30+ Best Motivational Speeches to go for Ecommerce Success!

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Entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges every day. From storage problems to customers’ complaints, it is easy to feel down a bit and want to give it all up. Business is like that; life is like that. Only when you see the results of your hard work, you can tell if it was all worth it or not. But, to see it, you have to keep going.

As Winston Churchill said: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that count”.

Even when it all fails, you never gave up, and that is what really matters.

Every once in a while, find your motivation to keep hustling and know that you can do so much more than what you think you are capable of. Ultimately, you will find activities that pull you into success. It happens when you align your life with daily routines, values, and achievable goals.

And that’s why I’ve created this article - a list of the 30 best motivational speeches to keep you moving forward. With just a little bit of encouragement, you can achieve much more than even your wildest dreams. If you want to get going, empower yourself, and create powerful psychology, this is the adrenaline dose you need. Let’s get started!

1. Will Smith’s speech

One of my all-time favorite movies and Will Smith’s performances, Pursuit of Happyness (2006), is a wonderful movie about overcoming hardship in life and making success by trying hard. In the movie, Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith) lost his job, his home, and was forced to find shelter with his only son while finding a job and trying to sell his invested products.

In this scene, Chris was playing basketball with his son - Christopher (played by Will Smith’s actual son - Jadon Smith), when the son said he wanted to be a pro player at the age of 8. Chris decided to level his son’s expectations by mentioning that he himself is not very good at basketball, so his son may not be as well. Christopher is visibly disappointed by the comment.

Then, Chris proclaimed that his son should never let anybody tell him that he can’t do something, not even his dad. “You got a dream, and you gotta protect it”. It is an emotional speech, knowing that both actors are father and son in real life. Although the motivational speech was quite short, it is still incredibly impactful for anyone with a dream. Being a kid or adult, it is your responsibility to protect and achieve your dream, no matter what.

2. Steve Jobs’s speech

Here is a very famous motivational speech by Steve Jobs at the 2005 Stanford Commencement Ceremony. If you don’t know, Steve Jobs is a key figure behind the tech giant Apple, one of the world’s most profitable companies. Standing in front of young and ambitious newly graduates, the late CEO dived into his journey as an entrepreneur and how he overcame many problems not just as a start-up, but also as a human being.

In the classic speech, Jobs elaborated on two themes: connecting dots (how he joined a calligraphy class that inspired the design of the Mac) and love and loss (how being kicked out of Apple helped inspire his greatest innovations). The main message from this famous motivational speech is that we are always learning. We always grow and learn new things. It is what we choose to do with them that really defines us.

And the most memorable quote from his speech was the final line at the end - taken from Jobs’ favorite publication ‘The Whole Earth Catalog’: Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech

We have to admit that Arnold Schwarzenegger has completed many incredible things in his life. From being a kid in Austria, he moved to the United States, becoming a bodybuilder, a top-grossing actor, and even the governor of California.

He started the motivational speech with a simple, strong message about how everyone should work hard. Schwarzenegger then went on to talk about how to have goals and his journey to success. He also discussed how only a quarter of people like what they do in life.

Schwarzenegger believes that people should constantly work to get closer to their main goal and use every hour of the day to the fullest potential.

This is perhaps the most important message of the motivational speech - we have limited time on earth, and we should make the most of it. This is a message that everyone can relate to and use, which is why it is one of the best motivational speeches on this list.

4. Denzel Washington’s speech

In his 2011 speech at the University of Pennsylvania, Denzel Washington discussed why we need to embrace failure to succeed. Washington didn’t hide from failure, and he took it as an opportunity. He said that each failure is one step closer to success.

This is certainly very relevant to entrepreneurship. You learn a lot from everything you do, whether it’s a win or a loss. But, the most crucial thing in life isn’t about winning or losing. It is about getting out there and trying your best. If you never fail, maybe that means you are not really trying. At the end of the day, it is the failures that help you figure out your path - which makes this one of the best motivational speeches, not just about the business, but also about life.

5. Matthew McConaughey’s speech

Next on our list of the best motivational speeches is Matthew McConaughey, with a speech at the University of Houston. The Oscar-winning actor brought some very valid points during his 40-minute speech, but one thing that stuck out the most was a joy being a consistent approach.

In Matthew’s opinion, joy is always in the process of building. He talked about how he previously judged his success on figures he thought were important to him, like the amount of money his movies made, or the number of academy awards he won. But, when he decided to focus on the whole process of making a movie and enjoy every aspect of it, he found success in those figures as well.

As it turned out, one step at a time is better, and everyone has his/her own definition of success. Find what you really want to achieve, and enjoy the journey - both the high and low points of it. If you have time, I highly recommend you watch the whole speech for more motivation.

