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30 Best Pregnancy Gifts That New Mom & Dad Will Love

Mom and Dad are the most precious people that we ever have in our life. They have been raising us with boundless love, care, and support. Thus, they deserve to be given the best wishes from you, so you should give them a special gift to show your sincere affection. New parents will definitely appreciate presents that make their hectic day-to-day more manageable and consolidate myriad errands and tasks.

If you want to know a new parent, you likely know someone who hasn’t shopped for themselves in a while — they’re too busy pouring their heart, soul, formerly restful nights, and finances into their tiny little human.

We have suggested a variety of appreciative gifts for a couple - from life-simplifying gadgets, accessories to a celebratory gift. Whether it is their wedding anniversary, special celebrations or a regular day, the presents are suitable to give them at any time. They get inspired by some of our favorite gift ideas for new moms and dads. For sure, they will really love and adore you through this meaningful gift.

It’s no joke to say that new moms and dads are some of the most selfless people we know. And chances are, the ones in your life need a little pampering and spoiling.

That’s why we rounded up moms and dads with kinds of brilliant Lovable items to specifically ask them about their favorite “just for me” gifts when they became new parents — because when you ask your new mom for her wishlist, she’s more likely to say diapers or onesies than the spa day she deserves.

Here are 30 Best Pregnancy Gifts That New Mom & Dad Will Love

To celebrate a new parent having an adorable baby, there is no more reasonable gift than flowers to give them. But this eco-friendly pop-up 3D flower card will be a special present - definitely impresses them.

It is very amazing and tricky that when mom or dad opens your card, the 3D card automatically pops up to surprise them. More than its unique design, the card is filled with your best wishes and sweet messages towards them. Through this flower bouquet card, it is the perfect way to translate those lovable sentiments.

Show them how much you adore them now and always!

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Do you want to know what’s better than a mug? A mug that’s customized with your name on it. This custom-made ceramic mug is the perfect gift for Mom or Dad.

Within each mug, you’ll find customizable text, so you can write whatever message you want to include. Now you can tell the world how much you love them with this adorable custom mug, featuring anything from “I Love You” to “You’re Awesome,” or even something more cheeky if that’s your style!

This personalized gift will be sure to put a smile on their faces every morning when they drink their morning coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

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It is often hard to come up with parents to be a gift, so we have made it simple with mugs set with 0-3 month unisex onesie, and unisex bib! Great new parents gifts indeed.

The shop takes pride in making moms and dads’ to be happy, and they hope it shows in products. They use top-quality ceramic with high-quality printing on both sides of the mug. The parent mugs, along with “New to the crew” romper, are the perfect gifts to show your appreciation to them.

These are excellent presents for new parents that you should buy now!

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Thinking of a new parents gift, mom & dad wine glass and beer glass set could be a unique gift from Mom & Dad EST 2021. It is more special to give them for mother’s or father’s day.

The designs on both glasses are based on humanized creatures. The mom wine glass is customized with a wide bottom and narrow glass rim while the dad one is designed like a beer glass. It is to make sure their engaged glasses can stand stably and are easy to hold. Using the top quality handling high temperature, parents can have a longer use life.

Purchase it now!

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When new parents have their new baby, a present about baby stuff is more realistic and preferable. Then a baby girl tissue paper for showers from Hallmark is an amazing gift idea.

Crafted from high-quality paper materials, Hallmark gift bags are made with paper from well-managed forests. This pretty pink baby gift bag features a pink and white stripe, dot pattern, and an adorable paper-craft onesie cutout. It comes complete with a pink gift tag, pink tissue paper, a pink ribbon handle.

This lovely gift is perfect for holding clothing, books, games and puzzles, stuffed animals, or home accessories.

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A perfect gift to celebrate the anniversary of new parents - This custom throw pillow cover will be a memorable keepsake for years to come.

