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66 Best Gifts For New Dad From Wife

As any new mom or dad will tell you: Being a parent is both the best and hardest job there is. Yes, there are plenty of truly magical moments (like when your baby first cracks a smile), but there are also many sleepless nights and incredibly early mornings—not to mention the seemingly never-ending dirty diapers. That's exactly why it's so important to give the new dad in your life a pat on the back for all of his hard work, with an extra special gift.

Although, sometimes it can be stressful trying to find the perfect present for the perfect dad. Look no further! We have gathered this year’s top six Father’s Day gifts ranging from bar-related accessories to an adorable T-shirt or men's accessories.

While baby-focused presents might seem like the easiest—and perhaps the most obvious—route, consider what'll help a sleep-deprived man feel sane, organized, and even relaxed. Think: A cozy sweatshirt to make the hospital stay after childbirth a little more comfortable, a sentimental piece of art from mom and baby, a pampering gift that will ensure a moment of peace and quiet, a personalized book that he can read to his new son or daughter, a funny swaddle set, or one of the bestselling baby carriers from an online store.

Ahead, these are some of the best gifts for new dads—from mom, baby, friends, and more—all of which will make his first Father's Day or even more memorable. And of course, make sure to include a sweet card and even sweeter message! He will surely laugh twinkly with the awesome gift which means a lot to him. He feels like being a new dad is as special an occasion as his wife being a new mom!

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Here are Best Gifts For New Dad From Wife

Congratulate new dads on their special day with the perfect gift - a Custom White Mug!

Personalize it with a baby's date of birth and picture, while our two sizes and ORCA Coating™ material ensures maximum print vibrancy. Made from Ceramic Mug, with top to bottom full wrap decoration and microwave & dishwasher safe function, these Mugs are ideal for expressing your heartfelt love for the new dad. Get your hands on these durable Custom White Mugs now!


✔️ Can use every day is a practical gift that they will appreciate

✔️ A budget-friendly option that won't break the bank

✔️ Has sentimental value that can't be matched by other gifts

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There's nothing quite like the joy of becoming a new parent – and our custom twins names mug is the perfect way to celebrate this exciting milestone!

This high-quality ceramic mug can be personalized with the names of your precious little ones, making it a one-of-a-kind keepsake that you'll cherish for years to come. With our ORCA Coating™, the print vibrancy is at its maximum, ensuring that your custom design stays looking as good as new, even after many uses.


✔️ This unique gift will surely make him feel special

✔️ A practical and special way to celebrate new dad

✔️ A keepsake for him to start a new journey

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The top father-to-be presents encourage him to anticipate the impending birth of the child. And that's exactly what this Leveled Up to Daddy T-shirt does.

This T-shirt is a great choice for your man because it is simple to put on and take off. He can look great wearing a t-shirt with any bottoms, including shorts, pants, jeans, etc. Anyone will notice and congratulate him because of the phrase "Leveled Up to Daddy" that arise colorfully printed in the middle nine. Give him one now to put a smile on his face.


✔️ Available in many colors and sizes

✔️ Let him do his work comfortably

✔️ Can be worn in any season

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For the father who’s already raised his kids well and now he just wants to do something different for the kids. This “Any Man Can Be a Father but It Takes Someone Special To Be A Dad” Print will be the perfect gift for him. Dad has a lot going on in his life and sometimes a little fatherly advice is exactly what he needs.

You can make him feel special by printing a picture of him to give him some fatherly advice about life and maybe some helpful tips about being a dad! This is one of those gifts that will be used over and over again because it is so well made, practical and useful. It's hard to go wrong with a gift like this because you'll never need to buy another. And this is the only Father's Day present that can be customized in any color to match your dad's preference.

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It seems like an impossible task when looking for the ideal gift for dad, because you feel that he doesn't have any interest in anything. Be confident, this personalized blanket will surely make your father happy with your photo and your father's love messages.


✔️ Safe for sleep and all skin types

✔️ Compact and easy to carry

✔️ Personalized photos are printed vividly

✔️ Show your gratitude for dad

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Father is a great role model for your children. So much so that we've developed a special wooden plaque that celebrates this very important life lesson. And we've made this handy little wooden plaque in his honor, printed with his name.


