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24 Best Home-based business ideas to start in 2023


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You might think about things such as leasing business property, driving to an office, or managing staff if you intend to start a business. Yet with the growth of domestic enterprises, an increasing number of people are finding ways to take advantage of remote work for entrepreneurship.

Home-based companies come in a variety of ways in today’s connected environment where technology provides us with more versatility in how we operate. Some demand that a spare room is converted to a mini-warehouse for goods, while others can be run online entirely. In general, however, you can start these kinds of companies with your existing space and means.

This guide covers some of the best home-based companies that can expand over time through one to real businesses. Not all of them work for everybody, but everyone from this list can use one idea to earn some money. Some of the business ideas are simple to put into practice, while others take a certain degree of expertise.

Home-based business ideas - The pros and cons

A home-based company is an enterprise that you can set up and run from your own home as your center of operation, whether full-time or as an income-generating job only. You don’t have to own the property, but you need to operate a company from the same location that you live in to make the company a home business.


Establishing your own business at home can have a lot of advantages…

The management of a home business involves many aspects, particularly in saving money on costs and taxes.

Less commuting

The most evident benefit for a home business is the absence of a route, which saves a lot of time and removes the need to spend money on bus or car costs. For many homeowners, their travel consists of only walking a stairs flight, except you have to travel a lot to meet customers.

Income tax reduction

Running a house-based company can be a perfect way of recovering the business costs and reducing income tax payments in some instances. To register for income tax reduction, your office space requires an “exclusive use” test, meaning that you need to be able to prove that a part of your home is your headquarters and frequently and exclusively used for the operation of your company. You would not be allowed to take a deduction if you just work outside your kitchen table and use that area for family meals and other events.

Low startup cost

If you do not plan to keep your company there long or you are at the very beginning of your startup journey learning how to find product market fit, the amount of money you need to get started will drastically reduce from working out. You can jump straight in and get your plans going without the cost and the obligation to conclude a contract, buy furniture and install a commercial telephony system, computers, and other office devices. If and when the company is growing, you can choose whether you want to stay at home.

Flexible schedule control

Since you’re home, along with taking care of those domestic tasks, you can make productive use of your limited downtime. You can sort the clothes or remove something from the fridge to defrost when holding with a customer.

Many little odds and ends that usually will accumulate for nights and weekends can be achieved during the workweek. When you’re at the mercy of a bureau complex, it is difficult to maintain such flexible hours. You can use the time to sleep rather than to work if you have an hour free.


...but also a lot of disadvantages

However, there are some drawbacks, and a home-based company is not for all.


Many people who manage home-based enterprises feel isolated and excluded. This feeling can be especially intense for people who have spent a lot of their careers in cooperative offices and suddenly don’t have anyone to speak to when they move to a completely homemade profession.

Higher self-management required

It needs great devotion, motivation, and self-discipline while being responsible to yourself alongside is wonderful. Working home can be very difficult if you are the kind of worker who gains feedback and the strength of others. You must also be able to say no to the environments’ distractions. When working at home it is harder to get started and easier to delay.

Conflicts with private life

Others find that running a home-based enterprise results in a family life conflict for their company. They may find that operating an enterprise from the home means that family times are continually supplanted by business needs so that they are never less busy even after-hours by obscuring the distinction between home and business.

Limited expansion opportunities

This is not a concern if you want to keep a single practitioner. However, you would probably outgrow the room you have at home if your company requires additional staff to succeed. Besides, do you even want home staff? If you allow others to work with you, and particularly if you do not have a room at home, you lose plenty of freedom and personal space.

Best home-based business ideas to explore

1. Virtual assistant

Everybody need an assistant sometimes

If busy executives arrive at a stage where they are unable to handle all their calls, emails, appointments, and smaller tasks on their boards, you are there. You will be using your telephone, email, technical skills, and all online resources and apps to manage their online schedules, schedule appointments, bookings, purchasing tickets, setting up memoranda, organizing activities, file documents, and much more as a virtual assistant.

If you do not have this kind of job, then it could sound somewhat unexpected. But becoming a virtual assistant could be an enjoyable and rewarding job for someone who can color-code their planners.

2. Freelance content writing

You can do this job from anywhere

You could make a great freelance writer if you are a great writer. And most of all, freelance authors from around the world work. Great writers need to understand grammar and sound, excellent editing skills, and the capacity to study their material and refine content they do not know.

It can be useful if you become an expert in a few diverse fields, such as engineering or small business finance, and for all freelancers, it is always necessary to know how to promote and connect with prospective customers.

You can need to write something in an industry paper, a website copy, or an update from a series of blog posts. You don’t have to be a successful writer with a degree in journalism, but you need a strong ability in writing. Work ethic and the ability to meet deadlines are also essential.

