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46 Best Birthday Gifts for 12-Year-Olds that'll Make Them Happy

Your 12-year-old's primary activities and interests could change by the day or even the hour! So, trying to buy the right gift for them can be tough.

Whether you're shopping for a boy or a girl, the key is discovering a gift they'll genuinely appreciate and use. Like picking presents for teenagers, avoiding items that might seem too childish is the main point. Tech offers like a ring lamp or picture printer, which might be great options for preteens who are pretty active on social media and phones. However, teen beauty fanatics may love anything related to jewelry or a pleasant-smelling bath bomb.

To simplify the process, we've compiled a list of gifts that have received approval from parents and tweens. Irrespective of their interests, you're sure to find something here that will capture their enthusiasm!

To help make things a little bit less complicated, here is a list of christmas gifts for 12 year olds that will help people to make the perfect gift. This list includes recipes that are delicious, easy to make, and healthy for kids of any age! It's a fun, interactive way to share a meal with your family. This holiday season, consider giving a kid who has everything a gift that they want. What would make them smile?

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It’s ideal to surprise your cherished daughter with this beautiful necklace on her birthday! She'll love wearing this lovely necklace on her special days.

Just as a rainbow combines different colors to create its beauty, this necklace celebrates the diversity and individuality of your beloved daughter. It tells your daughter that she is loved for who she is.

Do you believe a special birthday gift will make your little one more mature? This wooden name sign sure does! Having your little one’s name on this sign gives them a sense of ownership of their space.

This sign encourages your kid to take pride in their room and keep it organized. Especially on their birthday, it tells them they are valued and their interests. What a thoughtful gift!

The personalized star map decor is an unexpected gift. The boy might be pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful and personalized present you made just for him.

With the personalized touch, you can personalize the poster with names, dates, and even a special message, making it a sentimental gift. It tells the young boy that his birth is a moment worth celebrating.

This wooden sign for a birthday gift will surely add charm to your daughter’s room. After a tiring day at school, she will come home to find her pictures and heartwarming messages on them.

It's sure to be a big boost of encouragement for your child's journey to a new age. You want your beloved daughter to remember, "You've been making the world a better place since the day you were born."

What will be the gift that will make her emotional when she sees it? Something made just for her, like this custom key holder.

The ability to customize it with the child's name or characteristics adds a personal touch to the gift. Besides the functions of keeping track of keys organized, she will cherish receiving a gift that reflects who she is.

Want to find a birthday gift that makes your kid's home feel truly special? Perfect for any room in the house, this night light is a thoughtful gift they will cherish forever.

You can customize the night light with a special message, and you have the freedom to pick any zodiac sign or name. What a meaningful present for a teenager's birthday celebration.

It’s birthday time to surprise your loved one with this memory plaque and watch their eyes light up with delight when receiving it.

This plaque can be displayed on a wall, shelf, or desk as a decor item. The message, "Behind You Are All Your Memories," is a timeless sentiment that speaks to the heart. Besides, this personal gift shows you care about your beloved's growth and the stories they carry with them.

If the kid is celebrating his/her 12th birthday party, this laser-cut metal sign will amaze him/her from the first sign.

Kids like everything with their names since they feel this item belongs to them. Thus, this sign will be their favorite gift so far. Despite its simple design, the item will be attractive to kids in how it is made, gorgeous, and beautiful.

Do you feel confused when picking out a gift for a teenager? With this sack bag, you may obtain a gift without worrying.

The kid's name is printed on the bag, embellished with holiday themes that thrill kids. As they see a sack bag with their picture printed, the child will scream excitedly and want to see what’s inside it!

When gifting 12-year-olds, you want something that's not only visually captivating but also stirs their imagination. This 3D night light is an enchanting present that does just that.

For some kids, nighttime can be intimidating. This light provides comfort and security, making bedtime more pleasant. Who doesn't want to have beautiful dreams? It’s time to package this item and surprise them.

This personalized shirt features the label "Awesome Since," followed by the 12-year-old's birthday. It emphasizes that they have been remarkable and special from the moment they were born.

Additionally, this gift reminds them to be confident and embrace their unique qualities. It celebrates their journey and emphasizes their ongoing amazingness.

Are you confused about what to give your daughter? Don't worry; this adorable moon lamp will bring a big surprise on her special day.

This moon lamp can be customized with her photo and name, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake that says, "You're special, and you're safe." The soft glow of this lamp ensures that bedtime is an enchanting journey into dreamland.

This custom LED light allows you to personalize it with a name or nickname, making it a truly heartfelt gift for girls and daughters on their special day.

With its versatile design and various color options, this LED light can complement any room decor or setting, adding a personalized touch to any occasion. With this light, your little one will sleep well that night!

