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36 Return Gift Ideas for Kids on Birthday Party That They'll Love

Are you looking for the perfect return gift ideas for kids on a birthday party? We've got you covered! Finding the right return gift can be a challenging task, but it doesn't have to be. In this article, we will explore a variety of creative and exciting gift ideas that will leave the young guests thrilled and make the birthday celebration even more memorable.

In search of the ideal return gift ideas for kids on a birthday party? Look no further! Our curated list of gifts ensures that every child leaves the party with a big smile. From interactive toys and educational games to personalized keepsakes and DIY craft kits, we have something for every little guest. These unique gifts are not only fun but also offer value, allowing children to engage in imaginative play and learn new skills.

Discover the perfect return gift that matches your budget and makes the occasion truly remarkable. So, let's dive into the world of exciting return gifts and make your child's birthday party an unforgettable experience!

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Artist Paint Brush + Watercolor Popper Set of 10 + Birthday Popper Set of 10 This package contains ten watercolor sets, which can be distributed to up to ten children attending the party. From the 16th of June in the year 2021, gift wrapping will be stopped.

Acrylic palettes, including color cakes, are contained within the palette itself. This is a fantastic idea for a birthday return present for people of all ages. It will make an excellent gift choice for anyone who enjoys drawing or art. Perfect as a party favor for boys, girls, students, and other groups of people on their birthdays.


✔️ Mesmerizing, enchanting birthday memories

✔️ Delightful surprise bursts of joy

✔️ Playful colors that evoke pure happiness

This set of two Good Luck elephant candle holders is a great way to incorporate Eastern culture and dramatic style into your party. The elephant, with its trunk held high for good luck, is revered in Eastern cultures and throughout the world as a symbol of happiness, strength, and longevity.

This is especially true in India, where elaborately decorated elephants are frequently included in weddings and other celebrations, especially during the festive season. An elephant, it is said, has no memory of its own.


✔️ Symbol of luck, love, and harmony

✔️ Gentle glow, blessings all around

✔️ A touch of elegance, cherished moments

Handmade customised Custom Wedding Guests Candle Gifts that are exquisitely designed to wow your guests at your wedding reception.

The rustic feel was achieved in this proposal by using original natural woods, cotton grass, and vibrant gypsophila flowers to decorate the space. Candles and customised wooden tags have been added to the product to make it more unique to your needs.


✔️ Personalized glow, gratitude for cherished guests

✔️ Flicker of love, hearts unite forever

✔️ Eternal flame, memories that never fade

The lid of these lovely paisley-printed boxes can be customized with your own information. You may also include a personalized message of your choosing as well as the names.

The contents in the box weigh around 100 grams/3.5 oz. These boxes are sent to you unfilled. A personalized Indian favor can make a wonderful return birthday gift for a friend or family member.


✔️ Treasured keepsake, memories intertwined

✔️ Culture's essence, shared with love

✔️ Embracing traditions, hearts forever connected

These bags are a simple yet effective way to boost your birthday favors. A satin purse made entirely of satin with a dual drawstring for convenient carrying. The bag is printed with high-quality ink pigments, which ensures that it is sturdy, long-lasting, and machine-washable for years to come.

Additionally, it is printed with adorable graphics and eye-catching typography. Your friends and family who show up to your birthday party will appreciate this thoughtful gift from you. It will also make an excellent return birthday gift for your visitors, who will remember the party fondly as a result of receiving it.


✔️ Goodie-filled memories, love in every bag

✔️ Joyful surprises, laughter-filled delight

✔️ Celebrating life, sweet moments shared

This 50-piece set of silver and gold-plated bowls, each measuring 4 inches in diameter, adds a luxurious and royal touch to your home decor.

These handcrafted items have been created to add an ancient and royal feel to your home or place of employment. Each piece, which is made of high-quality brass, is a wonderful addition to your house, thanks to its complex gold and silver-plated craftsmanship.


