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What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Large Packages?

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Shipping large packages are now very popular and increasing in number due to the speed of industrialization. However, the fact that so many transport units exist makes it possible to determine which is the best transporter. It is a confusing problem for many businesses around the world. With the unique form of transport of large packages, it is not easy to travel long distances compared to other types of goods.

Understanding that, Avado prepared this article carefully to provide you with great information about What is the Cheapest way to ship Large Packages?. Let check it out now.

What are large packages?

What are large packages?
What are large packages?

Today, there are countless shipping options offered to businesses. Shipping costs can sometimes be confusing, especially large packages if you’re new to the industry. It will be challenging to find the cheapest way to ship large packages if your shipment exceeds 70 lbs. If you want to ship machinery, a large number of goods, or appliances, your shipment may not fit the standard parcel shipping. At this time, reliable and affordable shipping platforms will be a good choice.

You can divide your shipment into two types: freight and parcel. Large packages are considered freight because they are not shipped normally like other types. To distinguish these two types, you can easily do so through size limits. For most parcel shipping service, freight shipment is when your shipment exceeds 165 inches in circumference, 108 inches in length, and weighs over 150lbs. In particular, you should know that the price that some parcel services offer to freight is usually higher than the freight that will charge the freight. Therefore, you should consider other options instead of parcel shipping if your shipment is a freight.

What is the cheapest way to ship large packages?

Shipping options for large items

We all know there are many big names in the heavy or oversized transport community. However, instead of providing options for all types of packages, the difference in them is that each name offers a good choice for certain types of packages. Therefore, choosing the right name is to select a carrier that best suits you.

Furthermore, the transport service providers have a difference. Shipping carriers working with larger businesses on a larger scale often do not publish their prices such as Freight, FedEx, or DHL. Meanwhile, carriers working with smaller businesses and individual customers tend to publish their prices like UPS, USPS, or sometimes FedEx.

Most of the time you want to transport goods large enough, the freight price will be lower than the parcel.

Usually, they will provide summarized prices. However, if you don’t see any prices listed, you need to contact them directly for an accurate quote.



With USPS, you will be provided with some transportation services as below.

Priority mail: 1-3 days

Preferred mail required for all sizes is a 70-pound weight limit. The maximum size allowed is about 1 foot by 1 foot by 6 inches. Depending on the weight and size, prices will vary, such as small envelopes will cost $ 6.95 and large boxes will cost up to $ 17.60. This is considered a great choice for small and medium-sized items but heavy. The time of 1-3 days is quite good for businesses.

Express priority mail: overnight

Overnight brings a sense of urgency and speed. Therefore, Priority Mail Express is a perfect option if you want to deliver the package to customers as quickly as possible. However, because it makes your shipment faster, the price is also higher than other options. Prices will start at $ 22.50 for packages under 70 pounds. This is the price for flat-price shipping envelopes so it just goes up from there. Therefore, if your item can be pressed into a flat envelope even if it is cumbersome, this is the cheapest option. In case your item is bigger, maybe another brand is your soul mate.

Media Mail: 2-10 days

This is the right choice for a tiny group of USPS customers. Media Mail will help you save the most compared to any other option if you want to transport any vehicle (CDs, books, and DVDs). However, it’s worthy to note that USPS reserves the right to inspect your package and discover that you have broken the rules, then they are likely to return the package to you because there is not enough postage. Therefore, the advice for you is not to abuse the system.

However, this will be a bargain for you if you want to transport traditional vehicles that are a bit heavy.

Ground: 2-8 days

In case your package is too large for a large flat rate box through Priority Mail, your best option would be Retail Ground. The maximum allowable weight is still 70 pounds. However, it is for products that are too large for Priority Mail boxes. We can all see the most restrictive thing about this option is that delivery times are much slower.

Also, the price you need to pay will be charged by weight and region. For example, if you are going to Zone 3, prices will range from $ 8 to $ 67, depending on the package’s weight. If you find that it is not necessary to be quick, this is also an option that offers a price worth considering.



DHL will be a great choice for those who want to ship internationally. In particular, DHL includes the fast shipping option.

Air freight

It is interesting to know that DHL owns, co-owns, and partners with many different airlines worldwide. If you use this DHL air freight service, your goods will be added to the several flights scheduled along the main routes. Furthermore, the delivery service which means bringing your goods to the door of the customer is also provided by DHL.

