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33 Unique Toy Gifts For 6 Month Old Boys That They'll Love

Having a happy time with your beloved little baby when your baby turns the halfway point of the first year. To celebrate this milestone, a gift is a must to help them develop physical and mental growth. Your baby may not thank you for your wonderful gift but looking at their eye contact, grasping objects while smiling back at you, that’s enough.

At this period of growing stage, babies are quite curious about everything and can absorb learning things very quickly. Because of that reason, the best gift for a 6 month old baby should both nurture their growth and encourage them to develop skills. With our list of hands-on toys as well as clothes and other accessories, you can find it easier to find the suitable gift for your little one. Whether he/she is not interested in things that much, don’t worry these awesome things will not let you down. Your baby can learn many things from colors, shapes, and music with a few hours of interactive playtime.

With a bunch of potential gifts which are mostly toys, your baby will be very excited to play along with. This will help your little one develop logical skills quickly and of course smartly, so hurry to get one of these awesome gifts right now!

Here are Unique Toy Gifts For 6 Month Old Boys That They'll Love

Finding the best gifts for an 6-month-old can be difficult. First and foremost, consider what Baby already has and how much storage space the family has available. We recommend this Personalized Upload Photo Wooden Plaque to make things easier.


✔️ Upload your photo

✔️ Complement your home

✔️ Express your love

Price: $34.95

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Every baby deserves to have their own personalized sign! So, this personalized wooden sign will make a cute gift to show how much you love your little one and will get a chuckle out of everyone it touches. it's ready for display on the nursery wall!


✔️ Made from natural and sturdy wood

✔️ Be a cute way to celebrate baby’s special moments

✔️ Perfect for hanging in a playroom or nursery

Price: $39.95

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We love candles. And we love scented ones even more. We've got a few favorite scents that are perfect for new babies. This candle is scented with a classic baby scent that will melt in the warmth of your nursery. Perfect for baby showers, new mother gifts, new parent gifts, or babies that are under 1 year old.


✔️ Help to set the mood for a peaceful bedtime routine

✔️ Provide the safest place for babies

✔️ Come with the best scent ever

Price: $34.95

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This baby footprint personalized wooden plaque will be one of the most adorable for little angels regardless of the occasion. The only thing you need to do is send us a custom photo and some birth information, a stunning plaque will be sent to you in the best conditions.


✔️ Blue for boys and pink for girls

✔️ Adorable with a footprint

✔️ Amazing keepsake with various custom information: date, name, length, weight, and time

Price: $34.95

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You will remember the first Christmas your 6-month-old child spent with you for years. Even if all your little one has to remember about the holiday are the pictures you took, they will always hold a special place in his or her parents' hearts. This Custom Face Photo Christmas Stocking is a lovely gift that conveys your unending love. Check it out now!


✔️ Make your shopping easy as pie

✔️ Custom name and image

✔️ Extra strength and durability

Price: $24.95

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Give a child the gift they truly want this Christmas, by gifting them a personalized ornament in their favorite color. It’s a keepsake they will treasure for years to come! They will love getting one for each year, and you’ll get to experience the magic of Christmas with your own eyes through their smile!


✔️ Add to her Christmas stocking

✔️ A cute and precious keepsake

✔️ Great way to show baby’s photo and name

Price: $15.95

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This cute blanket is made from a soft microfiber material which is made of high quality and durable. This cute blanket is perfect for baby boys and girls. The baby blanket will protect the baby from cold weather and ensure the baby’s safety when they sleep.


✔️ Keeps babies warm and cozy

✔️ Bright colors make a baby smile

✔️ Give the gift of a hug and help baby grow

Price: $49.95

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The lovely floral and animal style with a custom baby name blanket is a great gift for your little baby. It's a stylish way to wrap him or her up in your love. A soft blanket with cute animal-style designs and cute floral prints, it is suitable to be wrapped up and snuggled against, making it a great gift for a baby shower, baptism, baptism day, baby blessing ceremony, newborn baby, and christening.