6. Jim Valvano’s speech

Less than two months before he lost the battle with cancer in 1993, Jim Valvano gave one of the most influential and timeless motivational speeches about living. The passion of Jim was so valuable, so be prepared for some laughter, sadness, and thoughts. Life is so worth living because it is so short.

With little time left in his life, Jim urged everyone to spend every day with a few laughs and a few thoughts, to enjoy the precious moments. He wanted people to be enthusiastic and keep their dreams alive despite whatever problems they have. He also wished everyone the ability to work hard and make the dreams come true.

7. Sylvester Stallone’s speech

In the scene above, from the movie Rocky Balboa (2006), the main character (played by Sylvester Stallone) is having a sincere talk with his son. It is one of the hardest-hitting speeches because it is raw. Right at the start, Stallone said right the way that the world isn’t sunshine and rainbows. He went on to talk about how his son should believe in himself and take every hit of life but still keep moving forward.

If you are an entrepreneur, this can feel more personal than ever. There will always be a struggle, but you have to be ready to take some hits if you want to win in life. Remember that when your back is against the wall: Shakedown those bruises and keep going on as the strong person you are. Winners never give up.

8. Eric Thomas’s speech

Eric Thomas, aka “ET the Hip Hop Preacher”, is one of the world’s best motivational speakers. In this classic motivational speech, he empowered listeners to believe that we can always overcome any life challenge. He asked attendees to focus on the three people they love the most and to question our decisions when we feel demotivated

Instead of being lazy and complacent, we should think about our loved ones and ask what they would think if we neglect our duties. To be honest, it’s good to do something for yourself, but knowing that you have made your loved ones proud is a magnificent feeling of being appreciated. This is one of the messages from the speech.

And that is why it is on our list. Don’t think you are just working for yourself; you should focus on putting in the work for the loved ones that you don’t want to let down - who believe in you.

9. Les Brown’s speech

Les Brown provides some of the best motivational speeches with his powerful voice. He is a world-renowned author, speaker, and coach who has achieved incredible things in his life. In this speech, he was talking to 30,000 people about motivation in life in Georgia Dorm.

It was an amazing speech with power and passion - a timeless performance that everybody can have a listen to believe in themselves. As things don’t work out, you can listen to this inspirational speech about success and overcome challenges.

10. Tony Robbins’s speech

Tony Robbins is a famous American author, philanthropist, public speaker, and life coach. He is known for his passionate speeches in his seminars to empower people. During 2016, he was listed as one of the top 100 people in Worth Magazine Power list. In this TedX Speech, Tony Robbins had to speak in front of many wealthy and successful individuals, but he got his point across right the way.

He motivated, inspired, and encouraged people to take action in making a successful life. His TedX speech can help you understand why you do what you do and what you can do to improve yourself into the next level of success.

11. Terry Crews’s speech

Terry Crews is well known for his roles in comedy movies and as a football player, but his backstory and route to success is nothing like a light-hearted movie. The challenges were real, and you can see in the video above that featured some of Terry’s best speeches. He poured his heart out about pride in life and how to take another perspective to become more authentic with yourself.

Despite the funny and friendly image, Terry had some dark moments in life, like everyone else. He became an actor, bodybuilder, and activist from a former football player that everybody loves for his sincerity. In the video, he urged everyone to be the warriors they already are and chase a better life, with no compromise.

12. Richard St.John’s speech

Next on our list, we have a notorious TED talk from Richard St. John - one short but effective motivational speech with a lot of impacts. St. John mentioned at the beginning of the video that this talk is a conclusion of 7 years of research (including data from more than five hundred interviews with successful experts).

One of the most interesting points that St. John says is that if you want to succeed in something, you need to put your effort into something and be really good at it. But, the most motivating part of St. John’s speech is when he talks about passion. If you do something you love, the money will come later.

This part of the motivational speech is incredibly relevant for entrepreneurs - if you’re building a new brand and investing in it as much as possible - a commitment to cause will help you find long-term success. You need to love what you do to find real success.

13. Sheryl Sandberg’s speech

Sheryl Sandberg is an American entrepreneur, author, technology executive, and COO of Facebook. She is the next one to appear on our list of motivational speeches with her talk at Harvard Business School in 2012.

Besides talking about her experiences as an entrepreneur and her job at Facebook working with Mark Zuckerberg, Sandberg mentioned a very basic idea. One thing we can all be reminded of the everyday:

Motivation comes from working on the things we care about.

This is certainly true for entrepreneurs - those who run businesses and work to solve problems that attract them. That is the spirit to gain success. According to Sandberg, we need to continue working because that’s the most important thing to find what we want to do. We don’t see women delivering motivational speeches very often, so this is one of the best speeches for young people.

