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28 Best Gifts For Nanny To Say Thanks To Her

A nanny is a person that is in charge of taking care of your children when you and your partner are away. She will help you raise and feed your kids when you have a hard time managing them. Thus that is the reason why she means so much to you, being a friend that shares everything about your family issues. From some perspectives, your nanny is an “unofficial” family member, right? Since she is an important part of your family, a gift should be given to her. If you are still finding a sentimental gift for nanny, our site is the right place for you!

Our list has lots of great nanny gifts that you will have many ideas about when seeing them. From a shirt, jewelry, and a mug to something for decoration like a keychain, or a sign, you have several choices to go with. All of them are made for order, so their quality is always a priority when selling to customers. You don’t have to worry about that issue! Just have a look and get the best one for your pretty and amazing nanny. She will appreciate and be touched a lot since this gift is from you.

Here are Best Gifts For Nanny To Say Thanks To Her

Warmly greet your “nanny” with a surprise - this customizable grandma doormat. The carpet is like an invitation to guests to her home.

This mat has a non-slip backing, with a coir front. They use high-quality cured UV Inks on the door mats to help prevent fading. Ink adheres directly to each fabric on the material. The store can customize this with whatever name your grandma has lovingly named. To clean, simply shake or vacuum up any debris.


✔️Add to the house the rustic, simple

✔️ Surprise all the guests

✔️ Practical and thoughtful gift

✔️ Flexibility in gift-giving style

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Look no further than to purchase this nanny birthstone necklace as a gift for your nanny. This gift will enhance her beauty.

This necklace is diamond-cut in rhodium-plated sterling silver, with a stainless steel charm heart that says "Nanny,". It also features optional 8mm crystal charms. To order, please select the number of birthstones, and the month of the stone and then select the chain length from the drop-down box. Then write the months in the order you want to put them.


✔️ One way to match every outfit

✔️ She will look outstanding and classy

✔️ Make the gift of jewelry different in her life

✔️ Make her look elegant and comfortable to wear

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Coming to a unique and lovely gift for a nanny, you can't miss this gardening log. Add a little bit of this floral love scent to the nanny's garden.

This would be the perfect spring/summer birthday gift for those who love their garden. This log is cutely embellished (randomly) with flowers, ladybugs, bumblebees, and butterflies. Hanging with twine, it can be fully customized with different wording, just let the store know what you want when you order!


✔️ Vibrant colors and attractive accents

✔️ Create lively conversations about gifts

✔️ Add flavor to her life

✔️ Express a sincere love

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Show some love to your adorable nanny by gifting her a custom photo collage! The gift is a way to preserve memories with the nanny in your family.

This print is a collection of memories she had with your family members. How meaningful and precious is this gift, isn't it? To do this, send the store your best photos along with your message and they'll design it to your liking. You will receive a jpeg or pdf file that can be printed at home or your local print shop!


✔️Save happy moments

✔️ A gift that touches and takes away tears

✔️ Honoring her profession

✔️Make her happy with the present

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Who is the best nanny ever? This wonderful woman with this cup in her hand. She will be spoiled with sips of her favorite drink.

Made with high-quality sublimation printing technology, the print will not fade, peel or crack after a period of use. Note that colors may vary slightly with different monitors. Now she can use this cup to enjoy her favorite drink before starting to take care of her baby.


✔️ Beautiful design designates her as the best

✔️ Keep her hands nice and warm

✔️ Creative and eye-catching pattern design

✔️ Sip each of your favorite drinks

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This tree-shaped necklace is a beautiful gift for her to treasure - always carry her loved ones with her.

This round tree necklace would look so pretty on her neck! You can make this beautiful necklace with personalized service. Simply add the initials you want to add to the necklace in the personalization box. Made from 925 silver and comes in different sizes for you to choose from and is adjustable.


