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9+ Best Email Marketing Templates That You Must Have


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There’s a reason that so many eCommerce businesses are now using emails in their marketing strategy - they work.

For one, email marketing is one of the least costly tools for marketers out there, which is a substantial positive for small companies on a budget. Plus, email marketing gives businesses a chance to connect with their customers one-to-one by sending emails about pretty much whatever they want, including offers, products, and even non-business things like the latest news and pop culture references.

And of course, there’s also the effectiveness. Statistics have revealed that email marketing is ranked as the most effective marketing channel, even toppling other SEO, content marketing, and social media tools.

Have you wondered how you can get the desired result with email marketing? The answer lies in many aspects of an email campaign, but having guidance from a template is a practical first step.

Your emails simply won’t engage enough for subscribers to read and take the desired action if they are poorly designed. Not only that, these emails often go unread and unnoticed, wasting all of your effort spent on building email marketing campaigns and may even put you into the spam box.

This is where beautiful, and expert-designed email templates can help you. Email experts certainly know what works and what doesn’t. All you need to know is where to find these gems for your business. This article is that gem - providing all the best email marketing templates that you must-have today.

Keep on reading, and you will be able to copy those templates for your email marketing campaigns.

What is an email marketing template?

If you are a busy person, just the thought of creating an email campaign from scratch can be discouraging - especially if you think it can take up too much time.

An email marketing template can take care of that. The interesting part about emails that are efficient is that they all have the same core ingredients, whether it’s writing compelling copy or personalizing the message to the readers. An email marketing template provides a pre-designed email for a wide range of different purposes.

The best part about email marketing templates is that they can be sent out automatically using something called “triggers.” For example, when a customer purchases a pair of glasses from your store, they will automatically receive a thank you email. This can be done with very minimal effort on the user’s end while helping to build relationships with customers, thanks to an email marketing software that provides the email templates.

If you are short on time and budget, seeking email marketing templates makes much sense to make the most out of your email strategy.

Where to get email marketing templates?

In this post, we will view all the best email marketing templates that you can copy. But, is there a source or app where you can find them all in one place and easily edit the email templates? Luckily, there is one - AVADA Email Marketing.

In the app, you can find emails with aesthetic designs that match your brand’s style. Not only that, you can also pick any template that you can like and customize the templates based on your brand’s guidelines or customers’ preferences. Let me take you on a ride of what AVADA Email Marketing has to offer.

Where to get email marketing templates?
Where to get email marketing templates?

When you sign up for the app, you already have 19 beautiful email templates to start with. These templates can match many styles and brands, from fashion to jewelry, perfume, and more. Our experts created these templates with an eCommerce approach in mind, ensuring that all products are shown up perfectly and clearly with attractive CTA buttons.

Of course, you can also create your own email templates and save them for the next use. Based on your own brand guidelines, you can build an email template that your team can work together for email campaigns. All elements of the email templates can be edited using a drag and drop builder, so almost anyone can customize emails without difficulty.

Where to get email marketing templates?

As you can see in the image above, this is what the AVADA Email Marketing editor looks like. By clicking on each element in the email design, you can edit the image, copy, and style in the panel to the right. On the left panel, you can see the most basic email elements and add or remove them yourself. You also have the pre-made subject line, from field, and optionable preheader, giving you full control over your email campaigns.

That is not all, AVADA Email Marketing also has email workflow templates - which set up automated email sequences that respond to customer and subscriber actions on auto pilot. When the logic of your workflow is set, you can insert email templates and make sure your audience receives the best emails in any situation.

Where to get email marketing templates?

For example, this is an automation workflow to send emails that welcome a customer. With the expert-level of strategy to engage with your customers through emails like this, your email templates will reach the maximum potential to influence consumers. You also can see the performance of each template to determine if you should make necessary changes.

But, enough of an introduction for AVADA Email Marketing, let’s see the best email marketing templates now!

9 Best Email Marketing Templates

In this section, I will take you through the best email marketing templates that you must have for your eCommerce business. Each template should serve a certain purpose, such as welcoming new subscribers, retrieving abandoned carts, asking for feedback, etc.

All the email marketing templates in this section will be taken from our app - AVADA Email Marketing, so you know that they are completely customizable and have the power of automation inside them. Let’s see what they are:

1. Welcome subscriber email template

Welcome subscriber email template
Welcome subscriber email template

Your customer’s journey may very well start when they start becoming a subscriber. They already have shown interest in your company by agreeing to receive your emails, so you can use that momentum to convert them into a new customer quickly too.

For AVADA Email Marketing, we actually have 5 workflow templates to welcome new subscribers, even combining emails and SMSs to reach out and show gratitude towards subscribers in the best way possible. But, let’s just start in the most simple way, welcoming your subscribers with one email template.

The most important thing in welcoming a new subscriber is showing them your sincere gratitude and thanking them with a small gift. You don’t have to start selling right away, you can just offer a discount that they can use whenever they want. This also increases the probability of subscribers creating an account on your eCommerce website to access the coupon more easily.

