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35 Best Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts that'll Touch Her Heart

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to express your love and appreciation for your mom with a stunning piece of jewelry that she can cherish forever. Jewelry is a timeless gift that symbolizes the bond between a mother and her child, and countless options are available to suit every style and preference. We've curated a list of exquisite and meaningful choices to help you find the perfect Mother's Day jewelry gift for your mom. Get ready to dazzle your mom with these beautiful jewelry pieces!

Our article unveils a collection of handpicked Mother's Day jewelry gifts specifically chosen to celebrate the love and connection between a mother and her child. From personalized birthstone necklaces and bracelets to delicate mother-child pendants and elegant earrings, there's a piece of jewelry that perfectly captures the depth of your love for your mom. Our expertly curated list ensures that each jewelry piece is crafted with the highest quality materials and attention to detail.

Stay tuned for the full article, where we'll delve deeper into the world of Mother's Day jewelry and provide a comprehensive guide to selecting the most exquisite and meaningful pieces. Get ready to discover various creative ideas that will make your mom's heart skip a beat. Let's make this Mother's Day a genuinely dazzling celebration of your mom's beauty and love!


Mother is the greatest teacher and the first teacher of children. She teaches them how to love, how to be loved, and how to express love. Let's apply these lessons on mother's day through the necklace. The jewelry is gorgeous with ribbon-shaped and gemstone pendants. It expresses how happy you are on that day, and the box card is to support showing your love better.

The stainless steel necklace is finished with 14k white gold. The pendant is embellished with crystals and makes a highlight through 7mm round cut Cubic Zirconia. The length of the chain is 18'' to 22,'', and it has a lobster clasp to keep it securely on the neck. The box with a beautiful background is an area to express your sentiment through a sweet quote.


✔️ Bring happiness to your loved one's daily day

✔️ Give her confidence when wearing a stylish design

✔️ Bonding the relationship between mothers and children tighter

Instead of sending traditional messages through a card, the bracelet jewelry is a better idea for you to say love to your mom on the day of Mother's. Stunning with 2 heart pendants which are engraved with congrats and an initial letter on her name, the bracelet will add elegance to your fashion style to look appealing.

Being personalized on stainless steel material, the bracelet is 65 mm, and it fits any wrist. The initial artistic letters with well-polished heart pendants will create a spot to highlight your love and her feminity. Wearing easily with twisted wire and feeling comfortable when working and doing housework as well.


✔️ Fashionable bracelet to be suitable for younger and mature people

✔️ Gorgeous gift to pull the relationship between family members

✔️ Draw people's attention with a plain design

Time is gold, so never waste it, especially when being with your mother, father, and family. Appreciating every moment and occasion like mother's day with the personalized necklace. The necklace is made of love, so it is unique and special to give her on a meaningful day. The heart is filled with a memorable photo to cultivate her emotion to remember back some sweet memories in the past.

Being made of top-rated surgical steel with a liquid glass coating of 18K gold finish. The pendant is lovely to show a special picture and express the love between mothers and children. The chain is 18'' to 22,'' and the pendant is 24mm x 24mm, especially since you can add your message on the back of the heart pendant.


✔️ Remind your lover of how much you love her

✔️ Long-lasting keepsake to connect mothers and children

✔️ Give her a warming feeling like being with you

✔️ Ease the loneliness feeling for women when getting older

Do you know how to make women feel happy? It is very easy, let's give her a piece of jewelry like a ring. Mother's is waving, and the mother ring is ideal for daughters, sons, and husbands to give her and express love to her. Glamorous with 3 birthstones, and an engraved message, the ring will light up her day with happiness and sweetness.

The 925 Sterling Silver is a perfect material to design for a ring. It is odor-free, tarnish-against, and sustainable. It is stunning with 3 pendants of birthstones with different colors to give you a gorgeous gift. There are available in many sizes, and it is also a small challenge for you to show your understanding of her.


✔️ Protect your benefit better with a long warranty

✔️ Customized with a name or your message

✔️ Attractive in appearance to conquer women's tastes

Do you know mother's love looks like what? It looks like a sunflower, and it is a positive, reliable, and resilient love. Mother's day is a time for you to look back on her and give her this sunflower necklace. Like a sunflower always towards the sun, you will go toward her forever through this gift.

