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32+ Best Golf Gifts For Your Golfer Dad That'll Impress Him

If your dad's a pro on the golf course or just a pro at watching Rory McIlroy on TV, it'd be really thoughtful to get him a gift that reflects his love for the sport. And just when you thought your dad had everything, you'd be surprised at the unusual and unique golf gifts you can buy right online. It's also a great way to show how much you care about your dad, including his interest.

Whose love of the game is so intense you're pretty damn sure you'll never be able to buy them a gift that impresses? No sweat. When your dad happens to love golf, you're luckier than a hole-in-one because we've got you covered with the best golf gifts out there.

From high-quality training gadgets to super sweet personalized picks that he'll forever treasure, you can't go wrong with any presents on our list of best gifts for golf-loving dads, grandpas, fathers-in-law — whoever you're celebrating a special occasion! A lot of these picks we're going to suggest are right off Amazon or Etsy, so you can pair items together for a quick and easy bundle.

For the newbie who's just learning the sport, we bet you a new set of clubs that he will love this roundup of cool gifts that are as unique as he is. From unusual and quirky gifts such as a funny coffee mug to practical tools to take on the course (who knew a ball repair kit was a necessity?), there's something here for every kind of golfer and every personality. And the good news is, some of them are a steal, coming in at less than $50, which are all well worth buying.

This windproof, waterproof golf umbrella from G4Free brand will keep you dry whether you're dressed for the rain on the golf course or you're caught in a passing drizzle on your way to work.

It opens and closes with the touch of a button, and its extra-large canopy keeps you dry in stormy conditions. Its vibrant pattern will help you recognise it amid the other golf umbrellas in the club. It's trendy, and it will last you a very long time.


✔️ Golfers' Essential Accessory

✔️ Weatherproof Performance

✔️ Eye-Catching Design

What about doing anything else with your loved ones except playing golf, whether indoors or out? Enjoy some lighthearted competition with this GoSports brand huge wooden dice set.

The quality construction consists of six hand-sanded wooden dice stored in a canvas carrying box and comes with an extra Rollzee and Farkle scorecard. This massive size is perfect for any and all dice games you could desire to play. The numbers are permanently seared into the wood.


✔️ High-Quality Craftsmanship

✔️ Portable and Convenient

✔️ Fun Scorecard Variations

Illuminate your dad's golfing experience with the mesmerizing LED Light up Golf Balls. A gift that adds excitement to his nighttime golf sessions.

This pack includes 6 LED light-up golf balls that automatically light up upon impact, creating a stunning display in the dark. Enhance Your Game: With these glowing golf balls, your dad's golfing adventures will be taken to a whole new level of thrill and comfort.


✔️ A Whimsical Twist to Golfing

✔️ Improved Visibility and Fun

✔️ Ideal for Nighttime Play

These spikeless shoes are ideal for the father who is always up for an adventure, particularly those who enjoy sports like golf that take place in the great outdoors.

The synthetic leather and mesh construction provides flexibility and traction. The Adidas Primeknit technology used in the upper creates a snug fit that feels like a second skin.


✔️ Embrace the Golf Adventure

✔️ A Perfect Blend of Style and Function

✔️ Comfy Second-Skin Fit

A good golf gift can be difficult to find, especially if you're not a golf fan yourself. This Custom Shape Acrylic Ornament is a good choice if you want something useful, appropriate, and anything but thoughtless.


✔️ Vivid color printing

✔️ A housewarming gift

✔️ Personalized face

Tee Off the Celebration with Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers! Step up your dad's whiskey game and impress your guests with this unique and novel way of chilling drinks.

Replace traditional ice cubes with golf ball-inspired whiskey chillers for a fun and impressive drinking experience. If your dad loves whiskey and enjoys a good game of golf, these chillers are the ideal gift for him to savor his favorite drink without dilution.


✔️ Impressively Unique Drink Chillers

✔️ For the Whiskey-Loving Golfer

✔️ Preserving the Full Flavor

If you are not a golf connoisseur, this funny ornament will be a safe choice, guaranteed to win your father's favor.

It depicts an image of a happy man on a golf cart - an iconic image of this sport. And what you can do is customize the face by uploading a photo of your dad. Names or special characters will be customized on the license plate for a personal touch! It will become a keepsake that lasts for years!

When your dad is a golfer, you know it's time to get outside and play. Giving Dad a military snapback hat on Father's Day is a smart move.