✔️ Have great printing patterns

✔️ Absorbent, plush, and soft

✔️ Bring your little bundle of joy to the world

Price: $49.95

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For a thoughtful gift for kids for the holidays, buy this personalized wooden Christmas ornament featuring an adorable rainbow. This wooden ornament is beautifully made from premium redwood and hand painted. Simply fill in your child's name and choose the year you want. This beautiful ornament is a perfect gift for any kid who loves the rainbow and Christmas.


✔️ Add amazing holiday cheer to kids’ nursery

✔️ Come with a cute and colorful rainbow design

✔️ Easy to entertain kids

Price: $19.95

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A perfect gift idea for baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and more, this keepsake personalized wall clock is a cute keepsake for your little babies and their room. This personalized wall clock is crafted from high-grade materials, featuring a large decorative and colorful round base with multiple engraved pictures of the baby’s first smile.


✔️ Keep baby photos in one frame to save memories

✔️ Create lasting memories of babies’ first year

✔️ Last a lifetime

Price: $51.95

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This beautiful, soft blanket is made of natural fibers with a durable water-resistant polyester finish. It is soft yet sturdy and will be great to snuggle up to as your baby grows. The pretty colors will appeal to your baby and the soft feel will comfort and soothe them when they get tired.


✔️ Printed with butterfly-themed wings patterns

✔️ Help to symbolize the first steps of toddlers

✔️ Made with eco-friendly materials that are safe for babies

Price: $69.95

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If you are planning to buy gifts for a baby in the next few months, this canvas poster will make a cute gift. This design is a combination of vintage images of babies and fun cartoon images. This delightful baby canvas comes in an easy-to-use tube with a special window where the baby’s photo will be placed. It also comes with an instruction guide so you can create a beautiful photo canvas just like this one.


✔️ Don’t fade, crack, or peel

✔️ Look adorable in any wall décor

✔️ Come with the beautiful background design

Price: $55.95

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To celebrate the day when your friend’s baby is 6 months old, give this Strike Rite Frankie sneaker as a special gift.

Made for a baby, the sneaker is proven to make the baby comfortable, not hurtful or annoying. These comfortable yet flexible white sneakers have faux elastic laces to give them a sporty look. These soft motion shoes put babies and toddlers on the fast track to walking. Stylish shoes have oversized opening and hook and loop closure for easy on/off and adjustability.

Price: $45.50 Rating 4.6/5 based on 432 reviews

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Pressing the difference keys with your fingers will play music notes and animal sounds, count numbers and ABC letters. This is an ideal baby toy for 6-12 months, which helps to develop mathematics and pronunciation.

The various lullabies and flashing lights make your baby smile or calm down. The volume adjustable button to meet different environment needs. Touch the button on the back of the turtle, baby toys will move, playing songs and music with LED light!

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Encourage your 6-month-old baby to crawl by using this ball crawling toy.

Baby roller has 2 rattle balls and 1 LED light ball inside and the outer colorful animal design helps develop the vision and these attractive graphics encourage fun playtime. Assists in developing the head, neck, shoulder, hands, and legs muscles while playing. With a viewing window to look inside and see the rattle and light balls inside, this sharpens puzzle-solving skills, teaches cause and effect.

Price: $19.99 Rating 4.4/5 based on 1.206 reviews

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Tune in to discover shapes and numbers! Find learning fun on every channel as little ones explore songs, tunes and audio responses with this Violet’s light remote. This will be a favorite baby girl toy so far!

Keep little ones entertained in a big way with a pretend-play remote that introduces numbers, shapes and first words! Press the weather button to hear how Violet finds fun in every kind of weather. Press a number, then count lights with violet. Let your 6-month-old girl baby have a fun time with this toy.

Price: $14.99 Rating 4.7/5 based on 14.141 reviews

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Let your 6-month-old baby have a fun time playing with his/her new friend - this Pal Scout toy.

Teach Scout your child's name and favorite things for personalized learning in 15+ activities. Press the button and your baby can listen along to 40+ learning songs, melodies and lullabies, for active daytime fun and nighttime soothing. This toy can help the baby learn first words, feelings and emotions, colors and counting.

Price: $23.49 Rating 4.8/5 based on 6.884 reviews

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For a 6-month-old baby, the toys cannot be missed out on the list of the ideal gifts for them. Then you can come with this rattle toy to give your baby.