The 925 sterling silver is used to make pendants and chains as well, but the pendant is plated with Gold and Rhodium to resist rust. The pendant is 1.38 inches and set with a Cubic zirconia crystal center. The chain is 17.71 inches, and it can be adjustable. In addition, the personalize jewelry box is emotional and beautiful, with a sweet message to embellish this jewelry.


✔️ Meaningful gift to cement the bond between mothers and daughters, sons

✔️ Never react with air to change color or tarnish

✔️ Trendy design with a sentimental value to keep the value of the necklace forever

The necklace is a combination of classic and innovative design to honor the greatest emotion in the world which is motherly love. Specially designed for the day of mons. the pendant is the mixing of infinity and heart to represent eternal love between mothers and children. A "mom" word is set in the middle of the heart to make her remind of the first day you call her mom.

The necklace used some durable materials such as sterling silver, Nickel-free, and Lead-free. It is professionally manufactured with the four-prong inlaid technique. The pendant measures 1.2x0.6 inches and has a 5A cubic zirconia. The chain is 18 inches in length and you can extend up to 2 inches. All the pendant is set firmly to avoid failing.


✔️ Brilliant design to convey a meaningful message

✔️ Engaved with a sentimental quote to describe your love

✔️ Make her day to be wonderful and full of happiness

Updating the image for your mother quickly with the stylish bangle watch set. The set with a bracelet and watch to highlight the feminity of your loved one. Instead of giving separately, the jewelry set will double your love and happiness on mother's day. Nover is missing this gift if you want to give her the greatest day.

The pearl dial with Roman numerals gives you a modern and vintage watch. The rose gold color is suitable for women to highlight their characteristics of charm and attractiveness. The case is 26 mn and covered with a mineral crystal lens to give you a view clearly. The two-tone bracelet jas clasp to fit securely and enable to extend. The 12 crystal accents are adorned to increase the beauty.


✔️ Creative jewelry to give your loved one a pretty appearance

✔️ Increase the charisma of women in their partners

✔️ Give women a professional looking when mixing with business attire

If you feel that some natural flowers are not durable and quickly wither, so they don't deserve your mother's love, why not get the pressed-flower earrings? The earrings feature some pressed flowers which exist forever with time. Mother's day is a meaningful day, so the sustainability of this jewelry is very suitable for cherishing your mom.

The gold over sterling silver earrings is designed in teardrop and use a special technique to keep the beauty of some real flowers on the pendant. The light weight of 2g will feel free pressure when wearing the back design is convenient for you to put on or remove. The flower is collected from Mexico at the best time of the year.


✔️ Authentic accessory for women with real flowers

✔️ Honor the natural beauty of your loved one

✔️ Artistic process to surprise your beloved through an incredible pendant

If you need to have a gift to express your love to your mom on mother's day, the bracelet watch stack is a good choice for you. The jewelry set has 2 gifts, one is an iced watch with a classic style, and the other one is a Cuban bracelet embellished with clear crystals. Both of them are beautiful for women to dress up in every day.

The Cuban bracelet has 7'' in length, and the watch is made of brass. The color is silver, and it looks very stylish. The watch features roman numerals to create a unique style. It is clear for you to check the time whenever you want. Besides, they are stored beautifully in a jewelry box and have instructions for you.


✔️ Extraordinary design to be a great choice for women on occasions

✔️ Make women's wardrobe to be diverse with this gift

✔️ Convenient to put on and remove

✔️ Feel comfortable even wearing at the workplace

Connecting family members is no different is your mom. Therefore, don't forget mother's day and remember to give her the bracelet. The jewelry is not something new or limited edition. It is simply a birthstone. But the value of a gift never lies in its price, right? The most important is that you remember that day and have a sentiment to send to her.

Manufactured from Matte Gold Plated over Brass, the length of the bracelet is 6,''and you can adjust it up to 2.5'' more. The jewelry is sold in 3 colors white, gold, and rose. There is a lobster clasp to fit securely. The birthstone drop of 3mm, and it is personalized with which month you choose.


✔️ Lightweight to keep the comfort for women

✔️ Tarnish-resistant to give you a long-lasting keepsake

✔️ Birthstones will bring good energy to her

Let's get the earrings jewelry to make your loved one's jewelry box to be more diverse. It is an ideal gift for daughters, sons, husbands, or even friends to give their beloved on mother's day. The design is suitable for mature women and creates a luxury style for their fashion.

