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Top 15+ Best SMS Marketing Softwares in 2023

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Sam Thomas Updated: December 01, 2023


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Almost everybody uses SMS (short message service) to send personal and business-related messages using a cell phone. All cell phones accept this messaging protocol which is available in all networks worldwide. These days SMS is commonly used to advertise products/services and to send discount coupons & reminders to current and prospective customers.

SMS marketing involves the sending of messages in bulk. When it comes to sending a single message, you can send it easily even though you’re in a line for your coffee. But delivering a clear message to a large group of customers and ensuring profitable performance is a crucial and time-consuming activity. Efficient SMS marketing software can help you send bulk SMS in a single click and can also monitor the results of the leads and conversions produced by this marketing effort.

In this article, I will introduce to you the top SMS marketing software that you can use for your business and boost our marketing efforts resulting in more conversions and higher profitability. Before we jump into this list, let’s go through the basic concepts of SMS marketing software, the advantages of using it and how to choose the one that best suits your business needs.

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What is SMS Marketing Software?

SMS marketing software is a tool that lets companies send bulk permission-based messages to existing and prospective customers to remind them of any promotional deals, discount coupons, new product releases, or marketing events. Not only that it means that your messages are crafted in the right way, delivered to the right people at the right time, allowing you to make the most of your marketing budgets.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Benefits of SMS Marketing
Benefits of SMS Marketing

High open rates SMS has the highest open rates relative to phone calls or email marketing. 98% of the messages sent are opened, making SMS marketing services a benefit for all companies seeking fast and effective customer support.

High conversion rate

Even with the high use of instant messaging through apps, SMS still sees a better conversion rate. People are more likely to visit your store and take action on deals or offers provided via SMS than through any other marketing service.


Cloud messaging services make SMS marketing a very cost-effective alternative. Cloud telephone providers provide Bulk SMS options through the SMS API or their platform, enabling companies to reach thousands of customers in a few simple steps. Compared to other forms of advertisement, such as billboards, TV advertisements, mobile ads or magazines, SMS marketing is more budget-friendly.

Large reach

With the rise in the use of smartphones, Statista reports that 52.2% of all internet traffic was generated by mobile phones worldwide in 2018, making SMS marketing a choice of communication for many businesses.

Receiving an SMS doesn’t require internet access, it’s just a working phone. With the increased use of phones, SMS marketing is nothing less than a gold mine. Businesses can take advantage of the ability to meet consumers right on their fingertips, which gives them the advantage of targeting a wider target audience.

Instant delivery

A successful provider of cloud telephone service has strong network operator links all over the world. This network-operator partnership can be of great benefit when companies choose to provide time-bound OTPs.


While regulatory compliance with SMS marketing is high compared to email marketing, messages still have a simple way out if consumers do not want to hear from business. Shortcode and long code numbers offer consumers the option to choose whether to opt-in or opt-out messages. The answer is instant and businesses can configure simple keywords to allow customers to reply easily. This convenience increases customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty because they can opt out if they want to avoid getting message updates.

Flexible and reliable

Businesses can use SMS services to promote on-going sales, provide discount vouchers, inform consumers of a new store that has opened nearby, submit appointment updates, order status for online shoppers, and more. However, SMS has limited space to express a long story. Businesses therefore need to use 160 characters wisely to send their messages in an efficient and successful manner.

What features are important for an SMS marketing software

Important features for an SMS marketing software
Important features for an SMS marketing software

Seamless Bulk Messaging

The SMS marketing app you choose should have an easy-to-use interface that allows you to send bulk text messages from PC to mobile as well as mobile to mobile. Sending bulk messages should be a simple task with the help of an SMS marketing software that has the ability to send bulk messages quickly no matter where your business is based.

Permission-Based Messaging

There are some laws you need to follow for the good of the customers in all countries. In order to comply with these guidelines, it is mandatory for your SMS marketing applications to make it easy for text to subscribe and unsubscribe.


SMS marketing programs can make it easy to submit auto-response to the customer’s feedback or questions, as it ensures fast resolution, and helps you create a better customer experience.

Text Message Schedule

The SMS marketing tool you select should enable you to schedule your text messages so that you can monitor your messages and send them to your customers at the right time.


Your SMS marketing app should be able to easily integrate with other tools. For example, if your SMS marketing software is integrated with CRM, you can easily automate birthday wishes sent to your customers.

Drip Campaigns

This feature of an SMS marketing software enables you to send a number of messages to subscribers at regular intervals. It helps to remain in close communication with your subscribers.

Email Syncing

A Marketing SMS tool that is compatible with your email marketing tools will help to a large degree to connect instantly with your customers. For example, if you have received an email from your customer, you can automatically notify them via SMS using the Auto-Reply feature.

Message Personalization

The SMS marketing program should allow you to add the first and last names of your recipients to the message in order to offer a personal touch to the text, which can boost the chances of success of your SMS marketing campaign.