A clear sphere that encourages shaking, helping to grip and hold objects. Moreover, beads that hide in the striped tube when the NogginSeek rattle is held upright encourage awareness of object permanence. Striped tube slides in and out of handle for visual interest and to encourage forearm/wrist rotation.

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A playground area for 6-12-month-old babies in the house? This kid tent will be an ideal choice for every baby mom because of its convenience.

This tent for girls is made of high-quality polyester. The thicker fabric makes the tent more durable, wrinkle-resistant and elastic, which is avoiding soiling children's clothes or toys. Princess tent creates a dreamlike playhouse for kids, which improves children's imagination, creativity and practical ability.

Price: $23.99 Rating 4.6/5 based on 1.638 reviews

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Play music with this drum bilingual toy - that would be a great toy for a 6-month-old baby for physical development.

The baby can hear three different musical styles: classical, marching and salsa. As they play on the drum, kids will learn in both English and Spanish about colors, opposites and counting numbers. They both learn music as well as their second language very fast. A practical and playful toy for babies, get this right now!

Price: $17.30 Rating 4.7/5 based on 4.970 reviews

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You are looking for a gift to give a 6-12-month-old baby to teach her/him the world, aren’t you? This book “Let’s go outside” will be a great gift to read to your baby every night.

Help a baby know the surrounding things with this book. Inside the book, there are many colorful illustrations with the implicit lessons that you can learn together with your baby. Let’s explore more after getting this book!

Price: $5.95 Rating 4.8/5 based on 2.156 reviews

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Teach your baby about-face expressions with this book “Baby Faces”. That would be a great ideal gift to give a 6-month-old baby.

Babies at 6 months start to be more inclined to pay attention to a book, and they’re starting to notice other babies’ faces. Looking at a picture, and the interaction with the parent around the book, gives the message that looking at books is a positive thing.

Price: $4.99 Rating 4.5/5 based on 721 reviews

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Great gift idea for a 6-month-old baby on any occasion! Get this musical toy for your adorable baby right now, he/she will be in love with your gift toy.

This musical table is made of safe and ABS plastic. This musical learning table has an alphanumeric book, lion mirror, mini piano, rotary wheel, drum. The middle drums can flash beautiful lights and play classic melodies. Flip the page, you can see numbers and letters, accompanied by wonderful music. Opening the cartoon lion mirror lets your baby start to know himself.

Price: $63.99 Rating 4.4/5 based on 891 reviews

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Are you looking for a gift that develops a concentration skill for a 6-12-month-old baby? This stacking circle is a great choice that you can consider.

Straight post accepts different-sized rings, strengthening hand-eye coordination. Each ring features a different texture and weight; textural variety is great for mouthing! Chunky rings make it easy for babies to grasp, strengthening fine motor skills. Moreover, colorful beads in the clear ring allow the baby to connect the sound to sight.

Price: $8.99 Rating 4.8/5 based on 46.076 reviews

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Excellent gift for a 6-12 month baby at the baby party! This wooden toy will make your baby excited and play with it for a long time.

Contains a toddler activity play cube, fully accessorized with bonus stacking cups and essential words board book, all coming in cute blue gifts ready packaging. This magnificent toddler educational toy set is designed to promote counting and math skills, while also developing color, pattern and shape recognition in an engaging, fun, and interactive way.

Price: $29.99 Rating 4.5/5 based on 15.145 reviews

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This playful push or pull puppy uses the cord to activate music while building gross motor skills. This is a great ideal toy for a 6-12-month-old baby to play along with.

Three colorful buttons promote fine motor skill development in toddlers. The toy introduces numbers, colors; plays music and puppy sounds to promote language development in a playful way. Light-up nose flashes along with all voice, sound, and musical responses to attract your little one’s attention.

Price: $17.99 Rating 4.7/5 based on 40.274 reviews

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To a 6-month-old baby, giving this walk-around table will be a practical and very helpful gift to teach a baby how to stand properly quickly.