The rose-gold earrings are well-cut from crystal. The size is small and shining to make up women's faces. To be designed professionally, the earrings are timeless and luxurious to add to women's jewelry collections. Besides, you can trust the quality of this gift due to it being manufactured by a well-known company in this field.


✔️ Elegant in color to enhance the feminine of women

✔️ No change in color and rust to give you durable earings

✔️ Easy to put on through smart design

Jewelry is a popular and convenient gift for women on mother's day. And here you will see one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry, it is the locket. The gift is sentimental with a permanent quote to prove that your love for your mother is eternal. With this gift, your mom absolutely tears out for happiness.

The locket measures 30mm x30mm x 7mm and it is made of good stainless steel to no tarnish or change color. Beyond that, inside the package, you will have a backplate of 22 mm in diameter and a set of 24 pieces of birthstone crystal charms with each one 5mm. The order is perfect for women to wear daily.


✔️ Enable change charms frequently with a wide variety of charms

✔️ Perfect size to give your loved one feel comfortable

✔️ Shining and well-polished to keep the quality in good longly

Mother is always the best woman in a family, so never forget mother's day to give her the beautiful necklace jewelry. The gift will deliver your thankful saying to her and make her day to be meaningful and happy. The necklace is simple with a mother charm and attached with a card to express your thoughts.

Made of 316L stainless steel, the text is shown artistically to make people feel heartwarming. The chain has a length from 18 inches to 20 inches, and you completely extend within this range to feel comfortable when wearing. The card is sturdy and printed with black ink to highlight your message.


✔️ Give a choice for women when dressing up

✔️ Color never changes to use it forever

✔️ Meaningful gift to show off your love to mom

The atmosphere of mother's day is spreading out outside with some stall of flowers in the street or some beautiful gift box. Do you find out what gift is for your mom or grandma? If not, the personalized bracelet is a good suggestion for you. The brace necklace is comfortable for women to wear daily, and it is customized to make it unique from one to one.

The bracelet is designed from stainless steel, and it is gentle for all types of skin. The jewelry never tarnishes or rusts. The length is 6 inches, and the width is 6ml. There are available in 3 colors for you to choose from, are silver, rose, and gold. Beyond that, you are completely able to adjust this design to fit yourself.


✔️ Customized with a mom or grandma's name and date inside, and children's name outside

✔️ Non-closed bracelet to help blood circulate better

✔️ Comfortable for her when wearing and doing housework

Complementing the jewelry collection of a woman with the necklace gift for mother's day. Each charm has its own meaning to bring luck to her, such as the infinity sign, hamsa sign, evil eye, and so on. Don't let mother's day flow nonsense without gifts. You only get this necklace to give a gift to her is enough for a day.

The rose-gold necklace is plated choker-style and then embellished with shining crystal to create a beautiful design. The chain is 19 5/8 inches long, and the symbolic charms are ably removed and feature small sizes to feel comfortable when put on.


✔️ Timeless design with the perfect harmony of meaning and aesthetic

✔️ Make you're beloved look more beautiful with the necklace

✔️ Symbolize a lucky meaning to send your loved one

✔️ Durable material to keep it beautiful forever

Grabbing the unique bar necklace for your mother and grandma on mother's day. Unlike some different jewelry with a charming pendant, the bar pendant is solid and symbolizes the strength, sustainability, and resilience of a mother's love. Don't miss it if you need to have a breakthrough to break a boring life.

The necklace is quality stainless steel and it is well-polished and plated with electroplated gold or rose gold. There are 3 types of bars which are thick, thin, and short. The thick and thin ones are 1.5" x .25", and the short one is 1" x .16". Each bar is adorned with respective birthstones. The chain is 18-20", 24-26", and 28-30" respectively with bar pendants.


✔️ Permanent engraved text to keep unique for this Jewelry

✔️ Small pendant to create a comfortable when wearing

✔️ Nice accessory to match and mix with casual clothes

The bond of mother and daughter or sons is something nothing can break. Like the pendant of the necklace, showing the interlocking of 2 circles and a gemstone in the middle. It represents the protection of mothers to children which is strong and shining. Mother's day is welcoming soon. Let's grab this jewelry to give your mom a fantastic day.

Using 925 sterling silver for a circle pendant and world-class pave Set Cubic zirconia crystal, the necklace is trendy and sparkling. The pendant is 1.38 inches, and the chain is 17.71 inches, so it fits almost women and gives them a comfortable feeling. The box is designed with a bright background and an emotional message.


