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Top 5 Best Free POS System Software for Small Business

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By Sam Nguyen

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Point of sale (POS), or Point of Purchase, prefers the system that helps merchants calculate the payment from customers. The POS can be at the physical store and help with the card payment or visual sales via mobile phones such as a computer or supper handy like a smartphone or tablet. One more thing when using it is you can get a free POS system with fundamental functions.

This amazing invention makes the purchasing process easier, smarter, and convenient for customers and sellers. POS systems can reduce the time when taking the last step of purchasing: payment and high accuracy. On the other hand, the store owners are provided with store customer data and create profiles ability when using POS. They can take a further step in inventory management, where they can gain critical business insights through this system and analyze the data.

This article will walk you through the top 5 best free POS system, and we hope you will be able to find the most suitable solution for your store.

eHopper: Free POS System

free pos system by ehopper

eHopper Overview

eHopper is developed and oriented to serve small businesses or start-ups. This POS solution provides owners a good way to approach the technology with a fit budget without cutting the quality in the software. Moreover, the main focusing point of eHopper is to help micro-businesses not to get locked into systems or hardware that do not satisfy the company’s needs.

However, eHopper is not an entirely free POS system since the free version is only available to integrate with only one credit card processor (A1 Charge), not with QuickBooks and limited support. In this version, store owners are limited to a single register and can not use the internal software’s employee clock features.

With $40, the paid version will give you access to those missing features. eHopper received quite a high rate from Capterra reviewers at the level of 4/5 star with over ten reviews.

Subsequently, eHopper can easily support a small store A-Z for free. By segmentation, the users can upgrade, but they will be charged and see more functions. However, within the basic features such as contact management, inventory management, handling tips and split payments, and employee management, the small business may be adequated with a free POS system from eHopper. The software also can be installed and run on Windows, Android tablets, and Ipads, giving a wide range of operating systems and devices options.

eHopper Features

In this free version by eHopper, it supports the micro-enterprise with multiple areas ranging from restaurants, hospitality, and retail stores. It provides them literally everything they need to run a business successfully. You can seek more information about other versions that may cost you from $29.99 per month. However, in this article, we focus on comparing the free POS system, and in the free plan from eHopper, owners will be able to get features such as Free Card Processing, Ring Up Sales With Ease, Save Time On Business Operation, and Access Data. In specific, the most important functions will be listed in the details below:

1. eHopper Point of sales

This highlighted characteristic will bring a more efficient and profitable solution since you will get access across many devices, and you even don have to invest in a new one. Moreover, the finance managing feature will impress you as you can:

  • Optimize receipts for every single order for better client service.
  • Accelerate operations by quickly voiding and refunding customer orders.
  • With cash management, you can balance better your assets appropriately and maintaining profits.
  • Manage your money with payins/payouts in a well-organized and high-accuracy way.
  • Avoid violating tax laws with the include/exclude tax feature, which provides the ability to control over who pays taxes.
  • Gain more loyal customers and sales with discounts and loyalty options in eHopper POS.
  • Raise productivity and save time during checkout lines by easily including taxes and tips to bills.

Last but not least, you can work with this free POS system offline and process every listed function without Internet access.

2. eHopper Contactless Digital Menu

This function may show its advance in technology and even eco-friendly, minimizing human contact and saving paper used for a menu. Some of the technologies are applied:

  • QR Code: convert the physical menu version into a digital one.
  • Synced with the POS system: the digital menu can be merged into the eHopper POS system.
  • Email marketing: allow customers to sign up for email marketing to be informed about discounts and promotions.
  • Customer feedback: enhance your reliability from reviewers and better understand customers’ opinions
  • Digital Signage: Make your screens become a digital display advertising or an interactive self-service kiosk.

3. eHopper Online Ordering System

This feature is available free of charge up to 12 months and allows you to take orders from the website since the e-commerce platform is such a potential to gain revenue. Key features of eHopper’s Online Ordering System:

  • Online ordering: managing orders via digital platforms to increase sales more than from physical purchases, allow online payment, schedule delivery methods.
  • Sync menu: a digital menu with brief information will satisfy customers’ needs of being informed about the price, and so on.
  • Marketing apps
  • Reporting: allow store owners to manage and track data, activities of the store.

4. eHopper Free Card Processing

This might be the tough part whenever running a store using POS. Card related acts require store owners to think carefully and choose a suitable solution and avoid risks and illegal tasks. eHopper provides a free POS system and helps you save money on card processing, accept cards at 0%, no hidden fees, 100% legal, and long term commitments. However, this amazing feature is only available in the US.

