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35 Best Gifts Under $5 That Are Practical And Unique

Whether or not you enjoy holiday shopping, you need to set yourself a budget for presents; otherwise, your wallet might be overdrawn come January. Spending a dollar is always better than not spending anything at all. That is, as long as you don’t blow the entire budget on something stupid. A small gift for a birthday, holiday, or just because is certainly appreciated — and cheap doesn't have to mean "careless." Small presents can make a big impact, especially when they're personal, playful, and useful. Sometimes $5 will do the trick, but if you have any extra spending money and are willing to give it away, you can give your favorite person a special gift without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re shopping for your partner, best friend, mother, sister, teen cousins, your coworker, or just need an easy Christmas present, there’s sure to be something here that’s perfect and costs even less than your Friday happy hour drink. For those who are running low on ideas for inexpensive gifts, this list comes up with really thoughtful ones under $5. The list includes some practical items, but also some that are more like fun.

These pocket mirrors are perfect for girls or guys. They come in different colors and designs. Moreover, this mirror is a cute and unique gift to give your friend, siblings, wife, and girlfriend on their upcoming birthday.

These pocket mirrors are designed to fit inside your pocket or wallet, so it won’t be a hassle to carry them with you. They are also a practical daily must-have. There are 2 sizes for you to select from, one is a mini size of 2.25" and a regular size of 2.95''. Your family and friends or guests will always want to use them every day. You, your family, friends, or guests would always want to use these every day!


✔️ Necessary item for women to keep presentable all the time

✔️ Personalized with a name and design to have a unique gift

✔️ Eye-catching mirror with some floral patterns

6 scrunchies, with varying styles and colors, are included in this set. They're made from luxurious plush materials, so they're super comfy and easy to wear. The Unique Fashion Scrunchies are soft, colorful, cute, fashionable, and great for all ages.

And you can use them year-round since they're designed for both hot and cold weather climates. There are large, elaborately shaped styles and small, unassuming, modestly designed ones available in many different colors, fabrics, and designs.


✔️ Be the perfect way to style your hair

✔️ Be a nice addition to your own wardrobe

✔️ Add a little whimsy to an outfit

This cute rhinestone ring has a special design, excellent workmanship, and unique structure. It will look great on your fingers. This is a nice gift for your love, your family, and your friends. Women will be more charming and attractive when they’ve been using the right-hand cream.

You can easily match your bracelet, necklace, watch, bag, or daily dress. If you’re planning a trip to see a college, make sure to pack a few fun games and activities to keep your kids entertained during the trip.


✔️ Express themselves through hand movements

✔️ Be a sign of affection and love

✔️ Let him/her feel special every time you touch them

The bright and colorful Aim High Notepad brings fun and happy touch to your daily school routine or goal-making list and is a delightful replacement to your typical stationery What's Included: 50 lined pages are included with 3 organized sections: 'Super Important', 'Then, Do This', and 'Chill, This Can Wait' to organize your needs by priority.

The most inspiring and versatile notepad will make your school days run smoothly and allow you to use it for anything from reminders, calendars, and homework, to setting your everyday schedule with ease.


✔️ Be a great way to keep yourself on track

✔️ Have the perfect size for notes

✔️ Help things stay organized and manage their time

Each durable bag shares an inspiring or fun message to remind you to stay positive and have fun. These bags feature modern illustrations of animals and nature for a fun, fresh, and colorful twist on a traditional bag.

This bag has the sides in the same color as the front so it looks great when you carry it around. These recycled gift bags make good use of those leftover Christmas trees and other recyclables.


✔️ Easy to fold and wrap

✔️ Great for stocking stuffers and wedding presents

✔️ Be useful and thoughtful

This is super fun and unique gift for any woman who loves dressing up or enjoys a bit of style. The 6 scrunchies are in a variety of colors and designs including flirty tan dot chiffon, sleepy white velour, basic black velvet, fancy black-and-white stripe satin, and cozy beige corduroy.

This is super fun and unique gift for any woman who loves dressing up or enjoys a bit of style. Available in a variety of colors and styles, this scrunchy is great for hair styling, travel, sports and much more.


✔️ Have a strong knot

✔️ Be used for fashion or function

✔️ Help style up any hair in no time

The light teal background of the Box of Blessings card set is decorated with cute pink flowers and gold foiled swirls. The cards alternate between two pink designs on the front and two blue designs on the back.

These cards have a Bible verse or two on the front and encouraging messages on the back. This book contains cards designed to help readers focus on their relationship with God. The themes covered by the cards include love, strength, blessings, and protection.


