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32 Best Pi Day Gifts Ideas To Express Your Love

Pi Day (March 14) celebrates a mathematical constant, Pi. This day is also celebrated as the birthday of Albert Einstein - a German-born physicist. The date, when written in the form of month/day (3/14), matches with the first 3 digits of this mathematical constant. It was also the birthday of physicist Einstein on March 14, 1879.

It will be a special day for those who love maths and want to honor Albert Einstein for his contribution to physics. If your beloved spends his daily life to analysis physical phenomena, he will never forget this special Pi Day and really wants to commemorate it. Sending him a unique and meaningful gift on Pi Day is the best way to express your love and care for him. Let's jump right into the wishlist of special pi day gifts on March 14.

Is your wall at home or office so blank? Wanna change it into the newest and prettiest blank? Let's try this photographic print of the mathematical constant Pi. This listing has the decimal places to the first 1000 digits. Everyone loves fun science print! This Math Pi Print has a gorgeous look and retro font types. It is a dark blue print and a light gray for the Pi symbol. However, you can choose any colors you want to change.


✔️ Printed on premium acid-free 240gsm paper

✔️ Variety of colors to choose whatever you like

✔️ Package in a high-quality, sealed sleeve

Each Pi blanket is customized-made-to-order and handcrafted to the top-quality standard. It is so meaningful and cozy when you and your beloved use this blanket together on Pi Day and watch history films about that day. This blanket includes a premium polyester print for the most magnificent color vibrancy. Just feel relaxed on a couch and fall asleep together with your beloved.


✔️ Printed the Pi symbol outside the blanket

✔️ Customized your name on it

✔️ Machine washable with cold water

Men’s Short Sleeve Graphic T-shirt is made of 100% Fibers which is super soft and comfortable for your beloved to wear. If your friend, family member, or teacher love math and Pi - the mathematical constant, this T-shirt is a perfect gift for them to express your love and appreciation. It can be put in a machine wash without any harm or damage.


✔️ Soft and lightweight jersey

✔️ Great print with durable and water-proof ink

✔️ Many different colors for you to choose

Wanna let everyone know you are a math enthusiast? Find a perfect gift for a math teacher? Do you simply wanna celebrate Pi Day with friends to wish you a lucky math exam? This Pi necklace will meet all of your demands. With the minimalist style, this necklace can mix and match with any kind of clothing style.


✔️ Made of top-notch material

✔️ Super thin with only 0.8mm thick

✔️ Contain spring ring clasp

This 39-page pattern features the Paper Pieced Numbers (from 0 to 9) and Pi (π) Quilt pattern. It is perfect for celebrating the March of 14 - Pi Day. It would be a meaningful present to a math enthusiast or nerd in your daily life. Show them how important they are to brighten up your day! The quilt design has the first 49 digits of Pi: 3.14159.... which are each paper pieced. The numbers pattern includes numbers 0-9 in three different available sizes.


✔️ There are 3 available sizes: S, M, L

✔️ Unique way to celebrate Pi Day on March 14

✔️ Well-made with a beautiful design

Let everyone knows you love math and the mathematical constant Pi! This might become a fantastic teacher appreciation gift. Is there a nerd (or math lover) in demand of a graduation gift? Can't find out a suitable gift? This Pie Pi Plate will help you. The plate is engraved with the Pi symbol (π) with the 3.14159..... filling up the entire background. It is sure to be ready to send as a gift immediately.


✔️ Choose between a 9" basic or a 9.5" deep kind

✔️ Made of high-quality and durable material

✔️ Choose the style of a gift box to package the plate

Whether you are a math nerd or struggling to pass the maths class, these funny maths socks are sure to make you comfortable. These socks can be a great gift for teachers who are math lovers or gifts for your friend to wish them luck in their math tests.


✔️ 1 pair of socks comes in each zipper bag

✔️ Comfortable, breathable, and stretchy

✔️ Stay colorful and soft after many times of washing

If you are a mathematical lover or someone that simply enjoys solving math, this Pi Desk set is for you! Maybe it is an indulgence for self-love or giving it as a special gift to your beloved. It is also the best way to express your love to them. Let's celebrate Pi Day together with this beautiful Pi Desk set. The Pi symbol desk set is unique with the first 20 digits of decimal places. You can choose whatever colors you like: Black, white, yellow, green, etc. There is an array of colors for you to opt.


