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35 Unique Mother's Day Gifts That Will Make Your Mom Feel Extra Special

Being the best mother is the great thing in the world, and the love of mothers is also a thing that you cannot measure. She is a person who is always willing to scarify his happiness to exchange your smile. Therefore, let's love, appreciate, and look after her when you still have a chance. A small gesture like giving her a gift on mother's day is also enough to make her feel happy. Thus, Why not grab some unique mother's day gifts right here to send her, right?

These gifts are diverse to meet your needs and turn your plan on a special day come true. Love will be with you permanently when you know how to cherish a day with your lovers. Mother is the closest person to you, so don't ignore a vital day like mother's day. Simply grab a gift below and send it with your whole heart to say love to your greatest mother right now! Happy mother's day!

Here are 35 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Make Your Mom Feel Extra Special

Sending the puzzle instead of your thank you to your mother, who has always been patient with you. Mother's Day would be the best day in the world for anyone. It is an occasion to send your thanks to your mom. Therefore, buy the unique puzzle gift to have a good time with her and look back on what you have experienced with her.

The piece of the puzzle is made of a blend of paper and wood fiber which is durable. The puzzle is printed with colorful and quality colors to keep it from fading. There are 2 options which are 54 x 40 cm and 75 x50 cm, and respectively 500 pieces and 1000 pieces. Besides, you will receive the puzzle in a sturdy box to keep it better.


✔️ Challenge your imaginary brain and the coordination of your eyes and hand

✔️ Develop the emotions between mothers and children

✔️ Meaningful gift to make your mom feel happy

✔️ Spend your free time usefully with this magic game

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A mother is always a person who connects family members together. She is a bridge to make your siblings closer and a reconciliation for any conflicts in your home. So, taking advantage of mother's day to send the canvas poster to her. The unique collage photo will deliver your love in the sweetest way to make her feel happy.

The canvas poster is nicely printed on 20 ml resin-coated poster paper, and it is sustainable to keep the vivid color for 200 years and even in black and white color for 400 years. With 3 sizes of 12x18 inches, 16x24 inches, and 24x36 inches, you can get the most suitable one for your home.


✔️ Personalized with photos to have a meaningful gift

✔️ Enable hang on the wall or place on a desk or table

✔️ Send your sweet reminders daily when using clamps to attach

✔️ Easy clean small dirt with dry cloths

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Do you know what the home is? It is a place having a mother, father, and children. It is a place you celebrate mother's day with your loved mom. Let's get the personalized doormat to express your love to her on the upcoming mother's day. The unique gift will make anyone who comes to your home feel happy, excited, and heartwarming.

The doormat is quality coir; then, it is printed with good ink to add your love to it. The gift is perfect for placing on the porch, the main door, or the room door. There are available in 4 sizes which are small, medium, large, and flawed. The smallest one is 16x24 inches.


✔️ Customized with name and your message

✔️ Long-lasting doormat to use for a long time

✔️ Make your home feel cozy when getting back

✔️ Easy to clean and quick to dry after washing

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Let's pack the candle gift with your love and care to give your wonderful mother the best mother's day. The candle features a unique and fragrant scent to make her nerve relaxed. With the gift, your mother will have some enjoyable times to contemplate life and feel more energetic to get back to her housework.

The candle is made of soy wax and essential plant oil. The scent is lavender, and it is loaded in a glass jar of 7 ounces with a size of 2.75"W x 3.54"H. The product can burn and last up to more than 50 hours without a smoke. It also has a lid to store the candle better.


✔️ Make your mom smile with a funny label

✔️ Label is strongly stuck to the jar forever

✔️ Help your mom relieve stress after a hard working day

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The elephant is considered the gentlest animal in wildlife. Not only that, their motherly love of them is often mentioned in songs or by poets. So, why not get the unique plaque to cherish mother's day with your mom? The gift is wonderful with an emotional quote as the thanks you want to send her. It is why it is more meaningful.

The plaque is made of wood fiber. It is durable, friendly, and does not stain. The printing is printed on one single side with a thickness of 3mm. The most special one is that it is applied with 3D effects to give you a beautiful image.


