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35 Best Sweet 16 Gifts for Daughter That She Will Love

Sweet sixteenth birthday happens once in everyone’s lifetime. Turning 16 is a memorable birthday for many teenagers. This is the coming of age when she starts to be more self-aware of her image. Whether your present is special, cute, fun, creative, traditional or cool, show that you have noticed her likes and behavior characteristics so that she knows how much she means to you.

To show your appreciation, you may be searching for sweet gifts to help celebrate their special day. However, teens seem to be tough to shop for. Sometimes it feels like they already have everything, and it often takes a lot to impress them. Thus, let alone for a sixteenth birthday, which is why we’re here to support you with a list of wonderful ideas and unique gifts to commemorate your little girl’s special occasion.

We have found several gifts for both boys and girls that they’re bound to appreciate for years to come. Coming from pretty decorations, party supplies to beautiful ornaments and some adorable clothing accessories, she will be thrilled with your gift a lot!

Let’s show how much you love her on her 16th birthday by selecting and buying the best gift for her. It is a fantastic way to celebrate her new milestone with all of your sincere thoughts and feelings at the bottom of your heart.

Here are Best Sweet 16 Gifts for Daughter That She Will Love


To My Daughter Personalized Canvas


On your sweet girl’s special birthday, you should give her this adorable sweet 16 purple acrylic flower as a keepsake. She will be excited when seeing your gift!

A Sweet 16 Purple Acrylic flower with a purple high heel shoe and clear purse favor on a mirror base. Each favor comes accented with a plastic sweet 16 motive in front of the favor in your choice of color. Please choose the amounts and color of Sweet 16 motives in the options menu. This elegant favor will make all your guests feel special at your grand celebration.

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Great addition for your sweet 16 daughter’s occasion with this glitter Mason jar.

This glass jar features a glitter card stock which you can select other color options available in the drop-down menu. It is also available to have a glitter “16” tag. You can adjust the quantity from that menu. These jars make the perfect decoration to any DIY centerpiece! She can decorate with flowers or put a chain of tiny bulbs into this jar. At night she can turn the light on and it makes her room very sparkling and dreamy.

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On your daughter’s new milestone when turning 16 this year, your gift should be something special and memorable, right? Then you can give your girl this custom girl art!

This image is for 1-2 people and the max is 2. Check out their other listings if you are looking for an image with 3-12 people. The images are a fun way to depict your loved ones. Choose the options that best represent the person you are creating. Personalize the print for a different design, font, options, by checking out all the listings in the shop.

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When turning 16, your daughter can get her car license and drive on her own. Celebrating her new growth with this adorable beaded keychain! She will be very happy and excited when receiving your gift. These leopard style wristlets are so cute and so popular. Everyone needs a cute wristlet on their car keys.

Please note that the size of the wristlets vary based on the patterns. Patterns 5, 6 and 7 run on the larger side. If you have a small wrist, they recommend one of the other patterns as those 3 patterns run large.

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If your sweet daughter loves reading, it would be great to give her this book folding pattern.

This would make a great centerpiece for a birthday celebration. The pattern is in a table format and easy to follow. A free tutorial is included for your girl practice. This folding book will make a very unique book appearance to decorate on the bookshelf!

After payment is received, you will receive an email with the link to download your order. If you have any issues or questions about the pattern or design you can contact them.

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Congratulate your daughter who just turned 16 this year with this personalized charm necklace. Your girl will definitely fall in love with your gift.

It is a 7/8 inch stainless steel disk stamped with the phrase “Sweet 16” and 1 inch stainless steel disk has an initial of your choice with a choice of your Swaroski birthstone. An 18” 925 silver chain is also included in the price. If you’d like a different length, please indicate this in the notes section of your order.

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With your girl’s 16th birthday, should you give your daughter something special but also funny? It would be great to get this keychain for her!