✔️ Beautiful and meaningful gift for math lovers

✔️ Variety of colors to choose from as you like

✔️ Durable and water-resistant

Search for a special gift for a math teacher? Work in an office that uses many math equations? Just really love math? This set of Mathematical Constants Coasters could be what you are searching for! Let's have a look at this special set! This set of 4 coasters includes the constants Pi, Euler's number, Phi - the golden ratio, and the square root of 2.


✔️ Attached with metal posts in the corners

✔️ Convenient and fast purchase

✔️ Engraved the first 100 digits of each constant

Looking for the best gift set ever to celebrate Pi Day of March 14? This gift set could be on the top list! Choose the package that fits your budget best. Each package contains 2 buttons and so more. There are buttons, a decal, a keychain, a beautiful cosmetic bag, and a tumbler. You can choose whatever item you want to add to your gift set. And feel free to give this set to your beloved to show your care and love to him.


✔️ Engraved Happy Pi Day on it

✔️ Choose your favorite items to put in a set

✔️ Beautifully packaged

Written in a simple rhyme, the Happy Pi Day book is a perfect choice for celebrating Pi Day (on March 14), and for nurturing a kid's interest in mathematics. Reading a book to find the explanation of how to calculate pi and measure circles in animal insights and lovely way (absolutely easy-to-read and easy-to-understand book). Besides, This book also includes information about the history of a famous Pi Pioneers (Archimedes)!


✔️ Solve a difficult mathematical problem in a lovely and easy way

✔️ Colorful book which motivates creativity for children

✔️ Perfect for Pi Day, birthdays, Christmas gift

This special personalized cutting board is laser engraved on gorgeous hardwoods. You can choose to personalize with your own information, such as the name of you and you're beloved, or the Pi Day in the year you and he met. This cutting board is a perfect gift for a friend, family, or someone special in your life.


✔️ This wonderful and functional item for the new homeowner

✔️ Design your logo if you desired

✔️ The letter engraved on the cutting board is vivid and clear

Using this pencil at school or in your office to sketch the plan and write down your To-do-list every day. Make yourself motivated and productive with this Pi pencil. You can also show everyone you are a math lover with this Pi pencil.


✔️ Contain a pencil to erase

✔️ Variety of colors to choose from as you like

✔️ Engraved with the Pi number and full digits of the decimal place

Wanna make Pi cakes for your mathematics-lover friend? Try this special Cookie Cutters Pi Symbol! Let's celebrate Pi Day with this fun STEM-inspired cookie-cutter shape. It is made in the USA with the certificated standard. If you want to use the microwave for baking your lovely cakes, feel free to do it. There is no harm or leakage. Making fun shapes with biscuits, cookie dough, cakes, or brownies.


✔️ Made of high-quality alloy steel

✔️ Beautiful color of silver

✔️ Have fun STEM-inspired shape

This Pi Men tie clip looks so cool and is the perfect accessory to show everyone that you are a math lover. It also becomes a wonderful gift for your math teacher or your friend to wish them to pass their math exam. This accessory you get in a gorgeous gift box and is ready to be gifted. An Indulgence to love yourself after math tests or a wonderful gift to your beloved ones.


✔️ Made of a metal part, photo print, and lens

✔️ Choose the colors you want from an array of colors: Silver, Bronze, or Black

✔️ Durable and long-lasting use

Looking for a special gift to celebrate Pi Day for your beloved teacher or friend who is a mathematical enthusiast? This Pi Math Logo Trophy meets all of your demands. It is a hand-made trophy which is designed by professors. With high-quality materials of plastic and marble, this Pi Math Logo Trophy is long-lasting and durable. It lasts for years!