✔️ Customized with a name to get your own product

✔️ Have a stand to display anywhere

✔️ Touch your mother's heart with an emotional quote

✔️ Easy to clean with a cloth to keep forever

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Send your gratitude to the first teacher of your life, your mother, on mother's day through the personalized 3D LED light. The design of the light is unique that seems to try to send a message that all your smart began from your mom. So if you are thinking of many words to say to her, but you don't know how to express yourself, get this light now!

The gift has an acrylic light panel and ABS base. It is durable and can deliver 3D effects wonderfully. To power this decor, you can use the attached cable to connect with a USB interface or a battery of 3AA. The product can change colors up to 7 and only consume 5V, 0.5A. Besides, the button is added to help you control it easier.


✔️ Colorful light to cherish a special day with your mom

✔️ Make your mom delightful with some magic images from 3D effects

✔️ Don't give off high heat so it is safe to touch

✔️ Beautiful decoration to send your loved one

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Showing your heart to your mom to make her realize how much you love her with the personalized keychain. The unique gift features a heart shape and some nice personalized charms. Mother's day would be a good occasion for you to day love with her, so get this keychain and make a day to be the happiest day for your mother.

The keychain is well-polished stainless steel with a heart charm of 26mm x 30mm x 1.5mm and a child charm of 15mm x 26mm x 1.5mm. You can add a dog or cat charm to it if you prefer. To make your gift look luxurious, there will have a box with velvet foam to well protect the keychain. Don't forget to customize before making an order.


✔️ Easy to hook and remove a key

✔️ Pocket size to make you feel convenient when keeping it

✔️ Help you find the key easier when being lost

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Never is late to express love to your mom on mother's day with the ring and watch stand. The gift is uniquely designed to make her life modern and better. She can keep your ring and watch neatly whenever. You can add an engraving on this gift to make her understand your emotion. Don't miss this wonderful gift, and get it right now!

The stand is wood with 120 ml in length and 80 ml in width. There are 3 slots to set rings and 1 place to put a watch. The color is natural and looks rustic. It is so adorable for middle-aged women. You can buy it with a gift box to keep it better and make your gift elegant.


✔️ Stylish design to display at a makeup table

✔️ Convenient for women to keep valuable jewelry

✔️ Thoughtful gift to express your caring to your mom

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Becoming a mother is the happiest thing for any woman. Therefore, on mother's day, let's get a personalized shirt to give to your loved mother. It could be your friends, your wife, your sister, or anyone who is a mother. The unique gift is designed with some cute and adorable graphics to get a couple of shirts for both mother and child. Give these gifts to your loved one to feel life sweeter.

The shirt is mainly made of cotton and polyester. It will depend on the color you want. The product is stitched carefully with a double needle on the sleeve and added a three-snap closure. The text and graphics are printed elaborately to keep it for a long time. There are various colors and sizes for you to select from.


✔️ Perfect shirt for summer with some beach vocation

✔️ Absorb sweat to keep you feel comfortable

✔️ Creative design to match both mother and children

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If you are finding a gift for your mother on mother's day? Here is a good idea for you, an engraved rock. The unique gift is engraved with a sweet and funny message to cherish your mom and make her chuckle whenever seeing it. Simply and meaning is what you need for that day, so buy the rock.

The stone gift has a dimension of 3"W x 1"H. It has a weight of 30 grams, and it isn't too heavy to keep by yourself all the time. The portable size very fits your hand to hold and entertain when feeling bored. The background is black, which would highlight the golden text better.


✔️ Beautiful and sentimental home decoration

✔️ Honor what work your mom has done for you

✔️ Wide application due to it can be set anywhere

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The first love you feel in the world may be the mother's love. Thank to this love, you will become a nice and emotional person. Thus, on a big day like mother's day, don't forget to get the necklace for her. The gift is beautiful and suitable for all ages. That would make her look younger and noble.

The gift captures a unique image through a ribbon-shaped pendant and is embellished with a 7 mm round cut cubic. The main material of the necklace is stainless steel and plated with 14K white gold to look shinning. The chain can adjust from 18'' to 22'' to make her feel comfortable.