Despite its common use in the military, this hat has many other applications. The baseball cap shields his eyes and head from harmful UV rays. A buckle fastener allows you to quickly and easily alter the hat's fit. It's made out of sturdy, useful, and comfy canvas material.


✔️ Shielding Style from the Sun

✔️ Customizable Comfort Fit

✔️ Durability for Active Golfers

It has never been simpler to prepare and clean your golf clubs for play. This compact, attractive brush can be attached to your golf bag in seconds, turning club cleaning from a chore into a breeze.

The ergonomic handle and gentle bristles make this brush a breeze to use. This one-of-a-kind brush can be carried around in a pocket or tucked away in a golf bag without sacrificing functionality. Your dad should have the tidiest golf bag on the green.


✔️ A Brush for Better Swings

✔️ Lightweight & Stylish Cleaning

✔️ Ace the Clean Clubs Game

Elevate His Golfing Experience! Introducing the Golf Course Cigar Holder – a unique and thoughtful gift that combines his passion for golf and love for cigars, making it the perfect present for your golf enthusiast dad who enjoys a good smoke on the course.

Securely hold his lit cigar away from harmful chemicals on the golf course, allowing him to savor every shot with a puff of relaxation. The holder's dart-like tip ensures it stays securely in the ground when dropped or 'mumbly pegged,' offering convenience and ease of use.


✔️ A Cigar Haven on the Fairway

✔️ Personalized Luxury on the Course

✔️ Swinging in Style & Smoke

If you want to show off your collection of golf balls, this case is perfect for you. You shouldn't risk the safety of your branded balls.

Your branded golf balls will look amazing displayed in the black felt interior of the case. The magnets on the glass's hinged front make it simple to open and close the display when not in use. This golf display box is sure to become a staple on any shelf or desk with space for 25 branded golf balls.


✔️ Where Golf Balls Take Center Stage

✔️ Tee Time Memories on Display

✔️ Safe and Stylish Golf Ball Showcase

Put a miniature golf course on your desk and improve on your putting stroke in your spare time. Your father will truly appreciate this present.

This miniature golf course can be played all day long despite fitting on a desk. It's the gift that keeps on giving: every few days, all you have to do is add water to the holes. In preparation for your weekly round of real golf, you can now hone your skills on the putt-putt green.


✔️ Gift of Putting Precision

✔️ Mini Golf, Maximum Fun

✔️ Elevate Desk Downtime

Everyone has a friend who is a grill master. Your dad would love this barbecue set for hosting family gatherings in the backyard.

The spatula, tongs, and fork are all made of stainless steel and come packaged in a golf bag with a throwback design. A golfer teeing off is engraved on one side, and the Under Par logo is inscribed on the other. They are also suitable for use in a fire pit or outdoor stove. The set's premium stainless steel construction ensures it will serve you well for many years to come.


✔️ Tee Off the Grill Party

✔️ Swing into BBQ Season

✔️ Grill like a Pro-Golfer

A golf club's headcover is an absolute necessity for club protection. You can make your golfing father very happy on a particular occasion by giving him a set of contour golf club headcovers.

The buffalo vinyl and faux suede used to make these contoured headcovers are synthetic. The velour lining provides additional club protection.These vivid and long-lasting headcovers are a great way to show off his team pride while he's out on the course.


✔️ Fairway Fashion with Team Spirit

✔️ Safeguard Dad's Swing

✔️ Hole-in-One Club Protection

Your father, a golf enthusiast, would much appreciate a golfing equipment. Get the newest model of the compact desktop pen stand immediately!

This desk item, depicting a golf ball and a golf pen, is ideal as a present for the avid golfer in your life. People may easily check the time thanks to the electric clock embedded inside the ball. The 0.3 pressure refill used in this device allows for more fluid handwriting. You need not worry about smudging your paper as you write.


✔️ Putting Style on Display

✔️ Golf Ball Precision on Paper

✔️ Fore the Golf Enthusiast

A hat is a must when playing outside due to the sun's harmful UV rays, right? A floppy bucket hat is an excellent present for your father.

The Quiksilver cap is constructed entirely of cotton, making it ultra-breathable, ultra-lightweight, and ultra-absorbent. The pull-on design allows him to customise the fit to his head shape. You can get a hat in a neutral colour and have it customised to his favourite shade.