✔️ Be a great reminder of how great dad is

✔️ Perfect for putting his feet up

✔️ Raise a glass to his many accomplishments

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Are you looking for a unique present to make your dad pleased this holiday season? Be certain not to miss this Cutting Board. This board is made of a sturdy, gorgeous wood that is just the right size for a hefty Ploughman's lunch, a gorgeous cheeseboard, or small dishes like bruschetta. Additionally, the wood's grain is quite lovely, giving your dad's food display a lovely rustic appearance.


✔️ Fantastic gift for decorating the kitchen room

✔️ Eco-friendly product

✔️ A thoughtful and functional gift

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Many of our customers have chosen this The Stars on The Day You Became My Dad Acrylic Plaque for their dads, and you know what, all of them are satisfied. The item serves best as a keepsake to show love, and it will be an amazing decoration item for all spaces.


✔️ Special present for dads

✔️ Made from high-quality materials

✔️ A gift of love, care, and dedication

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You may spend many hours talking to your mother, but rarely confide in your father. That doesn't mean you don't love him. This wooden plaque is the perfect gift idea for dad because the picture of you and him will be placed in a heart-shaped frame, just like your love and respect for him.


✔️ Odorless and non-toxic

✔️ Personalize with a picture of your father

✔️ Attractive 3D effect

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This luxury timepiece is designed to tell your dad how much he means to you and how proud you are to share the bond of fatherhood with him. It has a stainless-steel case with anti-magnetic protection to ensure the watch is durable and the bracelet is fully adjustable to fit the wrist.


✔️ Feature an ultra-thin face

✔️ Provide an authentic appearance

✔️ Make a perfect blend of modern and classic

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Your father is always there for you in your time of need, and he deserves to be acknowledged for all his sacrifices in your life. This description character wall clock is a perfect Father's Day gift for your dad, and he'll love it too. He will cherish this gift for years to come.


✔️ Feature dad’s witty and profound thoughts

✔️ Add personality as well as style to dad’s space

✔️ Last a lifetime

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Consider what kind of gift would mean the most to your father as you browse: a subscription box that he can enjoy in the months ahead, a personalized present that captures what's inside his heart, or a funny gag gift that will make him laugh. While you're here, take a look at our Best Rectangle Wood Sign Key Holder. The product is sure to make him surprised.


✔️ A great addition to any household

✔️ 100% Satisfaction

✔️ Demonstrate your affection

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This is the wooden plaque that says it all – all the reasons why you love dad. This is the gift that can make him really feel love. This is the gift that will put a smile on his face every day. This is the gift that can remind him every day what he means to you. This is the gift that is a reminder of all the great things that happen every day.


✔️ Perfect for holding a lot of memories for dad

✔️ Express your niceness and sincerity

✔️ Ready-to-display

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The ‘Papa I Love You’ personalized photo wooden plaque is a great gift for your dad. This personalized wooden plaque is made of wood that is durable, lightweight, and non-toxic. You can create your very own personalized plaque, which can be kept as a keepsake for years to come.


✔️ Be a reminder of how much dad means

✔️ Be customized with his favorite photos

✔️ Last a lifetime

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This metal sign that reads "Dad's" is a lovely and sentimental addition to your home. That would make the best father's day gift ever for the Christmas season! It is entirely weatherproof and watertight, won't rust or break, and will last for years because it is made of aluminum. It can be hung up inside or outside and used as a welcome sign for guests at his home.


✔️ Handmade

✔️ High quality material

✔️ Custom name, photo

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Every man will remember the moments his children were born because those are the most valuable moments. With this "The day you became our daddy" canvas, you can help your father with a way to store all of those memories. One amazing thing is that you can share this gift with your siblings, and you all can wrap this common gift before giving it to your beloved father.


✔️ Customizable with the children's names, images, and DOBs

✔️ Available in 3 sizes

✔️ Meaningful gift for dad

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This men's luxury watch is a great gift for dad. A classic style watches for the modern man. This luxury watch has the quality and craftsmanship you expected. Made with premium materials, this men's luxury watch is water-resistant and designed to withstand the elements.


✔️ Come with an elegant and impressive design

✔️ Be a timeless piece for all men

✔️ Can be personalized

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If your friend or any family member has a new role which becomes a dad, then you can congratulate her on giving this “The Night You Become My Dad” print.

Using high quality print technology, of course its quality will not let you down. Having the picture of him and her baby makes this print much more unique.

As customized context, please see all the options and fill in your information for the sections the shop requires.