✔️ Glistening gatherings, memories gathered 'round

✔️ Elegance on display, shimmering sophistication

✔️ Shared feasts, treasures that shine bright

In addition to the standard 2 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3 inch heights, the Indian Handmade Lac Box Sindur Box Wedding Favor is also available in three other sizes.

This Lac Mint Box is distinguished from the competition by its superior craftsmanship. This will make a fantastic birthday present for your guest when they return for a second time.


✔️ Preserving memories, craftsmanship's allure

✔️ Artisan's touch, a minty treasure box

✔️ Handcrafted love, keepsakes to store

Show your child's guest your appreciation with a personalized tumbler. This is the ideal party favor for your child's birthday party. This tumbler is made of high-quality materials and is suitable for everyday use.

Tumblers measure 8.5" high by 2.75" in diameter and are made of high-grade acrylic plastic that is completely free of BPA. This will make an excellent return birthday gift for a friend or family member.


✔️ Quenching thirst, happiness on the lips

✔️ Little sippers, joy in their hands

✔️ Tumblers of delight, childhood memories made

It is a birthday return gift to provide a personalized Bridesmaid Tealight Candle Holder. The following items are included in the price: wooden candle holder, tealight, ribbon, flowers, personalized label, and box.

Flowers and straw threads are used to embellish these natural pieces, giving them a one-of-a-kind appearance. The best part is that you may write your names and the date on them so that they will never forget this special occasion.


✔️ Flicker of gratitude, friendships forever cherished

✔️ Thanking bridesmaids, personalized tokens of love

✔️ Light of appreciation, memories illuminated

A Wholesale Lot of Indian Handmade Women's Embroidered Clutch Purses is a great Return Gift for Guests. used to carry mobile phones, earrings, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry items.

Coins, cards with easy accessibility, which keeps your items anti-dust. Other usages include storage for necklaces, bangles, and other accessories to prevent them from tangling.


✔️ Fashion's masterpiece, a clutch with a story

✔️ Artistry in hand, carrying elegance and grace

✔️ Personal touch, embroidered dreams in hand

Elevate your home with this timeless treasure, and let it be a testament to your discerning taste and appreciation for the finest craftsmanship. Indulge in the allure of German silver and embrace the elegance it brings to every moment and occasion.

The notion of giving these beautiful bowls as gifts for a range of events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday celebrations, is a nice one. Product The box is 8.75" wide by 4" deep by 2" high; the materials used include velvet and satin finish; the box is constructed of wood.


✔️ Table's centerpiece, gatherings made precious

✔️ Artisan's craft, silver's timeless allure

✔️ Shimmering elegance, a touch of luxury

50,100 Potli Bags and Earrings are great for use as birthday favors or thank-you gifts for guests who have come to your event.

Everyone adored them, and they had a fantastic time deciding which colors would go best with their varied outfits. Materials such as brass, meena, cloth, and needlework are employed. Perfect to give as a return birthday gift.


✔️ Earrings in potlis, love's tokens for guests

✔️ Favors of tradition, a hundred blessings bestowed

✔️ Wedding keepsakes, memories wrapped with care

Wearing traditional Indian-inspired jewelry with any traditional outfit will give it a more polished appearance.

The products available from India Gift Hub are gentle on the skin. These pieces of jewelry will go well with any outfit you choose to wear them with. Avoid contact with water, perfume, and other chemicals, and clean it with a dry, soft cloth after use.


✔️ Colors of tradition, elegance on your wrists

✔️ Artisan's craftsmanship, a hundred bangles to wear

✔️ Handmade beauty, a rainbow of adornment

Indian sweets are a popular gift option. The majority of ladoos are made with ghee, which is clarified butter.

This box contains a variety of flavors and contains no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and is made entirely of natural and healthy ingredients using only the highest quality ingredients available on the market. It should be noted that these ladoos were made in a facility that handles nuts. Perfect to give as a return birthday gift.


✔️ Ladoo's joy, a box of guilt-free sweetness

✔️ Sweet traditions, vegan delights to savor

✔️ Treating taste buds, Indian flavors shared

Spritz the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know; it's our most popular scent! Original Citrus is an invigorating blend of natural essential oils that includes lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass.

