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32+ Best Halloween Email Subject Lines for successfully Campaigns

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Our favorite time of the year - a spooktacular fright night is just around the corner, but we are going to see a very different Halloween this year. With the current situation, consumers are looking at online stores for costume and decoration ideas, as well as safe entertainment right at home. People are doing what they can to still celebrate a special event by spending more on candy, greeting cards, home decoration, and more.

This is such a rare opportunity for eCommerce companies, so there is one thing you can do right the way: dressing up email campaigns to bewitch recipients and start earning more sales! Consumers are expected to spend $8.05 billion just on Halloween, you better not be late for the party.

Knowing that Halloween can bring big revenue, many email marketers still struggle to create a festive campaign that communicates a strong value proposition and matches their brand personality. Well, you are in luck. I’ve got some fang-tastic email subject lines to help you supercharge your spooky Halloween email campaigns.

So, dust off the cobwebs, and let’s bring your emails back from the dead with these creative email subject lines. They are alive!

Why do email subject lines matter to your Halloween email campaign?

Why do email subject lines matter to your Halloween email campaign?
Why do email subject lines matter to your Halloween email campaign?

First, if you still have some doubts about the email subject lines, let me tell you this. People decide to open your emails just by a glance at the subject lines.

While they may seem like a small part of your campaign, the subject line is one of the first impressions you have on email recipients. And it is the marketer’s ticket to stand out in a crowded inbox. Email overload is a reality in the fast-paced environment of today’s life. From companies to social media contacts, nearly everyone’s inbox is flooded with email communications, all competing for recipients’ time and attention.

Most people spend only a fraction of a second evaluating email to filter out irrelevant or unnecessary messages. Suppose the subject line doesn’t immediately grab their attention. In that case, they’ll move on to the next message in the inbox - even though the inside of the email may contain information that is valuable and useful.

The subject line of an email is much like the cover of a book or an article’s title. You have to convince readers to click and start reading - otherwise, your content, links, coupons will go straight to the graveyard. In fact, 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on subject lines.

In conclusion, if you want your Halloween emails to be opened, read, and convertible - especially if you are reaching out to customers for the first time - good subject lines are undeniable necessary.

Best email subject lines for Halloween from other brands

Best email subject lines for Halloween from other brands
Best email subject lines for Halloween from other brands

You are not the first company to send out Halloween emails to rack up some sales during the holiday. Big and small companies have done that for a long time. Take a look at these 30+ best email subject lines from other brands for some blood tingling inspiration:

  1. RIFLE PAPER Co - Send Your Boos Some Love 👻
  2. Noe Valley Bakery - This monster won’t eat you! 🧟♂️
  3. Paper Source - Get These Spooky Best Sellers Before They Ghost!
  4. Etsy: Spooktacular DIY inspiration
  5. Hotel Chocolate - Wickedly delicious Halloween treats + same day delivery just £3.95
  6. Accessorize - Win our Halloween treats Beware of these bewitching accessories…
  7. DAVIDsTEA - We’re soo pump(kin)ed about this free gift
  8. Coca-colastore.com - Celebrate Halloween as your favorite beverage!
  9. Pinterest - Ha-ha-halloween costumes
  10. Teavana - You deserve a treat, too.
  11. IdeaCafe - Spook-tacular Halloween Marketing Ideas
  12. Worldmarket.com - Screaming deals on Halloween snacks and decor + free shipping.
  13. Songza.com - The Perfect Halloween Soundtrack
  14. Pinterest - Last Minute Halloween Ideas
  15. Mageplaza - Have you spun the spooky wheel yet? Up to 40% discount!
  16. Holidays & Celebrations - Oh My Gourd! Pumpkin Carving Ideas
  17. Google Play - Scary-good games from Google Play + latch onto Disclosure’s latest album for 99 cents.
  18. Klickn - It’s Scary-Easy Now to Find your Fun in and around Utah County
  19. Marketing Funnel Automation - SPOOKY — 22 Marketing Funnel Conversion Killers
  20. VideoBlocks.com - Whoa… scary
  21. JCPenney - Scary savings! 20-50% off Monster Sale, Doorbusters & more
  22. Ben Adkins - It Would Be Scary To Miss This!
  23. Papa Murphy’s - Trick or Treating on an Empty Stomach? Now THAT’S scary!
  24. SiriusXM - Get In The Halloween State Of Mind
  25. Papa Murphy’s - Satisfy Your Little Monsters with a Jack-o-Lantern Pizza.
  26. Zillow - One Part Spook, Two Parts Spice
  27. Monoprice - Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Control (Refurbished) $79.99 w/ Free Shipping Haunting Deals up to 30% OFF!
  28. Monoprice - Final Haunt! Up to 30% off Spooktacular Deals
  29. Thanksgiving Point - Check out Spooky Saturday this weekend!
  30. KSL Deals - Halloween Savings Without the Scare
  31. Maverik, Adventure’s First Stop - BOGO FREE Pumpkin Cookies on Halloween!
  32. Las Iguanas - What’s your poison?