5. eHopper Payments

There are more and more methods for customers to finish their purchase at the payment process. This free POS system accepts many ways to pay, from the most traditional one by cash, credit, debit to the modern contactless methods such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. Moreover, customers can split the bill, and owners also can control the data and orders.

6. eHopper Inventory Management

Checking inventory helps you know well about your store and better fill the out-of-stock items. eHopper has fully equipped functions such as notify running low products, monitor the stock quantity, and balance between the hot item and less favorite one.

eHopper Upgrade Plans

eHopper is now providing quite good products with multiple ranges of customers and types of businesses that they are running. This provider has launched 4 plans named as Essential, Freedom, Restaurant, and OmniChannel. And it costs $0.00, $29.99, $39.99, and $39.99 (Sale: reg $99.99) respectively.

Essential works as its name, providing the most important functions for a free POS system, and we already talked about it. These functions may be enough for small size businesses and it is limited to one POS only and the further ability to better serve the customers and analyze data are not available.

Freedom is the next plan offered. This upgrade version allows you to include 1 POS but excludes Poynt, has the right to Pre-Authorization, and more advanced functions to support customers or to manage abilities that are not included in the free version.

Restaurant is created to aim at the users, such as restaurant owners or hospitality owners. Since so far, the version is an upgrade of Freedom ( it means that all features appearing on Freedom are available on Restaurant), and the most important characteristic is table management or floor planning, and now there will be no limitation to Poynt.

OmniChannel is the highest plan, and it provides full functions, abilities, and license that eHopper are working on it. Moreover, the plan now is on sale at an extremely good price; you only pay the same with Restaurant at $39.99 instead of $99.99.

Square - Free Restaurants & Retail POS Systems

free pos system by square

Square POS Overview

The next candidate might be Square POS which can be called one of the most feature-rich free POS system options. You can experience analytics and sales reports, inventory and customer management features, integration with various e-commerce and bookkeeping platforms, invoicing capabilities, the option to send digital receipts, and robust data security-all for free. And the interface is also developed and tends to friendly to use.

This solution is designed to meet the requirements of mobile and small businesses such as food trucks. This can be explained because of the outstanding feature that allows taking acts within the software and works smoothly via different operating systems.

Mobile payments are also available for Square POS users because they will give a free card reader to install into smart devices. However, whenever buyers conduct a transaction, Square will charge several fees, which may cost 2.6% plus $0.10, 3.5% plus $0.15, and 2.9% plus $0.10 for a swiped transaction, keyed-in transaction, and online transaction, respectively. These fees are the most expensive thing that may cost the users when they use this free POS system.

To sum up, Square receives a quite high rate from users. Mostly, people say that Square is the best free POS system for start-ups. Features

Square completely offers a set of tools, from monitoring sales and inventory to advance analytics. Moreover, it allows sellers to manage and do tasks on multiple devices and supper handy and flexible. However, there will be some limitations to the free version that are solved in the upgrade. Despite it, let’s take a look and see how far this free POS system can serve and assist our stores.

Square POS Features

1. Square POS Hardware

With the flexible ability, Square can work well with IOS and Android tablets and smartphones, and it comes with a free magstripe card reader attached to these devices. Proprietary Square Registers, Terminals, other options of card readers, and peripherals such as bill printers are also available to install. This free POS system can work and process such diverse tasks that the hardware requires.

2. Square POS Payment processing

It is impressive that a free version of the POS system can handle various payment methods such as cash, check, credit card, touchless payments. Moreover, sellers can do more with the receipt. The only downside is Square can not process ACH or e-Check payments.

3. Square POS Checkout functions

The final step of purchasing will be much more interesting and convenient with barcode scanning, tax determination, discounts, split-pay, or tips, and all these functions are available in Square.

4. Square POS Inventory

The feature can handle tasks such as classify items, add product variants, photos, and set low stock alerts. This makes managing items easier since products are all in the relevant categories, clearly display, immediately fill in the running-out.

5. Square POS Customer tools

Customer’s data will be stored, and the system will automatically sign up an account to recognize them. The free version also allows store owners to contact buyers, send SMS, and email to inform them about their purchase, discount, or product description.

6. Square POS Reports

Show data of 3 main targets: customers, employees, and store internally. The report will indicate a number that may help entrepreneurs know the developing trend, risks, or opportunities.