Seriously, this is the first and only non-toxic before-you-go toilet spray that prevents bathroom odors before they even begin! There will be no more attempting to mask odors that are already present in the air.


✔️ Bathroom's secret weapon, scenting with grace

✔️ Freshness in a spray, banishing odors away

✔️ Spray of relief, for a pleasantly fragrant space

There are 7 x 25g soaps in this collection, each with a different scent. The scents are as follows: Lavender, Rose Petal, Ocean Air, Wildflowers, Milk & Linden.

Traditional processes in the French Provence allow us to produce soaps that have minimal impurities and an extraordinarily smooth texture, resulting in soap that lasts longer than other brands on the market. Our bar soaps, which are made with high-quality ingredients, will fill your bathroom with pleasant scents until the very last sliver of soap remains.


✔️ Aromatic escape, treasures from the French countryside

✔️ Pampering indulgence, Provence's gift of luxury

✔️ Box of bliss, beauty and relaxation combined

Butterflies are deep and strong emblems of the nature of life on the planet. The butterfly, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, embodies mystery, symbolism, and significance.

It is a metaphor for spiritual regeneration, transformation, change, hope, and existence. This is a symbol of happiness and good fortune that will follow you throughout the rest of your life.


✔️ Handcrafted beauty, a magical display

✔️ Crystal's dance, butterfly's enchanting flight

✔️ Wings of wonder, a symbol of transformation

These tealight holders are embellished with natural dried flowers, a personalized wooden name tag, and a tealight that comes with a jute string and a heart tag for more decoration.

Tealight holders are even constructed of genuine wood, which is a rare find. These tea lights are perfect for a birthday gift for a friend who has returned the favor. It can be used in a variety of settings including homes, restaurants, churches, and schools. It is a very helpful and refreshing candle that can be used both indoors and outdoors.


✔️ Elegance in simplicity, holders for ambiance

✔️ Candlelit glow, cubes of warmth and light

✔️ Set of holders, illuminating gatherings with grace

Designed with brightly colored high quality metal, the Tin Case is both fashionable and durable, protecting your earphones from moisture, filth and dust while remaining light in weight.

The soft inner lining helps to reduce the amount of wear and tear on your earphones/earbuds/mini wireless headphone over time. It will make an excellent gift option for Unicorn enthusiasts. Perfect as a thank-you gift for a birthday.


✔️ Pouch of protection, treasures within

✔️ Tin of tenderness, a soft embrace

✔️ A case of softness, delicate belongings secured

One-hundred-and-fifty-piece handcrafted personalized bulk custom wedding box guest gifts; special occasion favors for engagement parties; bridal shower gifts; baby shower gifts; other occasions.

The following items are included in the price: Inverted glass tube, cork stopper, white sand, gypsophila flower, and a handmade label are all included. For this design, I embellished the glass tube with vibrant natural flowers in bright colors. The white sand created a one-of-a-kind perspective.


✔️ Artisan's touch, personalized treasures in bulk

✔️ Handcrafted with love, uniqueness in each piece

✔️ Bulk of care, thoughtful gifts in abundance

A set of twelve (12) kaleidoscopes is included in the price. A kaleidoscope is an optical toy in the shape of an optical tube that forms patterns when bits of colored glasses are reflected by mirrors.

The kaleidoscopes are printed with cartoon characters that children enjoy. (Assorted color and design options will be provided.) (each) measures 6.5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inch in height. Gender is not specified. You can give these things that you have prepared as a thank you present to those who have attended your event.


✔️ Toy of knowledge, curious minds explore

✔️ Learning through play, science made fun

✔️ Educational delight, young scientists in the making

Indian artists have created this wall hanging of Lord Ganesha out of white metal and embellished it with gold leaf. Create a beautiful focal point for your home decor with this graceful unique Ganesha Idol symbolizing prosperity, good fortune, and success.