✔️Show your love to her

✔️ Appreciate her care for your child

✔️ Thank her for her changes in your life

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Your nanny is the one who does everything for your child. Show her how much you appreciate her and how much she means to your family with this pretty necklace gift.

Top quality 14k gold, rose gold, or sterling silver plated chain. 4mm Sparkling Beads in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Plated, Rose Gold Color. Choose between single or multi-layer string styles. You can customize your beads to represent family, friends, milestones, and more. Handmade with love and beautifully wrapped.


✔️A pretty item that she can wear every day

✔️ Make her look good and feel good

✔️ Elegant and tasteful design

✔️A highlight for every outfit

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On a special occasion, it's great that you can show your appreciation and love to your nanny with this zippered tote bag.

This tote bag is printed to order in a smoke-free environment. The printing materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Your gift is both beautiful and practical for her because it holds a lot of things inside. The fabric is thick, so it can hold medium-heavy items without falling.


✔️ Contains everything of the nanny

✔️ Carrying things anywhere is easier

✔️Used in different activities

✔️Simple and easy-to-match style

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This is the perfect custom gift for your nanny! It is a perfect thank-you gift for her who has done everything for your child.

Shop print your custom sign on real wood to deliver high-quality design details. This sign has a flat back that can be used as a wall decoration. You can also easily hang it using the command strip or whatever option you want to choose.


✔️ Rustic and simple sign

✔️ Personalized gift cherished for years

✔️Reminds her family of her great merits

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Show your appreciation for your nanny who's done a great job raising your kids with this caregiver gift frame!

The stained wood outer frame measures about 10x10 inches. Your gift can be personalized with a name and date. If no personal information is entered, it will only be created with a poem. Bring your sincerity to her so that she truly feels special.


✔️Make her happier than ever

✔️The simplest way to say love

✔️Show your gratitude to a wonderful woman

✔️The person who makes a difference in your life every day

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It's easy to find a nanny, but it's hard to find the best nanny. This keychain honors the woman, the legend, the legend herself with a plate stamped with some clunky wording that tells her she's amazing.

This keychain is made of stainless steel with a size of 28mm. You can put a very short name, word, or phrase such as “Best Ever” or “I love you”. Every time she looks at this keychain, she will be so proud of herself and her work! Add up to seven of her favorite color tassels and name bars to complete the look.


✔️ The accessory that she always attaches to her bag

✔️ Exquisite souvenir

✔️Lovely and eye-catching interface

✔️ Deeply thank her for her hard work

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When it comes to nanny's evening, she will be gorgeous and chic with this horizontal infinity necklace. Jewelry is a timeless piece available in rose gold, gold, or silver.

Personalize with the attached circle charm, and customize the letter or number of your choice, 1 character per charm, up to 4 charms per ring. The letters can represent her initials, the initials of her loved ones, a special day, and more! Shimmering charms come in a modern, easy-to-read font style from AZ or 0-9.


✔️ Made with all love and care

✔️ Elegant and beautiful jewelry gift

✔️ Timeless gift

✔️ She looks sexy and gorgeous

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The kids a nanny sees as extensions of her own family, and when you make her feel part of you with a print like this, it's a gift she won't. never forget.

The 12 x 12-inch picture frame has both a stand-alone stand and a hook at the back so it can also be wall-mounted so it's very flexible. All frames have walnut finish edges and a black easel back. The back includes a folding rack holder and a serrated hook for easy tabletop placement or wall hanging.


✔️ Meaningful and happy messages

✔️ Thank her and express her hard work

✔️ She is responsible for her work

✔️ Nanny is an important person in your family

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This "Nanny" mug would make the perfect Mother's Day gift for a nanny grandma! Your love will be stored here.

The 20oz premium skinny mug with straw has a glossy finish with a picture that never fades! It also includes a BPA-free slide and a straw. For specialization, please enter a name or text in the personalization box. Add this pretty flower mug to your cart now! Will surely make your nanny satisfied.