With a 2-in-1 design, the baby can both play with other toys on the table while standing up. The design also features a removable walk-around seat to install conveniently if you don’t need it. Drum set lights up when your baby taps and plays, catching the baby's attention with music, lights, and toys to make them get used to standing.

Price: $89.99 Rating 4.6/5 based on 2.549 reviews

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Choose from 6 sounds and lullabies to help your 6-month-old baby have a tight sleep with this soundspa machine.

Select from 3 images on the included disc to project onto the wall or ceiling; images can function without the sound; the soft glow of the projector acts as a nightlight. You can set the projector for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes to help conserve energy; automatically shuts off after 3 hours. Made out of durable plastic and is small and compact; it is easy to pack in any luggage so your baby can relax on the go.

Price: $27.99 Rating 4.6/5 based on 6.365 reviews

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A practical and useful present for a 6-12 month baby? This phone stand will be a new exploration for a baby mom, which will make taking care of the baby's journey much easier.

Enjoy easier diaper changes when you play baby's favorite videos or even Facetime while diapering! Diapertainment is designed to display your phone at the perfect viewing angle for a baby. The phone sits facedown on the tray, and the baby views the phone through diapertainment, so the phone is protected by the clear tray.

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For a 6-month-old baby, this period is very important for their physical as well as mental growth. Then you can give your baby these teething toys to play with when he/she wants to bite since their teeth start to grow.

The baby teething toy set is made of 100% food-grade silicone CPC approved, BPA free. They are designed to soothe and massage babies' swollen gums. And the pliable beads and bumps design will help them relieve teething fussiness & discomfort.

Price: $11.99 Rating 4.8/5 based on 6.714 reviews

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This Simple Joys jumpsuit is a very lovely gift to give your beloved 6-month-old baby. Can’t wait to get dressed in this onesie and show other people how pretty and adorable a baby is.

This baby fleece jumpsuit is designed to wear in the winter or just on an abnormally cold day. With a zipper closure, it is convenient and quick to take it on the baby's body. Featuring a cute bear concept, the jumpsuit is much more lovely many times. Available in 3 colors, feel free to choose one of them.

Price: $22.00 Rating 4.8/5 based on 10.032 reviews

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At the first 6 months of a baby, they start to explore themselves on everything around them. Let them play on themselves with these cute colorful sensory blocks.

This set includes 8 colored and numbered soft yet sturdy blocks and 4 soft play animals made with BPA-free materials. They help babies explore textures and work on fine and gross motor skills. As the baby grows the set becomes a learning tool for object recognition, sorting, stacking, and descriptive language.

Price: $16.73 Rating 4.8/5 based on 8.291 reviews

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This musical toy for toddlers 1-3 is designed for 12 months and older babies.

The intelligence of young babies can be developed by early introduction to colors, shapes, music and movements. Double-tabbing each of the six legs buttons will result with a color and an animal each, also a bright tune and a sound effect of that animal relatively. It also comes with a Q&A feature, when your kid presses the “Question” button, the insect toy will ask a few questions about the previously mentioned animals and colors.

Price: $26.99 Rating 4.6/5 based on 250 reviews

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Let bath time ten-tickle your little one’s imagination! Get this octopus toy to make the bathing time more fun.

The octopus Hoopla is a floating bath toy with 3 rings that encourages interactive play. Give your child the tools to learn and play with a toy designed to help develop hand-eye coordination and stimulate their senses. Vivid colors draw your child’s attention while friendly characters help them learn to recognize shapes.

Price: $7.53 Rating 4.6/5 based on 48.643 reviews

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Have a fun time with your baby while playing with these Toomies eggs.

An adorable and educational addition to Easter baskets for kids, this squeak toy contains 6 colorful squeaking Easter eggs kids can play with. These interactive Easter gifts for toddlers feature shells that crack open to reveal colorful chicks. Educational Easter toys help kids improve recognition of colors and shapes as they sort each egg into its own special base in the box.

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These Disney short onesies are super duper adorable! Get these and see how cute your baby is when he/she is wearing them.

The onesie is designed to have lap shoulders for easy dressing and quick diaper changes; 3-snap closure for quick diaper changes. The bodysuit has a bright color as well as the Disney characters printed on the onesie. Can’t wait to see the baby with one of these bodysuits, that would be great so far!