✔️ Offer hope, encouragement and inspiration to women

✔️ Show someone they are blessed in your life

✔️ Help the recipient find strength and inspiration

This luxurious, artisanal, soap is designed to produce a smooth lather and leave your skin feeling clean and soft. These bars create beautiful fragrances for the home, kitchen, and bathroom.

They are made in French Provence using traditional craftsmanship that produces no impurities and creates a richer, more luxurious soap. Our bars are made with natural ingredients like olive oil and lavender essential oils which nourish and moisturize your skin.


✔️ Create a rich, creamy lather

✔️ Gently cleanses, moisturizes and softens skin

✔️ Be an ideal present for any soap lover

Sticky notes are a great way to remember things. They stick everything well and remove it cleanly and easily if you don’t want to keep them. Get your loved one a cute gift with a little personality.

Notes and sticky notes are simple ideas for writing information that someone else may see and need to know, such as directions, phone numbers, reminders, and more. Suitable for families and roommates as a gift that can easily be posted on the fridge, or wall.


✔️ Perfect for note taking or scrapbooking

✔️ Help you keep track of important things

✔️ Add a bit of fun to your desk

This car cup holder is designed to protect your car and cup holders from the harsh environment outside. It also has a good and clean looking so it's very eye-catching.

You want to keep your cup clean and tidy, and that means using a cup cleaner. Stop the bottom of cups from getting messy and scratching over time. They are the perfect accessory for your coffee table or anywhere around the house.


✔️ Resist stains and scratches

✔️ Help prevent coffee or tea spills

✔️ Perfect for the coffee table or living room decor

Make a wish and wear your beautiful necklace. You make the world a brighter place. Wear your necklace as a reminder to smile, stay positive and let the sunshine in.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift idea, then this is the perfect one! Packaged with a love heart envelope and each necklace is packed independently. A cute little gift to give to your mom or your sister, or even to a friend who likes pretty things!


✔️ Help your loved one stay true to their dreams

✔️ Be a reminder that true friends are hard to find

✔️ Remind them of your love every time they wear it

The X5 is one of the best biometric fingerprint access cards on the market. It comes in a slim wallet-style card with four card slots and a clear window for your fingertip.

It can keep Identification Thief away from you and protect your personal information with inside RFID blocking shield material under frequence 13.56MHZ. It's made from genuine leather, which makes it a good choice for your pocket.


✔️ Perfect for everyday use

✔️ Go with just about anything they wear

✔️ Fit in all your pockets

If you're looking for a scent that's sensual, fruity, floral, and has a strong base of musk, this is a must-have item. Whether you have a small room or a large one, fill your home with amazing scents.

Choose from a single cube to multiple cubes. The scents are great, this comes in a resealable bag, and it’s very little. A custom blend of wax for scented candles that will last for a long time without any kind of burn, while also having a minimal environmental impact.


✔️ Super smooth, hydrating and nourishing

✔️ Made with premium ingredients

✔️ Provide a healthy, satisfying treat

There’s nothing that can’t be cleaned! And, since the entire surface is treated with our cleaning If you are applying to drinkware items, you must apply to use a hand washer only.

You can use this sticker on your laptop, mobile phone, or anything else that comes in contact with the outside. Decals are packaged with a protective backing that makes them safe for the car’s interior and long-term storage.


✔️ Show the recipient how much you care

✔️ Make your recipient smile from ear to ear

✔️ Turn a plain wall into a sweet memory

What better party favor than a soap and lip balm gift set? These little gift sets make the perfect holiday stocking stuffers or gifts for guests at any party! Great for your kids, your girlfriend, your mom, and anyone else in your life.

Each set includes one lip balm and one 2oz soap presented in a white organza bag as pictured. These little favor sets are great stocking stuffers, gifts for guests, or treats for family and friends at any event!


✔️ Filled with a selection of lip balm

✔️ Add a sweet note to any stocking

✔️ Ideal for anyone on the go

Gifts for loved ones are always fun, but candles make great gifts. Make these lovely little candles in bulk. Then you can fill them with your home scent and give them as the perfect party favor.

Made with soy wax and dried flowers, our vegan-friendly candles smell so good, and look super cute! These candles are the perfect gift for anyone and they're also a great way to try out a new scent without committing to a larger size just yet.


✔️ Burn with a beautiful glow

✔️ Placed in beautiful, clear glass jars

✔️ Make your home smell beautiful and help you relax

Comes in a beautiful velvet drawstring bag. Perfect size for your wedding! This is a fun toy that you'll play with your kids all day long. These seed bombs are fully assembled and ready to give as gifts or treats for Earth Day, Mother's day, or Valentine's Day.

