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AVADA Email Marketing - Great Updates in November

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Sam Thomas Updated: October 01, 2023


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Hey guys, AVADA Email Marketing is again reborn in a new look this November 2020. In this article, we will show you exactly which updates and where you can find them on the app.

If you have not installed the app, feel free to take a look and you will love its amazing and easy-to-use functions. We can be proud that AVADA Email Marketing is now a powerful eCommerce marketing platform that automatically engages and converts more and more customers for your store. So why not let it work and make money for you while you are sleeping?

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Whole New Email Editor

Whole New Email Editor
Whole New Email Editor

Forget the old editor, now you can create an email with AVADA Email Marketing Drag and Drop tool in a whole new way.

The look is more bright and clean. All the blocks and items are put in the left column of the email template. All the settings are now editable in the right column.

Add Social Icon is available now! Yes, you can direct your customers to your social channels right on emails.

Add Social Icon
Add Social Icon to your email

Also, there are a lot of color themes available to apply to your emails. Color themes are designed by our expert so that it will nicely match your email content and make it more professional.

Color themes
Color themes available to apply to your emails

Segment Improvements

Segmentation helps you to group your contacts into appropriate lists so that you can take care of them better and send more relevant messages.

In this segment update, you can:

1. Track all contacts in each segment easily

Knowing how many people in your segments and all of their information is good for you to manage the segments. Also, it is now easy to search for someone in your segment.

Segment list
Track all contacts in each segment

2. Use most common segments pre-created

You just need to go to a specific segment then Validate the list. Default segments are truly helpful when you send Newsletter emails to specific customer groups. For example, send Special Offer for VIP groups who are repeat customers of your store. Or send Win-Back Emails to customers who do not engage in your shop for 180 days or 240 days.

Default segments
Available default segments

Additional Filters and Segment Filters

With Automation emails, you can always add more conditions to filter and allow wanted contacts to enter your campaigns only.

Additional Filters allow you to add more filters for contacts entering this campaign. If not, the system will auto get contacts that match default campaign triggers.

Segment Filters allow contacts that match specific segments entering this campaign. If not, the system will auto get contacts that match default campaign triggers.

Additional Filters and Segment Filters
Additional Filters and Segment Filters

For example, if you are setting up an Abandoned Cart Email campaign. The app will automatically get the new contacts who drop their carts on your stores to enter them into the campaign. That is the default trigger of the automation campaign and yeah, it will run in the background so that you do not need to configure.

But in some cases, you want to restrict more on the contacts entering your campaigns. Such as only allow customers whose carts have more than three items to enter your Automation campaign.

One notice for you, as far as we experience, Segment Filters will be mostly used for Newsletter campaign rather than Automation. With Automation, the default triggers themselves are enough and logical to use.

Yes/No Split

Yes/No Split
Yes/No Split

Yes/No Split is a powerful new function of AVADA Email Marketing. It allows you to personalize and improve customer experiences based on their shopping behaviors and segment filters.

What is its application? You can see an example in the image below. With an Abandoned Cart three email series, you can put a Yes/No Split to divide your workflow into two small flows.

For example, the Split condition is that: Cart item number is equal to or greater than 3. The who satisfy this condition will go to Yes flow; the others go to No flow.

Another interesting action that you can add to your Automation workflow is Update Customer Data. This action allows you to collect and track contact data as people move through workflows.

That’s not all. Explore it yoursefl!

There are more small improvements on AVADA Email Marketing UX/UI that are waiting for your exploration. Also, we are keeping update the app every day so let’s stay tuned for the next update notification from AVADA.

Any question or comment, you can shoot an email to [email protected]. Thank you so much for trusting us!

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