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It's composed of lightweight aluminum, yet it's quite strong! The image is permanently imprinted on the keychain and will never fade or tarnish. These keychains are best used with rectangular images that have enough space at the top for the keychain hole.

Don't be hesitant to offer a new parent this gift that reflects your own heart, blessing, and longing. He can take the keychain with him wherever he goes, and he is very proud of it.

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You may make a new dad's life sweet and happy with this wonderful key chain. The shot and wording are both excellent. This is an excellent key chain to give as a gift. It's not simply a great way for you to show how much you care for the new dad.

Furthermore, sending him this keychain conveys your want for him to become a good father. Allowing your loved one to relish his beautiful moment is such a nice gift.

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A footprint is a charming image that perfectly captures the wonder of childhood. Time travels so rapidly, so keep track of it with one of these beautiful newborn footprint bracelets.

These are my very favorite bangles. They're great for stacking or wearing on their own for a simple statement. The front of the bracelet can be personalized with your baby's footprint and name. It's such a thoughtful and gorgeous gift for a new father.

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Stainless steel is used to create the hilarious engraved wallet inserts card, which is both robust and lightweight. Permanent Engraving Cards will not tarnish or change color, will not bend easily, and are clear and easy to read.

The new dad will treasure the one-of-a-kind present for many years to come. This wallet insert is a thoughtful present for Dad. Allow him to take your love with him wherever he goes. A wallet insert card with your love note is a wonderful approach to lift the spirits of the new parent.

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The New Daddy Gift Box is the ideal present for a new father. This survival pack has been hand-picked for the new father to help him get ready for his new baby. A dad life travel coffee tumbler is one of the gifts, as he'll need the caffeine after being up all night.

To assist him with care and feeding, he has the Baby Owner's Manual. He can surely raise his dad's game with this present.

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The inside of the card is blank, allowing you to write your own message or perhaps insert a photo to show the first-time father. With this lovely pregnancy announcement card, you may share this wonderful event with your loving hubby.

As an addition to a present or as a standalone celebration, a handwritten message wishing a new dad an incredible day can be put to a personalized poem pregnancy announcement card. This is a thoughtful present that will be remembered for a long time.

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The Pregnancy Announcement Mug is made of high-quality ceramic and features a large handle for a secure and comfortable grip. The high-quality sublimation printing makes it a welcome present for any serious hot beverage enthusiast.

Due to its fashionable and refined design and smooth caressing sense, the ceramic cup is enticing enough and coordinates perfectly with other dinnerware. This one-of-a-kind mug is ideal for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and would make a great gift for a new father.

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This handcrafted tin of "dad jokes" makes an excellent present for the father in your life. Father's Day is just around the corner, and this is the perfect gift for him. The tin will come with 30 joke cards, ranging from true snoozers to smart and current dad quips.

The tin is amusing and memorable because of the hilarious words. The artwork is long-lasting and won't easily fade or chip.

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The finest way to enjoy a cold drink is with this gorgeous, unique, and hand-sewn Leather Can Cooler. Over time and with frequent usage, the high-quality, full-grain leather will develop a lovely and eye-catching patina.

It will display both experience and beauty, as with everything else that comes with age. This is a fantastic present for a new father who enjoys a good cocktail. If he already has a bar at home, this is a great addition.

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This is a lovely customized book that honors the special bond that exists between a baby and their first love, their father. The beautiful book is written from the perspective of a baby who watches his father do everything for them, including keeping them safe and warm, making them happy, guarding them, educating them, and telling them everything he knows.

The story delves into the father's vision of his child's potential, as well as his expectations for their future. Any new daddy will cry and treasure this book for a long time.

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The ultimate Father's Day present for a new father is a gorgeous personalized photo engraving leather keychain. A favorite photo or a simple statement can be displayed on this keychain. His capitalized initials can be imprinted on the keyring, which is available in mint, pink, black, or brown. The image printed on it will be of excellent quality and will not fade over time.

This leather keychains gift can be personalized with a favorite photo, unique message, or text.

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Being a new parent is a wonderful experience, but it's also a challenging one, especially for men. He must change the nappies of the baby or get up in the middle of the night. The Decision Flip Coin is ideal for a new dad who wants to remove all of the tension from the situation. To determine his fate, all he has to do is flip the wooden coin.

This wooden choice coin comes in a beautiful grey slender box with a bed of genuine shred and would make a lovely small gift for any new dad in your life.

