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33 Best Valentine's Day Fruit Basket Gifts Ideas In 2024

Valentine's Day is a special day for the people you appreciate. During this holiday season, you have many choices of gifts for friends and family. A selection of Valentine's Day fruit baskets on this holiday is to show your thoughtfulness for your loved ones.

There are many choices for Valentine's Day gifts, but fruit baskets are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative. Sending Valentine's fruit baskets shows that you care without disrupting someone else's schedule. What's more, fruit is a great health supplement for those on a poor diet. Pick up Valentine's fruit basket for a special holiday gift because fruits are great, sweet, healthy, and customizable valentine gifts for each recipient.

Salted, whole roasted almonds, crackers, salted olive oil, and sea salt complete the accompaniments in this classic collection, making it a healthy gourmet gift. Give this valentines gift basket to your loved one on Valentine's Day.


✔️ Carefully packaged with top-quality fruits

✔️ Favorite classic gift

✔️ Fresh Cheese Farmstead

Whether you are giving a gift to yourself, a loved one, or a friend, This delicious food-fruit gift basket is sure to complement and enhance all celebrations. Perfect gift for Valentine's Day. The special flavor in each fruit and nut will bring joy to whoever receives it!


✔️ Perfectly fresh and delicious

✔️ Well-made with a beautiful design

✔️ Touch your beloved's heart

Premium packaging with unique and sophisticated design, they are beautiful valentine's gift baskets for your boyfriend. Plus, the nuts come in a sturdy and clear 7-sided hexagonal tray wrapped with a green ribbon that makes it easy to share them with loved ones.


✔️Choose 7 best nuts

✔️Affordable price

✔️Natural Flavors

Nutrient-rich dried fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making it the ideal diet-friendly snack. These beautiful edible fruit arrangements are additive-free, naturally sweet, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly.


✔️ Luxury wooden tray

✔️Graceful presentation

✔️ Freshly prepared, pure

The Rattan Hanging Basket is a versatile item that can be used as a storage place to display fruit, and flowers, and even to hang plants in your home. They are also the Valentine's Day fruit baskets that many people choose. These baskets are handcrafted in Indonesia with sturdy materials from sustainably used rattan wood.


✔️ Nutrition and healthy

✔️ Packed in a high-quality wooden tray

✔️ Make it easy to share them with the people you love

This beautifully arranged gift box is packed with fruits and nuts, complemented with sweet, savory, and alkaline flavors. A perfect selection of satisfying snacks to enjoy will leave everyone feeling full and satisfying their cravings!


✔️ Roasted almonds and sweet, honey-roasted cashews

✔️ Presented in a woven basket with a festive ribbon

✔️ A sweet assortment of premium dried fruit

Come to think of it, who wouldn't want to receive a whole tower of gifts? The Snack Tower has six tiers of boxes containing the most delicious sweet and crunchy snack mixes available. High-class packaging with luxurious black and gold colors and unique and sophisticated designs, including high-class black and gold ribbons, will impress the gift recipient.


✔️ Variety of nuts and fruits

✔️ Sophisticated and luxurious

✔️ Become the friendly ideal food

Fruit display bowls with lids for commercial or residential use. Fill it with fruit for patrons, customers, employees, or family. Trick your taste buds with a delicious fruit basket for Valentine's Day.


✔️ Metal fruit basket and lid

✔️ Luxurious and unique design

✔️ Realistic and fashionable presentation

This four-piece tower is filled with festive delights like succulent fresh fruit, chocolate-covered cherries, Ghirardelli chocolate snowman, and dark caramel popcorn, all packaged in a beautiful souvenir tower box eyes to make the perfect gift. Valentine's Day fruit gift basket that you should give.


✔️ Fresh fruit, premium chocolate

✔️ Manual packing as required

✔️ Sweet taste of Valentine's Day

Make any basket look good by placing it in a cellophane gift bag for the perfect gift. Our crystal clear cellophane gift bags measure 30 x 40 inches. This is the ideal size for extra-large gifts and baskets on Valentine's day! Perfect for auction prizes, large gift boxes, or flower arrangements, just tie a bow!


✔️ Idea size for the extra large gift

✔️ Cellophane basket bags improve the quality of gifts

✔️ Highlight your gift

Excite your friends, loved ones, and colleagues with this luxurious, professionally designed and luxurious gift box filled with delicious fresh, dried fruits and nutritious nuts. A large basket is ready to celebrate any occasion with a wide range of fresh foods and fruits.


✔️ Delicious sweet treats bring different flavors

✔️ Melts in your mouth wrapped sea salt caramels

✔️ Indulge friends and family

You and your family will love enjoying this sweet and crunchy snack. Includes kiwi pieces, papaya bites, royal dates, dried pears, raisins, luscious apricots, plums, dried summer peaches, exotic pineapple, ring apple, heart-healthy pistachios, and premium roasted almonds. A Valentine's Day gift hampers for the family.


✔️ Unique taste to try to eat

✔️ Many vitamins and minerals

✔️ Healthy vegan food

The chocolate fruit basket features grapes, bananas, apples, strawberries, and oranges, all handcrafted from Belgian white chocolate. If you want to treat your loved one with a novelty chocolate gift, then there's the right handmade chocolate. They are the perfect Valentine's Day fruit baskets.


✔️ High nutritional value

✔️ A fun idea to enjoy

✔️ Selected the best chocolates

A unique crocheted fruit basket for Valentine's Day is an indispensable gift for the holiday. These are great and very well done! The basket keeps everything neat and organized, which is very convenient for you to use every day.