These leather keychains make the best gifts for teenagers or young adults. Something every kid needs a reminder from time to time. Made from leather material, it can last for such a long time if she has a little care for her gift.

This gift is specially suitable when she has her first car key. Then she can attach this keychain to her key which is so great.

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It is so nice to show your love towards your daughter with this elegant beaded bracelet. That would be her favorite jewelry so far to wear everyday.

This 6 mm garnet bracelet is a perfect addition to your look and a great gift idea! Note that the crystals are chosen randomly. Measure the size by wrapping a string around your girl’s wrist and then measure the string with a ruler. Or you can also use a measuring tape. That will come out a very pretty bracelet for sure!

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Give your daughter a sweet 16 gift with this pearl bar necklace. She will surely love your gift so much - as like your love and sincere feeling you have for her.

This pretty pendant is made from 14k gold filled or sterling silver material that looks very classic. It also looks very luxurious, featuring a short chain of tiny pearls. With a row of shining gemstones, this piece can be customized with your favorite stones.

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Are you looking for a great gift to give your sweet daughter whose birthday comes around the corner? Then you can come with these adorable baskets.

Those straw baskets are handwoven in the souks of Morocco, from a palm leaf. Personalized with a super cute look, she will fall in love at first sight. All baskets are natural, reusable and eco-friendly that can last for a long time so she can use them even after her birthday party or as a small candy bag as well.

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Turning 16 means your daughter can get a driver license soon and has her own car as well. How about giving her this cute wristlet keychain, that would make a perfect gift so far for her!

These leopard style wristlets are so cute and so popular with different colors for you to choose from. Note that size of the wristlets vary based on the patterns. Pattern number 5, 6 and 7 goes with the larger side. If you have a small wrist we recommend one of the other patterns as those 3 patterns run large.

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Make your daughter’s birthday memorable and precious with this custom photo print. She will be excited and touched by how much she means to your life!

Celebrate 16 years of life with this 16 collage customized with your own digital pictures. Once your photo collage is created a proof will be emailed to you for approval. Your satisfaction is the number one priority and up to 5 edits can be made to the proof before finalizing. It will be printed within 1-2 days and the outcome will not let you down indeed!

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On your precious daughter’s birthday, are you looking for a pretty gift to make her lovable since it’s her significant milestone? Don’t worry, just come with this adorable shirt.

She will be thrilled with this 2006 shirt because she knows this shirt is made for her! Each T-shirt is hand printed to order using the finest materials so when wearing, it’s very comfortable and soft. Choose the size and style you require. Moreover, type in the print colour and if required the back name and number.

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You don’t know which kind of present you should give your girl on her 16th birthday? You’ve come to the right place since this aqua blue stone necklace will be a perfect gift for her!

This beautiful aqua blue bezel drop necklace is a 14k gold filled chain. The design makes this pendant very stylish and classic at the same time. When wearing it, she can adjust the length of the chain if she wants by using a lobster claw. The maximum length is 18’’.

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Are you looking for a special gift to celebrate your daughter’s 16th birthday? Nowhere to find but get this adorable hoodie for her!

Each t-shirt is hand printed to order using the finest materials. Thus, it makes her very comfortable whenever wearing it. Type in the print colour (see images for how available print colours come out), and if required the back name and number. Make sure that you choose the suitable size for your girl’s body shape.

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Because your daughter turns 16 already, she will have her own car soon right? Then it would be great if you can give her this unique Sweet keychain as a birthday gift!

Customize this 4 sided bar keychain with the birthday girl’s name. “Sweet 16”, “Drive safe”, and “We love you!” are engraved on the other 3 sides. Moreover, attached to a 25mm stainless steel key ring, the birthstone charm is also stainless steel - very durable!

Give this to your girl as a reminder to be safe out there!

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Make a perfect and stunning birthday gift with this charm bracelet. Your daughter will scream out because of being happy and excited being given this gift from you!

You will be asked to choose your initial choice during the checkout process. There are also 3 different expandable bracelet sizes along with each information to select carefully.