✔️ Capture happy moments

✔️Create interesting conversations

✔️ Bringing surprises and emotions

✔️Help her replenish water daily

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The nanny is the oil of a well-oiled machine and when you have to say thank you, do it with great fragrance and a treat that will keep her fire burning. This gratitude candle is what you need to do for her.

They're made with 100% phthalate-free premium fragrance, made with all-natural cotton wicks that don't contain zinc, lead, or other metals. With its label, the message is definitely for nannies. This is a hand-poured soy candle, choose your scent and size. These are hand-poured candles and will have individual imperfections.


✔️ She will remember your interest when she sees them

✔️She will feel relaxed when taking a deep breath

✔️ Pleasant scent, faint fragrance

✔️Create a romantic atmosphere

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The interlocking circles of this pretty and fun necklace represent the never-ending bond between a nanny and the family she works for.

This necklace is handcrafted with love and care that will be accurately reflected in the pattern. They are used precious metals and natural gemstones to make high-quality jewelry. Each piece comes in a gift box with a card inside. Please avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, and other chemicals for long-lasting durability.


✔️ Elegant jewelry accessories

✔️Provides a variety of style combinations

✔️ Show her hard-to-find and impossible to forget

✔️ She will engrave her feelings on the card

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The nanny's garden is always a super fun place to be, whether it's helping the nanny with the garden, growing the vegetables or just causing some common mischief, so why not show some appreciation? her height and treat the nanny with her garden placard!

This lovely garden sign is crafted from natural slate and the message is engraved on the slate so you can be sure that Nanny's garden sign will match the exterior. They measure 250mm x 100mm which is perfect for hanging. This sign is a place that will help you build memories and grow up with a nanny.


✔️ New highlight for the garden

✔️She will be touched and burst into tears when she sees the gift

✔️ A gift full of sweetness and affection

✔️Thanks for what she did

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Get a special edition mug from the Tervis brand to gift your dear nanny. She will use it well with lots of appreciation!

This tumbler is BPA free which is very safe to use. Great for both hot and cold, can keep the temperature you want for several hours. This mug keeps your favorite beverage in its place with this snug-fit travel lid featuring an on/off slide that's perfect for anyone on the go. You can mix colors to accentuate the look of the cup.


✔️ Looks so cute

✔️ Meaningful and practical gift

✔️ She brings drinks everywhere

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A nanny will feel incredibly proud of herself as she sips a glass of water engraved with a meaningful message. This tumbler will suit any babysitter's coffee preferences.

This 18/8 stainless steel mug has a sleek, slim design. It fits most standard car cup holders. Double-layer insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours. Click "customize now" to add your favorite nanny terms and a personalized message below.


✔️Take your favorite drink everywhere

✔️Show your thoughtfulness to the nanny

✔️Have time to relax and sip drinks

✔️ Convenience in daily life

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You will wish your baby sleeps as well as your nanny is under the nanny blanket. A childish gift is a great choice since her job is to take care of children.

Made of 100% soft and silky polyester. Blanket with soft, silk-like fabric, lightweight and comfortable to keep you warm and comfortable. All blankets are made to order, handcrafted to quality standards, and shipped from the USA. This colorful 60x80 blanket is a perfect gift for her!


✔️Help her get a good night's sleep

✔️Keep her comfortable and relaxed

✔️Create fun games

✔️ Multi-functional use

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Remind the babysitter of the impression she made on your family and you'll never forget it with a nanny wooden board. This loving sign makes a great gift for your nanny!

Made from high-quality wood giving customers long-lasting beautiful home decoration signs. This sturdy wooden standing sign also features a built-in hook on the back for wall hanging. It stands freely on a desk, shelf, table, fireplace, or counter. This charming decorative sign for your nanny will look great on your coffee table, nightstand, or in your nanny's bedroom, kitchen, or living room.