To suit customers’ needs and offer a wide range of prices, DHL offers different shipping speed options. These include Air Economy (5-7 days) and more quickly Urgent Air Freight (1-2 days). In addition, DHL also provides options for special cargo, international day-to-day international shipments, and a temperature-controlled environment to ensure if the goods need to be stored at appropriate temperatures.

Ocean freight

As with air freight options, ocean freight is a sea freight service. Different shipping lines are in charge of transporting goods abroad. The options they offer are Full Container (FCL) and Less Than Container (LCL). Also, special options are offered for customers with special needs such as liquid transport and temperature-controlled areas.

It makes sense when you choose these shipping options when your goods are too big, bulky, and heavy because they will be shipped by container or pallet. In particular, you will get a reasonable shipping price and a good service.



You can take advantage of the heavy and oversized delivery services provided by FedEx.

Ground: 1-7 days

The difference between FedEx and other carriers is that it allows cargo to weigh more than 70 pounds. Precisely, FedEx allows a maximum weight of 150 pounds, dimensions up to 108 inches long, and 165 inches long plus circumference. However, due to such large weight and size, delivery time is less predictable. Undeniably, FedEx Ground is a great option if your packages are heavier than USPS or larger than the allowed size at a fixed price.

Freight: Priority or Economy

To reach more customers, FedEx Freight rates vary too much by size and region. This provides a better range. This is the place you want to start if you need to transport pallets of large packages. Priority is for faster delivery than the economy, the size and overall weight of your pallet will determine the price of both.

If you want to ship a large number of packages or are quite heavy overall, this is a much cheaper option than shipping individual packages.

Cheapest way to ship USPS

After reading the above and learning about the three shipping options that Avado introduces, if you choose USPS then use a service like ShippingEasy.com to get the cheapest price.


ShippingEasy.com is a great service that allows you to print the “First Class” postage right from your printer, which the USPS website does not allow. Furthermore, this service also gives you substantial discounts on practically every service that the US Postal Service provides. Thanks to this, you will save a lot of money.

However, you can also experience the cheapest if you send multiple Express Mail and Priority Mail orders. It is great that this service is completely free for up to 50 shipments per month.

If you want to ship with DHL, UPS and FedEx, it’s great because they are all nicely integrated into ShippingEasy.com. Therefore, you only need a single tool to deliver on all carriers.

Cheapest way to ship FedEx Or UPS

The best and only way that Avado recommends for you to get a better deal with UPS or FedEx is to negotiate. I think this is not too difficult for an online shop owner.

For best results, choose only one brand and focus on that. It seems that UPS will be ready to have a more comfortable negotiation with your business because it seems a bit hungry than FedEx. However, anything can change. Therefore, the most important thing is not to hesitate and negotiate smartly.

What to consider when shipping large packages?

Thinking carefully before shipping large package will help you avoid unwanted problems and even save you a lot of money. Here are some key factors you should keep in mind before shipping heavy items:

1. Dimensional weight

Dimensional weight formula
Dimensional weight formula

Maybe when you read this concept, you will find it strange. Yes, this is still a fairly new concept that was started by FedEx and UPS in 2015. The reason for this concept is that shipping companies realize they are losing money on large items but extremely light. Dimensional weight is “the weight on the theory” of your package.

By applying the minimum density number and based on how much volume your package occupies, they will calculate how much it weighs. They will then charge you for any higher price (dimensional weight or actual weight).

You need to keep this in mind as it is imperative. If your packages weigh less than dimensional weight, instead of calculating themselves based on actual weight, to find out the actual cost, you’ll want to get quotes from companies.

2. Fragility of content

If you want to ship delicate and fragile items, make sure to choose a carrier that takes good care of and is proud of how to handle fragile shipments in a great way instead of focusing on speed.

3. Origin and destination of the package

Besides the weight of your package, there are two factors that carriers will use to evaluate and calculate the price you pay. They are the source and destination of the package. The farther and higher the shipping area you want to transport, the more expensive it will be.

4. Carrier being used

Carrier being used
Carrier being used

The fees you pay will be greatly influenced by the individual rules set by each carrier. Besides, the rules you use also contribute significantly to your costs. Some carriers will be more comfortable than others when it comes to the size, weight, and fragility of your package. Therefore, consider carrier and rules to be sure to choose the most appropriate ones and follow the rules to avoid the unwanted.

