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35 Best Gifts for Tech Dads That He'll Never Think Of

Is your father the one you always think of when you have trouble with your iPad? Not many people are blessed enough to have such a tech-savvy dad. Therefore, you should give him some tech-support gifts. If there is no idea floating in your mind immediately, you can seek some support from my own list here.

All the tech-dads I know are really smart and quickly adjust to new things. Therefore, don’t be afraid to give him unique gifts or the latest technology. But, if you are on a tight budget, I also recommend some gifts under ten bucks. Let’s see if it suits your needs.

I have seen many versions of this docking station, but this is the most “badass” version. Any dad who loves to update the latest trends in technology will adore this. Even if he changes his phone twice a year, they will all fit in the dock.

Your tech-savvy dad tends to forget things whenever he is busy. Save him hours of searching all around the house with this tracker. It can be attached to a phone, laptop, tablet, or even put inside his backpack in case he has a trip somewhere.

It is a real circuit board! If your tech dad also cares about the environment, a recycled circuit board keychain is the most meaningful gift for him. The board is already covered with a plastic layer, and all the sharp edges are circled, so it will not cause any scratches for him.

He loves every wireless thing because it is modern and easy to move. Therefore, this work light is perfect if you want to give him some brightness for his workplace. Despite buying a lot of lights for each space, he can just move them around.

Does this corkscrew come from the future? No! It comes from a caring daughter to her tech-loving dad. He is strong enough to open a wine bottle by himself, but how can he refuse such a modern device in his kitchen? He just can’t.

A smartwatch is necessary for a tech-savvy dad, especially when he loves some physical games as well. It is light enough to not affect his wrist movement and luxurious enough to make him stand out in the crowd.

Although technology is his cup of tea, classy is what your dad wants for his appearance. If his look is lacking a timekeeper, check out this glass watch! Its surface is hardened glass, so he doesn't have to be careful when fixing his modern devices. Even the smallest scratch cannot appear on it.

Your dad’s running exercise in the morning will be upgraded to another level with this beanie. The cold weather won't bother him, and what is the best? It includes a Bluetooth speaker for him to listen to J.Lo’s “On the floor” while running.

Does insomnia bother your dad? Give him a present of a good night's sleep with this sound machine. White noise will calm their brain after hours of working with screens. The next day, he will wake up as fresh as new.

A professional 3D printer may cost you a fortune, but you can still fulfill your tech dad’s dream of building everything with this 3D pen. It is completely safe to use, with no burning threat. Now, your dad will be the greatest constructor of all time.

A tech person always likes smart electronic things that make their love more convenient, right? This mug warmer will represent you sending him some encouragement via hot coffee. His working day will be more effective, and he can soon be back home with you.

Not a technology edge, but a toaster is a must for any tech father who is always busy in the morning. After just 2 minutes, 2 slices of bread will be ready for him. If you can, help him spread some handmade jam on it before he goes to work. He will have the best start of the day.

Don’t you think your dad will love this? It is my dad’s favorite clock. It has a classic look, but it has all the conveniences that the latest update could have.

Tech Dad’s gym time will be so effective and chilling with this hyperchiller. It cools down all kinds of drinks in just 60 seconds and even freezes them. Besides, the design is luxurious and fits with many dad’s training clothes.

I bet money is not a problem when you decide to find a wonderful gift for your tech dad. You can try this gimbal stabilizer if your dad loves filming. It will turn his phone into a professional recording tool with high-quality images.

This tracker is specially designed for your dad’s keys. It was designed like a keychain with a hole to hold them together. Once they disappear from his eyes, he only has to open his phone. In reverse, it can also make his phone ring out loud so he can look for it more easily.

Another mug warmer? To be more exact, it is a cheaper mug warmer. If you are temporarily in a shortage of money but want the mug warmer above for your dad, This is the perfect replacement. Even though it is cheap, the heating speed is still high. It is just a little bit simpler in design than the previous one.

I know many iFans have this charging station for their phones. If your dad does not have one, this can be the perfect gift for him on Christmas Eve. It can simultaneously charge his phone, his Apple Watch, and his earpods. Most importantly, it helps him show his interest in updated technology; isn’t that great?

With a lot of custom picture frames, you not only get to pick a photo of something you love, but you can also get the picture frame to match the photo.

These are great gift ideas for people who have kids, or just like to show off art that they've created. All of this has made me understand that photo frames make great gifts because they help preserve memories that a person has.