✔️ Luxurious decoration style

✔️A meaningful message

✔️ Express your family's love to the nanny

✔️ Brings mixed emotions

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Treat a nanny to remind her how big her family is every time she sees this personalized rustic nanny sign. This photo frame is a stylish choice.

This nice high-quality frame is made of aluminum and finished in satin silver. Red text and hearts on the frame are embedded and the little hearts and stars are raised. It will take a 5 x 3.5" (13 x 9 cm) photo or photo, and the back of the frame just slides out for simple photo insertion.


✔️Save the best moments

✔️Bring her smile and surprise

✔️The gift that touches and takes away tears

✔️Show your appreciation to her

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This kitchen tool is a beautiful birthday gift for the nanny who helped you raise your kids. A practical and versatile gift.

Made from 100% natural bamboo, safe to use. Whether on duty in the kitchen or on display in your home, this pre-oiled cutting board displays beautifully and is very appealing. You have selected a paddle 13.5 inches long by 7 inches wide. Engraving color may vary slightly, as each piece of wood is unique but does not disappoint.


✔️A great way to show off your cooking talent

✔️Display your food in a luxurious way

✔️ Highlights of the old kitchen

✔️ Make yourself busier

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There are many ways to express your gratitude to a nanny. The bracelet engraved with the words “We are so lucky to have a nanny like you” is a great way to express your love and gratitude to a nanny.

This bracelet is adjustable, perfect to fit most adult wrists, and nannies too. The ring is made of high-quality stainless steel, sturdy and durable for long-term use. It does not contain lead and nickel, no rust, no allergies, and no harm to health. She will appreciate you for this practical gift.


✔️Combined jewelry accessory for everyday style

✔️Simple but elegant

✔️ Honoring her hard work

✔️ A lovely gift to express love

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Spice up your nanny's kitchen with practical gifts. Not off the list, this cookbook stand is a top choice.

Professionally made with high-quality engraving and safely and securely packaged, designed, and engraved in the USA. The engraving is designed for kitchen decoration, displayed on the counter, on a shelf, or hung on the wall. This superior quality cookbook stand is built with high-quality metal hinges to offer collapsible and lays flat for easy storage.


✔️The place where great food is made

✔️ Kitchen decoration souvenir

✔️Add personal style even in use

✔️ Store for many years

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Give this “Best Nanny Ever” shirt to your beloved nanny as a thank you/appreciation gift on her birthday or any special occasion.

This shirt is stretchy and comfortable, so it's easy to find the right size for you. There is a detailed size chart that you can look up and get the best one. Of course, if you know her favorite color, you can also choose the right color for the shirt. They are made from 100% cotton, lightweight, classic style, sleeves, and bottom hem are sewn with double needles.


✔️Soft and comfortable to wear

✔️Combination for everyday style

✔️Look stylish and fashionable

✔️ Simple design creates a sense of intimacy

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What would be a very welcome sign with a popular nickname for nannies? This sunflower sign will make the nanny adore it.

The sign is made of tempered cardboard and has a vintage imitation finish that gives the illusion of an old vintage sign. They measure 5x8 inches, making them a perfect addition to grandma's home decor! This cute sunflower sign is a simple black string that can be hung anywhere in the house! Just a nail or hook and she can hang it on the wall anywhere!


✔️Classic and rustic style

✔️Welcome guests to the house

✔️Put the fun into one sign

✔️ Vibrancy and sophistication

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If she's always on the go and let's face it, maybe she is!—a reliable cup that helps her sip tea or coffee is a practical yet appreciated gift. High.

Printed on both sides, the cup is made from the finest ceramic material. The sturdy ceramic construction gives you long-lasting durability and will last for years to come. Microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can rest assured that the print on the cup will never peel or weaken over time even when the temperature is too hot or too cold. Contains 11oz of her favorite tea, coffee, or beverage.


✔️ Sweetness in the morning

✔️Relieve stress after a new tiring working day

✔️ Bring a energetic day

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