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AVADA Marketing Automation - Product Updates in December

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Sam Thomas Updated: September 01, 2023


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It is really amazing to annouce another product updates event for AVADA Marketing Automation this December. Our product road map is tied with our customers feedbacks because we truly want to bring a platform that match your needs.

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SMS Conversations

SMS Conversations
SMS Conversations

SMS has 98% of engagement rate—it’s because people use it daily to have real-time conversations with their friends and family. That’s why 2-way text messaging is needed for you as an online store to talk and serve your customers real-time.

Chatting with your customers via text messages is available in AVADA now. This function allows you to see the incoming texts and instantly respond to your subscribers.

That said, moving from one-way SMS to two-way conversations helps improve customer engagement and retention rates significantly.

Auto-expired coupons

Auto-expired coupons
Auto-expired coupons

Allow the coupon codes to expire in 24 hours after you send out your email, which creates the urgency for your customers to buy!

Now, this function is ready on AVADA, you can set up the expiration for your discount in hours or days. Currently, this applies to Automation workflows. So each time an email is sent out, the expiration will count. This also makes your store reputation, trust increased on your customers’ eyes.

New Form Type: Multi-step Popup

Multi-step Popup
Multi-step Popup

Multi-step form means a sign-up form with more than one page. Why use it?

  • Higher customer engagement as it breaks down the form into smaller segments, to reduce the question overload for the visitor
  • 86% higher conversions because it’s practical yet simple and doesn’t intimidate the visitor with an overwhelming list of questions.
  • Collect more secure and quality leads

See the guide to set up this kind of popup here.

New Email Editor Type: HMTL Codes

HTML Editor
HTML Editor

Have an HTML email template? Now you can easily import to AVADA via our brand new editor type. Also, HTML editor allows you to edit it flexibly and accurately if you know about codes.

This is super useful when you want to migrate your email templates from other platforms to AVADA. Because copy email templates just talk a minutes with this editor type.

Judge.me Integration

Judge.me Integration
Judge.me Integration

Another integration case with Judge.me is also released in this month. In which our mutual users can easily send automation email after someone leaves reviews on your store to say thank you or ask for photo reviews from them.

Wiser Product Recommendations Integration

Wiser Product Recommendations Integration
Wiser Product Recommendations Integration

Adding more AI-based products recommendation to your emails to do cross-sell effectively and smartly. With this integration, you can pull up to 7 product collections from your store to load in AVADA emails. Include:

  • Featured Products,
  • Related Products,
  • Frequently Bought Together,
  • Handpick Products,
  • New Arrivals,
  • Top Selling,
  • Trending

Other Improvements and Coming Features

There are also some product improvements this December. They are listed below for you to better check:

  • Improve Form, Newsletter Template Selector UI
  • Improve Integration Page UI
  • Improve top bar button UI: Live chat, Help center
  • Separate Opt-in configuration of Email and SMS in Popup Form

AVADA has amazing updates in the upcoming month such as SMS collecting lead via link/QR code, Up-sell Cross-sell Forms, ACL or A/B Testing for campaigns, etc.

Stay tuned and we will meet in another announcement!

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