Here is how you can write your welcome subscriber email:

Hi {{customer_name}} 👋

We are so happy that you become one member of {{shop_name}}'s family. We will update you with the latest news and promotions via this newsletter.

As a thank you gift, we offer you a discount code of 20% off for your first purchase:


For the email design, you can be as simple as possible since this should be a short and sincere email. But don’t forget to add a bit of a special touch that represents your brand in this welcome subscriber email. Afterall, these people subscribed to your newsletter because they saw something in your brand.

2. Abandoned cart email template

Abandoned cart email template
Abandoned cart email template

No eCommerce store wants to lose sales because customers abandon their carts. It is a headaching problem for many store owners, so abandoned cart emails help recover lost sales by reminding buyers of the items left in their carts, while also urging them to continue to the checkout page.

Inside AVADA Email Marketing, you will find 4 types of abandoned cart email workflow, consisting of one to three emails. This method of recovering abandoned carts is recommended by experts since you can slowly tackle the buyer’s obstacle in buying and convince them to purchase.

An abandoned cart email workflow is efficient when it can arrive at the right time. Not too soon nor not too late, it strikes when the buyers haven’t forgotten about the items inside the cart yet and have enough momentum to continue to the check out page. You can use only one email to tackle abandoned carts, which looks something like this:

*Hi {{customer_name}} 👋,*

*It seems you are too busy and forgot your items here. We still save it f**or **you. Please grab your order soon since our stock is very low now!*

*Product's name 	Quantity 	Price*

**_Jump to check out_**

In the template above, the abandoned cart email uses a casual copy to remind consumers about their products in the cart and offer help to save the cart for them. They can simply click on the CTA button and will get back to the cart right away. The email also shows the products in cart with pricing information.

The wait time for sending an abandoned cart email varies for individuals and industries but I recommend you to strike when the iron is hot. Try setting your abandoned cart email to send about one hour to one day after someone abandoned their cart. For abandoned cart email of AVADA Email Marketing, we set it to be sent after one hour.

Abandoned cart email template

In case you are wondering, here is the workflow consisting of three abandoned cart emails. This workflow aims to convert prospects after just one day, offering a small coupon for the products in cart for customers to come back and complete the purchase.

3. Order confirmation email template

Order confirmation email template
Order confirmation email template

Transactional emails are a vital part of email marketing for any eCommerce business. With this type of email, you can provide necessary information for customers with automated messages. Order confirmation emails act as such, sending an automated message to a customer once he/she completes an order.

This transactional email template is a thank you email to customers after orders have been created. It offers support and coupons for next orders, which can enhance the relationship between buyers and your eCommerce business.

The copy of the template is like this:

*Thank you for your order 😀*

*We hope you enjoyed shopping with us! 🥰 You can view your order details by clicking the button below:*

**_View order_**

*Get 20% off using this discount code on next time purchase:*




*Also, if you need any helping hand shopping with us, feel free to reply to this email or contact our support team. We're happy to assist!*

In the email, you can see that recipients have a button to view their order and a coupon code to use in the next purchase. You can take many approaches with the order confirmation, though. For example, instead of a link to view order, you can already include the order detail in the email and a link to track the shipping process.

You can also segment the order confirmation email to have different versions for the first-time buyers and repeat buyers. If they are first-time customers, they will receive a coupon for the next order. If they are repeat buyers, they will just receive a normal order confirmation email with the order details only.

AVADA Email Marketing has this type of automation workflow, too. Simply add a split into the workflow and you can create two templates for each group of customers. This will increase the relevance of your order confirmation emails and the likelihood of successfully used coupons.

4. Shipping confirmation email template

Shipping confirmation email template
Shipping confirmation email template

Another type of transactional email is shipping confirmation email. It is used to send a shipping confirmation email to customer s after shipment has been made. This is an important notification for consumers nowadays since they want to know when the products will arrive.

The template for the shipping confirmation email is like this:


*Hi {{customer_name}}*

*I am very delighted to notify you that the following item is on the way to your home! Tracking number: {{tracking_number}}*

**_Track my shipment_**

*If you have any questions, just reply to this email. We are willing to help. And now, just stay tuned for it!*


The best thing about this type of transactional email is that it is personalized through the app for each customer. You won’t need to put a finger into the process, AVADA Email Marketing will automatically send shipping confirmation emails when each purchase is marked as shipping has started.

If you are working with a third party shipping company, make sure you know how you can get the shipment tracking code from them to insert into the email.

5. Return/refund confirmation email template

Return/refund confirmation email template
Return/refund confirmation email template

Nobody wants to see customers returning products or asking for a refund, but it’s an inevitable part of any eCommerce business. With this return/refund confirmation email template, you can send automated messages to customers in these situations and make sure they have the support they need.