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This adorable pocket card is the ideal gift for any father. Let's get dad a present he can have with him at all times. This sentimental souvenir is constructed of aluminum and is brushed silver. It is permanently laser engraved, will not tarnish or change color, is tough and durable within a wallet, and maybe saved for a lifetime.

The Gift Wallet Card with a message of good wishes, which is often delivered to someone to honor a special occasion such as the first Father's Day, is a great gift for a new father.

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This ornament is constructed of eco-friendly ceramics with a high-definition design printed on both sides, no fading, and a long-lasting picture. With nice sentiments and a unique graphic style, this ornament in the shape of a circle is a wonderful keepsake for a new father.

Give your loved one a surprise and show him how much you care. This ornament is appropriate as a gift for the first-time father on a variety of events, and it has a significant commemorative value.

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The Father Son Hats are the ideal present for a new father and son. The matching hats set includes a large adult hat and a smaller hat with a soft cushioned sweat band that fits great and softly on a dad's head without irritating the skin.

Take this out on weekends or vacations with the family for dad and son; it's also a fantastic Father's Day gift!

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Each Leather Bag is handcrafted and laser-etched with the design of your choice. Crazy horse leather, which is real leather that has been waxed, is used to make this leather purse.

Genuine leather can change color over time, but it will eventually revert to its natural color. This item is made to last a lifetime and will be a thoughtful and long-lasting gift for anyone. This leather's outstanding quality assures that it will last a long period. With time and wear, the leather will acquire a lovely and unique patina, suggesting age and grace.

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Dad Custom Portrait Gifts feature a hand-drawn digital depiction of your photo on a textured hardwood background. This personalized print is a terrific beginning to start, even if it seems impossible to express into words. This stunning wall print may be personalized with photos, names, and a quote for a one-of-a-kind Father's Day gift!

Let's create a touching photo that will keep a new father's spirits high and his bond with his adoring child strong.

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For fathers or daughters, this phone docking station is a kind and practical gift. We rush around every morning trying to get everything we need for the day. We rushed, fussed, and lost precious time. This stand is made of genuine ASH-TREE, a hard, beautiful wood that gives it longevity and a regal appearance.


✔️ High quality birch plywood

✔️ A wood specific protection

✔️ Eco-friendly environment

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This heart-shaped wall hanging is the ideal present for a new parent. It might be for his birthday, a pregnancy announcement, or a gift to indicate that the bump already loves him! Nothing can go wrong with a high-quality product constructed of oak veneer that has been hand-cleaned and oiled.

This heart can be carried by a new father everywhere he goes. He will be affected by the thoughtful words inscribed on this gorgeous gift every time he uses it.

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The most charming baby scan keychain present for a new dad has to be the Pregnancy Baby Sonogram Ultrasound Photo. The best keepsake present you can send to a new dad for any celebration, such as his birthday or pregnancy announcement.

The sonogram looks great on the keychain's front. This present can be entirely personalized to meet your specific requirements. You can imprint your loved one's name, a particular date, an occasion, or anything else you want him to recall on the back of the keychain. Dad will be ecstatic and astonished for the first time!

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Honor a new father's special day by surprising him with a unique gift he won't soon forget. This is the ideal time for you to give the first-time father a gift that not only complements his personality but also allows you to join in his excitement.

Soy Candles are manufactured entirely of soy wax and include no paraffin fillers. The air will remain pure, there will be no carbon emissions, and he will save money because the candles will last longer!

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To all new parents, congrats on welcoming a new family member into the world. It's an incredible experience to watch your baby grow every day. Because this is such a special occasion, the one-of-a-kind matching dad and baby shirts for you to keep those memories is one of the greatest ways to do it.

A terrific gift to wear out on the town or for a photoshoot with daddy for your little one.

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A customized keychain with photographs is the ideal gift for a soon-to-be or newly-minted father. Allow him to savor every incredible moment of his pivotal moment! He'll be carrying this keychain for a while. With the photo on the leather keychains, he will be inspired a lot.

These one-of-a-kind keepsakes are just the right size to fit through a letterbox, allowing you to convey a gift to him directly. This wonderful keychain will brighten a new dad's day.

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The mom and dad keychain set was created as a present for a new father to communicate happiness and significant milestones in his life with these simple yet meaningful keychain sets.