This pillow covers look right at home anywhere, whether it’s on a sofa, chair, or bed. Their personalized pillow covers are hand screen printed on soft and durable 100% cotton fabric. The fluffy pillow will help a new mom or a new dad have a tight sleep when using it for asleep.

Without hesitation, buy it now! A new parent will love your meaningful gift so much!

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A card to confess your sincere affection and appreciation to the new mom and dad is a great idea to accomplish. We suggest you consider buying Advice and Wishes cards as an excellent present.

Designed and made in the USA, these cards get the top paper quality which is thick and durable - also look luxurious as well. Each card is printed delicately and professionally, turning out to be very pretty and crisp.

It is a perfect keepsake to congratulate them on being new mom-to-be and dad-to-be. Don’t hesitate to get it for them right now! They definitely really treasure and cherish your wishes a lot.

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To give new parents a present to celebrate them having a baby, a couple of sock gifts from the EST brand is not a bad purchase at all. Especially as the winter is coming around the corner soon!

Launching the latest sock products, they are made of 80% soft cotton so premium material makes socks stretchy, breathable, and comfortable to wear. These socks have proper compression to protect their stability when walking, jogging, or running. All the pictures are stitched directly into the socks instead of printed, so they won’t peel off.

These socks are a unique gift idea to give them as your congratulation.

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To congratulate new parents on having their newborn baby, there is no more meaningful and touching present than giving them a Baby Handprint & Footprint Photo frame.

Literally, it is a perfect registry to mark a significant milestone of welcoming an angel coming to this world. You can ask the shop to personalize and feature letters, numbers, symbols, or baby footprints when ordering. It will deserve to be a much more precious keepsake to new moms and dads.

What’s better than a personalized baby gift? They will appreciate your thoughtful preparation so much!

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Having a baby is the blessing of God giving a new parent, however, they sacrifice lots of things in return - especially a mom. Then a present in terms of personal care like Palmer’s skin recovery set is really a brilliant idea to buy.

Inside the gift set, these products are for after-pregnancy skincare essentials: body lotion, nursing butter, bust cream, and skin therapy oil. They help mom firm and tone stretched skin as being massaged at a spa. The ingredients are also very natural and fine to bring her soft, hydrated hair and skin.

What are you waiting for? Get it now!

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Giving a new parent a set of couple mugs is such an adorable item from you. We suggest these personalized “Mummy to be” and “Daddy to be” mugs that they will absolutely love!

Made of high-quality ceramic, they are ensured to be packaged well during delivery - there is no chance of breakage at all. Because permanent and waterproof vinyl is used, it keeps the mugs durable for a long time if you take care of it. In particular, let the shop know in the personalization section what color you would like any prints in.

You won’t regret buying these items to give to a new parent!

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Being a new mom and dad is such a blessing for them, but they also sacrifice their time and health in return. The parent pillows will be a brilliant, thoughtful gift for the hope of giving them a better sleep.

The design of a pillow is straightforward and elegant that can be used for decor alternatively. Add the perfect blend of style and coziness to any space with this hand-crafted pillow. The size is also comfortable and ideal for getting their heads laid down and having a tight sleep.

Pillows bringing a happy vibe is a great gift you need to buy!

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To welcome a new family member, giving a new parent a present like uniform family shirts is such a great idea. They are definitely thrilled with your gift!

Made from 100% cotton, so they are very soft and comfortable to fit in, don’t worry if the clothes cause any irritation to their baby while wearing. When ordering, you can select the size and color of the shirts for each family member from the drop-down menu. In this section, you also add the design color and the quantity before getting a checkout.

What’s better to get them as a memorable present?

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A card filled with your best-beloved message to celebrate a married couple becoming a new parent is a must item. Actually, a meaningful gift is sincere messages you note down on a card instead of giving them physical expensive products to celebrate.

The family concept obviously inspires the card’s design. The printed image has 4 items symbolizing each family member: funny beer, red wine glass, dog water bowl, and baby bottle. It is a great way to welcome the arrival of an angel and is sure to make any new parent smile.