✔️ Stylish Shield for Your Golfer Dad

✔️ Hat-tastic Outdoor Companion

✔️ Gift of Sunblock Elegance

If your father is an avid golfer, he is likely to like gifts with a golfing theme. Rather than not thinking about it, why not consider purchasing a decoration associated with this sport? To commemorate the event, we propose a great golf course poster.

Hanging this piece of golf wall art on the wall is a great way to show how much he loves the game. Using an outline of the state, we've ranked and plotted the top 50 golf courses in California. Courses like Cypress Point, Pebble Beach Golf Links, and Riviera are among the best in the world.


✔️ Legendary Greens Captured

✔️ Unforgettable Golf Course Art

✔️ Fore the Golf Enthusiast

A custom-made, Cabretta leather golf glove is the perfect present for your father, an avid golfer.

Royal blue is a luxurious colour that makes this jacket stand out and look great on the wearer. Additionally, the Premium Cabretta Leather Golf Glove gives a golf glove of the greatest quality in terms of construction, fit, and feel, making it both comfortable and long-lasting. In addition to its superior construction, the fact that this golf glove bears your initials is what sets it apart from the competition.


✔️ Handcrafted Golfing Elegance

✔️ Personalized Golf Performance

✔️ Distinguished on the Greens

If the cost of playing golf in the great outdoors prevents your father from practising regularly, an accelerator pro indoor from SKLZ brand is a fantastic gift option.

The 9-foot length makes it ideal for a round of golf in the comfort of your own home or office. He appreciates the ease with which he can practise his putting stroke thanks to the automated ball return featured on the accelerated putting green. It encourages uniformity in all aspects of the putting motion.


✔️ Mastering the Indoor Greens

✔️ Home Office Golf Haven

✔️ Elevate His Putting Game

A custom embroidered golf towel is a thoughtful gift for a golf enthusiast like your dad.

The towel is made of a microfiber yarn that is both lightweight and lint-free. Therefore, it is efficient in cleaning the grooves of golf clubs. This anti-microbe fabric is long-lasting and quick-drying, so it won't retain any musty odours from mildew. You can specify the thread colours you need by writing a remark in the check box.


✔️ Fore the Love of Golf

✔️ Personalized Golf Essentials

✔️ Swinging in Style

Giving your father a mug with a golf course printed on it is guaranteed to elicit a hearty chuckle from any golfer.

The craftsmanship is exquisite, and the design will last for decades. The design on the mug will never peel or fade because it is printed directly onto the ceramic. This ceramic is of the highest quality and may be used in both the microwave and dishwasher. You can select from 11oz and 15oz mugs when placing your order.


✔️ A Mug with a Golfing Twist

✔️ Mug-nificent Golf Gift

✔️ Golf Lover's Cup of Joy

Now that he's retired, your dad has the time to pursue his passions and interests the way he always wanted to. Give him golf ball markers if that's his hobby.

They are a stunning accessory, no doubt about it. The phrases "the road to happiness is a cart path" and "Retired" are laser engraved onto one-inch stainless steel discs. Away Playing Golf. There is one magnetic golf ball marker made of stainless steel.


✔️ Fore-tee Retirement Gift

✔️ Golfing Elegance Unveiled

✔️ Swinging into Retirement

A personalised leather scorecard holder is a thoughtful present for your golfer father. What a great Father's Day present it will be!

A golf-themed leather scorecard case, monogrammed with his name or initials. Beautiful Italian leather was used to make these golf scorecard holders. They are a timeless tan colour and feature an attached pencil holder, making them ideal for storing your scorecard. The customization makes them feel even more unique. A word or two is optional.


✔️ Par-fect Personalization

✔️ A Hole-in-One Keepsake

✔️ Luxurious Golfing Companion

A bottle opener is a must-have item at any gathering serving wine in bottled form, right? A golf driver bottle opener is a novel present for your father, a golf enthusiast.

Bottle opener made from the head of a vintage golf club driver. The golf club heads are authentic and made of wood, however they are full size.In addition, each opener is unique because it is fashioned from repurposed old golf drives. Driver-specific shade preferences can be accommodated with a gift message at checkout.


✔️ Swinging into Celebration

✔️ Vintage Golfers' Delight

✔️ A Hole-in-One Gift Idea

Getting Dad a shirt with a golfer on it and a special message is a great idea because he enjoys the sport.

It's made from a soft, breathable poly-cotton blend that he'll love to wear. If you get this special tee, you may have it printed with a special message only for dad. Selecting a size from the drop-down menu guarantees success. If you want him to feel most comfortable wearing it, go with his regular size.