Lord Ganesh, often known as the Elephant God, is revered for his ability to remove impediments off his path. For the benefit of his devotees, Ganesha is the formless Divinity wrapped in a glorious form for the purpose of serving them. This would be the most incredible birthday party return gifts for your friends and family members!


✔️ Diwali's charm, adorning homes with joy

✔️ Festival's glow, decorating with light and love

✔️ Decorations of celebration, colors of festivity

Beautiful and unique Natural Handmade Soap presents for special occasions or everyday use are available here. With its uniqueness, the Modern and Simple Gifts will take your breath away.

This product is manufactured entirely by hand using a natural cold-processing technique. This would be the most incredible birthday party return gifts for your friends and family members!


✔️ Personalized purity, a bar for each unique soul

✔️ Natural indulgence, soaps with a vegan touch

✔️ Soaps of compassion, cruelty-free cleansing

These unicorn-themed party goodies are sure to be a hit with your guests. A Unicorn Theme Party requires special favors. Each mirror has the name of a young lady inscribed onto it.

This is the perfect compact mirror for giving as a present! Wedding luncheon or bachelorette party gifts are a lovely choice for a kind gesture. Compact mirrors are the perfect size to include in birthday favor bags or make-up carry-all bags. These Will Be a Hit With Your Girls!


✔️ Gift of enchantment, sprinkling bachelorette delight

✔️ Magical surprise, unicorn joy for the bride

✔️ Unicorn's charm, celebrating love's magical journey

The Silver and Gold Plated Bowl, 4 Inches, has an antique, elegant design that can be used to enhance your home's décor or to add a touch of elegance to a restaurant or bar's decor.

For any and all gift-giving occasions Looking for a creative idea to set the table for your dinner party? By following the instructions provided, these items can easily be transformed into wonderful gift items for special occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, anniversaries, and birthdays.


✔️ Silver and gold, sophistication on the table

✔️ Gleaming elegance, a bowl with a touch of luxury

✔️ Bowl of refinement, treasures displayed with grace

Berel Design offers the best quality with these eligible Acrylic Birthday Favors. You can use the magnets that are hidden behind the mirrors to stick them to the refrigerator.

Personalize Safari Favors by writing on them with whatever you want. These acrylic laser-cut mirrors are available in a variety of colors and can be personalized. Acrylic Party Favors are a wonderful way to express gratitude to those who attended your event.


✔️ Birthday's delight, elephants with names

✔️ Favors of celebration, cherished memories shared

✔️ Personal touch, elephants for special days

Package includes This 6 PC Soft Silicon Pouch is a high-quality product with a good quality chain.

It is also lightweight, pliable, and simple to maintain. Makes transporting school supplies and other necessities a breeze for kids. Birthday party favors like this 6 PC Soft Silicone Pouch are perfect for handing out as thank-you gifts.


✔️ School buddy, writing with ease

✔️ Pencil of comfort, soft silicon grip

✔️ Parteet's touch, smooth on paper

The packet contains 6 assorted designs of pop-up toys with a unicorn theme for boys or girls. Please refer to the sizes in the images.

Each of these fidget poppers produces a satisfying popping sound that is soothing to the ears, while the soft silicone texture of each pop it up has a pampering effect on your fingertips. This pop toy aids in relaxing your body and mind, popets help to relieve stress and anxiety, and they make excellent return gifts for birthday parties.


✔️ Popping delight, a portable stress reliever

✔️ Keychain of fun, pops of entertainment

✔️ Six times the fun, fidgeting on the go

There are 10 Unicorn Scratch Art Notebooks, each provided with a wooden stylus. Each notebook is spiral-bound and has eight pages for scratch art. The dimensions of each book are 20 x 14 cm.

Birthday Popper Scratch Art Notes feature vibrant colors that are hidden beneath a matte coating; children simply use the included wooden stylus to scratch away at the matte coating to reveal the colors. Kids can use it to jot down notes, etch doodles and create cool illustrations and designs.