5. Type of service being used

For shop owners, when shipping packages to customers all need to consider the factors to choose the most appropriate type of service. Do you plan to offer international shipping? Or do you want your packages to ship overnight? This will be a factor that plays a vital role in choosing a carrier. Therefore, consider carefully.

How to successfully ship large packages across the country?

Ship large packages step-by-step

Step 1: Package your item accurately

Package your item accurately
Package your item accurately

First of all, to start shipping heavy items, you need to properly pack your item. It is highly recommended that you should use sturdy packaging to ensure your products inside are guaranteed quality and appearance. In particular, you can use cushioning materials to preserve inside more carefully.

Step 2: Make measurements

We all know size is an important factor in calculating the price you pay for shipping large packages. Therefore, you need to make measurements carefully and accurately. Make sure that you know exactly the width, length, and height of the package. This helps you to determine the price more accurately.

Step 3: Weigh your packages

Besides measurements of size, weight is also an essential factor for you to determine the shipping price. Usually, shipments are balanced by pounds (lbs). Obviously, the heavier the package, the more expensive it is.

Step 4: Calculate prices

An example of calculating prices of USPS
An example of calculating prices of USPS

You need to enter the weight, size, origin, and destination of the package in a convenient shipping calculator to get the price. In this way, an accurate and complete accounting covering all expenses will appear.

Step 5: Order and pay

The next step after you’ve selected the cheapest and most suitable supplier is simply to order and pay.

Step 6: Print your shipping label

What you need to do now is print your shipping label. If you need any customs documents, you also need to print it for your package.

Step 7: Label your package

Label your package
Label your package

After you print the shipping label, you need to paste it and the customs documents will be printed on the body of your package. Remember to use good quality transparent tape.

Step 8: Send the package

This is the final stage of shipping large packages. If the service you choose provides delivery from you, simply wait for the courier to receive the package. Or else, if not, you will have to drop off the package to the courier.

Tips to ship large packages successfully

As a shop owner, you certainly don’t want your items damaged or lost. However, you need a backup plan in advance. How can you minimize risks and lower what you pay for shipping and replacement products? Shipping insurance is highly recommended for you. When compared to the benefits, you will find it is not too expensive. It is truly worth to have shipping insurance if you ship a volume of product.

Shipping insurance
Shipping insurance

Track it

Tracking your packages will bring a lot of benefits to both you and your customers. You will not face the hassle of calls if customers wait for your packages for too long and do not know whether their packages have been sent or not. Tracking helps customers know the exact location of their packages and feels your store has a great feature. Thanks to this, you not only have more loyal customers, but you can also monitor all your shipments to ensure performance.

Confirm it

This is considered the key to success in tracking your packages. Moreover, you are allowed to claim insurance. In other words, it is a win-win. Both you and your customers will know when the package will be delivered. This information will not only benefit customers but also help you if the package is lost.

Also, here are some other tips on how you can ship your large packages successfully and smoothly.

Gather accurate shipment information

An example of gathering shipment information
An example of gathering shipment information

Collecting accurate shipment information is extremely important because it determines whether your package is successfully delivered to customers smoothly and quickly. In particular, providing accurate information will help you avoid unexpected charges. Therefore, to determine actual shipping costs, make sure to measure your freight accurately. Besides, pay attention to the address, size, weight, description of additional shipments, necessary services, and shipping classes as they affect the final shipping costs.

Choose a convenient shipping service

You will probably prefer an online shipping service because it simplifies the whole process. A great shipping company should have a network of carriers, assist you in arranging shipments, and providing shipping rates. You can enter tons of information about your shipment to see which quote is the best option for you.

Go ahead and ship!

If you have chosen a suitable shipping partner, what you need to do next is give them all the necessary information, as AVADA mentioned above. Do not hesitate to contact the company directly if you have any questions or concerns. Arrange the time to receive and deliver it. And you are good to go!


The market for express delivery services is growing very strong and well-known, with the demand for faster shipping with the service of many delivery units. In particular, for large packages, you will also have many options that make it difficult to choose.

This article gives you complete information about the ways you can choose and the characteristics of each option to help you choose the cheapest shipping company. Besides, there are important issues you need to consider before shipping heavy and bulky goods that you should pay attention to. Take advantage of helpful tips Avado recommend to ship large packages successfully.

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