✔️ Scratch-resistant and durable

✔️ Eye-catching design to be a decorative item

✔️ Match with many styles of house

This Pi Tie Bar and Cuff Link Set is a perfect gift for your lovely math enthusiast! It is stamped with the Pi symbol, which looks so cool and fantastic. A special way to celebrate March 14th. The cuff links are handcrafted using 3/4 inches of aluminum, and the tie bar is handcrafted using 1/4 inches of aluminum. The stamps have letters or symbols carved on them.


✔️ Every item is carefully handcrafted

✔️ Hand stamp full of love and dedicated

✔️ Useful gift for math lovers

This Pi Embroidered Baseball Cap is made of 35% Cotton and 65% Polyester, which is absolutely durable. With the snap closure, you should only use the hand wash to assure its shape. There are 4 rows stitched on the visor keeping the letter Pi will never peel off. You get to know your friend or family's interest in mathematics and want to help them to show off their interest to everyone. This Baseball Cap could be the most special and suitable gift for them on some occasions.


✔️ Made of high-quality embroidery

✔️ Matching color with sweatband

✔️ 4 rows stitched on the visor

Let everyone know you are a math lover while using this Pi keychain. Or maybe you just want to give this keychain as a special gift to your teacher, family, or friend. This Pi symbol key chain might be the perfect thing. It was cast from alloy metal and measures approx 2 inches. It hangs from a standard-size key ring. Moreover, it is packaged in a nice gift box with a tiny blank card on it so that you can write down a message to your beloved.


✔️ Eye-catching design

✔️ Affordable price with exquisite quality

✔️ Contain a tiny blank card to leave a message

Let's celebrate the day of March 14th with this Pi Day Plate! It is made of long-lasting thermoset plastic that is microwave and dishwasher-safe. Because of its high-quality materials, the plate is durable and scratch-resistant. It can be put in an oven and resist 275 0C for up to 30 minutes. The Pi symbol and the message "Happy Pi Day!" are engraved onto the plate with safe ink, which will never fade away or peel off while carrying food.


✔️ Contains no melamine or formaldehyde

✔️ BPA-free, which is safe for food

✔️ Durable and lightweight

Get ready for some Pi-themed fun with this irrationally fun dice game! Let's play an amazing game together! If you love to celebrate Pi Day annually on March 14, you can celebrate by eating pies and cookies or playing this dice game with your family and friends. Everyone can join in this interesting dice game (from 2 to infinity).


✔️ Play with as many players as you want

✔️ Perfect heart-warming games for family and friends

✔️ Send as a special gift for math lovers

These wood coasters are laser-cut and engraved. Treat a lovely mathematician in your life to a coaster that has Pi presented 250 decimal places. The number and Pi symbol is engraved carefully and beautifully onto the coasters. This wood coaster is a perfect gift for a math lover on Pi Day or his birthday. It is sure to pack in a gorgeous white gift box.


✔️ Perfectly package to ready to be gifted

✔️ Made of long-lasting wood

✔️ Unique and special gift

"I will love you until Pi runs out of decimal places" is a romantic message for those who are mathematical enthusiasts. When will Pi run out of decimal places? Never!! The decimal places of the Pi constant will never end, as well as your love and appreciation for your sweetheart. Sending this lovely card to them and expressing all of your feelings.


✔️ Customized with names and messages

✔️ Brings about a vintage style for the card inside

✔️ Packaged in a plastic sleeve

✔️ Shipped in a rigid mailer

Girls love wearing earrings and accessories in general. These Pi earrings could be a perfect gift for those who are math lovers and Pi enthusiasts. These earrings measure approximately 8.5 x 8.5 mm. That measurement is too slight and lightweight to wear. These silver earrings are made of sterling silver, and they look gorgeous. This wonderful jewelry is packaged in a branded velvet bag, so it is ready to be gifted.


✔️ Protection shipping process

✔️ Made of high-quality silver

✔️ Perfect for sending as a gift

Pi - is a long mathematical constant number. Do not believe? Let's have a quick look at this unique Coffee Mug! It engraved all the digits of the Pi number on one side. Cannot count exactly how many numbers, right? There are 2000 first digits, and so more. This mug can be a great gift for your family, teachers, math genius, or anyone who has an attraction for pi, and it's permanent. The Pi symbol í also represents infinity which can express your forever love.