Platform and Device Friendly

The SMS marketing software you choose should function on any platform or device so that you can run it on the go and your SMS marketing campaign can proceed without interruption.

Segmenting Contacts

One text message is unlikely to fit all. The journey of the purchaser may vary, and there are other requirements that you need to consider, such as age, gender, location, etc. before sending a text message. A good SMS marketing software should allow you to segment your contacts and send automated messages accordingly.

Importing List of Subscribers

You should be able to easily import a list of subscribers from your CRM, Excel spreadsheets, or any other tool you are currently using with the SMS marketing software you choose. This would save you the time and effort you need to manually enter the details.

Allowing Multiple Users

Do you work with a team? Your SMS marketing software should enable you to add users working on your SMS marketing campaign and grant them specific permissions based on their roles.

High-End Security

Your subscribers are very important to you, and so is their personal data. The SMS marketing app you select should have high-end security features so that your sensitive data is not misused.

Now that you’ve understood all the features you need to look for in a SMS marketing software, let’s review SMS marketing softwares on the market in the next section.

Top 15 Best SMS marketing softwares

1. AVADA Email/SMS Marketing

AVADA Email/SMS Marketing
AVADA Email/SMS Marketing

AVADA is one of the best marketing automation platforms which provide email and SMS services for Shopify and Magento eCommerce stores. If you are looking for a platform that specialized in SMS automation or SMS newsletter, AVADA is an unskippable choice. This platform is optimized with automation workflows from Abandoned Cart, Welcome messages, to Order Confirmation, and Cross-sell/Up sell SMS. Also, sending mass SMS is simply in AVADA, which helps you reach more potential audiences.

Besides SMS and Email, AVADA does allow online stores to create different segments and send them relevant messages. Also, if you do not have many contacts, AVADA helps you collect leads easily with various sign-up forms. And finally, you can always keep track of how well your campaigns are doing via AVADA advanced reports.

With a free plan (up to 1000 contacts and 15k emails send per month), small merchants can save a lot of costs to use AVADA. For more advanced functions, you can subscribe to Pro plan with unlimited email sends. Similar to popular platforms, SMS price is calculated based on the number of SMS send and the country destination of your SMS.

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2. SlickText SMS Marketing Software

SlickText SMS Marketing Software
SlickText SMS Marketing Software

SlickText operates mainly in the United States and Canada, providing businesses and organizations with a cost-effective and feature-rich solution for bulk text messaging and SMS marketing. They have top-notch technology as well as a creative way for businesses to reach out to their customers through a range of mobile contact and marketing strategies. Some of the notable features of SlickText are its easy-to-use platform with an intuitive interface combined with all-round-the-clock customer support.

3. CodeBroker SMS Marketing

CodeBroker SMS Marketing
CodeBroker SMS Marketing

CodeBroker is another useful text messaging marketing software that offers a marketing solution with advanced but still user-friendly features. A great feature of CodeBroker Text Message Marketing Software is SmartJoin, a feature that provides a seamless way to build an SMS marketing list. With SmartJoin, the generated SMS marketing list can capture either a partial or a full CRM record that allows users to construct a more advanced SMS list.

4. PhoneWagon SMS Marketing

PhoneWagon SMS Marketing
PhoneWagon SMS Marketing

Established in 2017, Phone Wagon has managed to become a top-notch call monitoring software as well as call analytics. PhoneWagon is based in New York City and is known to provide world-class customer care and a tool with a well-designed, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Even with a 14-day trial edition, you can easily build marketing campaigns within seconds, and you can even track online and offline campaigns that work and easily toggle off those that don’t work.

5. Textedly SMS Marketing

Textedly SMS Marketing
Textedly SMS Marketing

With Textedly, all your SMS marketing campaigns are streamlined, and you can instantly send around 10-100,000 SMS to any phone number, and you can even build an opt-in list of subscribers. With Textedly, you can also plan when to send text messages to target customers, and you can also keep track of the distribution of text messages.

An excellent feature of Textedly is that it gives you a seamless and effective way to connect with your contacts whether or not you are sending text messages for sales events, promotions, marketing updates, reminders, coupons, and announcements. All you need to do to enjoy all the benefits of Textedly is simply import your contact list into your Textedly account, where you can easily manage it.

6. Agile CRM SMS Marketing

Agile CRM SMS Marketing
Agile CRM SMS Marketing

Agile CRM is another great tool to harness the power of text messaging to communicate to your target audience. With Agile CRM, incorporating SMS text messaging into your marketing campaign list or sales support channels is a breeze, and you can quickly engage your customers at the right time when they need information.