✔️ Durable polyester cord

✔️ Suitable for any place in your home

✔️ Have a perfect size

The beautiful arrangement of favorite dried fruits in a wooden crate is a wonderful gift for friends, family, and business partners, perfect for this year's Valentine's Day. Fruits are hand-arranged and packed in fun floral designs. Wooden serving tray tied with gift ribbon and eye-catching presentation to open the box beautifully.


✔️ A healthy, wholesome treat

✔️ How to arrange beautiful dried fruit

✔️ Elegant and delicious food

The perfect solution for home storage, to hold a variety of item sizes. Use in the kitchen, bathroom, family room, garage, pantry, and more! This can also be a unique Valentine's fruit basket. The double basket provides ample storage space and can hold many fruits, vegetables, or other items. The cord design makes it easy to find and select the necessary items.


✔️ Multi-function use

✔️ The perfect size for the kitchen

✔️ Easy to assemble

Ideal for storing fruits on Valentine's day. Woven with holes, helps to ventilate the product well. The basket is woven from the paper vine and is varnished to resist moisture. The basket is used environmentally friendly materials in its work. You can safely store the vegetable in it.


✔️ Suitable for any interior

✔️ Made with love

✔️ Durable, long-lasting use

Gifts The Favorite Fruit Basket at Orchard has all of the best fruits, so they're the perfect Valentine's Fruit Basket for you. All classic fresh fruits are expertly combined to create a "just right" gift!


✔️ Choose from the most delicious fruits

✔️ Gift that brings joy

✔️ Delicious, nutritious

The red and yellow gift box includes a handful of our signature 7 delicious nuts. All are naturally grown and carefully selected by farmers around the world. A delightful Valentine's Day fruit gift basket to give.


✔️ Unique and elegant design

✔️ A selection of 7 best nuts

✔️ Make Valentine's special

This is a wonderful metal fruit basket in the form of a decorative trolley. It can not only be used to store fruit but also can be used as decoration for the kitchen or other rooms. A great form of a stroller will give a great charm. And the amazing wheel spins like the real thing.


✔️ Unique and classic style

✔️ Bring a lot of emotions to the gift recipient

✔️ A great gift to decor your beloved's home

A mouth-watering basket of fresh fruit filled with the joys of a warm climate, the perfect way to catch the sun and treat a distant friend. The refreshing taste of the fruit makes them the best gift in Valentine's Day gift baskets.


✔️ Include sweet pineapple, mango, kiwi, and premium dried fruit

✔️ Share the taste of sweet fruit with your loved ones

✔️ Make your loved one happy when he/she receives this basket

A variety of garden favorites include three types of pears, two varieties of apples, mangoes, oranges, and tangerines. This is one of the selected Valentine's Day fruit gift baskets to give. A gift box of 4 sea salt caramels covered with ripe chocolate, a greasy taste makes anyone crave it.


✔️ Delicious taste, nutrition

✔️ Presented in a souvenir woven basket

✔️ Various kinds of fruits

Premium Blue and White packaging with elegant gold stamp. Plus, nuts and dried fruit come in sturdy cardboard trays that make it easy to share delicious fruits with your loved ones. These Valentine's Fruit Baskets will add a sweet flavor to the holiday.


✔️ Include 12 of the best-dried fruits and nuts

✔️ High-end and affordable gift

✔️ Packaging with gold stamp

This gorgeous woodchip basket makes a great gift for any time of year. Perfect decoration for your house, apartment, and in the trunk of your car. This basket is also a sewing box, organizing small tools and sewing supplies. ​It has a blue-and-white plaid lining, and double swivel handles to take it anywhere. Classic handmade design and natural wood material make it a great gift for lovers.


✔️ Made from high-quality wood chips

✔️ Easy to carry and use and save storage space

✔️ Suitable size for camping on Valentine's day

The Valentine's Fruit Giro comes in a premium wooden tray that makes it easy to share with the people you love! Fresh fruit is both delicious and an excellent source of protein, protective antioxidants, fiber, enzymes, and immune-boosting vitamins.


✔️ A nice selection of fresh seasonal fruit

✔️ Handcrafted in wicker baskets and bow ties

✔️ A great way to cement your relationship

A perfect alternative to more perishable fresh fruit gifts, dried fruit gifts stay fresh for weeks, so your recipient can enjoy their gift at their own pace. It's an ideal gift to give to those who may not be around to enjoy it right away. You can also give a fruit gift basket for Valentine's Day.


✔️ Presented in a reusable wooden tray

✔️ Tie with ribbon for a classy gift

✔️ A variety kinds of dried fruits

Buying gifts is often stressful. When you think you've found the perfect gift, it's expensive. When you find an affordable one, you don't like it much. Lucky for you, the Red and Yellow Mixed Gift Box is both premium and affordable, exactly the Valentine's Day fruit gift basket you've been looking for!


✔️ Affordable but luxurious gift

✔️ Premium packaging

✔️ Typical delicious dried fruit

This two-tier fruit basket is a great gift for any time of year. Perfect decoration for your house, apartment, and in the trunk of your car. Here is the Valentine's Day fruit basket for you; show your care with delicious fruit flavors.


✔️ Unique cutouts on shelves to make them more distinctive

✔️ A realistic size to hold a decent amount of fruit

✔️ Suitable for the kitchen

Wondering if all kinds of holiday gift packaging still use cheap plastic bags? Choose this premium dried fruit gift basket to give to your loved ones, the recipient will feel your sincerity. Snacks come in a premium wooden tray making it easy to share them with those you love!


✔️ Delicious and nutritious

✔️ Great immune booster

✔️Providing protein and fiber for the body

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