It takes a unique kind of man to be a father, someone who is strong enough to nurture a child and someone who loves another more than himself. Welcome to the start of a new chapter in his life, a love tale that will never end. Let's produce a wonderful present and a keepsake for the new father.

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Being a new father is a life-changing experience. And welcoming a newborn into the family is a wonderful occasion. This gorgeous Wallet Insert Card is the ideal new dad present to help him appreciate this fresh and amazing chapter in his life.

The new father wallet card is composed of durable stainless steel that won't bend or shatter. The first time Dad can take this card with heartfelt sentiments with him everywhere he goes.

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For the best men who have been promoted to new fathers, we have some fun whiskey gifts! If you're wishing a new dad a happy event, this one-of-a-kind glassware will have him smiling lovingly and remembering the experiences made with this gift for years to come.

The design of the First Time Father Whiskey Glass is permanently engraved. It has a chip-resistant rim that will endure for a long time. It's a simple and lovely present as well. It's such a beautiful present for pregnancy announcement, packaged carefully and securely in a gift box.

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It might be difficult to think of a gift for expecting parents, so a set of mom dad mugs with a 0-3 month unisex onesie and unisex socks with charming quotes is the perfect gift for the delighted new parents.

This gift set comes with a foam pad and an exquisite silk lining and is ready to give. This carefully designed gift box is sure to delight the expecting parents' baby shower!

The material is gentle on the baby's skin and won't bother it. Our non-slip socks have cute sayings that will bring a smile to everyone's face. Be ready for the birth of a new baby!

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The new dad in your life will remember the day he brought home his little bundle of joy for years to come with this Willow Tree New Dad Sculpture.

A hand-painted resin seated figure in a cream shirt and blue jeans, holding a newborn infant on his lap. The New dad figurine has been hand-crafted in remarkable detail using traditional Willow Tree techniques, making it more special.

This touching work of art would be a thoughtful gift for any expectant father or parent welcoming a new baby boy or girl into the world.

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This is a fun and unique idea for someone who is about to become a new dad! This personalized survival kit comes complete with everything he'll need after his bundle of joy arrives.

This engraved wooden storage box is perfect for you to fill to the brim with goodies dad will love, whether it's beer, cheese, and snacks or sentimental pictures and keepsakes - an emergency nappy wouldn't go amiss too!

Each item in this survival kit can also be personalized with the dad's name! Have fun with it! He will be thrilled with your present for sure!

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Letters to My Baby is a collection of hand-written letters from new dads to their children. That is for sure a great choice to give your friend as a celebrating gift of being a new dad.

Each letter is a personal message from a father to his baby, expressing love and appreciation while sharing hopes and dreams for the future. The Letters to My Baby kit comes with 12 blank envelopes and 12 matching cards that can be handwritten or printed, then sealed in the envelopes for safekeeping.

These letters will be a keepsake to treasure for years to come!

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DUDE Wipes are a refreshing, soft, and strong pre-moistened solution that cleans guys thoroughly, leaving them with that confident clean feeling.

The wet wipe pack is very essential for a new dad having a baby since a baby can cause a dirty mess everywhere, especially on the face. They’re also safe for septic and sewer systems. Just one wipe is all you need to clean your hands, face, or any other part of your body with a gentle touch. They are pH balanced to match skin's natural chemistry, hypoallergenic, and contain aloe vera to soothe your skin too.

It’s worth buying this! Get it now!

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The Heng Balance Lamp is a one-of-a-kind floor lamp that’s easy to use, stylish and versatile.

Just flick the switch to turn it on and flip the switch again in midair to change its direction. The lamp also has a USB port for your devices, along with a convenient retractable cord for easy storage when you’re not using it. The soft light from the lamp mimics the comforting glow from a bedside lamp, making it ideal for reading lullabies to your baby or helping them settle for a nap.

Its design is very suitable to give a friend being a new dad who loves innovative house decoration.

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A truly unique gift, a custom-engraved wallet is a perfect way to show someone you care. Whether you’re shopping for a friend or your new son-in-law, in this wallet you'll buy something that will be used and cherished for years to come.

You can order this high-quality wallet with all kinds of text you want it to have on the front and on the inside. This is not just an ordinary wallet, but more of a keepsake! Add a personalized message to the wallet you’re gifting to make it even more memorable.

Get it for now! He’ll love it a lot!

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Give new dads everything they need for a good night's sleep with the Coop Home Goods Loft Pillow.