✔️ Timeless design to make women look prettier

✔️ An indispensable accessory for women's a jewelry box

✔️ Increase the elegancy of a middle-aged woman

✔️ Never tarnish with high-quality material

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Compiling the book to honor the greatest love of your mom on mother's day. The book is filled with your own story and it likes a film with the main character being your mother. If you want to have a memorable keepsake to make a day for your mom, there is nothing over this loving book.

The book has lining blank with some suggestions to cultivate you write down the sentiment you have with your mother. The size is 4.5 × 3.25 and it has a total of 112 pages, especially since each page features bright color. You can use any kind of pen to fill this book. Moreover, the hardcover will protect the gift from tearing.


✔️ Affectionate book with your loving fillings

✔️ Tell your mom how much you love her

✔️ Sustainable and long-lasting keepsake to open anytime

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Do you remember the last time you say thank you to your mom? If you never say thanks to your mother. The wood ornament is for you! The gift is uniquely designed for you to send a thank you to a person who has brought you to this world on mother's day. It is outstanding with an affectionate quote, so don't miss it!

The material for this ornament is eco-friendly wood fiber. The thickness is 3 mm, and it is offered printing on one single side. The product features the natural color of the material, and it is durable and odorless. The stand is added to the design to give you convenience in decorating.


✔️ Amazing home ornament with 3D effects

✔️ Brighten up your house with a rustic ornament

✔️ Perfect size to set anywhere at home

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Do you know how to make women happy? It is a bag, and your mother absolutely is no exception. The leather bag is a special and unique gift with some floral patterns and a sweet quote. It is perfect when mother's day is coming soon. Let's quickly grab this box and tell her that you love her through this gift.

The bag is used PU leather to make. It is very stylish in design and durable in use. The dimension measures 28.5x10x20.5 cm, and it can store lots of things with a heavyweight. The sturdy handle is manufactured meticulously to give you a durable bag.


✔️ Attractive bag with colorful patterns and a sweet message

✔️ Spice up women's fashion style

✔️ Suitable for carrying daily or on any occasion

✔️ Sturdy design to load valuables securely

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Music is always the best language to convey your sentiment to your loved one. Therefore, grab the music box to celebrate mother's day. The box is so unique, with a smart design to make a sound and lead her to past memories. Let's awaken some sweet memories with your mother through the magic gift.

The box is made of wood and has a weight of 2.89 ounces and a size of 3.86 x 2.48 x 1.85 inches. It perfectly fits your hand. The inside is professionally designed with some mental parts to make a sound. There is also engraved text on the back of the lid. It is discreet to say love to your mom.


✔️ Delicate design to create good songs smoothly

✔️ Lead your mother to a gentle melody to relax

✔️ Recall your beloved of some sweet moments with you

✔️ Sturdy box to prevent damages from dropping

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Let's buy the photo frame to decorate your house and give your mom a surprise on mother's day. Mother is the heart of the home, so adding some sweet and memorable photos and then hanging them on the wall is perfect for making your home heartwarming. Don't hesitate to give you some sweets on that day.

The frame is wood with a size of 13.5" x 5.5". It has 6 packs of clips for you to hang some photos of 4x6 inches. The design is unique, with sweet white text and a stringed heart. The heart is so beautiful and makes this decor distinct. There are 2 ropes in the package to help you hang it easily.


✔️ Create a memorial space in your home

✔️ Sentimental home decoration to apply anywhere

✔️ Make your mom feel cozy and affectionated

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Sending this blanket to hug your mom every day and especially on mother's day. The unique design has a collage of sweet photos which you have taken with your mother in the past. Moreover, the middle is a big message with highlights to express your love and make an impression on your mom. It is a perfect gift for mothers.

The blanket is manufactured from plush polyester microfiber. There are 3 sizes for you to choose from. That is 30x40 inches, 50x60 inches, and 60x80 inches. The material is so soft and no skin irritation. The photos are printed with high technology so the color is vivid and authentic.