To honor a special girl in your life as she enters her teenage years, give her this birthday gift that can be customized.

The frame has a name that can be customized and a place to add a priceless photo. Every glance at this acrylic piece will bring her smiles and recollections of good times. It's a source of happiness and lasting memories.

Still confused and don’t know what to gift to your little loved one? I highly recommend this beautiful light as a magical companion that comforts her nights.

The soft glow of the night light provides a sense of security and comfort, making bedtime an enjoyable experience. It sparks her imagination, transporting her to a world of fairy tales and adventures as she drifts off to sleep.

A motivational wish for your daughter on a memorable day like her birthday is ideal. Give your little girl this plaque with the heartfelt message "You Are One In A Million" as your birthday wish!

This plaque holds the essence of 12 incredible years. What a wonderful gift that shows her growth! She will be touched when she sees a gift with her photo printed on it and reads your sweet wishes.

Do you want your little one to shine and become the center of attention at her birthday party? Our necklace will help you make it happen!

This sparkling pendant greatly suits a princess girl, portraying the mature beauty of a girl as she turns 12. You can add a customizable message, a name, or a special phrase, making it a truly gorgeous gift.

This lovely and personalized cushion is lovely to express your gratitude and encourage your girl to affect the world positively on her 12th birthday!

The phrase "Making the World a Better Place" aims to inspire and motivate. Adding her name or a meaningful remark, you can personalize the writing on the cushion. What a genuinely heartfelt present!

Customized with your beloved kid’s name or a special message, it's a tumbler designed just for your little girl, adding a personal mark to her daily routine.

The tumbler is not only stylish but also incredibly practical. From school to outdoor escapades, this tumbler keeps her drinks at the right temperature. The girl will feel proud in front of her friend because of your loved gift.

Night light Bluetooth speaker creates a relaxing space with gentle lighting and favorite music. This helps the young boy/girl relax and enjoy peaceful moments in their busy studies and lives.

Give your prince/princess this gift to say she can be independent by herself! It features a robust alarm clock with a customizable ringtone, ideal for individuals who find it challenging to wake up. So she will not be afraid of oversleeping.

Is your 12-year-old girl a lover of art and decoration? On their birthday, it's an ideal time to give them a chance to express their creativity with this wall art.

It offers multiple locations to display her favorite photos, allowing her to create personalized collages. She will love expressing her creativity and telling her story by arranging photos in a way she likes.

Your little girl is probably at the age where she pays attention to her appearance and loves to dress herself with jewelry.

Its clever design allows her to store much of her jewelry without taking up much space. Moreover, its color is very gentle and has a Barbie style, which will be loved by most girls.

You don't know what to give your little sister- a skillful person who loves sewing? Rest assured, we have enough for you with this bracelet kit; the girl will feel so excited to open it!

It includes the tools to make up to 12 bracelets, seven-knot styles, and different fashion pattern stickers for girls' preferences. Once she has created their bracelets, what she made shows her jewelry style.

Your child can feel your love and presence even when you are physically apart, thanks to this gorgeously designed pillow's message. What a heart-warming birthday gift!

Adolescence can be a time of change and uncertainty. This pillow provides a sense of comfort and security as a keepsake of home and the love that surrounds them.

This kit combines the joy of painting with the satisfaction of watching flowers bloom, making it a perfect present for your beloved kid.

Once they've finished painting your flower pot, they can plant their favorite seeds or small plants. It’s great to see their efforts come to life as colorful flowers bloom in their hand-painted pot.

Happiest DIY journal makes a girl create, write, and explore her inner world. Let’s give her the gift of creativity and personal growth on her birthday!

The journal offers prompts and activities that resonate with her age and interests. As she writes, draws, and puts her ideas in the journal, it becomes a special keepsake she'll treasure for a long time.

With the help of vibrant strings and pegs, this kit allows kids to explore their artistic talents and make gorgeous three-dimensional art pieces.

Intricate patterns and motifs are created on the board like a canvas. Kids may use the provided templates to make their original string art masterpieces, or they can use their imaginations to the fullest.

Is your 12-year-old passionate about decoration and journal art? If so, this gift will make her twice as excited when given on her birthday.

With a gift set full of tools and items like this, she can freely design her diary. When we were children, who disliked writing down their dreams and feelings? Your kid is the same! She will be very excited to receive this gift from you.

This 12th birthday, let you hug your child by gifting this blanket. Imagine how surprised they feel when seeing this blanket, especially because it is personalized with their photos!

A cozy blanket is like a hug that covers and protects the kid, expressing your love for them. It's perfect for snuggling up while reading a book, watching a movie, or simply relaxing.

Want your child to learn to care more for herself from an early age? Give them different lovely animal character sheet masks on her birthday.