Stainless steel bracelets are always our choice for expandable bracelets. Stainless steel ensures your bracelet will never tarnish or lose it’s color - it’s also easy to care for.

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It would be great to give your daughter this personalized birthstone necklace as a special gift. For her, your gift will be one of her favorite gifts so far on her 16th birthday!

The gift box will go with one tiny 8mmsolid silver heart attached with a beautiful gemstone pendant and one letter of your choice. With a list in the drop-down menu, you can choose the type of gemstones following her birthday month and the card to write down your message as well!

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Give your precious girl who just turns 16 on her birthday this cuff bracelet. She will love wearing it a lot!

Although the cuff comes in other metal colors, this cuff shown is gold/brass.Customize our sweet 16 cuff bracelet with your favorite words, meaningful phrases, special sayings, dates or even coordinates. That makes your daughter feel like it is made only for her so she will cherish it more and more.

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Make a special and memorable gift to celebrate your daughter’s new milestone which she turns 16 this year? Just come with this sweet name necklace.

These personalized wire name necklaces are always a popular gift to give your beloved person. Choose any word or name you like up to 10 letters to personalize this name necklace. Moreover, the necklace will be made with the little heart after the name.

Handcrafted with love and quality materials, give a gift that will be cherished for years!

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On your daughter’s 16th birthday, give her this sparkling neon name sign to decorate her own room. She will be so grateful for your gift when knowing what’s inside your gift box!

Make a statement and design the mood in any room with this gorgeous neon sign sure to create the vibe you’ve always dreamed of! Sign comes in 6+ sizes between 60 and 120cm in width. Moreover, it is available in 10 stunning color options to select. This durable and environmentally friendly LED neon strip is mounted on a clear acrylic backboard.

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A 16 years old birthday is a memorable milestone in her life. Why don’t you give her something special to be treasured for years? Come with this golden diamond necklace!

The circle design means eternity of love and close relationships. The pendant back is engraved with “ love more live more laugh more “ to express the best wishes to your loved one. Superb Craftsmanship makes stones sturdy and not to fall off easily. No harm to health and will not turn her skin green or itchy when wearing.

Comes with a luxury jewellery gift box, it makes a perfect birthday gift to give your girl.

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To celebrate your precious daughter who turns 16 already on her birthday, just give her this sweet 16 frame to capture the most memorable moments of her new milestone!

Ideal for displaying and preserving photos, pictures and more! The back cover is reversible, so that you can choose which side better suits your taste! It comes fixed with a hook and easel in the back, which makes it ready to be hung as wall décor or to be used as a table-top display.

She will be grateful for having this fun and meaningful gift to decorate her bedroom or favorite place.

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It will be great to give your daughter this 16th birthday set as a memorable gift. She will be excited to receive this indeed!

This birthday set includes bath items along with a scented candle and a high-quality insulated tumbler. The uniquely handcrafted bath bombs is individually wrapped, therapeutic and moisturizing bath bombs with reusable shower cap. Natural pumice stone for feet and a shower bath sponge along with a candle to make the 16th birthday girl a wonderful spa experience.

The Happy 16th Birthday skinny tumblers are the most comfortable size to hold.

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Let’s make a sweet but also funny gift by giving your 16 year old daughter these adorable socks!

These Girls socks are one size fits most from 13 years teen size to a 9 woman size. Custom designs available. These socks are a perfect addition for everyone’s sock drawer with comfort toe seam and moisture management to help keep your girl’s feet warm and dry.

Show how much you love and care for her through this gift. She will appreciate and be happy to receive these socks a lot!

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A sweet birthday pair of socks would make a perfect gift to celebrate your daughter’s 16th birthday. Since it is her new milestone in her life span, these socks will be a unique present so far!

