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35 Best Gifts For Book Lovers Who Are Addicted To Knowledge And Story

When choosing gifts for book lovers, books are the first thing everybody will think of. Sometimes, you have to find out what kinds of books they are interested in, and you might have tried to give them their dream books.

But what about other holidays? You may feel that giving books to book lovers is too boring because they already have a mini library in their house. Then, you may consider the activities your book-loving friend enjoys beyond reading. There are many choices, so you also don't know what gift to give to people who spend most of their time reading books. Luckily, you have come to the right place. We will recommend 34 suitable gifts for book enthusiasts from a variety of categories so you can freely choose without feeling too tedious!

A necklace can be suitable for anyone, so a book necklace will be a perfect gift for book lovers. It is made of metal with a tiny cute book pendant that can draw attention to their face and neckline. What's else to say? This unique necklace is a celebration of the bookish spirit for sure!

Your friends like reading books with one hand but find it difficult to do so. Then, the thumb bookmark will be an amazing gift idea for book lovers!

It can be carried without putting on too much weight and is easy to use. In addition, these thumb-ring bookmarks fit all fingers and can help your friend keep the page open for reading anytime and anywhere.

For book lovers, there is nothing better than being surrounded by literary-inspired artwork. You can help them decorate their own space with this fashion wall art.

The artwork displays a fancy perfume bottle with pink roses on a stack of pink and black books. This minimalist style can suit any book lover’s taste to re-decorate their reading space

Bookworms probably always carry a lot of books, right? And you can help them with canvas bags. It is a fashion accessory and a great assistant for bookworms.

A tote bag is spacious and can carry heavy loads of their favorite books. As a result, it creates a great opportunity for them to read whenever they have free time outside. Besides, the interior pocket is for carrying their small necessities if needed.

This gift is suitable for book lovers without any hesitation! They love lending books but hate never getting them back.

This library kit for personal use has all the essentials for a more organized lending system. It adds more fun to borrowing books and ensures a higher chance of getting them back!

The best moment of the day for book lovers is lying in bed and reading their favorite book. And they will probably always convince themselves, "Just one more chapter.” Then, this pillow cover is for them!

This cozy and comfortable pillow will make it more enjoyable for book lovers and enhance their overall relaxation reading time in bed.

It's time to express your love for book lovers. But how? These socks are answers that are suitable for everyone: a dedicated reader, a bookworm, or simply someone who enjoys reading magic.

They are more than just cozy socks; they're a delightful way to show love for books. Not only can it keep their feet warm, but also can match with many styles with its unique patterns for book lovers.

Do your friends always miss the reading process and forget which chapter they've read or what they read in the book? This is the must-have item for every book lover!

A reading log, a reading journal, is a document designed to monitor and record your friend's reading habits. It will be a handy place to record all the books they've enjoyed.

No one can refuse this tiny and adorable gift, especially bookworms. The keychain allows book lovers to express their passion for literature wherever they go.

These steel-made keychains are so cute for your keys but also look sweet as a purse or backpack bling. Moreover, it's a personalized accessory that reflects their interests and adds a sense of their belongings.

Sweatshirts with book-themed designs or quotes will be thoughtful and practical gifts for any book lover.

This women's sweatshirt is made from a premium cotton blend and offers a super soft and comfortable fabric for cozy wear. As a big fan of books, she will proudly wear this sweatshirt outside while carrying her favorite book!

The combination of reading a favorite book and the pleasant scent of scented candles will create an amazing evening for book lovers.

A pleasant fragrance can help book lovers relax and unwind, making immersing themselves fully in a book's pages easier. With the aroma of the candles, their room is covered with the comforting smell of a welcoming library.

A common habit of bookworms is reading a book before going to sleep, but then they have to turn off the light far away from the bed. You can help them with this useful light!

With this gift, they can read in the dark with a flexible book light and go to sleep if they want to. In addition, they can pick the perfect brightness level for their eyes from the five options.

Summer is coming, and it’s time to fill the wardrobe with this T-shirt! This shirt makes for thoughtful and cherished gifts for the book lovers in your life.

Classic literature, famous quotes, and iconic book covers inspire the unique features of T-shirts. Besides, you can choose several stylish colors to match the day's outfit!

This is a creative book-shaped light that book lovers will love to receive! Book lovers will find a special spot on their nightstands for this cool lamp that looks like a closed book but turns into a light when opened.

Sometimes, because bookworms are too focused on reading, they often let their coffee or tea go cold. Then, this is a perfect gift to give book lovers to show how much you care for them!

The mug lets you set your exact temperature even if they get lost in a book, their drink will remain at the desired temperature. The gift is thoughtful for readers who love to cozy up with a good book and a hot drink.

Does your bestie suffer from neck pain, strained eyes, or tired arms while reading his/her favorite book? You can show your care for those book lovers with this book stand.

This book stand allows them to maintain a comfortable, upright position, reduce the pain, and improve their overall posture in bed.

Bookmark is a must-have item in any reading session. You can give this gift to book lovers for any occasion, like a birthday, Christmas day, or even Valentine’s Day - it means specially for them!

Unlike other bookmarks, this is a very special one made of steel with a chain. Bookmarks are basic tools that help make reading more enjoyable, organized, and decorate books.

We believe socks are always an appropriate gift for anyone, even book lovers. And here are the cutest and funniest socks for them.

You can find these entertaining socks in different designs and funny quotes that can make them laugh. These cozy socks come in various sizes and help keep their feet warm during reading time.

Are you looking for a cute little gift for book lovers? We suggest this art glass pendant for you.

This vintage accessory is carefully handcrafted and set in a high-quality silver-tone bezel. You can decorate your necklace with this pendant and make it beautifully packaged, ready for gift-giving for book lovers!