14. Al Pacino’s speech

From the American football movie Any Given Sunday, Al Pacino’s speech is next on our list. Like the amazing sport, this famous motivational speech makes your blood flow, making it a perfect watch to tackle any tough day.

The motivational speech is about the idea of gaining every inch - which is very important in American football, even if we tend to ignore those tiny steps. He talks about many different ways his team can gain an advantage over their opponents, even if it’s only one inch at a time. Because when we add up all those inches, that makes the difference between winning and losing.

The same rule applies throughout life - people who are ready to earn every little step are those who tend to find success more often than not. And sometimes, you may not notice it, but it is the sum of all the small parts that lead you to victory. This motivational speech can pump you up like a winner you are ready to be.

15. Ellen DeGeneres’s speech

Ellen DeGeneres has overcome many odds in her life and created a truly magnificent life. There is so much wisdom, inspiration, and humor in this wonderful speech from one of the world’s most well-known talk show hosts. She is an incredible person who continues to inspire millions around the world.

She said that when she looks back, she won’t change anything. It was crucial for her to lose everything just to find the most important thing in life - being honest with herself. After all, that’s what took her to this place. She is free from fear, secrets, and anxiety because she knows she will always be fine, no matter what, for she knows who she is.

16. Jim Carrey’s speech

Jim Carrey may make a living with goofy comedy movies, but in 2014, he combined his classic humor with unforgettable knowledge during the graduation ceremony of Maharishi University of Management. Jim Carrey delivered a fascinating speech with openness about his upbringing and the role of fear in his life. You can really see the surprise in the students’ reactions when they see such insights from a comedy actor.

He said he learned many great lessons from his father - such as, since you can fail at what you don’t want to do, you may as well take the chance to do what you love. This is a touching and powerful point for everyone that wants to find their ways in life.

17. Simon Sinek’s speech

Simon Sinek is a popular author and public speaker who talks about leadership in a business context. You may have seen him in a viral video in which he shares about love and relationship. He made a humble but inspirational statement in the above video: Organizational leaders today don’t know what game they’re playing.

They tend to take credit while they should be responsible. They tend to obsess over competitors’ products, while they should improve their own. But, once you accept the rules of playing as a leader, the possibilities for business development and employee success are sure to excite you. Simon gave very valuable insights that businesses of any size can learn from.

18. Kal Penn’s speech

In 2014, Kal Penn gave an inspiring and uplifting speech at DePauw University. He advised all graduates to strive for success, but don’t let it loosen the focus on really important things, like connecting with loved ones, being adventurous, and helping others. He also convinces millennials that their future is full of potential because it is a generation that is rooted in innovation.

Opportunities are all around us. This is the time of high unemployment for young people. But we all refuse to sit still. This is the most active, service-oriented, most imaginative, most tech-savvy generation. Young people are creating opportunities, inventing gadgets, and emphasizing social responsibility, not greed. So don’t worry too much. Why are you worried?

19. Kurt Russell’s speech

The Miracle on Ice is one of the most surprising events in Olympic hockey history. The Soviet Union won six of the last seven gold medals, while the US team consisted of only amateur players. The Soviet Union team was clearly better. But, in the movie Miracle, which tells the incredible story of the American Olympic Hockey Team in 1980, Kurt Russell’s character - Coach Herb Brooks - knew that they could make a difference.

The United States team was better than the Soviet Union that day indeed. And his speech conveyed such a strong belief in the team that they could achieve one of the greatest sporting moments of the 20th century. This is your time to win - and that is for every entrepreneur out there.

20. Admiral William H. McRaven’s speech

This is a speech that went viral as well, delivered by Admiral William McRaven. He made a point about how making your bed in the morning is a routine for success. Through discipline, you can start the day winning in a controlled and organized way. The army is known for discipline, and that is something every business owner can learn to win the tough battle on the market.

Another speech from a former military soldier, Jocko Willink, is an ex-Navy Seal member and the author of the best-selling book - Extreme Ownership. He is one of the most disciplined and self-manageable people that you can meet. You can follow him on Twitter for a daily dose of motivation. In the above TedX talk, Jocko gives a great motivational speech about how struggle teaches people to react right when things go wrong. When you can take ownership of your problems, you can easily solve the problems.

22. J.K. Rowling’s speech

The life of J.K. Rowling itself is an incredible story. She went from a broken waitress with barely survivable wage into one of the best-selling authors of all time. As the creator of the Harry Potter series, she also helped create one of the most successful movie franchises the world has ever seen. In this Harvard Commencement Ceremony, she gave a powerful speech to new graduates, stating that we don’t need magic to change this world, we already have the power inside us to imagine and create a better world.