Its ultra-soft, hypoallergenic microfiber cover is easy to remove and machine washable, and its adjustable buckwheat hull filling makes it perfect for almost any sleeping position. Our unique adjustable design allows you to access the memory foam fill, which you can add or remove to suit your size, shape, or sleep position. Getting GREENGUARD Gold certified, it ensures safety and quality with no chemical usage.

This is the perfect gift for any new dad who needs a little extra support while he snoozes.

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The Yogasleep speaker and app are perfect for parents who need a little help getting some shut-eye.

Simply download the app, connect to the Yogasleep speaker, and choose from a variety of sounds – from rolling waves to chirping crickets – to help mask noise at night. Hushh lets you take control of the sound environment, excellently masking background noise and allowing for better sleep and effective soothing for kids and babies. A gentle amber LED Night light provides just enough light to see by without causing wakefulness for parent or baby.

It will make a wonderful present for a new dad.

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Comfortable and stylish, this apron is the perfect gift for the new dad.

This apron will make a great gift for any dad who loves to cook and take care of the kids. The apron is made from quality materials that can keep it for such a long time. Its design is also absolutely lovely with a baby and the “Daddy’s Diaper Duty” words sewn.

A new dad's best friend, the Diaper Duty Apron is an officially licensed product. Whether you're looking for something practical or fun, you'll find it at a great value here!

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Send this photo wallet card to announce your pregnancy or as a new dad gift with a baby's ultrasound photo.

This makes a memorable gift for new dads, an awesome pregnancy announcement, or any other special occasion. Send the shop the baby photo, and they will make a very high-quality card to insert into his wallet. The wallet photo is printed on high-quality paper using the best printing technology, so it's clear, crisp, and has great colors.

It turns out to be a perfect and memorable gift for any new father.

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A perfect gift for any new dad! This water bottle features your photo and favorite message, ideal for many occasions!

Choose a photo from your phone to be engraved onto the bottle. The photo will be watermarked on the actual product. Messages on this item can be changed as well. The slim design also makes it perfect for storing in a purse or backpack when not in use.

This makes a great gift for any new dad or grandpa! Put your favorite photo on the bottle so they can always reflect on your special day.

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If you are looking for a new dad gift, this is it - a deluxe bike stroller combo.

The troller has an adjustable seat to allow for quick growth. This is a complete package that will be enjoyed for years to come. The kit comes with a bike seat to keep your child safe while riding, and easy adjustment allows the seat to grow with your child. The kit also comes with a stroller that attaches to the back of the bicycle seat for easy storage.

The all-in-one biking kit is a perfect present for new dads.

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This family one-line art print is perfect for framing and hanging on the wall - welcoming a new angel coming to this world.

The line art is the perfect gift for expecting and new parents. This print is a beautiful gift for a baby shower and also makes a wonderful addition to their little one's nursery room.

When you order this item, we will send you a personalized message from the seller asking you to use your family photo and create a one-of-a-kind print just for you and your dad. They will mail this out to your new dad friend with love and care and he’ll love it!

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For the new dad who craves the open road, our Bicycle Mounted Child Carrier makes it easy to get out and enjoy some fresh air with his kid.

The carrier is easy to install and will make your life easier in many ways. When using the bicycle-mounted child carrier, you won't have to worry about the safety of your child. The child seat is vented to prevent wind drag, and your little one will appreciate the custom comfort padding that supports their back and the air-cushioned pad that lines the seat.

Have a happy journey with your kid!

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The New Dad Gift Set is a great gift idea for your favorite new dad. The set includes a mug, hammer, and a note pre-printed with the phrase "My Favorite New Dad".

Not even this phrase, you can ask them to print your requested message on each item of the gift set. Each design from a mug, a hammer, and also a mug holder is inspired by vintage and simple concept which is very eye-pleasing.

This thoughtful gift will be sure to bring a smile to his face as he goes off on his new adventures as a dad!

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This is a beer holder featuring the phrase, "It's Not A Dad Bod, It's A Father Figure,".

It will hold beer for you so you can drink it while wearing this shirt. With this unique new dad gift, you'll be able to hold your beer with one hand and your baby with the other hand! You can personalize the design that you want so you can add your own message. Please select your can cooler and text/vinyl color in the drop-down menu provided in the listing.

Don’t hesitate to take this unique and convenient beer holder for now!

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The handprint footprint kit is a perfect new baby, first birthday, or memorable gift for a new dad.