Cheers to the newest addition to the family!

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The cool shirt collection for mom and dad from the EST brand is a potential present you give to them.

The material creating these shirts is extremely soft, stretchy, and comfortable to wear. It is very suitable for a new mom who just gave birth earlier. One special thing when you order a couple of shirts is that custom orders are always welcome. You can require them to customize the size, text, even color of the shirts. Feel free to contact them whenever you have any questions.

Get it right now!

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To celebrate a married couple that will become a parent soon, Pregnancy announcement shirts for them are literally a brilliant gift idea.

“Dad to be” and “Mom to be” shirts are printed with flex heat transfer techniques, resulting in high-quality performance. So the shirts are no crushes when being stretched and keep color retained for a long time. For sure that these shirts will bring a comfortable fit for them. To ensure you get the right size, measure the body shape and compare it to the size in the drop-down menu.

Don’t hesitate to buy it now!

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Welcoming a baby coming to this world, a family uniform will be a great choice for you to give them. A matching robe, swaddle set girl, and dad shirt is meaningful clothes to buy.

All items are made from medium-soft cotton so it is safe for mom and baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. The lightweight fabric is perfect for hot climates and to stay cool and comfy during pregnancy or in hospital. Choose from the options and create your favorite combination! A must-have for any hospital bag.

At very reasonable costs, do treat her and her newborn to these pretty maternity sets.

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A T-shirt set for a new mom and dad is obviously an awesome gift to celebrate welcoming a new angel to arrive in this world.

Manufactured with the great quality of soft cotton vinyl blend material, they will feel very comfortable and stretchy as wearing it on. The shirts are designed for unisex so don’t worry if you cannot find a suitable shirt for the mom or dad’s body size. The customer service will pleasantly assist you as soon as possible!

Great shirts so far this year! They will be happy with your present for sure!

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Giving a new mom nutritious implements as a congratulated gift is a safe choice that definitely helps a new parent a lot! We suggest the popular meal replacement from Ensure brand - Nutrition shake small with strawberry flavor.

The shake is very delicious and rich in necessary, complete nutrients that mom needs to support her immune system. More than that, having a healthy body, she can take care of their baby, right? A new mom can enjoy Ensure as a small meal replacement or a tasty snack to maintain proper nutrition.

Awesome gift to give a new parent ever! Buy it now!

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During the preparation of necessary items before giving birth in a hospital, a backpack is a must for a new parent to have. The RUVALINO diaper backpack is a good choice bag to buy as a gift.

The backpack has several compartments to contain baby essentials which still look perfectly organized and compact. This diaper bag can be used as a backpack, handbag, and also can hang on the stroller. Elegant and suitable for many occasions like shopping, traveling, etc. Moreover, practical and unisex design make this diaper bag perfect for travel with your boys & girls, an ideal baby shower gift!

It’s really worth buying!

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A funny new dad gaming coffee mug, featuring the pregnancy announcement saying “Leveled Up To Dad” and a video game controller is a great gift for a new parent.

Made of high-quality ceramic material, the mug is perfect for drinking coffee or hot chocolate. You can personalize the color on the handle and inside of the mug, which is a special service when ordering.

This inexpensive baby shower gift idea for a new dad, will definitely put a smile on his face. It makes a memorable pregnancy reveal present from an expecting mother for any dad-to-be.

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Being a new role of a mom and dad is a god blessing for them. But sometimes taking care of a newborn is very tiring, right? A dad self-care set is a thoughtful gift from your sincerity to them.

A gift set includes 3 organic packs filled with 100% natural ingredients such as lime, mint, dried-sliced orange, or jasmine. Each of their handmade self-care products cares for the body with essential oils and organic active ingredients. It definitely brings back comfortable and relaxing moments when showering after a hard-working day.

Hurry to get it now!

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A delicate mug set printing MILF and DILF patterns from the Est brand is another good choice for your gift list.