Choose from three different colors: Green, Pink, and Red. Each one comes with 24 plastic seeds with an eco-friendly paper casing. The paper is made with a blend of wildflower seeds that get mixed into the paper-making process, as we roll each little ball out by hand.


✔️ Be a perfect way to get your toddler outside

✔️ Have hours of fun making this creative treat

✔️ Have vibrant colors and sweet designs

This team can create any type of name; nickname; etc. They make great party bag fillers; school name tag bags; or a fun stocking filler! They are perfect for parties; graduations; Christmas; or just for filling in your stockings.

They are customizable and look great in any kitchen or dining room. It also can be used for outdoor activities, such as camping, boarding, rescue, and something that might be used.


✔️ Perfect for keeping thing in the loop

✔️ Show them how much you care

✔️ Make a wonderful addition to your loved ones' life

The purpose of Pot Holders is to keep your hands safe from burns. They also help protect your hands when moving hot pots, pans, and dishes. Great for Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Bridal Showers, Wedding gifts, etc.

They are customizable and look great in any kitchen or dining room. There are also separate listings in my store with the cookie mixes and whisk sets with the same and other various designs.


✔️ Add a personal touch to your kitchen

✔️ Perfect for anyone who loves to cook

✔️ Be served more conveniently

You may feel like you're just too busy to take care of yourself and it's starting to affect your health. Are you stressed out and in need of some good health advice? This bath bomb is full of essential oils and delicious scents.

Drop it into your tub and you’ll get lots of yummy benefits and aroma. This product will help you smooth out dryness for hydrated skin, say goodbye to soreness, and relax your body and mind as well as detoxify your skin and leave your bath feeling refreshed and renewed.


✔️ Provide the perfect bathtime experience

✔️ Filled with a rich blend of essential oils and minerals

✔️ Perfect for a shower, tub or sink

Ruby Kisses Lip Balm is a highly concentrated, moisturizing lip balm that will keep your lips smooth, soft, and moisturized all day long. Great for gifts for those special occasions or for those who like to have a great lip gloss in their makeup bag.

This product is enriched with the power of Rosehip Oil, a powerful antioxidant, which helps hydrate, rejuvenate, and protect the skin on the lips. It also contains an advanced blend of anti-aging and hydrating antioxidants like vitamin E and Green Tea Extract.


✔️ Be a great way to get her lips into shape

✔️ Keep her lips moisturized throughout the day

✔️ Promote healthy and supple lips

A Pair of boho dangle earrings, retro style, bronze base, and colorful beads make it more eye-catching and elegant, it is suitable for any party, cocktail party, wedding, etc.

These earrings are fashionable and are made of alloy, and copper, and are lightweight, they are comfortable to wear. They are very comfortable and of great quality. The shape of this pair of earrings is very nice and delicate. They are in perfect condition.


✔️ Be adjusted to fit most sizes of earlobe

✔️ Add a splash of sparkle to any outfit

✔️ Be simple yet striking

Get your favorite wish bracelet! They're pretty, and they make a wish come true! This is a great idea for a New Years Eve / Holiday party. Let your feelings of love show to the world through these beautiful bracelets.

Add your name to the list and add this as a present to everyone. It’s time to make a wish! These unique wish bracelets come in 23 different styles. You pick a color to match your mood, or you can leave them as they are and make a wish.


✔️ Be comfortable to wear

✔️ Remind the recipient to spread good wishes

✔️ Keep you organized and stylish on the go

Use this handy password journal to keep track of all of your internet passwords in one place. If you need a free password manager, this is the one. It lets you create and store usernames and passwords.

A larger size notebook can help find your account information when you're online. This plugin makes it easy to store all of your important website usernames and passwords in a simple, clean way.


✔️ Filled with password security information

✔️ Prevent yourself from being hacked too

✔️ Have space for your notes

Design is a mystery. It can be any color or style. Each one is made by hand so the measurements will vary slightly. In addition to smoking, glass is used to make some of the most beautiful and innovative items for pot enthusiasts, such as bongs, vaporizers, and dab rigs.

Glass is generally a good material for holding your weed as it will keep it hot or cold, depending on whether you want to smoke hot or cold. You can comfortably hold it in your hand and enjoy the smoke.


✔️ Feel great in the hand

✔️ Easy to control with any hand

✔️ Make smoking more enjoyable and convenient

You can now use WANDF mini cosmetic bag everywhere for quick touch-ups in your life. It is made of our signature peach skin fabric that is super soft and durable.