✔️ Personalized with your special photos and

✔️ Touch your mother's heart with a heartwarming message

✔️ Beautiful and carefully packed in a luxury box

Jewelry is always a familiar and popular choice for men or women who want to have a gift for their loved ones. Mother's day is also no exception. The bracelet watch is an amazing gift to send her on a special day. It is designed to look like a bracelet, but when adding a dial, it will become a watch. The novel design will definitely cherish your mom or grandma.

Feature Victorian style, the material for this gift is silver which is sparkling and doesn't change color over time. The bracelet watch allows you to adjust a length from 6 1/4" to 8 1/2". Moreover, it is also embellished with pearls to symbolize the gentle charm of your loved one.


✔️ Suitable for any group of ages

✔️ Classic style to keep its value for many years

✔️ Have a clasp to fix on your wrist and avoid losing

✔️ Require battery to power this watch

Do you remember the last time you say love to your mom? Mother's is coming soon. Thus, get the mother's ring to give her and say love to her every day through this gift. The loving message is engraved inside, and that will remind her of your love even when she is older and start to forget many things.

The ring is manufactured of 925 sterling silver and embellished with 18 kara white, gold, and rose gold plates. It is set on the ring to make it attractive and shining. You can choose the birthstone to add to the band and remember to add names to it to get a unique gift. The size fits almost women's fingers.


✔️ Attractive ring with three heart-shaped stones

✔️ Create a highlight for women's hands

✔️ Comfortable when wearing to do housework with lightweight feature

Reminding your beloved of appreciating every moment with children or mon with the personalized bracelet. The jewelry features an infinity sign which represents the enteral of the mother's love. Mother is the only person who hugs you, kisses you, and supports you without condition. So, love her as much as you can.

The charm is Solid 925 Sterling Silver and finished with gold and rose gold. With dimensions of 1 3/4" in length and 1/2" in width, it fits almost women's wrists. Moreover, having the support of a leather band, you will feel comfortable when wearing it daily. The firmness and comfort of this gift definitely give you a good experience.


✔️ Customized with children and mom's name

✔️ Adorable and sweet accessory for women

✔️ Safe for those who have sensitive skin

Get the exotic design for your loved woman to celebrate mother's day. The necklace is a combination of flower and heart beads. It is so adorable and eye-catching. The jewelry features regional style and absolutely will bring a new appearance for women when wearing it. So, it is so regretful if you ignore it.

The illusion necklace includes beads, stones, and colorful charms. The material to make this design is gold-tone metal, glass, and plastic. The chain is 16,'', and you can extend it more than 3'' to get a suitable one for your neck. The highlight of this necklace is the frontal drop of 3.5''. Plus, the lobster clasp will enforce the firmness of this gift.


✔️ New design for women to change styles every day

✔️ Safe element to not cause allergic when wearing

✔️ Create an appearance full of life for women

Do you need to have a piece of jewelry to express your emotion to your greatest woman, your mother? Mom's day, let's grab this bracelet to give her. The bracelet is designed with birthstones of different colors. It is homely and brings good energy with your wishes of having a good day with your loved one.

The bracelet is created from stainless steel, and it is finished to keep the color for a long time. Having a heart-shaped pendant of 18 mm. It is shining and well-polished, and it is especially engraved with a "mom" word. Besides, the gift is also adorned with some glass crystals, which are birthstones of 8mm.


✔️ Sturdy and durable bracelet with quality material

✔️ Don't change color and rust to keep this gift forever

✔️ Simple in design to help you mix with different styles

✔️ Personalize with a birthstone and respective color

The watch is a breakthrough in jewelry design for women. It is luxurious and stylish. The purple on the face is romantic and very suitable for the femininity of women. The day of Mother's would be the best time for you to send it. Your loved one will appreciate it as your loved one.

The band is silver steel that never tarnishes and changes color. The dial is silvery pink and white to give you a clear vision when checking the time. Moreover, the watch can withstand water pressure at a depth of 30 meters, so you don't need to worry when wearing it on a rainy day. The face diameter is 29mm, and the weight is 68g which is suitable for women.


✔️ Suitable to wear when doing business, outdoor activities, dating, and so on

✔️ Have a foldable strap buckle to organize it neatly

✔️ Modern and fashionable to create a mature appearance for women

✔️ Check time conveniently with a clear dial

Never allow yourself to miss a meaningful day like mother's day. And this necklace jewelry is designed to remind you of that day. The charm is shining and attractive with a crystal. But the most appealing one is the box with an emotional quote. This message is sweet for daughters or sons to send their mon as a thanks word.