Made of only the best materials, equipment, along with inks during the manufacture, the mugs give the drinkers a good experience when using. Because they are produced by hand, they can be altered to suit customer requirements. The mugs are packed carefully and securely in smash-proof boxes. These boxes are extremely reliable and can withstand a lot of bumps & drops.

A fabulous gift for parents of a newborn. Now don’t hesitate to buy it!

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To take care of mom’s health after giving birth, foot massager slippers from ByRiver brand are a unique item to give as a congratulatory present.

All massage sandals have stones stuck on the surface, so whenever she/her husband wears them, it helps to improve their blood circulation and physical mobility. Moreover, keeping using the foot acupuncture massage tool will help to relieve lower back pain; migraine; foot pain due to plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and neuropathy.

These are not all-day wearing slippers, but therapeutic slippers for 10-20 minutes use each time. For better health, buy it for them now!

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Having a baby, a new parent has to spend a huge amount of money buying baby diapers. Thus, giving them baby diaper wipes from the Pampers brand will be a necessary product.

The wipe set includes 8 pampers-sensitive alcohol-free pop-top packs and 4 pampers of refill packs. Don’t worry if the baby wipe irritates their baby because its pH balancing formula helps protect sensitive skin. When wearing it on a newborn, it brings a comfortable feeling for the baby while moving continuously.

Top 1 choice of wipe baby product in the US, these Pampers diapers are the best quality to get so far!

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A nutritious snack implement is a great option to give a new mom and dad. We suggest you buy Biotin Gummies from a popular brand “NutraChamps”.

NutraChamps’ Biotin Gummies deliver the highest potency and most effective dose of biotin that you’ll find. Enjoy all the amazing benefits of biotin in the form of a convenient, great-tasting gummy — with no tough pill to swallow. NutraChamps Biotin helps you address an internal vitamin deficiency so that you can have stronger nails, tighter, glowing skin, and thicker, fuller, and healthier hair!

They will enjoy eating a sweet snack a lot!

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Having a newborn, buying Little Snugglers baby diapers from the Huggies brand is a good choice for a new parent.

A set of baby diapers fits babies up to 14lb. (6kg). The design of a Huggies diaper helps prevent blowout and contain the mess for up to 12 hours. The gentle liner provides an absorbent layer of protection with premium softness & breathability for sensitive skin. With Double Grip Strips that help keep the diaper in place while crawling, moving, or walking.

Needless to say, buy it now! They will appreciate your gift so much!

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Instead of thinking about an expensive or very special gift for a new parent, why don’t you pop up a snack gift box as a tricky present?

There is a bundle of different snacks in this basket, such as cookies, chocolate chips, candies, bars, popcorn, and crackers. This 45 count care package includes a mix of sweet, salty, savory, and healthy snacks that helps them in a good mood when eating. Because eating is a pleasure, the snack box is like a happy medicine after hard-working taking care of their newborn baby.

Buy it now! You won’t regret getting it for them!

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Expecting a parent’s gift box, including a mug set and a baby announcement swaddle, is always a wonderful gift to show your happiness towards them.

Surprise mom and dad with the Pregnancy announcement gift box! A custom gift of a mug set has printed a message as your request. Moreover, it is optional to add personalized coasters for a newborn baby.

Made of the highest quality product, each item is carefully handcrafted and inspected prior to shipping to ensure the best product possible - just for you! If you have any problems with your order, let us know, and the shop will happily assist you.

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To help a new mom relax after taking care of a baby for a whole day, a home spa basket will be a brilliant option to give a new parent as a congratulatory gift.

Containing body self-care items, they will give her a complete spa process at home. The sweet, nutty fragrance of Honey & Almond will carry you away into sudsy paradise! All ingredients used in this spa basket are carefully sourced and clearly displayed for your benefit.

Let a new mom’s body soak up the goodness while she pampers her skin with the finest bath products. She will enjoy that moment a lot!

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