7. Square POS Support

Even Square is a free POS system; the online service is still can be reached. The platform of the online help center includes guideline articles, forums, or chat support. Instant phone support is also can be reached by registered customers.

8. Square POS Additional features:

For users who require more than the basic functions from Square. This addition provides an online store to meet the e-com trend. Moreover, the system can link to the logistic chain to ship to the product, and expand the ability to adequate to the specific type of business by integration to a middle-man software like QuickBooks.

Square POS Upgrade Plans

Square is completely a free POS system to use with such rich features mentioned in the previous section. However, there will be 2 fees: one for processing card payments and one for adding extra features that can cost or be an optional expenditure for users. The provider also sells hardware that works as a blockchain with the system.

Card processing fees:

  • Flat-rate transaction: 2.6% and 10 cents per success transaction
  • Invoices: 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction
  • E-commerce sales: 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction
  • Recurring billing and card-on-file transactions: 3.5% and 15 cents per transaction
  • Keyed-in payments: 3.5% and 15 cents per transaction
  • Volume discounts: For any business processing over $250.000 in credit card sales, Square will offer custom pricing packages

Square POS periodically fees

  • Point-of-sale app: Free – Pro POS plans available for $60 per month
  • Online ordering / eCommerce: $0
  • Salary Pay: $34 per month and $5 per employee
  • Marketing: $15 and higher per month
  • Loyalty program: $45 and higher per month

To process credit card payments, a magstripe card reader that connects to IOS or Andriod smartphones and tablets will come with every new Square account. And it costs nothing, and the only thing you need to do is create an account.

It is recommended that you install a card reader with an EMV/chip reader to improve security, and it may cost from $49. You can search for more readers at the Square website to find out what is best for you.

Imonggo - Point of sale for small family business

free pos system by imonggo

Imonggo Overview

Established in 2009, Imonggo achieves a massive amount of users in over 1,100 cities around the world now after the redesign launched in late 2016. Moreover, the partnership of Imongo has reached a peak with the relationship between them and Mercury/Vantiv - the POS’s credit card processor of choice ( even card integration only for the paid version )

The Imonggo free POS system is claimed as well-fit to a single location and solo manager in a store. This system can manage 1,000 products and 1,000 transactions monthly. The level is quite high and totally depending on the type of business.

You can use an Ipad, Android tablet, PC, or Mac to run Imonggo - which means it is web-based. This is live stuff since the free version does not support offline work. If you have some trouble with the connection, there are upgrade options to look at.

The higher version may cost $30 per month and perfectly fit the bigger businesses. This version allows you to get unlimited users, offline selling, and no limits on either products or transactions.

Imonggo Features

1. Imonggo Hardware

This free POS system allows users to use on every device with an Internet connection from computers to mobile devices since Imonggo is web-based. Operation systems are not limited, Imonggo can be used on both IOS or Android.

2. Imonggo Payment processing

The payment method may be the weakness of this free POS system. Users need to pay $30 per month to use the integrated payments in the premium version. And this paid version can also help store owners solve the finance problem easier by linking to Authorize.net or WorldPay account.

3. Imonggo Checkout functions

Diverting the payment methodologies helps customers feel more convenient and happier. Imonggo allows businesses process payment via barcodes, adjust tax settings, offer promotions, customize open price, split payments, manage layaway payments and orders, round off decimals, and set different pricing schemes by location.

4. Imonggo Inventory

Inventory is such an important function that every store needs in their system to manage better. Imonggo’s inventory function allows users to track and manage the stock or orders. This free POS system also mentions their ability to manage products and categorize them blockchain by using technology applications like barcodes or SKU.

5. Imonggo Customer tools

Further reach to customers to improve sales is crucial to make businesses grow. This feature includes customer profiles and purchase history, email receipts, and email marketing. From that, brands will find out customer insight and give the best solutions.

6. Imonggo Reports

The report function will work more with the data from the store. The system can record and report the sales data, identify the best-seller items, track sales by employees, and manage supplies.

7. Imonggo Support

If you find it hard to get used to the system, POS will help you explore tools or interfaces. Even problems will be explained and fixed with online support from Imonggo. Tutorials and QnA will be given to you, but you need to be online to access them.

8. Imonggo Additional features

Imonggo can link to the middle-man app, such as Xero or mobile apps, to better serve you and your store. Moreover, employee performance tracking is available too.