As you can see, each brand and company would find their own way of making captivating subject lines for their Halloween email campaigns. For example, Pinterest focuses on giving relevant content, while Papa Murphy’s shows how scary an empty stomach can be, and Magplaza takes the opportunity to increase sales with a sweet discount.

You need to make sure you understand your campaign’s goals and target customers to craft the best subject lines. But, don’t worry, we have some ideas for you in the next section.

Halloween email subject line ideas for your eCommerce brand

Halloween email subject line ideas for your eCommerce brand
Halloween email subject line ideas for your eCommerce brand

I bet you can’t wait to put some punny words into your email subject lines like “spooktober”, “Ha-ha-halloween”, or “fang-tastic” (I used them too and they are too much fun). But you should stop for a moment and think if they really suit your brand, email content, or target recipients. Sadly, they may not laugh at your creative words as much as you like.

That said, here are the 20+ best Halloween email subject line ideas for you to grab. See if they are the right fit for you!

  1. Early Bird Halloween Sale
  2. BOO! 60% off Halloween styles?
  3. No tricks! Get $25 off today only
  4. Happy Halloween! Get A Spooktacular Deal!
  5. Happy Halloween! – Keep The Party Going!
  6. Big Deals: No Tricks, All Treats!
  7. We’re Almost Out of Treats on Halloween
  8. It’s a Halloween Smash Sale!
  9. Happy Halloween! FREE shipping starts now!
  10. Last Chance on Our Halloween Deals!
  11. It’s A Halloween Treat! 🎃
  12. BOO 👻! Our Halloween Sale Ends TONIGHT!
  13. Happy Halloween To Our Boos
  14. Halloween’s Biggest Sale: BOGO 30% Off Everything!
  15. Style so good, it’s spooky.
  16. There’s no debating this SPOOKY-Good Deal
  17. Spooky Savings 😱 – Up to 50% off
  18. Celebrate Halloween with our terrifyingly good offers
  19. Halloween is Coming… Shop Now for Terrifying Treats!
  20. Happy Halloween! Spooky Sale Inside 🕷️!
  21. Don’t forget our Halloween treat just for you!

Want to have more subject line ideas, see here: 101 Killing Email Headlines

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Tips on having spooktacular Halloween email subject lines

Tips on spooktacular subject lines
Tips on spooktacular subject lines

Here are some more tips for your subject lines to stand out in a crowded inbox during Halloween.

  • Use emojis 👻🎃🕷️: It is a simple and expressive trick to encourage engagement, and that is enough for a successful email marketing campaign. Halloween only comes once a year so you have the opportunity to do something different with emojis and cast a spell in the inbox.
  • Add some mystery: Halloween is all about the spooky, so your brand can get a bit mysterious. Employing reverse psychology is a sure way to grab some attention. Add words like “Open If You Dare” and your subject line will easily entice customers to open. You can use your pre-header text to give a better hint of what your emails offer.
  • Give a spooktacular reason to open your emails: In a crowded inbox, you need a persuasive reason for recipients to open the emails. Use time-limited offers in the subject line to leverage FOMO and make people act quickly. This is especially powerful for retailers, and don’t be afraid to use command language as a call to action.See Lands’ End’s Halloween email above as an example.
  • Retarget website visitors: For those who clicked but didn’t convert, you can send a more personalized email campaign based on what they’ve looked at on the store or click on the emails. This helps you get closer to the prospects by having a relevant dialog. Halloween is also a good time to send more emails for better results. You can easily set up a series of emails to retarget visitors with AVADA Abandoned Cart Recovery, try it!
  • Dress up your logo: Halloween is a fun time to bring a bit of gore to your logo as well as email background. Have fun and get creative, people tend to respond better to brands that don’t take themselves too seriously.

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Final words

One more advice before I go back into my tomb: Have a human touch on your email subject lines. Don’t be a vampire trying to suck whatever you can out of the subscriber list. Halloween is the best occasion to be authentic. Your email marketing campaign depends on how you represent your brand and understand the customers’ desires.

I hope the article gives you a good inspiration to cast a spell over the recipients’ inboxes this Halloween. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions, and stay spooktacular as you are!

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.