3. Affiliate marketing

A win-win marketing strategy

During your blog management, there are many ways to finance your blog - indeed, it’ll be costly for you to buy a domain, improve the look and carry out marketing campaigns. You could give advertising space, a useful, but usually small source, but sponsors and affiliate marketing also provide a lot more money.

Affiliate marketing, a type of product placement, allows you to accept payment for your products and services from businesses. Although it may seem a little bizarre, it does not need to be seen as a scam or insincere when you recommend that your readers try these items.

4. Graphic design

It’s like painting, but better

The freelancing lifestyle can still work wonders if you are more of a visual person. Try the way for businesses with little time and skills to create posters, flyers, or online ads. Consider starting a home graphics company if you can create professional-looking brochures, newsletters, and logos. Many companies do not have employees who create graphic art. The production of graphics is a wide range.

Evaluate your expertise and determine which goods to manufacture. Identify and research your rivals’ target market. The production of graphics is very competitive and you need to specialize in making your company unique.

You will create an online reputation as an independent designer and ultimately monitor the projects and time schedules that you handle. Try to find out your options on improved design and other freelance pages.

5. Video producing

Use all that free time you have to produce your creative video ideas

In the last years, the need for video creators and experts has increased with the proliferation of video in social media and marketing. Although you have no previous experience in video shooting and editing, this idea can be easily learned and taught from the online video community online, including lectures, tutorials, and instructions.

Also, video production can transcend a variety of industries, styles, and objectives. As a video maker, you will have the freedom to work on several projects from home, but you will still be able to make regular use of your imagination.

6. Online consulting business

Put your knowlegde out there

You may have gained valuable knowledge and skills in your field. You can use your skills to build an online consulting firm from your home. An expert who offers advice in a certain area or solves specific problems is an expert.

To improve their lives and companies, individuals are involved in the evaluation of problems by one or more experts, providing solutions and helping them achieve improvements needed. Once your experience is known and you can use it to support others, you may want and conduct market research to decide whether there are people who are ready to pay for you. As a consultant, your job is to help other companies solve problems. Create a list of your talents and skills and what kind of companies you can support to start up.

7. Translation services

If you’re good at it, don’t do it for free!

You can use your know-how to start a translation company if you are proficient in several languages. Translation services conversion from one language to another of written content. You just have to get a machine started. By certifying with the American Translators Association, you can give your company credibility.

8. Drop-shipping store

Drop-shipping is surprisingly simple

We have discussed business ideas so far that you need to stock in your house. However, there are a lot of ideas for online companies which do not concern inventory and delivery. These companies use a dropshipping model, in which a third party manufactures, stores and ships the goods on behalf of you, which makes marketing and customer services your main tasks.

Dropshipping is essentially a distributor of goods from a third party and takes on the costs (both financial and time-based), which are to be paid for by the margins of sales.

Whether your shipping supplier is local or abroad, you must make sure that you find a supplier to guarantee that you still have a great customer experience after the sale. Always take due care, or you will hinder the credibility of your company. Some Shopify apps, for example, Oberlo, will link you to suppliers to import goods to your shop and simplify order fulfillment.

9. Home-made products

Make use of your time to craft interesting products

Consider turning this hobby into a company if you are a maker yourself. You can still store and sell them in your own house, even if you have to produce your products elsewhere, in a studio, in a real restaurant, or in a workshop.

Start using the craft for arts, craft, and design as an online shop manager. As long as you think that your designs will find a demand and sell at an affordable price, you have very little to avoid signing up on a platform such as Etsy and creating your niche.

You can make them more cost-effective, increase their efficiency, or cater to a specific audience by focusing demand on the market when you have the opportunity to monitor almost every aspect of the goods you are selling. At all, it doesn’t have to be daunting to make your stuff. You should create a process and add new workers to support production when you are ready to scale.

10. Print-on-demand store

Printing is still necessary in this day and age

A print-on-demand business does not need to keep an inventory or to ship anything on its own for a similar dropshipping model. Print on demand gives you even more freedom to personalize items from white labels with your artistic designs.

Several additional print-on-demand items are available to you for sale: books, caps, backpacks, sheets of blanket, pillows, phone cases, top-loaders, mugs, watches, etc. You can make your designs if you have design skills. But otherwise, you will still be able to employ the talent you need.

11. Online private tutoring

Help people get an education

You may be able to share this experience with current students seeking a breakthrough, whether you are an expert in such areas as calculus or biology, or you have obtained the highest scores in standardized exams, such as SATs.

So it might be time to begin an online tutoring business if you feel like learning, up to date with the frameworks and the rules of the tests that you plan to advise students, and feel confident handling the material. And just as you could easily serve your customers by phone or, in this case, a video conference software like Skype or Zoom, with the rest of these internet business ideas.