7. SendPulse SMS Marketing Software

SendPulse SMS Marketing Software
SendPulse SMS Marketing Software

With SendPulse, you will instantly optimize your core metric of open rate newsletter and email marketing. In addition, SendPulse lets you gather loads of customer data and then carefully predict the best time to send SMS text messages to each subscriber. With this you can raise your open rate to an average of about 50 percent. Alternatively, with SendPulse AI, an interactive messaging app that is designed with artificial intelligence and personalization systems, you can turn your customer service reps into superhumans.

When using SendPulse, you can connect with your audience through Web Push, SMS, Email, and even SMTP across all devices. With SendPulse AI, you can increase your customer experience analysis by approximately 60-100 per cent, including page views, click-through rates, conversion rate and time spent on your platform.

8. CallHub SMS Marketing

CallHub SMS Marketing
CallHub SMS Marketing

CallHub is an SMS and voice marketing software that lets you communicate to your audience easily. With its SMS opt-in feature, you can easily collect emails and names from your customers to send out marketing campaigns. CallHub is seen as a sophisticated but very simple-to-use SMS marketing app that integrates and works well with your CRM to help you reach the right people at the best time with the right message.

9. Txtimpact SMS Marketing

Txtimpact SMS Marketing
Txtimpact SMS Marketing

Txtimpact is another U.S.-based top provider of SMS marketing solutions and Text Message Marketing Services for a range of companies. Since its establishment in 2006, Txtimpact has been developed to provide text marketing and web-based text messaging solutions that offer agencies, small businesses and brands the ability to effectively build integrated text messaging marketing strategies for their businesses.

10. TextMagic SMS Software

TextMagic SMS Software
TextMagic SMS Software

This is a comprehensive SMS marketing platform that allows agencies and brands to improve their interaction with their customers. With TextMagic, you can send text messages online to your customers and staff, as well as import your contact list and manage them easily using your TextMagic account.

You can integrate this useful SMS marketing tool with your CRM or website using the SMS API feature, which provides you with a seamless channel for sending text messages through your business workflow. When using TextMagic, you can select either a mutual or exclusive SMS number that allows you to receive inbound SMS messages as well as replying the same either from your loyal and prospective customers and even from your workers. The most outstanding aspect of TextMagic is that it offers you global outreach to about 1000 mobile networks in more than 200 countries.

11. Sendinblue SMS Marketing Tool

Sendinblue SMS Marketing Tool
Sendinblue SMS Marketing Tool

Sendinblue is regarded as an all-in-one SMS marketing tool with over 80,000 global customers using it. Sendinblue seems to be so popular because of its complete solution and automation for email marketing, Facebook Advertising, chats, SMS marketing, and even sending business messages through SMS and email.

This SMS marketing software also offers a robust API, which allows users the ability to customize their integration using different programming languages. These high-quality features make Sendiblue a top option for many eCommerce and CMS platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Zapier, PrestaShop, and many others.

12. TextMarks SMS Marketing

TextMarks SMS Marketing
TextMarks SMS Marketing

Like other SMS marketing applications in this article, TextMarks offers U.S. users the ability to quickly access their audience through their mobile devices. TextMarks enables you to easily send or schedule bulk sms, catch leads, and distribute information to your customers via SMS. Other SMS products on the TextMarks platform include SMS Marketing, Mass Text Messaging, Text for-Info, SMS Lead Generation, SMS for Internal Communications, and many others.

13. Heymarket Business Text Messaging

Heymarket Business Text Messaging
Heymarket Business Text Messaging

This is a strong business SMS marketing tool for a team who wants to share their inbox for sending messages to partners, staff and even customers. With Heymarket Business Text Messaging, your team members do not need to install the app until they can receive daily Facebook, Apple Business Chat or SMS messages. An outstanding feature of this SMS marketing software is the fact that the admin can have an enterprise-grade control over built-in reports, responsibilities and permissions, integrations, custom fields, as well as a full API feature.

14. Swrve SMS Marketing

Swrve SMS Marketing
Swrve SMS Marketing

Swrve is an SMS marketing app that gives users almost infinite channels of engagement that help brands easily recognize, anticipate and execute each customer’s needs across their mobile devices. Since marketers can combine messaging through different platforms, in addition to streaming data in real-time, they can use the real-time advantage to influence their clients and their bottom liners. And for industries such as banking, gaming, travel, e-markets, media, and entertainment, enterprise-grade apps will easily help them find their real-time returns.

15. Bitrix24 SMS Marketing

Bitrix24 SMS Marketing
Bitrix24 SMS Marketing

Bitrix24 is one of the world’s leading CRM and SMS marketing applications that provides millions of global companies with a seamless platform for sending loads of SMS messages, and even set up SMS marketing automation within seconds. One of the great things about Bitrix24 is that it gives you the ability to send text messages to more than 100 countries, even with its trial version.

Final words

That’s it! I hope you can find a suitable SMS software for your business out of this list. Please feel free to leave comments below for more recommendations. :-)

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