✔️ Unique and special gift

✔️ High-quality 11oz mug

✔️ Made of durable ceramic

You are painting or creating a beautiful accessory for Pi Day (March 14) to give to your math lover's friend. But still, looking for a sign or logo which is super unique and special?! This Happy Pi Day Svg would be on the top list. The files are included in a zip fold. You just need to unzip the files to upload them into your program. There are legions of available files: SVG, JPG, PNG, EPS, and DXF. Feel free to choose between these kinds of files.


✔️ Convenient service

✔️ Fast download with instant result

✔️ Make the pi day special

Each Gold Pi Lapel Pin is handcrafted very carefully, and it is made full of love. The listings contain 10 pieces, 25 pieces, 50 pieces, and 100 pieces, and you can choose whatever settings you want. These pins are also packaged in a signature gift box (the color available is cobalt blue, liberty red, or sage green). It is sure to become a special gift for your beloved on some special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, and Mother's Day. It is suitable for everyone who loves math and Pi constant numbers.


✔️ Available under the tie tack section

✔️ Eye-catching design and color

✔️ Made of top-notch material

This Pi Hip Flask has a traditional curved shape (which looks so cool and manly, right?!). It is measured 10cm x 10cm, so easy and lightweight to hold. It holds 6oz (or 240ml) of drink and has a captive top, so the drink inside can never be leaked. It comes with a fitted black presentation box. This hip flask could make a great gift for anyone with a mathematic interest. The Pi symbol is engraved on one side with durable detail.


✔️ Made of top-quality stainless steel and enamel

✔️ Enjoy the taste of shorts

✔️ Perfect gift for a math lover

The Set includes 4 Pi Day Pin Back Buttons. That is an ideal and must-have item for a hat, uniform, cap, backpack, or tote bag! These pin-back buttons are 1.5 inches round. With just only 1 purchase, you will possess a set of 4 buttons which is so convenient and fast. You can send these pin-back buttons as a special and unique gift for your friend who is a mathematical enthusiast. They are packaged on a gorgeous printed card back with a theme of your pins, which makes it a wonderful gift.


✔️ Made with a professional button-making unit

✔️ Easy to clean and water-resistant

✔️ The printed image is on premium paper

Math enthusiast's favorite number, Pi! This unique scarf is made of a fabric designed by a professor. It contains an array of Pi symbols on all sides of the rainbow color (purple, red, pink, yellow, green, etc.) on a black background. This comfortable scarf drapes beautifully, adding some fun style to your outfit. The infinity scarf is approximately 8 inches wide and long enough to loop twice.


✔️ Made of high-quality fabric and spoonflower

✔️ Wash separately in warm or cool

✔️ Machine dry using low temperature to wash

This ring is stamped with the Pi symbol on the external side and many digits of Pi inside (3,141592...) There is no doubt that it is the perfect gift for a math enthusiast! It is handcrafted using 1/4 inches width aluminum or sterling silver. With the professional-designed process, the ring is made with different engraving styles (by a hammer and steel stamp). Every ring is carefully handcrafted, so each ring is distinctive.


✔️ Made of Aluminum, Copper, Brass, and Silver

✔️ Matching color with many clothes styles

✔️ 1 size fits most fingers

What math lover doesn't love Pi Day? Just be sure - even if you are a math genius or struggling to pass the math test, there is the fact that the Pi constant is weird and mystic. Let's celebrate this special Day with the weird number: Pi. This is the perfect button to show your love of math to everyone! The list includes 25 buttons printed on neon and bright paper.


✔️ Packaged in a bubble wrap envelope.

✔️ Legions of neon and bright colors to choose

✔️ 1 circle size for all buttons


Pi Day is a fantastic opportunity to combine mathematical appreciation with fun and creativity. Whether you're celebrating with friends, family, or colleagues, there are plenty of ways to make the day special. From mathematical puzzles to homemade pi-themed gifts and festive parties, Pi Day offers something for everyone. So, embrace the mathematical spirit, indulge in some delicious pie, and enjoy the festivities on this unique day!

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