12. Travel planning

If you like traveling but can’t actually go, this is the dream job

You could also expand the know-how of travel to others, as a home travel planner, if you regularly visit websites like TripAdvisor. Your expertise can be used to schedule and book your trips for your customers, administer your hotel reservations, flights, tours, and make suggestions to your customers.

Families who want to spend two weeks on holiday or couples who plan their honeymoon may hire someone to deal with their trip’s major and minor details. Moreover, you can start building ties with your staff in working with various hotels, resorts, and holiday attractions, likely receiving discounts or benefits for your trip.

13. Home decorating

Use your artistic talent to help others

Interior designers make homes and offices better, but they also make them more practical. In collaboration with the customer, they pick and mix colors, fabrics, equipment, and lighting. However, it takes dedication to develop the aesthetic tastes and expertise required for interior design. You can learn about building codes, rules, and standards of accessibility and specific skills such as reading plans. Partner with nearby furniture shops and design companies to obtain good prices, decorate public spaces and interior spaces, and homes and apartments.

14. Pet sitting

It is easy to get lost in the dream that we are a personal boss, expand our business and get the financial independence that we have always desired. You have chosen to turn your love of animal health care into a profession.

You may spend time at work or on the trip with the animals of others as a pet-sitter or fishkeeping advice. Follow the guidance of your client and the experience and knowledge to provide these animals with support and care. This is a simple way to be paid, particularly if you are an organized and trusted person with a reputation or an animal care background.

15. Personal trainer

Take care of other people’s health

If you want to work out and encourage other people to work, then that might be your company. As a personal trainer, you will advise customers on the right fitness methods, on design programs based on their targets, and on improvement in body weight, muscle growth, and weight training.

While many of your customers are involved in shaping and weight loss, you will also support people with particular issues such as arthritis in the development of other muscles or people who would like to reconstruct or retrain their bodies after injuries or diseases. In your homes, in a fitness center where you have a membership, or even on a beach, you can work with your customers.

The benefits of this business are that you can live very well and are pleased to help people become fitter and healthier. You need to have great motivational skills that help clients get beyond their physical and mental limits and keep them time after time.

16. Massage therapy

A great way for busy office workers to unwind

The massage therapy industries have risen by almost one-fifth over the last ten years, without a hint of a halt. If you are curious about this figure, maybe you would like to join this area. After you have been certified with your massage therapy, you will turn your buildings into the local massage room for clients and come to loosen up and enhance their health and well-being, along with a commercial license and massage equipment.

Moreover, you can merge your massage therapy with a complete health practice or nutritional practice — just make sure that you examine your state’s licensing rules before you can provide customer care or nutrients.

17. Event planning

Maybe for many years you have been working in activities and meetings and believe that it’s a good time to find out how to work for yourself. Or maybe you’ve assisted in organizing some past activities and believe this could be the passion of your life. Both of these are legitimate reasons for the profession. You should get a good understanding of what an event planner is when thinking about starting an event planning company and ensure that you have a solid capacity.

Then think a little more and think about what kinds of event planning services you are going to offer. Would you have full-service preparation, catering, manufacturing, speakers, donations, transportation, accommodation, and much more on behalf of your client? Are you going to focus on one aspect of planning?

18. Photography

Photography isn’t as easy as it sounds

You can transform your photography passion, talent, and hobby into a home-based photography firm if you like to take photographs. Although you’re fast to take a snap, study and prepare your business strategy for further success before you jump in and start charging for photography.

You may have a lot of equipment if photography is your hobby. You will however have to evaluate whether the standard for the services is good enough. In addition to a camera, you will need to supply customers with lenses, flashes, batteries, picture editing software, quality photo print, and packaging.

Marketing is the secret to success in a photography business. If no one hires you, you cannot take and pay for pictures. Use your personal and professional networks to communicate about your company, along with business cards or brochures. Attend exhibitions and market-oriented activities.

19. Catering

Serving people food isn’t a bad idea for home cooks

You could have catering as a business idea if you’re one of those people who love lavish family dinners, gain great reviews from guests and/or relatives who plead for a holiday at home because of your cooking.

As a caterer, you can schedule menus and glamorous or playful displays of everything from picnics to debutante parties, then prepare them all, bring the event to you, serve them and then clean up. You may specialize in weddings, unique good things as cakes and cookies, or customers such as companies, charities, or private parties.

20. Landlord

If you already own a house, make use of that property

You can rent the area or even invest in a shared property that landlords can sell if you have an extra room or guest house on your property. As a landlord, you can take charge of maintaining the property and handling any problems with your tenants, but usually, you will have independence in your firm and will be at home.