✔️ Give your mom a warm feeling like your hug

✔️ Suitable for having a good nap at noon

✔️ Keep the original size after washing

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If you feel a gift is never enough to express the sentiment you have for your mom, let's get the gift box. The unique box has a plant and some caring gifts. It is perfect to show your love. Succulent is easy to live so it is often used to represent emotions and growth in a relationship. Mother's day would be fulfilling when you give her this box.

With a live succulent, a 9oz candle, a 2.5'' pot, and some decorations, the box will give me warmth in her heart. The plant is diverse in colors and you can choose which kind you want. The candle needs to trim the wick roughly 1/4 before lighting. The case is wood so it will store this item perfectly.


✔️ Light up a special day with your mom through a gift box

✔️ Plant is easy to take care of in any weather condition

✔️ Candle is safe for burning and it can last for 4 hours

✔️ Box is decorated with a ribbon and tag to make your gift better

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If you are shy to say love to your mom, the key hanger will do it perfectly instead of you. An emotional quote will express how much you love her and appreciate her. For a special day like mother's day, don't forget to buy a gift like this key hanger to add a bit of happiness to your mom's heart.

The key hanger is unique with your own photos. With a size of 5″x11″x 0.31", you can add 3 photos to it, and the material is a wooden board with your chosen background. The hanger is finished with high glass to create a rustic outlook and is durable with time. Five golden hooks are set on the board to load with keys or other items.


✔️ Nice decoration to hang on the wall

✔️ Sturdy hook to withstand a heavyweight

✔️ The color of the printing is nice and authentic

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Motherly love is a special kind of love. A mother is a person who loves you with a whole heart, so it would be regretful when you don't send a card to say love to her on mother's day. The card is simple with a loving message, but it is unique to your mom when you add love and care to it.

The card is 14.5 x 14.5cm, and it is made of 350gsm cardstock. It is lightweight with a sentimental quote outside, and the inside is blank paper for you to come up with your idea and write down your own thoughts. Moreover, a heart decor outside is to highlight the sweetness of this card.


✔️ Have a coordinating envelope with the order

✔️ Large size to give you spacious space to write and draw

✔️ Thick card to give a good experience when writing

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Pampering your mom on mother's day with the spa gift basket. The basket has unique gifts to make your mom feel unwind and help her relieve daily stress. The items are candles, bath bombs, or towels, which will give her a relaxing time to recharge the battery and get back to a refreshing mood.

Beyond these items above, there have 1 lip balm, 1 2oz face mask, 2 oz body oil, 8 oz body scrub, 4 oz bath salt, and 1 wooden spoon. All these gifts are loaded on a card box of 8x8x3. Specifically, you can sort which items you want to add to your box, and you will receive a card to send your message.


✔️ Caring box to make your mom a relaxing day

✔️ Safe items for women to get rejuvenation

✔️ Help women enjoy a day perfectly

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Time is very precious, so don't let it go by nonsense. Buying the wall clock on mother's day to give your loved one and remind them to take advantage of time wisely. The clock will remind her to spend more time with children, especially when they are small. The unique collage photo would be an amazing gift for mother's day.

The clock is made of acrylic or wood with a diameter of 12 inches. The clock requires the battery to run, and you need to buy an AA battery separately to set on the gift. The back of the clock has a keyhole hanger to hang on easily with a nail or screw.


✔️ Vivid printing with your memorable pictures

✔️ Make people realize the value of time

✔️ Gorgeous decoration for any kind of room or office

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Do you look after who in your family? Like your mother or like your father. If you a slitting version of your mother, the tumbler is perfect for you. It is a unique gift to send your mom on mother's day. Customizing both sides of the gift will show your support for your mom and say that you will always stand by your mother's side at any time.

The tumbler is 30 oz, and it is made of a non-toxic SUS 304 body. The body is insulated with a double wall to prevent burns when you touch hot drinks. The tumbler is perfect for keeping the temperature for beverages up to 3 or 4 hours. The weight is only 600g, so it is fantastic to carry by yourself.


