How To Add Videos To Your Shopify Homepage?

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Updated: November 09, 2020


How To Add Videos To Your Shopify Homepage?

Besides price and product description, the visual appealing of the items is also considered a crucial element in increasing the shop credibility and then boosting the sales.

When purchasing, especially purchasing online the first impression of the product plays an integral role in the decision to place an order or not. Even the product visual also is an important source for customers to evaluate the item quality. Therefore, sellers on all the online marketplaces, including Shopify should concentrate on this issue seriously.

Shopify has multiple ways to improve this situation: people can enhance the quality of product images. Otherwise, they can take advantage of the video, which will give viewers a practice view of your product. Unlike photos, which can be easily photoshopped, videos are more likely to make people believe the product quality advertised on the product page since it is pretty hard to change the video’s image. Via the video, people can see the goods from different angles. And it is also the reason why this article is created.

In this article, we will explain why you should add video to the Shopify homepage as well as how to do it. So keep reading!

Why should you consider adding videos to your Shopify homepage?


According to RetailDivek, the reason why people prefer physical shops rather than the online ones is that when visiting a brick-and-mortar store, they are able to do many things before making the decision. Apart from seeing which only helps customers know the appearance of the products, they can use other senses like hands to touch and feel the materials.

In spite of the fact that video has a great impact on boosting sales. Online sellers tend to take it for granted, instead of making use of video, they often select other options like photos, etc. This, indeed, is not the right option.

More than that, it is stated on Animoto that over 96 percent of potential buyers agree that video is really helpful when shopping online. Furthermore, the likelihood that people decide to place orders for an item or service when they are provided a video is 75 percent. As a result, don’t forget to consider videos if you are running an eCommerce store on virtual marketplaces, especially a Shopify store.

In this section, you will know exactly why adding video to the Shopify homepage will be useful for you.

So, keep reading!

Boost sales easily

t can be easily seen that both images and videos can help customers know what the products look like, but there are still existing differences that you should be aware of. While uploading product photos will force buyers to use their brains to imagine, exploiting the videos will help them save neurons. These videos will directly show you the visual of the merchandise from multiple aspects. This, hence, will help you sell more products.

Introduce fully about the products in short time

Nowadays, people are always occupied with lots of things so that they will never want to waste time reading so long descriptions while shopping online. Consequently, to increase the transaction, the mission of Shopify sellers is to minimize the time spent reading product descriptions. However, shortening the description is not always an effective option. Instead, making videos about the product will help you deal with this problem. With a video, it is possible to introduce sufficient information about the goods in the shortest time.

What is more, a study is also carried out to demonstrate the accuracy: it is found out that the number of people who like watching videos about the items is four times higher than the ones like reading about it. By adding video to the Shopify product page, your customers will be able to understand all the information your store offers rapidly and effortlessly as well as feel more comfortable.

Reduce the likelihood of returns

Dealing with returned products is never a happy experience with any sellers, particularly with online sellers. In fact, these cases happen in both a physical and online store but in a brick-and-mortar store, it is much lower: while the rate of return in brick-and-mortar stores is no more than 9%, at least 30% of the products purchased from online stores are returned, stated Invespcro.

Nevertheless, if the sellers make use of video on the Shopify homepage, their buyers will understand the ways these products run and its value even before owning one of them. Hence, when possessing the products, they can use it effectively and there will be no longer any cases that the products don’t live up to buyers’ expectations.

This statement is also demonstrated true in practical situations and GlamCorner is a perfect example. In their strategy to minimize the rate of returns, they took advantage of the UGC (user-generated content) that consists of videos about the goods on the product pages. And this turned out to be really effective. By seeing these videos, they had a more exact understanding of the product so the number of returns decreased by a half.

Overall, it can’t be denied that business videos, including those about products, significantly impact boosting sales and conversion. It provides visitors with accurate and sufficient information simply and rapidly so that customers can know exactly what they are going to purchase. It provides visitors with accurate and sufficient information in a simple and rapid manner so that customers can know exactly what they are going to purchase.

As a result, there is no reason for you, Shopify sellers, to deny adding videos for your homepage, so don’t miss the next parts since you can find every step to add a video to the Shopify homepage there.

How to add videos to Shopify store’s homepage?

There are three main steps to add a video to the homepage of Shopify, which are:

Import videos to Shopify

  • The very first thing in this step is to log in to your Shopify account. There, you will see the Settings at the bottom of the Shopify admin’s account.
  • After that, select Files at the bottom of second column
Open Files
Open Files
  • Then, you will see a button named “Upload files” at the top right, click on it to import your videos
  • Your videos are successfully uploaded to Shopify which are below it and you can copy the video’s address in the URL column. (if you have so many videos, search from the “Search files” field)
Upload files
Upload files

Generate a new section

  • Select Online stores from the Shopify admin and then choose Themes
  • Seek for your theme, click on Action and then choose Edit codes to modify your theme
Open Edit codes
Open Edit codes
  • In the Edit codes section, select the part named “Create a new section” to create a new one with the name like “index-hura-video
  • Then, copy this code below and paste it into the file content (don’t forget to replace the part named “your video’s address” by the actual link of it):
<div class="section-hura-video">
  <video autoplay muted loop playsinline class="hurabg-video">
    <source src=">*your video’s address*" type="video/mp4">
{% schema %}
"name": "Section name",
"settings": []
{% endschema %}

{% stylesheet %}
  right: 0;
  bottom: 0;
  width: 100%;
  height: auto;
{% endstylesheet %}
{% javascript %}
{% endjavascript %}
  • When completing all the above steps, don’t forget to Save

Import videos to homepage

  • In the Edit codes directory, choose Templates then choose index.liquid
Open index.liquid
Open index.liquid
  • Select your video’s position in this part
{% section 'index-hura-video' %}
  • Finally, click Save

How to add a background video on Shopify?

background video
background video

There are only two steps to add a background video on Shopify which are:

Import videos

In fact, you are given three options to upload your videos which are choosing the ones from Youtube, from Vimeo, or right from Shopify

  • Youtube: if you want to upload a video from Youtube, just post it on Youtube and copy the link
  • Vimeo: if your preferred choice is Vimeo, do the same things as on Youtube but don’t forget that your video will not play automatically on mobile devices.
  • Shopify: if you want to do it on just one platform - Shopify, you need to upload the video on your Shopify store and then copy its link as in two above platforms. To do this, let’s come back to step 1 in the section “How to add videos to Shopify store’s homepage?” to know how to upload a video on Shopify.

Add videos to the section you want

  • You need to click on the Customize theme section then select the section you want, and eventually paste the link to a part named “Background video link

Your background video is played with no sound, so if you also want the sound included, paste the video’ link to the Button link section and then write some words to encourage viewers to click on it such as “watch the video” in the “Button text”. Therefore, when the button is chosen, the video will play with sound.


That is all about the guide to add a video to Shopify store’s homepage and a background video to Shopify.

So, if you have any questions or know a faster way to do, please tell us by leaving a comment below this post.

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