Imonggo Upgrade Plans

The Imonggo free POS system offers up to 1,000 transactions per month and 1,000 items. However, with bigger size entrepreneurs this number seems to be inadequate. Imonggo offers a premium version that only costs $30 monthly and this version is unlimited in the transactions, items, and even the users in the system are no longer solo. Unlike the free version, the paid one also provides advanced features like customer loyalty, offline selling, invoice downloading, product uploading, branch management, access to mobile apps, integration with other software, accepting credit cards, and more.

Even Though the upgrade plan is not as plentiful as others, the outstanding point of Imonggo is a 30 days trial for premium. Users can experience all the advanced features in 30 days totally free to find out whether it fits their business or not. You will not be forced to register the paid version to free trial, you will be back to the free version if after 30 days trial you do not subscribe. You can process the payment for premium easily via Paypal or credit card and it will be automatically charged monthly and cancel anytime.

Loyverse - Free POS Software

free pos system by loyverse

Loyverse Overview

Loyverse is a completely free POS system designed for use on multiple operating systems from IOS to Android. Building the core value as its name, Loyverse intends to use technology to easily gain customer loyalty. Thence, Loyaverse developed a companion app to install, which mainly takes care of their customers then form loyalty and launch promotion or campaign by push notifications. The company also offers plentiful store management and dashboard apps that make better monitoring.

According to Capterra’s Top 20 POS Software research, Loyverse has increased significantly and reaches over 240,000 users. Their free POS system is certainly a selling point, but Loyverse is packed with features that also contribute too.

Loyverse’s features allow you to manage store processes such as sales, employee, card payments, or customer care. It is no doubt to say that this free POS system is a feature-rich software.

The core value of Loyverse is mainly focusing on building loyal customers. The way they work is through every purchase; the software generates a QR code available to use in the stores. Once store owners are signed up, they can offer discounts, coupons and send out any promotional material within the system.

This software provider has received a high score from Capterra reviewers, ranking 150, average five-star reviews.

Loyverse Features

1. Loyverse Hardware

The software fits and works well on 2 most common environments: IOS and Android, from the large screen like computers to Ipads or tablets and even handy smartphones. It means there is not anything to worry about finding a suitable device to run Loyverse. Furthermore, the peripherals connected like invoice printer and cash drawer are also supported without third-party software.

2. Loyverse Payment Processing

It is unbelievable that Loyverse definitely costs nothing at all to use, but customers can make their payment via almost every way, by cash, check, and touchless payments. Payment with cards is also accessible with SumUp, iZettle, CardConnect, and WorldPay accounts. This feature from Loyverse is such an outstanding one since most free POS systems are limited to or restrict in methodologies, especially integrated card processing.

3. Loyverse Checkout functions

In more detail, Loyverse offers store owners abilities to open tickets, complete refunds, offer discounts, manage cash flow, and scan bar codes. With them, the final step will be easier.

4. Loyverse Inventory

Managing products easier with Loyverse, your stock will be displayed clearly with images and in categories. Moreover, controlling the number of products also meets the owners’ demand to better understand and further analyze such as finding out the most likely to sold-out items to restock or stop less attractive items.

5. Loyverse Customer tools

This feature is a strength of Loyverse, they develop a loyalty program included in the free software. This program is all about caring for your customers which allow create customer account, and then via this channel store owners can send discounts and promotional materials. These contact behind physical stores may significantly increase the effectiveness of customer care and truth.

6. Loyverse Reports

The program can send you the data about sales, employees, taxes, or hot items in your store. From that, you can take further actions to optimize them but the final purpose is to increase sales.

7. Loyverse Support

Loyverse provides customers with 24/7 live chat support, help center, community forum. So you can almost be reached anytime to solve your technical problems or any questions. You don’t have to concern about the difficulties when you use this free POS system.

8. Loyverse Additional features

Mostly, these additional options or features depending on the company’s target, which segmentation or type of business they want to mainly develop. Loyverse offers API for integrations, delivery functions, kitchen display, table assignments.

Loyverse Upgrade Plans

For small businesses, this free POS system meets all the basic requirements to manage kinds of stuff. Unlike others, Loyverse does not charge any money to try their product, but they give users options to add in the free foundation software.