✔️ Have a mental lid to prevent drinks from leaking

✔️ Necessary item to carry to office, gym, or anywhere

✔️ Supply you with appropriate water for a day

✔️ Keep you from becoming dehydrated or being tired

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Purchasing the couple bracelet to express the emotion in your heart to your mom on mother's day. Mother always understands what you want and how you feel. She will give you sound advice and appease you when you get in trouble. Honoring what she has done for you with the couple bracelet now!

The bracelet is a handmade product, and it uses the wax rope to string black and white beads. The maximum length of the gift is 10.5,'' and you can adjust the bracelet to fit your wrist by pulling the string. The most unique of the gift is a card coming with it. It is emotional and printed clearly to anyone, even older people can read.


✔️ Honor the team spirit between mother and daughter

✔️ Thoughtful gift to cement your relationship

✔️ Suitable with any group of ages to put on

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Mother is the first friend and forever the best friend of a daughter. It is correct, right? Getting the plaque to cherish motherly love and friendship with your mom on mother's day. Unique in a heart shape with a classic background and some adorable illustrations, the gift will touch her's heart when seeing this cute gift.

The plaque is made of acrylic plexiglass, which is durable, eco-friendly, and easy to clean. The decor can be free-standing, with a stand attached to the design. You can place it in a bedroom, living room, working room, and office. The color is vibrant and gives anyone a deep impression.


✔️ The printing never peels or fades in color

✔️ Make your home look cozy and heartwarming

✔️ Make your mom feel happy all day with a sentimental gift

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Cherishing the woman behind the kitchen with the personalized cutting board. She is a talented chef who gives you some delicious and nutritious meals every day. Let's express your appreciation for the mother's job at home with this unique gift. The gift will reveal your mother's special recipe to make you feel delightful every day.

The cutting board is made of bamboo, and it has a handle to use conveniently. There are 2 available sizes which are 11.5" x 5.5" and 15″ x 7″. The unique board is engraved with an emotional quote, and it will never disappear. You can use both sides of the board, one for cooking and the other to decorate food.


✔️ Have a hole hanger in the handle to hang easily

✔️ Safe for cooking due to it doesn't react with food ingredients

✔️ Quickly dry after washing and never mildew

✔️ Well finished in the face to withstand damages from knives

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Grabbing the custom pillow to relive some memorable memories with your mother. Taking the night star sky to be the background, the gift is like opening a magical and unique world in which having mother and daughter together. Mother's day is coming. Let's get it to celebrate your mother with a beautiful pillow.

The pillow has a case of poly-linen, and it is durable to wash in the machine. The dimension has 3 options which are 12x12 inches, 14x14 inches, and 18x18 inches. The printing is made carefully and professionally to keep it permanent. The gift offers invisible zippers to make the outlook prettier.


✔️ Customized to mother and daughter's figure

✔️ Affectionate decoration to set on a sofa or couch

✔️ Ultra-soft to give you a good nap

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Understanding your mother's affliction to earn money and give you a fulfilling life through the neck massager. On mom's day, the unique gift will express your thoughts and care to your mother, who often sits in a certain place for long hours to work. The gift is practical and perfect to send your love.

The neck massager is made of polyester, so it is soft and comfortable to put on the neck. The weight is only 3.4 pounds, and it has 4 buttons to control, and you can adjust the intensity to feel the most comfortable. With 4D deep kneading massage in 8 massage nodes, you can apply it on the back to ease fatigue and create relaxation on some tired muscles.


✔️ Relieve pain after instantly massaging for 15 minutes

✔️ Automatic device to give your body feel comfortable

✔️ Suitable for people who sit down for many hours a day

✔️ Contribute to your healthy lifestyle

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Adding the personalized photo clip to cherish mother's day and make your mom feel how important she is in your heart. Mother is always a special woman in children's hearts. She born you, nourished you, and taught you how to love others. To express your gratitude, a unique frame is fantastic, to do.

The photo clip is made of wood, and it is well-polished and finished to give you a natural color. The size measures 9×12 inches, and you can choose the frame for 1, 3, 5, or no photo. The clip is attached to the frame, and it is fit for 4x6 pictures.