✔️ Book of creativity, a rainbow's surprise in pages

✔️ Artistic delight, colors unveiled with each scratch

✔️ Scratch and reveal, a world of imagination

PACK OF 6 Welcome to the house of coins. This absolutely cute coin bank encourages kids to learn to save money in a fun way. It's also a fantastic addition to a child's room as a decorative item.

The front of this coin bank has an animal cutout, and the roof of the house has a coin slot for storing coins. Perfect for giving as a gift. The goal is to provide the best return gifts for children's birthday parties in large quantities.


✔️ Designs of delight, adding whimsy to spaces

✔️ Nature's charm, wooden houses with animal flair

✔️ Animal magic, wood's touch of artistry

On the back of each diary, there is a unique code that must be entered in order to open it. To open the dairy, press the center button on the right-hand side of the dairy and enter a numerical code.

Dairy products are emblazoned with cartoon characters that appeal to children. This will make a great return gift for the birthday party.


✔️ Diary of dreams, kids' thoughts and tales

✔️ Secret stories, locked with a password

✔️ Personal space, journaling with privacy

These premium 8" glow sticks are great for any event! They are popular with both children and adults because they are bright, colorful, and a lot of fun.

These beads can be used to create bracelets, necklaces, and glow chains. Suitable for Halloween, New Year's Eve, church/school fundraisers, bathtub toys for kids, parties, weddings, birthdays of boys and girls.


✔️ Chocozone's charm, lighting up smiles

✔️ Glow of fun, light-up toys in the dark

✔️ Glow sticks for joy, brightening up playtime

In order to open the diary, the back of each diary has a numeric code that must be entered. On the right side of the dairy, you must push the buttons in the order indicated by the numeric code, then press the center button to open it. Children's favorite cartoon characters are printed on the back of the diaries.


✔️ Personal space, journaling with privacy

✔️ Secrets secured, locked with a password

✔️ Diary of dreams, kids' thoughts and tales

Magic with an Animal Theme Water Doodle Coloring Book & Magic Pen for Painting for Kids Guests at a birthday party can return the favor with this set of six books and six water pens.

Water Magic Book: 15 x 19 cm book with a 13 cm pen for filling the book with water and coloring it. Four pages of coloring (which can be reused) and four pages of facts and information make up the water painting book. Six books, all of the same design, will be distributed.


✔️ Popper's delight, interactive fun for celebrations

✔️ Book of magic, water revealing birthday surprises

✔️ Birthday wonders, pop-up joy in every page

Each package includes six trays. Each trough includes four erasers. The Trolley Can Be Used as a Toy by Young Children. It is simple to remove all of the writing and drafting.

Make it easier and faster for students to complete their tasks. Children and students will find it more appealing because of the use of different colors. Students and children will appreciate receiving this thoughtful gift.


✔️ Latest addition, erasers that impress

✔️ Parteet's touch, making mistakes disappear

✔️ Erasing with style, Parteet's latest charm

Ignite the spark of creativity and learning in your child with our delightful Pencils with Eraser for Kids!

High-quality pencils with erasers in an extra-dark shade of gray. Superior bonded lead is extremely durable and resistant to breakage. Sharpening is made simple by using high-quality wood. Erasers are made of non-toxic materials to ensure their safety. As part of the birthday party's return gifts, a variety of designs will be sent.


✔️ Creative tools, pencils for young artists

✔️ Kids' companions, writing and erasing with ease

✔️ Pencils of fun, sparking imagination on paper

Bottom Line

With these 36 return gift ideas for kids on a birthday party, you can't go wrong in delighting your young guests. From playful toys to educational goodies, personalized keepsakes to creative craft kits, there's something for every child's interest and age group. By providing thoughtful and entertaining return gifts, you not only express gratitude to the attendees but also leave a lasting impression and make the celebration even more memorable.

Remember, the key is to choose gifts that are not only fun but also offer value. Look for items that encourage imaginative play, stimulate learning, and foster creativity. Whether it's a science experiment kit, a puzzle, a storytelling set, or a personalized mini backpack, the possibilities are endless. Don't be afraid to get creative and think outside the box to make the return gifts truly special.

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