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AVADA Email Marketing: New Features Release

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Do you know that for every dollar you spend in email marketing, you can win back $40? Yes that 4000% ROI, an incredible number to think about!

But choosing the tool for running your email marketing campaigns significantly decides your ROI rate. It’s no doubt, right? Understanding the importance of email content and target timing to send them, AVADA Email Marketing app focuses on optimizing email templates and automation workflows based on customers’ psychology research and learning.

In this article, you will know more about AVADA Email Marketing - the powerful tool to win more customers and gain more sales. Let’s get started right away!

About AVADA Email Marketing app

Like many other email automation tools for e-Commerce stores, AVADA Email Marketing allows merchants to send automatic emails to a segment of customers in different events such as cart abandonment, new account registration, new subscriptions, transactional emails, win backs, and so on. In the near time, AVADA Email Marketing also supports multiple marketing channels like SMS, Messenger, Push notices, etc.

UNLIKE other apps in the same market niche, AVADA Email Marketing is the first platform that provides email list validation free of charge. This will save you a lot on automatically verifying your contacts and keep your list healthy to get the best result after your emails are sent.

Also, AVADA Email Marketing focuses on user experience and convenience. We are going to release email templates that are done-for-you in various business kinds; from fashion & furniture to Food & Beverage, Media & Entertainment, so on. We believe that running your email campaigns will be an easy game but profitable for our customers.

OK, now let’s name through some brilliant advantages using AVADA Email Marketing!

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Outstanding benefits using AVADA Email Marketing

Recover lost sales

Recover lost sales and win more customers

Currently focusing on Abandoned Cart Email and Welcome email chains. AVADA Email Marketing is optimized for customer retention and engagement in your shops. The app sends reminder emails at the right time, to the right person, and with the messages that they love to hear.

When you can persuade customers to buy with their hearts, not their heads, everything you sell can be converted. Yes, everything!

Start sending emails in minutes

Why can I say it is a few minutes? Yes, you are not hearing me wrong. AVADA Email Marketing provides users with multiple email workflows that are ready-to-use. How ready they are, you may ask?

We already set the wait time and target time to send each email in the chains. Also, every email updates your shop information like store logo, address, signature. Once more, the cart items, or checkout button, or even the coupon codes, all are automatically pulled out on your emails when it reaches each audience.

No long hours sitting to edit each email element, forget about it! Hence, all you need to do is some clicks to go live the email campaigns and wait for the results.

Gain more love with personalized messages

Personalized messages

One of the best tips to win your customers is to make every message sent to them a personalized one. How can you send mass emails to your customers list and still keep your email personalized one by one?

With AVADA Email Marketing, that is possible. You can use numerous variables such as customer name, shop name, shop address, signature, etc. in your emails to make your recipients feel like a shop owner is talking to them personally. And that makes them more open to listening to your offers.

New features released and updates

Email editors - a whole new experience

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

Designed for non-tech merchants, Drag and Drop editor allows admins to easily customize their email content. Just select the item block (text, video, image, divider, link, button) and put them into the position you like.

Forget about manually updating email contents because there are numerous available item presets supported: Store Logo, Store Contact, Single Product, Image & Content, Coupon Code, Cart Item, Checkout Button, etc.

Rich Text Editor

Rich Text Editor

For someone who loves to type the email yourself, just like writing a message for your friends, you now have Rich Text Editor.

In other words, this tool allows you to manually enter the text and codes to design your email as the way you want. Basic text editor tools are supported plus the variables similar to Drag and Drop builder.

Email presets - one click run the campaigns

Email presets

No one needs to set through hours to set up an email nowadays as AVADA Email Marketing does provide ready-to-use email templates for you. Whether it is 3 emails series or one single email, they are all optimized in content and sending time. Hence, all you need to do is select the templates and go live it!

Save and duplicate emails

Duplicate emails

Want to run two campaigns with different timing but sending the same emails (for A/B testing, example)? It is a piece of cake with AVADA Email Marketing. All emails you create are saved automatically and you can choose to duplicate them anytime when creating a new email.

Manage abandoned carts

Manage abandoned carts

Always aware of customers’ carts status on your shop via the Abandoned Cart grid. You are able to know when your customers are shopping, abandon their carts to send remind emails to them in time. Also, if a cart is converted (purchase completed), you will also see it on the grid.

Auto insert coupons in emails

Drive customers to buy with appealing coupons in your email, why not? AVADA Email Marketing assists you to do it in a blink of an eye cause you just need to drag and drop the coupon block and it will auto-insert specific coupons when the emails go to your customers’ inbox.

To be continue

That’s the end of this article, but not the end of AVADA Email Marketing features updates. We are going to release new features every week and you will be kept posted in our blog frequently. If you have any feature requests or recommendations for AVADA Email Marketing app, please feel free to leave your comment below. Your contribution ideas are always our treasures.

NOW, are you ready to set up your automation email campaigns that are going to drive more customers and grow your sales?

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Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.