The chain is white gold over stainless steel with a length of 16'' to 18''when extending. The pendant is Cubic Zirconia of 1.2 mm in diameter. Moreover, the box is sturdy and elegant, with a beautiful and sentimental background to show your thoughts to your mom. You can open and close it easily to give her a surprise.


✔️ Have a lobster clasp to keep the necklace secure on the neck

✔️ The box is decorated with floral and heart pattern

✔️ Long-lasting necklace for daily or on any occasion

Jewelry is always the king of gifts to cherish women on some special days, and mother's day is more meaningful for you to give it. The quartz watch is a beautiful design featuring elegance and stylish. It is suitable for women who work in the professional workplace or for events. The value of this gift cannot show all your love to her, but it absolutely makes a day for her.

The face of the watch is covered by a hardened mineral crystal lens, and it is clear to help you observe the time conveniently and precisely. Moreover, with a silver dial, and gold-tone stainless steel band, the gift delivers a noble, classic, and timeless looking. The dial is 38 mm, and the band is 18 mm, so it is a compact size for women's wrists.


✔️ Withstand with water pressure up to 330ft

✔️ Shaking-resistant to help you participate in sports activities

✔️ Come with a 20'' necklace with the similar color

✔️ Designed by a long-year brand in the jewelry field

Telling how much you love her with the necklace. The gift is a beautiful and incredible idea for daughters and sons to make a perfect day for their mom on mother's day. The charm is novel and looks like a pair of circles. It is interlocking to represent togetherness and connection in the soul. The background is shown in purple with a sweet message to melt her heart.

The necklace is 20 dazzling cubic zirconia crystals and plated white gold to keep it from oxidation. The pendant is 0.8 '' in width, and the chain is 18'' to 20'' in length. The necklace can be adjustable to fit your neck. Moreover, a parrot clasp is attached to fix it sturdily, and the box is set with a spotlight to make the jewelry look shining.


✔️ Don't cause allergic in women, even for sensitive skin

✔️ Convenient to put on and take off with a clasp

✔️ Make your loved one realize how important she is to you

Simple to enhance the beauty of your beloved with this pair of earrings. The design is homely to honor the elegance of women. It is better to match it with a simple dress or casual clothes. The gift is suitable for mothers, and it is a great choice for mother's day. Let's get it to give her a surprise on that day.

The earrings feature Kendra Scott's shape and a signature for unique silhouettes. The charm is a pearl that is polished carefully and professionally to give you an eye-catching sight. The size measures 0.63"L x 0.38" W, which is proper to wear daily. To keep it shining and of good quality, limit exposure to soap, perfume, makeup products, and so on.


✔️ Create an elegant beauty for women

✔️ Suitable for middle-aged women to keep a young appearance

✔️ Never hurt you when wearing daily

Jewelry is the favorite of women because it is not only beautiful, it often has a symbolic meaning. Mother's day is waving, and jewelry may be one of the most searched for some days. And here is one of the most beautiful ones, stud earrings. The design is eye-catching, and you can choose a suitable birthstone for her is the thing that makes it different.

The earrings are outstanding with 6mm cushion cut gemstone, and it is made in 925 sterling silver. The stone weighs 1.4 carats, and the metal is 0.4 grams which makes the earrings lightweight and comfortable when put on. Each stone will feature a different color, and all of them are very shining and attractive.


✔️ Creative design to highlight women's beauty

✔️ Show off the feminity of mature women

✔️ Stable when put on and hard to drop

If you feel shy when saying and showing love to your lover, the morse code bracelet is an ideal choice for you on the upcoming mother's day. The symbolic jewelry will help you deliver a secret message through the complicated morse codes. The bracelets will be attached with a card to make them look polite and elegant.

Made of 316L stainless steel, the necklace is safe, odor-free, and harmless for health. The code is engraved discreetly to meet your needs. The chain is 7 inches in length, and you can extend it 1.5 inches more to fit your wrist. Also, the product is finished with gold to make a royal and luxurious color.