  • Employee management: You can control your employee and sales from a personal account, intermediately adjust your business based on data of productivity and working hours of your employees, better protect your company by restricting system accessing rights for specific employee groups and increase accuracy and security of cash in every shift. For this version, you can choose the periodically pay due to per month or year. It starts from $5 per month, and per employee, you can use it for free in 14 days, or only $50 per year with the same days for trial and 2 months for free.
  • Advanced inventory: the Advanced Inventory Management includes robust tools that streamline your back of the house – create purchase orders, view inventory valuation reports, and manage stock, right from your Loyverse Back Office. Designed for retailers with one or several shops, cafes, or restaurants, Loyverse Advanced Inventory can easily track the products, allowing you to have full control over your stock. It also gives you an easy tool to track and manage your orders and receive and transfer goods between your locations. It costs $25 per month for 1 store and $250 per year with the same days of trial and free use as Employee add-in. Moreover, if you have more than 3 stores, you can contact to receive more perks or discounts.

Floreant - Free Open Source POS for Restaurants

free pos system by floreant

Floreant Overview

Floreant is a free POS system and also an open source built for restaurants. It runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and it is totally, actually free. The profit comes from supporting services that set up the system via ongoing support for businesses.

For a restaurant, a handy iPad or tablet may work better as you can take POS right to your customers’ tables. Or, you can use the bar tabs feature and preauthorize cards, holding them until the customer finishes their meal.

On top of these basics, Floreant connects to kitchen printers, runs a great set of reports, gives managers a set of tools including splits and voids, and lets you easily manage menus and recipes.

As the main purpose is a free POS system for the restaurant, Floreant has the limitation, and unless you are selling new tires and car maintenance, this system is totally fine and good to use. And in case you own a restaurant, this might be a good choice.

Floreant provides a simple installer so that you don’t have to worry about being messed up with an open-source.

Floreant Features

1. Floreant Hardware:

The free POS system from Floreant runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, especially tablets (from Apple or any Android manufacturer). You can plug in any terminals and peripherals to better use and fit your business.

2. Floreant Payment processing:

The traditional methods can be processed well such as cash, check, credit card, gift cards. Other advanced payment methods and higher controlling abilities like pre-authorize bar tabs. EMV and chip card payments are only available on the paid version.

3. Floreant Checkout functions:

Tax calculations, ticket voiding, discounts, split-pay, tips are basic functions for the final step. Even it is designed mainly for restaurants; other business types may feel adequate with them, in case specific one which likely does not appear in hospitality.

4. Floreant Inventory:

Because of services mainly for restaurant, managing stock of them is basically about the menu, so this free POS system from Floreant allows owner load menus. Additional inventory functions with the paid add-on, the user can consider to install them and customize; further information will be listed in the upgrade section.

5. Floreant Restaurant tools:

Kitchen receipt and display, bar tabs, table service (ticket number and status), pizza builder. The feature is a signature point of Floreant, the owners of restaurants will be happy to use them and it is for free definitely.

6. Floreant Reports:

Sales summaries, sales analytics, productivity reports, hourly incomes, payroll, and gratuity reports. These functions have the same purposes as other free POS systems; however, hourly incomes report will be extremely important to a restaurant that may help owners balance the employee during the rush hour.

7. Floreant Support:

Sadly Floreant does not provide any support for the free version. The users only solve troubles by looking up online guides for fundamental functions.

8. Floreant Additional features:

Fully customizable code, employee clock-in/clock-out are the additional features that this free POS system can provide to users.

Floreant Upgrade Plans

The upgrade version of Floreant is called Oro Pro. Oro Pro includes such high features developed from the basic on the free version, particularly in table and ticket management, menu items, taxes, store control, further employee control to track attendance, overtime calculations, and tip tracking. Now with Oro Pro, chip payment and EMV payments are no longer be unaccepted. You have to pay $19.99 monthly to start using.

This provider also sells terminal for floorplans and inventory at the price of $5 per month for each one.

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In conclusion, this article has listed the top 5 best free POS system and we hope that you can find the most suitable one for your business. For more information, you can find it on the original websites of the providers to understand deeper about the software and price.

Below, we will briefly mention again the strengths of 5 free POS systems that we just went through.

  • eHopper: the program has a lot of technology applications and there are upgrade plans that fit the need of every segmentation with clear purposes. And more open with card payment.
  • Square: It is a feature-rich POS system that provides almost useful and advanced functions for store owners. Even with a load of information and function, the interface is friendly to use.
  • Imonggo: The system provided by Imonggo is web-based. The main point is the payment flexibility for customers when you use it, a plentiful of methods to check out from the most traditional to the modern one.
  • Loyverse: If you are looking for good service, Loyverse’s free POS system is the best for you. The program is built to improve the loyal customer and the provider themselves also support the user very well.
  • Floreant: It is a restaurant based POS system. This is a good choice for hospitality as the signature feature to manage tables.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.