✔️ Engraved with sweet text and customized with a name

✔️ Enable sending your reminders to your mom daily

✔️ Elegant and gorgeous decor mount on the wall

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If you are struggling to find out an idea to cherish mother's day, the wooden sign may be an effective solution for you. The unique sign only needs to be customized with names, and you can get adorable decor for your home on a meaningful day. Quickly gift for your mom.

The wooden sign measures 23.5 inches in width and 9.5 inches in height. The wood is birch wood which is sustainable, safe, and odorless. The thickness is only 1/2 inch, so it is able to be set on the main door, porch, or room door. There is also a saw tooth hanger to install quickly.


✔️ Simple gift for those who are busy at work

✔️ Create a cozy atmosphere in your house

✔️ No peel for the personalized text to retain it forever

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Sunflower is a kind of flower toward the sun, and it carries a positive energy like your mother. Whenever you feel sad and tired, she is with you, takes care of you, and inspires you with good energy. So, sending a thank you to her on mother's day through the adorable necklace.

The sunflower pendant is 925 sterling silver, and it is 1.38 inches. The pendant is made of safe metal, so it never tarnishes or causes allergies when put on daily. The length of the chain is 1.38 inches, and it is adjustable to fit anyone.


✔️ Delicately designed to give you a beautiful pendant

✔️ Elegant necklace to wear every day or on some special events

✔️ Increase the charm of women

✔️ Luxury accessory for women to dress up

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Mother's day is waving, and do you have any gifts to give your mother? If not, this plaque is an amazing idea for you. It is a unique design with a combination of a sentimental quote and adorable elephant graphics. Your mom is a wonderful woman, so let's follow her and be a good mother to your children with this gift.

The wooden plaque is made of wood fiber, and it features 3mm in thickness. The printing is applied for a single side. To get a lovely gift like that, you need to send your photos and add your name. Being made meticulously, the artwork will exist with time to honor how great your mother is.


✔️ Have a stand to be convenient in displaying

✔️ Adorable round ornament to decorate your home

✔️ Show off your gratitude to your mom

✔️ Long-lasting decor with durable material

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If you have become a mother, you may understand how great your mom is. Therefore, buy personalized wooden art to send your love to her on the upcoming mother's day. The artwork is outstanding, with a unique heart puzzle. It symbolizes that mother dominates in children's hearts. It is so meaningful, right?

Being made of eco-friendly wood, the art features 2 years with a wooden puzzle inside and a wooden frame outside. It is very firm to hang on or set on a table with a stand. You can choose 2 sizes of 12x14 inches or 14x14 inches. The message is permanently engraved to highlight your emotion.


✔️ Have a rope to install the artwork conveniently

✔️ Embellish your home with an affectionate decor

✔️ Show the connection of your family members through the puzzle

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Do you think the most important factor of a gift is? It is appearance, usage value, or function. All is wrong; it is sincerity. Let's use your heart to design the plate and give your mom on mother's day. The gift is special and unique on a spot of handwritten message on your ad. Get this plate to create by your way.

The plate is made of quality material to look elegant and eye-catching. The size is 8 1/2" x 7 3/4," and the handwritten recipe area is 6" x 5". To get this gift, you need to send your handwritten recipe via email or in a personalization box. Don't forget to do it to get a unique gift.


✔️ Add a nice plate to your kitchen cabinet

✔️ Enhance the aesthetic of a meal with a beautiful shape plate

✔️ Give your loved one an interesting cooking experience

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Do you remember what day is coming soon? Correctly, it is mother's day, a day to honor all the mothers in the world. So, don't forget to wrap a gift to give her. The custom wood frame is a lovely and unique idea for you! It ignites people with a nostalgic feeling for a sweet time in the past.

The wooden frame has 6x9 inches and 9x12 inches options. There has a knit to hang on the wall, or you can simply put it on a visible place like a table, desk, shelf, and so on. The thickness is 1.5 cm, and you bear in mind to send a memorial photo to customize on the frame. The frame is decorated with complicated patterns to enhance its beauty.


✔️ Relive your sweet memories in your mother

✔️ Express your love to her with a delicate photo frame

✔️ Durable frame gives you a long-lasting keepsake

✔️ Easy to clean and maintain to keep it in good condition

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