The template of the return/refund email is like this:


*Hi {{customer_name}}*

*Your return for order {{order_number}} has been processed. Please check your order return information below:*

*Product name 	Pricing*

*Sorry for any inconvenience and wish to see you again on {{shop_name}} **🤗 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by replying to this email.*


The main purpose of this type of email template is to establish certain actions to take if your customers ask for a refund or return their purchased products. Of course, the process and condition for return or refund will be different for each business; so you should customize the email to match your business’ regulations.

6. Cross-sell email template

Cross-sell email template
Cross-sell email template

After a customer has bought something from your store, you have an excellent opportunity to offer them more of your product and increase the order value. If their purchased product can go really well with other products from your storage, don’t hesitate to mail them some recommendations.

A cross-sell email template should be able to introduce relevant products and encourage existing customers to check them out or even purchase them. In my experience, you should keep this type of email short and have great photos of the cross-sell products.

The template of a cross-sell email is like this:


*Hi {{customer_name}} 👋,*

*Yesterday I introduced you to some hot items that our customers often buy together on {{shop_name}}*

*Don't forget that you have a 20% discount code that is only valid for 48 hours. Why skip this chance?*


*Some products that might interest you:*


**_Let me see more_**

If you want to upgrade your cross-sell strategy, you can create a three email workflow to send coupons and remind customers about the cross-sell offer in the next two emails to take advantage of the urgency element. There is already such an email workflow inside AVADA Email Marketing for you to try.

The subject line plays an essential role in the open rate of the cross-sell email. You need a bit of excitement and surprise for customers to feel interested in your new offers. A simple yet effective subject line for this type of email can be “You will love these too!”

7. Upsell email template

Upsell email template
Upsell email template

Same for cross-sell, upsell emails are a powerful tool for eCommerce stores to increase the conversion rate and revenue. You can use this type of email to promote higher-value products that are related to the last purchase of your customers. You can help customers upgrade their services with upsell emails too, letting them know they have a better choice for the current subscription plan.

An upsell email template of AVADA Email Marketing is like this:


*Hi {{customer_name}} 👋,*

*Thanks again for your purchase and I believe you will enjoy it!*

*Want to take your choice to a new level? With the same solution but better effect is proven, I personally recommend these items for you.*

*Checkout right today to get 20% off on your order using discount code:*


*🕶️UPGRADE NOW 🕶️with our new collection*

**_Let me see more_**


And, just like cross-sell emails, an upsell email workflow can have three emails to take advantage of the urgency element to make customers act before their upsell coupon code expires. For the subject line of the upsell email, you can use something like “Level up your choice is never too late.”

If you want to reduce usage of coupons for the upsell offer, you can segment the customers based on their spending level to create personalized upsell emails.

8. Win back email template

Win back email template
Win back email template

Idle customers are also a source of frustration and lost revenue that eCommerce stores want to avoid. That is why you should engage with them through email marketing to reignite their interest and let them know your store still has awesome products for them.

In the app, you can identify customers that haven’t had a purchase in 90 days or 180 days. The duration will depend on the buying cycle of your products. But if they are still subscribed but just haven’t bought, why not send them a win back email to draw them back?

If you feel the same way, use this win back email template:


*Hi {{customer_name}} 👋,*

*It has been a while since your last purchase on {{shop_name}} that I don't see you come by again.*

*I just want to make sure there's nothing wrong with your previous order. If you need any help, just let me know anytime.*

*Please use the code ***_DISCOUNT20_*** at checkout to enjoy 20% savings for your next order!*

*I hope to see you in {{shop_name}} very soon!*


If the customers still don’t respond to your win back email, you can reply by asking them if they still want to stay in loop with your newsletters and emails. This action is necessary to keep your email list quality. Also, you are showing responsibility in the email experience of your customers.

9. Ask for review email template

Ask for review email template
Ask for review email template

Last but not least, you need an email template to ask for customer feedback. As a popular social proof, customer review is powerful in building trust for buyers and increasing a store’s reputation. When someone placed a order, you can use this ask for a review email template to send them to ask for a testimonial:


*Hi, {{customer_name}},*

*Again thank you for purchasing on {{shop_name}}*

*We hope you enjoyed shopping with us! 🥰 That would be great if you can spend only 30 seconds reviewing our items. Clicking on a product to leave your experience with it!*

*Our luck to have a customer like you! All of your feedback is our motivation to be better everyday.*


With this ask for a review email, customers can view what they bought and clicked on each of them to leave a review. You can also use this template to ask for feedback on your customer support service or an overall rating of the store.

The timing is an important part of the ask for review email. You should consider how long is enough for customers to fully experience the products before sending an ask for feedback email. We are leaving it at default for seven days, but you can tweak the wait time before sending to match your products and company.

Final words

With this curation of sources for best email marketing templates, you can now access hundreds of new ways for your business emails. When you use AVADA Email Marketing, you will also get access to a good collection of beautiful templates that you can choose from. So, try out the app while keeping your brand aesthetics in mind and design engaging and beautiful emails that deliver the desired results.

Start creating engaging and successful email campaigns today, AVADA Email Marketing is free to start using!

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