Made from 80% cotton, it is to ensure our socks are soft, comfortable, stretchy and breathable. Help a beautiful sweet 16 look ahead to a bright future with this inspiring message and delicate socks for her 16th birthday, telling her to look at the day as a milestone in her life journey, and to embrace her step into womanhood with the love and support of her family.

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Show how thoughtful and caring you are to your daughter by giving her this makeup bag. She will be happy so much as being given this on her birthday.

Made from 100% flax, the bag is soft and durable, and also feels very high quality. The background color is stain resistant and waterproof. The silver zipper is high quality with anti-slip function as well. Using a heat transfer printing, the image print is bright and clear, showing a vivid color like the ads picture. With a 9.5 ″ width x 6.3″ height x 1.6″ bottom, that’s a good size for a travel cosmetic bag.

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Your daughter is not a child anymore, she is a 16 year old girl now. She will have her makeup with your sweet makeup mirror as a gift.

This adorable compact mirror is a good gift for your girl on her birthday. It is to show how much you love her with the little gift that she will definitely love on her special day. It’s a professional quality makeup mirror. 2.5” diameter, 0.4” thick, coming nicely packaged in a delicate gift box.

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Let’s make your daughter have a sweet and memorable 16th birthday party with this spectacular bracelet.

This is the cutest jewelry made for a 16 year old girl. This sweet 16 birthday decorations set is made of 316L stainless steel, never changing color or getting tarnished. It is strong and durable for daily wear. The charm with number 16 with cute daisy, and a tag with meaningful quotes “Believe In You like I DO” to show your little princess how much you love her.

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Make your daughter a princess on her birthday with these sparkling and fabulous party supplies.

Going with a princess theme, this gift includes a diamond crown and pearl pin. Made from high quality glitter fabric and printed with rose gold foil words. Elegant and gorgeous! The sash is 62inch in length and comes with a pretty pearl pin. You can adjust the length by using the pearl pin in the package.

Her birthday won’t be complete without these decorations to make a memorable birthday.

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Express your love and happiness on your daughter’s 16th birthday with this adorable doodle picture. Your girl will be amazed and touched by your gift a lot.

Get the best sweet 16 birthday decorations with this cute 16 years loved signature poster designed exclusively by Katie Doodle. This poster is professionally printed and will fit in any 11x17 inch frame.

That will be the perfect conversation piece for any room! Her guests will love signing and giving your special person a keepsake that she will never forget her birthday this year.

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To give your sweet daughter a birthday gift, it should be memorable and precious to mark her special day right? So just come with this personalized sweet bracelet.

This gold bracelet features a heart charm engraving the tag “Sweet 16” which is a very adorable look. Moreover, it has a bar charm that you can offer to engrave her name on it. You also can choose the color of the birthstone to get attached to the bracelet. That makes this bracelet a more precious gift to give her.

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The day has finally arrived; her sweet sixteen is here! Your little girl now turns 16 so give her this lovely Porcelain figure as a keepsake!

This gift is the perfect way to honor her special milestone. Meticulously crafted of fine bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted, this decor comes out very pretty. The figure portrays a vision in a flowing pink gown with a tiara upon her head and flowers in her arms.

Look for other pieces in the series, available in blonde and brunette styles, to celebrate all her birthdays through age 16.

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Show your love by giving your daughter this romantic and sweet tree charm bracelet!

Every lady deserves to have beautiful jewelry to make herself look pretty and beautiful, of course is your daughter as well. Great quality to last a lifetime, it will not turn your skin green or red or itchy, and not break on you.

This tree of life Bohemian bracelet can achieve your perfect idea to make her happy when receiving your special gift. Your girl finds it easy to match her bracelet with a party dress and many kinds of clothes.

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Make each day special for your beloved daughter with this personalized canvas with a meaningful saying on it. She’ll love the quality canvas, and you can personalize it with a thoughtful message to remind her how much you appreciate her. Your daughter will love this canvas, which is personalized with her name and some of her favorite sayings. It’s a great keepsake that she will cherish for many years.

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