The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions. The handprint footprint is made by pressing the child's foot on clay, where it leaves an impression. The process only takes about ten minutes, so it can be done during nap time or whenever the kid is quiet.

Grab your kids and friends and make a lasting impression with this adorable keepsake!

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When a baby is born, a dad'll be deluged with unsolicited advice about how to raise the little one. Make himself heard with this New Dad kit, which comes complete with earplugs and a peg for his nose.

But as exciting as it is to welcome a little one, the last thing he needs is another surprise. Prepare him for his new role as a doting dad with our New Dad kit! Containing some of the essentials like earplugs and a nose peg, this kit will help him through those long sleepless nights.

It's the little things that make a dad happy.

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This beer opener is a great gift for a new dad, a birthday, or an anniversary.

Designed with the golf ball shape, it is not only used to open the bottle caps but also considered as a decorative gift that he can hang on his backpack. This product is printed using high-performance digital printing technology in full color and perfect clarity. A round of golf is always better with a bottle opener, so this new dad gift will have your best man grinning ear to ear.

It’ll be sure to get used and appreciated by all.

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There is no better gift for a new dad than his newborn baby in his arms, but this super-soft, lightweight, anti-fade towel makes a close second.

Made of top-quality cotton that is safe to use in the shower, you'll want to wrap up your baby in it every day. This roomy bath towel is generously sized to become a playmat for tummy time too. It’s also useful as a light cover when breastfeeding, but most importantly it gets the job done during bath time.

Makes a great gift for a new dad who is interested in the safety and comfort of his child.

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A new dad favorite, the diaper backpack is perfect for transporting baby essentials and personal items.

This Diaper Backpack is lightweight, fashionable, and very high quality. It is also very comfortable to wear due to the thick padded shoulder straps and chest straps. It includes a changing pad, stroller straps, insulated bottle holders, and multiple interiors and exterior pockets that make organizing your essentials a breeze. The backpack has a sleek and compact design, making it easy to carry.

It is stylish enough for everyday use with the baby, but also large enough to be used as a travel bag for him on the weekend.

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If you're looking for a great new dad gift, these Moccasin slippers are perfect.

Featuring a soft faux fur lining and traditional embroidery, the slippers are warm, comfortable, and lightweight. Keeping your feet warm and cozy, but also allowing breathability for your feet. It is also designed for indoor wear and moderate outdoor activity. With proper care, this product will last you many years to come.

They’re sure to become one of his favorite pairs of shoes, so don’t forget to buy a few more pairs in different colors to add to his collection!

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When your friend became a new dad, the first thing that ran through your mind was, “I am your father.” It is kind of funny, right? That means more if you give him a shirt printing that tricky message.

The shirt is made of 100% Cotton, pre-shrunk, fully machine washable in cold water, and can be dried on low heat setting. Moreover, it is so comfortable and soft when he wears this shirt. The dark color will go well with most types of outfits.

This funny new dad gift is a great way to congratulate him on his first Father's Day.

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Make your next decision a little easier with this Funny Decision Coin. Simply flip the coin and let fate decide one way or the other. A great gift for any new parent, especially a new dad!

Try our cute coin to make decisions easier for you and your other half - his wife, it is so much fun when he makes a decision based on tossing a coin. As with all our coins, it is beautifully crafted from solid metal, has a nice weight and feel in your hand, and is presented in a fine leatherette gift box.

The funny decision coin is a great gag gift for men.

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If you’re celebrating the impending birth of your bundle of joy, there’s nothing better than sharing a bottle of Dad Beer with your partner.

Each label is lovingly handmade and designed to announce to all your friends and family that it’s a boy or a girl! Each bottle contains 100% organic beer from the finest breweries in the world. We've created a one-of-a-kind beer custom label for any special occasion - make your own or purchase pre-made.

Here's the perfect gift for the new dad, a unique and humorous way to announce his baby announcement.

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This handmade “Dad Jokes” card is a fun and thoughtful way to welcome a new dad into the world.

Send him a little help from his kids with this card. Give him a break from those sleepless nights and fill his day with laughter. Fill the blank section of the card with any dad jokes your kids have made up – guaranteed to have him laughing for hours!

This card allows you to write your own little message inside so it is extra special. He will be touched by your gift so much!

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The perfect gift for new dads, The DAD's Playbook is a fun and informative guide to fatherhood for any guy who wants to be the best dad he can be.