Price: $27.99 Rating 4.9/5 based on 9.044 reviews

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Develop a 6 month baby of rhythm and beat with this playful musical mat.

With 8 unique instrument sounds, this music play mat keeps your child in fun mode for hours and also helps them train themselves with music knowledge. The baby plays with a musical mat toy by touching and stepping on to turn music on. Mat music sounds reward the baby's natural kicking and touching. Add a lot of fun.

Price: $18.99 Rating 4.4/5 based on 9.817 reviews

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Help your 6 month old baby stand and walk properly with this learning walker toy. This will be a great baby’s toy that you are looking for.

This interactive learning walker features a removable play panel for floor play or on-the-run fun. The walker features colorful spinning rollers, three shape sorters and three light-up buttons that help develop fine motor skills. In the front, it includes five piano keys that play musical notes and encourage creativity.

Price: $39.99 Rating 4.8/5 based on 80.558 reviews

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At the first 6 month period of a baby, evoke their logic by reading to them more and more books. This book “Where is baby’s belly button?” is one of the great books to teach them about life.

The book displays an adorable baby playing peekaboo in different situations. The sturdy format and easy-to-lift flaps are perfect for parents and children to share together. The book can teach them interesting things that they can learn instantly. Spending time reading and responding to their demand, it is a good time to develop their IQ and EQ.

Price: $4.98 Rating 4.8/5 based on 12.643 reviews

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At your friend’s baby shower party, you want to give her 6-month baby a gift and don’t know what you should give? This Hape penguin music wobbler makes a perfect choice at the last minute!

The Penguin’s arms shake amusingly when waddling. This inspires hours of fun when your little one plays with this unique wooden toy. This funny penguin is also a roly-poly toy that a child can bat at without it rolling away.

Price: $12.99 Rating 4.6/5 based on 9.754 reviews

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A good toy for the growth and development of a 6-month-old baby, you cannot miss out on this adorable animal block set. They will catch a baby’s attention at first glance.

Build a beautiful farm with these fiber-board blocks and tower sets, the set includes 6 nesting boxes and 6 whimsical farm animals. These boxes can stack into a tower or nest together, each animal fits inside. This helps build motor skills. sequencing, storytelling and role-playing that a baby can play themselves.

Price: $19.99 Rating 4.8/5 based on 1.116 reviews

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Are you looking for a gift to give a 6-12-month-old baby? A toy is always a must to help them play and practice at the same time. Then this sensory ball is a pretty toy for them.

When playing with these colorful balls, they help a baby grip, toss, bounce, and roll, encouraging the growth of fine and grossing motor skills. It also enhances logic and reasoning through hand-eye coordination, visual sensory development. Bright, colorful design engages visual senses and color recognition skills.

Price: $19.80 Rating 4.7/5 based on 1.717 reviews

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Let a 6-month-old boy play himself with these musical eggs. This will be a good toy for his growth of learning to distinguish sounds, developing a feel for rhythm, and training their speech in a playful manner.

These baby musical toys foster color recognition and auditory discovery. Acoustic sounds are intentionally soft, perfect for tuning in little ears. The little egg-shaped shakers fit perfectly into baby hands, helping them practice grasping and clutching skills while also teaching cause and effect.

Price: $34.99 Rating 4.6/5 based on 345 reviews

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A gift for a 6-month-old baby? Let's explore the world themselves by giving this floor mirror, which would be a good toy to develop their IQ.

During tummy time, they can look at the mirror while lying on their stomach and playing. This fold-out mirror stands up so they can play with it on the floor, and it’s soft so they won’t hurt themselves. See the fun for yourself of the baby’s self-discovery!

Price: $8.94 Rating 4.6/5 based on 8.862 reviews

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Do you want to find a gift for a 6-month-old at the baby shower? Of course, a toy should be given, so you can give this pillar tummy time.

In tummy time, it is a good practice to let a baby know how to flip and crawl themselves. This pillar C-shaped provides a soft seat positioning prop and caterpillar to keep the baby engaged while developing head and neck muscles.

Price: $40.99 Rating 4.5/5 based on 8.296 reviews

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