An essential companion for any bookworm is a book journal. If they read a little or a lot, remembering every detail from each story can be hard. This journal helps them keep track of all the books they read and write down what they think, making it easier to remember.

Is there anything more satisfying than sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee in your favorite mug and a good book? Then, consider this mug to gift your book lover.

This mug is an eye-catching and enjoyable addition to their daily book coffee routines. The quote printed on the mug is relatable and provides a humorous touch, making them laugh out loud when seeing it!

Are you looking for gifts for book lovers that are affordable and easy to find? Look no further; the book scratch-off poster will be a good choice.

It has 100 bucket lists with various genres and titles, allowing them to personalize their reading challenge. Additionally, scratching off each book title as they read can be a rewarding experience, giving them a sense of accomplishment.

Is there anything more satisfying than sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee in your favorite mug and a good book? Then, this mug is an item you should consider when thinking about gifts for book lovers.

This mug is an eye-catching and enjoyable addition to their daily book coffee routines. The quote printed on the mug is relatable and provides a humorous touch, making it an ideal gift for them.

As you may know, candles are the perfect addition to any cozy reading setup. So, no book lover can refuse this candle gift.

This soy candle can be the ideal companion for cozying up and immersing oneself in the pages of a good book. Light this candle and slightly flip a book page to read - a healing time is here!

Wearing a pair of bookshelf earrings can be a good way to show off his/her passion for reading. You can choose these earrings as ideal gifts for book lovers.

They’ll get 8 pairs of book earrings in one pack. It's a mix of styles, so you can pick the perfect pair to match her outfit, mood, or occasion.

When searching for the perfect present for your book lover, teacher, librarian, or book club companion, a pair of literary-themed socks always makes an excellent choice. These soft and cozy socks will provide extra cushioning for their feet. Nothing is more perfect for a cozy reading day than a charming set of socks.

Besides collecting favorite books, many book lovers also have a hobby of collecting bookmarks. You can choose this gift as a perfect addition to the books to give the bookworms.

They can use bookmarks to clip pages they want to mark to continue reading next time. In addition, it can be used as a bookmark and as a decoration for books with cute pets.

If you are searching for something new, a storybook kit will be a unique idea gift for book lovers. For book lovers wanting to add a magical touch to their bookshelves, this kit is just awesome.

A book nook has a beautiful light and 3D wooden puzzles. It will add a delightful touch to their bookshelf or favorite reading spot and serve as ambient lighting for nighttime reading.

If you’ve got a friend or family member who can’t seem to get their nose out of a book, they deserve to be treated to this book-lover mug.

You should treat any book lover to a tasty sip of coffee or tea with this mug. It can be just the thing to spark a book lover's creativity and create a cozy moment with a beloved book.

It is important to keep track of water consumption in daily life. You should choose this thoughtful gift for a book lover in your life.

With this motivational water bottle, they can form a habit of staying hydrated and motivate them to drink enough water throughout the day.

What else to do if a book lover is bored with the book they read? He/she can spend time on solving this puzzle!

The puzzle includes more than 1000 species that can be a calming and meditative activity and improve one’s cognitive ability. We think this gift can provide an enjoyable and leisurely activity, offering book lovers an alternative form of entertainment.

Those who adore reading have probably found themselves devouring pages long into the night. It's a good idea to consider getting them a neck reading light!

It provides 3 brightness levels, suitable for their eyes, and gives them hands-free illumination. Users don’t even sense the burden on their shoulders since it's virtually weightless when worn around the neck.

Looking to leave a lasting impact? The distinctive design of the wallet makes it an ideal gift for friends, family, teachers, or anyone with a passion for reading and books.

This vintage wallet provides a designated space to keep membership cards for bookstores, libraries, and literary clubs. Any book lover will be thrilled to receive this wallet.

Whether you're searching for birthday presents for book lovers or any special occasion, a book bracelet will forever be a cherished choice.

This bracelet can make any outfit look more elegant and personalized. Furthermore, we think a bracelet gift for a book lover can be a thoughtful gesture that conveys love and appreciation for their passion for reading.

It is a gift idea that no book lover can ignore. Do you know what it is? That's right, the special gift I recommend is this book stack Christmas ornament.

For a personal touch, you get to pick your favorite style, like a classic stack of books, and then add any name or text you want. It's a special way to make the ornament your own, turning it into a personalized keepsake.

This cool book reading tumbler is the perfect gift for book lovers who are addicted to knowledge and stories. This tumbler is a constant reminder of their passion for reading. It's not just a drinkware item, it's a statement piece that celebrates their love for books. Anyone can make their reading time even more enjoyable with this thoughtful gift!

Do you know what a gift to amaze your beloved nerd? There is nothing better than this personalized cup.

In this design, you can personalize book titles to honor his passion for knowledge and stories. Also, this idea will express your deep understanding of him/her, making them feel your care.

Are you looking for a gift to inspire a book lover? The personalized name candle will make her/him smile for the first time.

This candle can create a pleasurable atmosphere to calm their mind, promoting their reading and contemplation. Besides, the message will unleash their imagination to make them feel immersed in the world of knowledge.

It is never difficult to cheer up a person you adore when you know what they love, right? For a book lover, this tumbler with a handle will conquer their heart.

The tumbler features a book stack, and you can customize the titles to amaze him/her. This functional item will keep them hydrated and remind them of you whenever they are engrossed in reading.

Final thought

If you know someone who's a devoted book lover and deeply addicted to knowledge and stories, discovering their ideal gift can be difficult. Thus, we hope that with our gift recommendations, you’ve already chosen a suitable one for your book-lover in life. Those considerate and one-of-a-kind gifts will remind you of your gratitude for their literary journey. Beyond that, your thoughtful gift for book lovers can motivate them to continue exploring the world of literature and never stop learning.

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