23. Oprah Winfrey’s speech

Harvard seems to be the greatest place for commencement ceremonies since so many of the best motivational speeches on my list happen here. Oprah Winfrey gave one of the best inspirational stories about dedication and perseverance in life. She had a difficult childhood that many people couldn’t even imagine, yet she went on to become a successful, influential, and wealthy woman that the whole world respects. Her message in the video about positivity and fulfilling your dreams is a good dose of encouragement that any entrepreneur, man or woman, can receive.

24. Brené Brown’s speech

We have kind of a different speech here in the form of animation, created based on the researcher Brené Brown’s speech about the power of vulnerability. It is something that other speeches on the list can’t quite touch, which is how to be empathetic towards other people. In the speech, Brown explained how our fears drive us to stay away from our vulnerabilities. But this emotional suit of armor can lead to dishonesty sympathy, which doesn’t really help. What we need is to embrace vulnerability through empathy.

This is a lesson that you can remember to connect with your employees, customers, and yourself. Since the road of entrepreneurship is not easy, we need to learn about our hurts to grow in the right way.

25. Tom Brady’s speech

Tom Brady is one of the most well-known football players of all time. He received a lot of doubts when he walked into the NFL league, yet, he is now still a top player in the game 20+ years later and is considered one of the best quarterbacks the league has ever seen. In this video, you can listen to a combination of Tom Brady’s best speeches, including the famous point: What separates good players from great players is the execution under pressure.

26. Ray Lewis, Eric Thomas’s speech

There is something about the sport that is so hyped that it just gets us going. In this inspirational speech, you will get to hear from two icons of the NFL league. Ray is a former professional player who is in the NFL’s hall of fame and known for the ability to generate excitement, hype, and enthusiasm among teammates. Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker with great energy and messages. It is an awesome combination that gives you the much-needed spirit to make your dream become a reality.

27. Dan Pink’s speech

Commissions, bonuses, other benefits in the business world, these are the things that motivate people the most. According to Dan Pink, in this 2009 TED Talk, such external boosters can actually do more harm than good. Most recent sociological researches show that the real key to doing a better job is to find your inner motivation.

There is a mismatch between what science found and what business still does. And as we stand here in the jungle of economic competition, it is worrisome that so many organizations make their decisions on talented people based on outdated and unproven methods rather than science. As an entrepreneur, this speech can urge you to find a better and more effective way to run your business.

28. Elizabeth Gilbert’s speech

After the phenomenal success of the book Eat, Pray, Love, people started asking author Elizabeth Gilbert the same question over and over: How would you make something even better than that? This is something that not only artists struggle with - the invisible responsibility to be on top with the previous work.

In this TED Talk in 2009, Gilbert explored that responsibility while looking at our ideas about genius and creativity, which have changed over generations. Although once considered to be separate entities or states that anyone can touch, genius and creativity have become increasingly attached to individuals. And, according to Gilbert, that change has been putting increasing pressure on artists, writers, and other creators to create unrealistically great works.

As an entrepreneur, you will have to learn to have realistic expectations for yourself and your business.

29. Charles Dutton’s speech

In this scene from the film Rudy, Sean Astin’s character - Rudy, just left the Notre Dame soccer team because he had to watch one of his last matches from the stands. After two years of hard practice and never once having the chance to shine fully, he didn’t want to deal with humiliation anymore.

But Fortune - played by Charles Dutton - came to his side and spat some hard truths. He showed Rudy that he shouldn’t quit. He should be proud because he proved to everyone that his perseverance and willpower could take him through all challenges. He just needs to realize that about himself. And the only way to live with himself is to stay with the team for the rest of season.

That is a lesson for you. No matter what, you have to realize your own journey and prove yourself worthy.

30. Orlando Scampington’s speech

Sometimes humor is the best motivation. Last but not least, we have this INBOUND Bold Talk from Orlando Scampington - a self-proclaimed author, thought leader, dreamer, visionary, cat owner, and one who believes in unlimited human potential. As you keep watching, you will see that it’s hard to explain what this speech is actually about, but it is surely enjoyable.

And that is a good message for entrepreneurs, too; it doesn’t always have to be serious and do or die in business. You can take some time to enjoy your time, make a funny experience, and connect through humor. What you can learn from Orlando is making complicated things lighter to work in a good mood and positivity.


Final words

Okay, that is my list of the best motivational speeches for you to go for eCommerce success. I hope that you enjoyed them and felt the motivation to achieve your dream. There will be many challenges along the way, even failure, but if you want and enjoy what you do, success is always in your reach.

Did I miss any other motivational speech? Do you have a favorite speech or speaker? Let me know in the comments section, and thanks for reading!

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