emphasize, or check in the next design modify to help consumers follow similar to behavior.

Set up a post-purchase survey

Adding a question quickly as soon as after consumers have bought from the Shopify store and that is simple, the non-intrusive way is getting the useful review which helps boost the e-commerce sales.

In your consumer’s mind (perfectly on the thanks page) when the shopping knowledge is still fresh, ask simply 3 questions:

  • How will you rate the overall experience?
  • What could we do in order to develop the experience? or What do you keen on the experience? (depending on a review to the first question)
  • What almost finished you from accomplishing your purchase?

We think that it is important for the last exam and will warn online sellers of potential site matters and general disagreement so that you can solve those scare for everyone else.

Spot bugs and issues

The Shopify store will always be changing if it is safety updates, editing shipping conditions, or adding new crops. Ans changes may lead to mistakes and unknown matters.

Fixing bugs could not be desirable as finding CRO (conversion rate optimization) ideals, but it will help online sellers create a successful Shopify store that not to move users frustrated.

For example, outside retail master Ecommerce Warriors worked Hotjar Recordings on the consumer’s website to detect matters simply to fix:

Let your visitors show how well the Shopify shop is designed; if you may look them struggling in order to understand how to begin, you should understand it is a vital time for re-design a page to delete friction.

Top FAQ about Hotjar Shopify tool

FAQ about Hotjar Shopify tool

Can I use Hotjar on a Shopify checkout page?

Most Shopify policies do not permit 3rd party javascript in their checkout, this means Hotjar may not follow the checkout pages. Instead, we advise using Hotjar on your offer confirmation page and so you may still accumulate data beyond a cart stage.

You can connect your Shopify Merchant Manager to achieve Hotjar added toward the checkout pages if online sellers have Shopify Plus (the enterprise platform).

How does Hotjar comply with GDPR and privacy regulations?

Because online sellers manage an e-commerce job, your consumers will certainly be coming personal details consist of credit card numbers, addresses, and names. Hotjar changing content with asterisks, block out all keystroke input by default.

In addition, Hotjar provides compliance commands that permit you to work Hotjar in a command. Learn about how Hotjar is built and designed with solitude in mind

Will Hotjar slow down my Shopify website?

Hotjar is the following script that is drafted to prevent slowing down Shopify when it loaded asynchronously, uses the cache browser and served through the Content Delivery Network (CDN).


There are many different usability and experience tests that online sellers can utilize when using Hotjar app. They help Shopify store owners to identify their problems to improve customer’s shopping experiences on your website. By visualizing their customer’s behaviors and getting feedback, it is possible for online sellers to boost their sales too.

In this article Hotjar Shopify tool: How to increase your Shopify store conversions, we hope that Shopify store owners can have a better understanding of Hotjar app and take its advantages to boost their sales and install it with a simple process. If you have any questions, let’s leave a comment below.

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