✔️ Send your love discreetly through a morse code

✔️ Have a warranty for you to make sure you will have a good product

✔️ Increase the charm for women with the timeless design

Using the image of the elephant to describe motherly love. An elephant is known as a gentle animal and loves its offspring. That's why the ring is wonderful for you to give your loved one on mother's day. The jewelry is novelly designed and delivers the meaning incredibly. So, don't miss this gift to make her happy and cozy on that day.

The ring is made of quality 925 sterling silver, and it doesn't contain any harmful elements. The elephant is professionally made to give you a close image. Moreover, the rose heart pendant is very beautiful and makes this gift more heartwarming and expresses the meaning of motherly love better. The weight is 2g, so it is suitable for both teens and adults.


✔️ Symbolize the strong connection and reliability between mom and daughter

✔️ Make your lover feel sweet in the heart with an engraved text

✔️ Unique design for your jewelry collection

✔️ Available in many sizes to choose from

The creative and unique design of the earrings jewelry is definitely perfect for making your loved woman feel out of the world. If you are finding a gift for mother's day, this one is wonderful for you. It is stunning, sparkling, and luxurious. This is so beautiful with the attached gemstone and wins anyone's heart at first sight.

The earrings are a combination of sparkling Swarovski crystals with a rhodium finish. It measures 1/4 x 1/4 inches, and it is easy to wear. You will receive a rhodium-plated metal post and butterfly back to fit it firmly on your ears. Besides, to serve your gifting goal, there is a jewelry box to keep it elegantly.


✔️ Modern and aristocratic earrings to honor the beauty of women

✔️ Eye-catching design with sparkling crystal

✔️ Create an elegance for women when put on

The beauty of the jewelry set cannot use any word or thing to compare and it likes motherly love. It is the world. The set is beautiful with a floral design and features a fantastic color in gold and red to enhance the beauty of your mother. The day of her would become fulfilling when receiving this gift from you.

The set of a bracelet, necklace, and earrings is made of 18 gold. The good material helps this jewelry collection durable, exist with time, and never change color. The floral pendant is small in size and skilfully designed and made to give you a sophisticated set. Moreover, it is well stored in a beautiful box to increase its beauty.


✔️ Send flowers to your beloved in an interesting way

✔️ Comfortable and stunning to wear on a special day or a party

✔️ Create nobility and feminity for women

Wonderful and stunning is absolutely what you think of this jewelry collection. The bracelet and earrings shine and engage in drawing any woman's attention at first sight. The design is new and stylish, so why not grab this collection to add your mother's makeup table and cherish mother's day with her?

The jewelry set is made of metal and crystal. For the bracelet, some small crystals are embellished on the 6 3/8 gold-plated chain. It is solid in color and creates harmony for the overall design. The earrings match the bracelet to make you look elegant and noble. The clasp is well-designed to keep security and doesn't break the beauty of the bracelet.


✔️ Brilliant jewelry collection for any woman for any occasion

✔️ Win women's hearts even for professional jewelry buyers

✔️ Sparkling and shining to spice up women's fashion style

If you have become a mother, maybe you know how much love your mom gave you. Mother's day is coming soon. Let's do something to express our gratitude and love to her. The personalized necklace jewelry is meant to convey your thoughts. The pendant is heart shape to present your heart, and the crystal is to present your mother, who always being in your heart even where you are.

The gift is made of stainless steel and then plated with 14k white gold. It is sustainable, sturdy, and non-allergic. The chain is from 18'' to 22'' and gives you an adjustment. The heart-shaped pendant is 0.8''x0.4'' and embellished with 7mm cubic zirconia. Over that, the box is printed with a sentimental quote to send your love.


✔️ Honor the things your mom has sacrificed for you

✔️ Add small happiness to her boring life

✔️ Timeless jewelry is suitable for any ages

The ring is always gorgeous jewelry to respect the beauty of women. Not only that, the ring symbolizes the bond, connection, and strength of a relationship. Therefore, you should give this ring to your loved one on the day of Mother's. With the eye-catching design and customized birthstone, this gift will pull your relationship closer.

The ring features gemstones of Cubic zirconia, and it is different according to the month you chose. Each stone is 4 x 2 mm or 3x1 mm in diameter. The band is finished with 3 colors, silver, gold, and rose, and the width is only 1.8mm. If you want to make it more special, please make a requirement to engrave a name or a date.


✔️ Bring good energy to her through her birthstone

✔️ Glamorous jewelry for daily wearing or dress up for an event

✔️ Fit almost women's fingers with various sizes

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