✔️ Inspires and motivates technology educators

✔️ Colorful and engaging classroom decoration

✔️ Highlights the importance of technology education

This Christmas, you want to give your dad a thoughtful gift, but he claims to have everything already. I bet he did not have these sleep headphones because they are the latest version of the sleeping mask. It is really soft for his eyes and helps him practice some meditation before sleeping easily.

Thousands of photos on your dad’s phone are waiting to be printed out. He can save a lot of money with this portable photo printer! Don’t think of it like an old version of a printer (which provides blurry image outcomes). Its printed photos are of no difference in quality from those of a professional one.

A workaholic dad can’t refuse this smart writing set. The latest technology makes it convenient for him to take notes or make a mind map for his ideas. Why does he have to bring with him a notebook, USB, and laptop while he has all his necessary things in just one smart notebook?

Airtag is your tech dad’s vital item, but have you ever heard him complain about how fragile it is? If you have, you already have an idea of gifts for your tech dad. This secure holder keeps the Airtag firmly inside and protects it from any sudden impact. It can also make the Airtag attach to the keyring more easily with the ring holder.

Does your tech dad often repeat, “Did you restart it yet?” as the best solution for all technical problems? Engrave his favorite quote on a tumbler and give it to him as a Father’s Day present. It is an interesting gift that your tech-savvy dad will adore.

A network is like oxygen to life for an IT man like your father. If the wireless network in your house is not good enough, equip him with a WiFi extender. It can extend the range of the WiFi signal and make the network speed faster.

You know when he gets upset. But others don’t. The display of these “IT swear words” will be a big help for your dad. People will know the hints of his temper before he is really angry.

Does your father work from home? You can create a comfortable working environment for him with this geek shirt. It was made from cotton; therefore, it is stretchable and sweat-absorbent.

You can’t give a normal bookmark to a computer geek like your IT dad. Therefore, I added this circuit board bookmark to the list. Whenever he wants to escape from the screen, he could have this unique bookmark accompany him while reading books.

What can I say about this? The significant pair of floppy disks and USBs will make your dad laugh. He will also recall his younger days when IT work required hundreds of floppy disks to save just some pieces of information.

It is not too much if your dad says this virtual reality set is his childhood dream. If you don’t mind about money, it is perfect to buy two sets for you and your dad. You can share the most relaxing time with him by playing Nintendo.

This keychain is a big hit, don’t you think so? It is both unique and durable, which is what your dad favors. What is more? His initials can be customized on the chain, too. It will be his one-of-a-kind keychain.

Is your dad a fan of Inspector Gadget? Well, we don’t have a lot of weird tools like his, but we have a more practical tool: this 10-in-1 pen set. Your dad can do a little magic to impress his colleagues by turning a pen into a ruler or opening a beer with it.

You will receive a big nod from your dad if you give him this. It is very convenient and includes many technologies. Night light? No need because it has dim lighting, inclusive. White noise for sleeping? No need because it also contains wave and rain sounds for your dad to fall asleep easier. Both light and noise can turn off automatically when he sleeps. How amazing!

IT dad deserves great coffee every morning. How about giving him a coffee maker? I bet your dad will jump out of joy if he receives this machine. And what will he do? Of course, he will research the manual and make coffee for you both right away.

Under 15 bucks, how can I surprise my dad with a practical gift? There is, actually, a good answer to that question. A floppy disk pencil cup, as its name suggests, is a pencil cup to hold all his pens and pencils and keep them organized. It is also spacious for his desk's chaotic items (notes, USB, bookmarks, etc.).

Why not impressively display photos? Your tech dad will agree with that; therefore, giving him this digital photo frame is a good idea. Instead of displaying photos in a lot of frames, you can display a lot of photos in just one frame. The photos can be changed from your dad's mobile phone under his control.

If a desk decoration is what your dad’s workplace lacks, this seed pod kit can fit right in the missing place. It doesn’t cost much room but still brings greenery to the place. Never worry about the dirt mess because it is soil-free.

Winter is coming; keep your dad’s hand warm and cozy with this hand warmer. It provides constant warmth—never too hot or too cold. The battery can run for 16 hours, enough for two working days without charging.

The last one I would suggest to you on your hunting journey for the best gift is this watch. If he already has a collection of smartwatches, this classic one will add a new vibe. Whenever he wants to have a classy look, it will serve him well!

Days and nights spent working with green screens are enough for your dad. All the gift ideas I suggested will help him save some working time or escape from it a little. He will never think of how thoughtful you are, and he will be so moved by just some simple gifts. They are a big recognition for him, after all the time you shouted: “Dad, my laptop stops working!”

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