It's easy to clean, simple, and large capacity. Fit in all the daily makeup brushes, eyebrows, eyeliners, lipsticks, foundations, etc. This functional makeup bag can be also used as a cosmetic bag or travel organizer bag. It’s perfect for organizing your cosmetics and make-up essentials!


✔️ Perfect for carrying all kinds of makeup items

✔️ Be durable and stylish

✔️ Made with the finest materials

Marshmallow and Milk Chocolate Flavored Lip Balm Tubes Lip balm that helps lips feel soft. Graham cracker, marshmallow ChapStick, and milk chocolate ChapStick lip balm with classic flavors you know and love.

Each small flavored ChapStick is portable and glides smoothly over delicate skin. ChapStick pack offers comforting, non-tinted, and paraben-free lip care. Easily carry this s'mores lip balm in your bag, purse, or pocket, and apply it daily for healthy-looking lips.


✔️ Be a sweetest way to brighten up a girl's lips

✔️ Provide a quick boost of moisture

✔️ Make your lips soft and smooth

The compact folding knife has a unique snowflake-shaped design and offers many practical functions. It can also be used outdoors as it is made from stainless steel. A multi-tool in one compact package, the 18-in-1 Snowflake MultiTool offers a comprehensive array of tools designed for home maintenance and DIY projects.

It is the best gift for your friends and family and is a great present for their birthday and Christmas. It is a perfect companion for your daily life, and a good present for your girlfriend, your son, or your boyfriend.


✔️ Crafted to do the jobs of multiple different tools

✔️ Perfect for your loved ones who loves gadgets

✔️ Great gift for the snow enthusiast in your life

Bee holds honey of a favor that's perfect for celebrating the new baby. You'll find a lovely honey-colored gift box that is accented with yellow and black honey bees on the base and the lid, along with a ceramic honey pot.

This gift box is made with beeswax and olive oil. Olive wood products are naturally insect and termite-resistant. Once a month give your olive wood items a good rubdown with oil, especially those made from olive, peanut, or sunflower oil.


✔️ Perfect for keeping your honey fresh

✔️ Simple to clean up afterwards

✔️ Stand up to the rigours of daily use

The 33 Book of Whiskey features 33 pages of high-quality paper and a special Flavor Wheel to let you rate the quality of the whiskies. Whiskeys is a whiskey journal that provides an easy way to quickly record whiskey tasting notes in a small, convenient notebook format.

It's perfect for anyone who's always looking to try something new. This is the thinnest phone you can buy. You can store it in your back pocket or keep it in your hand.


✔️ Great for keeping track of notes

✔️ Be a fun addition to your collection

✔️ Help you learn how to enjoy this fine spirit

These 3-in-1 multifunctional mini miracle complexion sponges leave skin with a smooth and natural-looking finish, making them the perfect sponge to use when you are on the go and have just got back from a day at the beach or a spa treatment.

They have the unique ability to work as a mini sponge, air sponge, and foundation applicator. It is great to use with liquid or cream foundations. These sponges will keep the foundation where you put it and also apply it without leaving any streaks.


✔️ Help you blend away dull skin

✔️ Help your complexion look its best

✔️ Create amazing skin and eye makeup looks

Are you still worried about losing keys easily or forgetting where you have placed them? With the keyring charm, your keys will never be out of your sight. The Wristlet Car Keychain Bracelet is a great gift under $5 for your loved one.

The present invention relates to a high-speed semiconductor memory device for processing a large amount of data at a high speed. If you have a small pocket for storing your keys, you can make use of a distinct wristlet keychain so you won't get distracted from the search for your keys.


✔️ Help your loved one appreciate your thoughtfulness

✔️ Let him or her know how much you care

✔️ Be the perfect way to stay organized

Dude Wipes are made of natural, non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients that begin to break down when flushed. They’re safe to use in your toilet, and the composting facility is the last thing your waste treatment plant will ever see.

You can save money, time, and the planet by using this reusable product instead of paper. It will help people to stop using paper and create a cleaner, greener environment.


✔️ Be gentle enough for even the most delicate skin

✔️ Help fight smelly nappy changes

✔️ Provide a relaxing spa-like experience

All-weather paper won’t turn to mush when wet and will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive the accidental laundry mishap. Rain doesn’t matter – your pocket notebook will always stay right in it. This is one of the best gifts under $5 for your loved one.

This bound book will provide your products with the best protection against the elements. Standard ballpoints and permanent markers work when the paper is dry. However, it's better to use water-soluble pens when writing on wet paper to ensure legibility.


✔️ Be the heart and soul of the schoolwork

✔️ Be easy to get caught up in work

✔️ Have a stylish and functional design

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