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Fera x Joy Loyalty Partnership Announcement

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Sam Thomas Updated: May 19, 2023


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Finally, we can share this news: Fera and Joy Loyalty made the first integration successfully! This is such a memorable milestone in our partnership path after those days we had constantly strived to integrate the two apps. With the same ideal of delivering the best customer experience, Joy is honored to have Fera as a partner on board.

About Fera


Fera Commerce is known as an experienced solution provider for online stores. Having over 15 years in e-business, Fera quickly achieves breakthrough developments, becoming a reliable expert in the Shopify community. Although Fera’s apps were released lately, the user number is more than 10,000 and keeps going forward.

Fera Product Reviews App

The Product Reviews app - the pride of Fera - helps stores optimize their reviews. Instead of showing simple reviews, Fera develops a professional review system having feedback, photos, and videos. The display of positive compliments, nice pictures, and videos readily make an impression on leads and convert them to customers. Also, stores can effortlessly gain buyers’ trust and increase their reputation.

Fera Product Reviews App

What can you expect from Fera Reviews?

  • Review import and synchronization
  • Display reviews and ratings on Google Search and Google Shopping results
  • Customizable widget
  • Auto requests for post-purchases
  • Reward system
  • Outstanding products and services
  • Product Reviews
  • In-store Reserver
  • Extra Verification
  • Provide apps on multiple platforms (Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix)

Connect with Fera

Fera and Joy Integration

The integration between Fera Product Reviews and Joy Loyalty offers more benefits for Shopify merchants and their customers. The advanced earning-point system allows buyers to get points in many ways, motivating them to engage in store activities. Here are some methods of the loyalty program: Sign up, Place orders, Like/Share Facebook/Twitter Links, and Follow social networks.

Fera and Joy Integration

Fera and Joy provide robust review and reward systems fitting all-size businesses. If you are a starter, we are here to make your way more comfortable. Enjoy our ready-to-use reward campaigns and review engine to unique brand identity, improve customer relationships, and boost sales today!

Waiting for more collaboration plans

Fera and Joy will continue to work together on future projects with the goal of assisting e-merchants in their business path. We are excited to bring more efficient options to the Shopify community and help online stores maximize profits.

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