During the holiday and wedding seasons, your hair business is especially busy—the ideal time to keep up marketing with new clients. You might want to start a hair forum, a makeup blog, or a YouTube video channel if you have downtimes during periods.

21. Daycare managing

If you love working with kids, this is the perfect job for you

If you have room, you can start a daycare business through the supervision of a few kids by growing up to handle more kids. In a local community, a daycare service can be critical, particularly if your town has not one.

Furthermore, it will be short, simple, and rewarding to join this business if you have any experience with teaching or children. You should schedule the time you want for your in-home daycare as a business owner.

For example, to have a whole community, you can limit registration to toddlers only to have a whole group that is mobile. The children in your care are kept engaged and involved in several respects. Story-times, games, and songs for smaller groups are good things. You can also have outdoor play areas or schedule your small fees on regular trips to a park or playground.

22. Eldercare

Show your love and support for elderly people

If you love to support people and have experience with home care, you may want to start an eldercare business. Patients’ homes can be costly and people are often reluctant to take full-time care of their family members.

You will then decide to provide self-employment assistance, to visit and care for your customers as required. Bear in mind that you would want to ensure that you have the appropriate certificates and training.

23. Makeup/Hairstyling

We still need to look good in the middle of this pandemic

With perfect lighting and the equipment needed to help your customers, you can create a small space at your home and create an on-the-go package for hair and makeup in your customer’s home.

During the wedding and holidays, which are the ideal time to continue promoting for new clients, your hair or makeup businesses are especially busy. You may also suggest beginning a hair or make-up blog or YouTube tutorial channel if you have any time during the seasons.

24. Tailoring service

Turn your crafting hobby into something profitable

And with all of the various brands and clothing shops, people still need a clothing item tailored or repaired at those moments. You may want to start your tailor shop if you have any experience with a handle or sewing machine. As a tailor, you can make accessories and alternating suits and clothes that have been damaged. Also, you can find a sewing customization market, which you can take advantage of, in particular for sports teams uniforms, wedding presents, chic business, and so on.

Some tips to start your home-based business

Some tips to start your home-based business

Having a home-based company is a fantasy for people. The good news is that the procedure is much simpler than you might believe. You can transform your marketable skills into your own home business if you already work from home, in outsourcing, or freelancing.

Draft your business plan

Every business starts with a strong plan. It’s no different for your home company. Decide the objective of your business, identify which service or products you deliver, and establish goals and objectives.

If you need initial money to build your business, you can also identify options for business financing. Your business scheme will adjust as your business develops, but it is the basis on which your business can build.

Have space/place to work

When you have an idea that is focused on your home company, make sure you have a completely separate workspace. It could be a dining area where you can set up a desk or have a cellar where a larger office area could be built. Make sure that you have a working area where you can concentrate on the job ahead, whatever you need. If you don’t have a second room to use, consider installing a replacement bedroom or a less busy room. When you make business calls, you can appreciate privacy.

Decide your business structure

You need to determine which type of company you want to shape when developing home business ideas. Each form of company has benefits and drawbacks, so be careful to do detailed research before you decide on it. You don’t need to build your own company to operate from home, but that can help you when you file taxes and separate personal and company expenses.

Set up your business schedule

As a business manager, you need to draw up strict regulations that prevent domestic activities from interfering with your business. The main reason a lot of people don’t have good home-based businesses is that they can distract themselves from what they want to do with their house.

Come to a timetable to tell your family and determine your working hours. It is also good to assess yourself and figure out how long you perform best. Plan and restrict disruptions or interruptions during your most productive hours.

It is easy to keep postponing your work till your work is never done if you don’t have a regular job. In this context, it is intelligent to set strict working hours as if you were working for someone else. You don’t have to work between 9 and 5, but work time should have changed never.

Separate your business finances

We suggest that you take action to separate your company finances while your business starts. Like with every other company, it is also compulsory to license and register own companies and every startup should abide by all the regulations and rules of each company.

This usually means establishing a business bank account, registering for a company credit card, and creating receipt directories and other documents that will need to be monitored for business and tax purposes.

Create networks

There can be a propensity of too much concentration on internal business operations when you do something from home. In the latest market patterns, many home-based business owners are left behind.

It’s an intelligent move for you to join organizations organizing industry meetings and conferences to keep you up-to-date on emerging business problems. As a domestic businessman, the new developments and resources in the business have to remain linked and up-to-date.

Final Words

All in all, through this article, we hope you’ve come across the right idea in our list if you’re researching small business ideas from home to see what would be cost-effective, match your skills and motivate you.

If not, then you had at least a brilliant idea about your own home company. In particular, in smaller communities and niche markets, the market for home businesses continues to increase.

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