✔️ Golf-Ready Wardrobe Upgrade

✔️ Par-fectly Personalized Gift

✔️ A Hole-in-One Gesture

The pair of whisky glasses are ideal for dad to use on special occasions while sharing drinks with his wife and enjoying quiet, intimate time together.

The glasses' golf ball design makes them a must-have for any golf fan, like your dad. He'll be very moved by them and hold on to them with great affection. We no longer drink from them, but their decorative value is undeniable.


✔️ Whiskey with a Swing

✔️ Whiskey Swing Set

✔️ Golf Ball Glamour

Golfers greatly benefit from the use of a golf storage bag. Give this golf ball bag to your dad if he's a golfer, too.

Ultra-suede fabric and industrial-strength stitching go into making each and every MySack. Both the Velcro fastener and the clasp are double stitched for extra durability. The bag can store up to six golf balls and includes two.


✔️ Keep Calm and Carry MySack

✔️ Humorous Golf Companion

✔️ Storage with a Sense of Humor

Your father cannot afford to play golfing because of the cost. Don't fret, he has a Rolilac golf chipping net to practise with at home.

If you're looking for a compact and adaptable golf chipping net, go no further than the Rolilac Golf Chipping Net. It has a variety of pockets and targets to help him practise his pitches from closer range. The top choice for golfers of every ability! Because it is compact, he can take it with him everywhere, so he can play golf in any kind of weather, day or night.


✔️ Swing & Score at Home

✔️ Portable Golf Playground

✔️ Mastering Short Distance Shots

When packing for a round of golf, the trunk organiser is an absolute must. The Athletico golf bag is a great present for any golfer on your list.

The organiser is built to safely stow away and secure the vast majority of golfing essentials. Easily able to wear and use any type of footwear, ball, glove, cap, or shirt. It's adaptable enough to serve as a gym bag or car emergency pack, among other uses. It can be folded up after each usage, saving space while not in use.


✔️ Organized On-the-Go

✔️ Swing into Tidy Trunks

✔️ Golf Gear, Neatly Packed

If your father is a golf enthusiast, a gift package consisting of golf accessories and a tumbler is an excellent choice.

A stainless steel tumbler, with its double wall vacuum insulation, can maintain a drink's temperature for hours. Included in the package is a divot tool that doubles as a stencil and magnetic ball marker.


✔️ Par-tee Time Surprise

✔️ Golf Essentials Unwrapped

✔️ Sip and Swing in Style

A towel to dry yourself with after a round of golf seems like an obvious necessity. The towel is a great way to express your dad how much you appreciate his favourite hobby.

Towels are created in a smoke-free facility, making them safer for the environment. It is also odor-resistant, quick-drying, lightweight, and absorbent. The fact that you can have a custom statement embroidered on the towel, such "Best Papa," makes it even more unique.


✔️ Eco-Friendly Performance

✔️ Golf Game Sidekick

✔️ Personalized Golf Love

An avid golfer should equip themselves with all the fundamentals that one would need on the course. A custom golf shirt would be a kind present for your father.

This Armour Polo shirt is made from high-quality material, 100% cotton, and features a comfortable fit. The fabric's lightness and airiness provide him a pleasant sensation. It dries quickly after a wash and is ready to use again. This shirt was inspired by the spirit of athletes around, and it was made to remind them why they love what they do.


✔️ Golfing Chic Unleashed

✔️ Sporty Greens Attire

✔️ Comfortable Golf Elegance

Your father will appreciate a Suncast utility storage cabinet because you both share a passion for golf.

Because of its vertical form, he can easily carry all of his gear. With the help of the four movable shelves, he can keep all of his golfing gear in one convenient location. In addition, the feet can be adjusted to make the organiser stable, so your father should not be concerned about it toppling over in his hands.


✔️ A Golfer's Garage Have

✔️ Swingin' Storage Solution

✔️ Gear Up and Organize

Bottom line

Tee up an unforgettable gift for your golfer dad with our carefully curated collection of the best golf gifts! From cutting-edge golf gadgets that enhance his game to stylish and functional golf accessories that will impress on the course, our selection is designed to make him feel truly special. Show your appreciation for his passion with a gift that reflects his love for the game. Embrace the joy of giving and make this year's gift-giving experience a hole-in-one with these thoughtful and impressive presents.

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