It tells him what he needs to know before his child is born—and gives him the perfect excuse for not knowing any of it before then. There are also many meaningful quotations of wisdom to be a new dad.

These are the books that helped our dads get the most out of their lives as fathers, and we'd like to share them with you.

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A new dad gift that's sure to make him feel like a true part of the family is this custom name bracelet.

The engraved alphabet beads and stainless steel closure make it an heirloom piece that will be worn again and again. The design is painted all black which is very suitable for women. They can put the baby's name on one of the beads. He will always be reminded of his precious moments with his child.

The dad will appreciate this gift because he will want to tell the world that he just became a dad, and this gift allows him to announce it.

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Make a dad feel special with this perfect Father's Day gift! This custom engraved keychain is the perfect way to show how much you care for your new dad friend.

It's a unique keychain personalized with the name of your choice. The keychain can be engraved with up to 10 characters. If you'd like a longer message, just include it in the "Note to Seller'' box at checkout. The pendant is made of aluminum, which is lightweight but durable to use for a long time.

Whatever the occasion, you’re sure to be remembered with this new dad gift.

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The wine stand is an excellent way to store your wine bottles. It is also a great gift for anyone who loves wine. A dad-to-be will love your creative bar accessory a lot!

Our wine stand is the perfect solution to holding a bottle of wine when drinking out of a straw cup. The stand can be positioned in any direction so the bottle will always face the user. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and collapses for easy storage when not in use. This item can be used alone or with one of our wine-inspired drinking cups.

Get it for him now!

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He's going to be a father! This mug is the perfect gift for your not-so-new dad.

This durable first Father's Day mug will definitely put a smile on his face. Make it a memorable pregnancy reveal or baby shower present that the future dad in your life will enjoy seeing every time they pour themselves a cup of coffee or tea. This coffee mug is the perfect conversation starter, and sure to amuse anyone.

The message is light-hearted and funny, making it a great keepsake that he’ll enjoy every day. He surely treasures your present so much!

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Keep your feet dry and comfortable during a run with these lightweight running socks. This product will be a great gift to give a new dad who loves running or doing exercise regularly.

The right socks for running can make a big difference in performance and comfort. That’s why we designed Stride running socks to be lightweight and comfortable for long runs, without letting his feet down. Stride is a micro crew sock with a reinforced heel and toe to keep up with him on your longest runs.

Whether he’s pounding the pavement or hitting the trails, Stride will move with his feet and feel just right from start to finish of every run.

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Making coffee is about to get a whole lot easier. Introducing the Deluxe Coffee Maker, which makes cold brew coffee in less than 24 hours.

When a dad needs to have a cup of coffee to keep him awake from taking care of the new baby, this coffee maker is surely convenient for that purpose. This deluxe cold brewer gives you the perfect cup every time by allowing you to control brewing temperature and time. It can even withstand hot temperatures if it's sitting on a countertop out of the fridge.

Great as a gift for any new dad!

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If you're looking for an affordable and unique new dad gift, look no further than this 6-pack of Fabric Storage Baskets.

They're perfect for storing and organizing all sorts of baby essentials and will look great in any nursery or kid's room! He can stack these cute storage baskets on top of one another, or use the handles to hang them on the wall. There are many different patterns designed on the baskets that you can choose.

We think every dad should have this one on his shopping list.

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These soft, safe sweaters are perfect for little boys. They make great gifts for new dads!

It looks great, feels amazing, and will last forever. This isn't just a baby sweater, it's a family heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation. His son will love wearing this 100% cotton cardigan that will keep him warm and comfy. You'll love knowing that this sweater is soft and safe, since it's made with no harmful chemicals. This sweater will be a staple in his wardrobe.

The cotton sweater is suitable for children of all ages - definitely a perfect gift for his toddler.

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This Custom Timeline White Mug is a delightful way to celebrate a new dad's special moments and create lasting memories.

Measuring a generous 11 ounces, this mug offers ample capacity to enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverages. Its sturdy handle provides a secure grip, while the smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Whether he's sipping a morning coffee or enjoying an evening tea, this mug will become a cherished item in his daily routine. Each time he takes a sip, he'll be reminded of the beautiful moments he's shared.


✔️ Personalized timeline design

✔️ Offer a comfortable drinking experience

✔️ Sturdy handle and smooth surface

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