With a moderate pH, this mask can effectively brighten the skin and care for the skin. By gifting her this gift, you can teach young girls essential skincare routines and the value of caring for their skin from an early age.

Turning 12 is when you need to upgrade your boy's appearance! And your boy will look more mature with this beautiful cross necklace.

The necklace, given as a birthday gift, represents the love and support from family and friends who help him grow spiritually. It's a cross necklace with a message card affirming his values and the importance of staying true to his beliefs.

No kids can resist this colorful LEGO model when seeing it. When they open this craft board, the fun begins!

Kids who enjoy making crafts are the ideal audience for the personalized DIY message board. He will love to receive such a funny toy that can help him to share his love of arts and crafts.

You want something that ignites their imagination and allows them to express their unique creativity. The scratch paper art-crafts gift is all that you need.

This gift set improves kids’ motor skills, boosting their imagination into treasured arts. Every masterpiece they create gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their artistic abilities. They will be excited to open this gift as soon as they see it.

Do you want to select a present for a young teen that will be enjoyable and inspire creativity? You should consider this essential slime kit!

Made only for tweens, the slime kit is a safe and enjoyable way for them to have a fun sensory experience suitable for their age. With different colors and add-ins, the kit lets tweens be creative. It can also help the child relax and entertain himself after tiring school hours.

The fingers-flashing cube is an intellectual adventure that ignites 12-year-olds' competitive spirit and hone their problem-solving skills.

This cube brings endless entertainment they will enjoy playing instead of being immersed in the Internet. Regardless of the form of play, solo challenges, or friendly competitions with friends and family, this cube encourages bonding and healthy rivalry.

The more customized the gifts are according to children's interests, the more they will love to use them daily. That's why you should choose this vintage tumbler.

Encouraging proper hydration is important, and the tumbler provides a practical and reusable solution for carrying drinks throughout the day. Its design is also impressive and attractive enough for the child to use this tumbler every day.

Following the concept of a "birth-related" present to give your young teen on her 12th birthday, this custom zodiac tumbler will not let you down!

This tumbler is a personalized tribute to your kid's zodiac sign, making her feel special and valued. This double vacuum function keeps her favorite drinks at the perfect temperature.

DIY clay jewelry dish arts can be a surprise for a birthday celebration. They're an artistic adventure that celebrates your 12-year-old's creativity.

With detailed instructions, kids can easily create a beautiful jewelry dish. The resulting artwork will help children neatly store their jewelry without fear of it being thrown around.

Rather than just a fashionable accessory, a leather bracelet is a meaningful gift that speaks to your beloved's journey and style. Gifting this bracelet is a fantastic way to tell the kids your love for them and remind them of the beauty of growth. On their birthday, it's time to give them the gift of style and meaning!

If your child loves to draw, why not stimulate his artistic talent from a young age with this gift? This set of brush pens offers a convenient way to create stunning watercolor effects.

The anticipation of using the brush pens to create their first masterpiece can be thrilling. The soft brushes will give your little artist a beautiful and even watercoloring experience. She/he will be excited to discover that he/she can create vivid watercolor paintings.

I think your girl can’t imagine that one day she can make a lip balm on her birthday. What an unforgettable experience with the help of this lip balm kit gift!

Making lip balm is a hands-on activity that keeps girls engaged while having fun. Each girl can create her unique lip balm to suit her taste, making it a personalized item. It would be more enjoyable if she could do it with her friends!

The ultra-hip, cutting-edge flying ball is a perfect gift for both boys and girls. No magic is needed; it's ready for enjoyable play whether you're at home or on the go.

With a smooth flying pattern and boomerang effect, it is made to function both indoors and outdoors. These straightforward instructions help you create an entertaining party game. What's better than getting kids away from screens and having fun with these toys?

This jewelry craft kit is the ideal birthday present for girls who enjoy making things. When receiving this DIY gift, she can’t help but fall in love with it and start making her own jewelry!

The kit provides full items for the girl to express her creativity by designing and crafting her jewelry. Making this bracelet is easy, so she will have a joyful and relaxed experience.

Giving your little princess this gift will warm up your relationship with her. This cinema lightbox allows a girl to create personalized messages, quotes, and affirmations.

Every time the quote is changed, it becomes her new motivational reminder. Moreover, the warm and inviting glow of the lightbox can uplift her spirits, creating a cozy feeling in her room.

Even though she turns 12, your little girl will fall in love with dreamy and magical things. So this fairy lantern craft kit will be the right choice to give her on her birthday!

This craft kit is a perfect gift for imaginative kids who enjoy crafting and fairy tales, as it combines art and DIY skills. The lanterns can be used as captivating decor or a night light to create a magical ambiance.

When seeking a unique gift for your little girl, finding something that will ignite her creative outlet is essential. The charm bracelet-making kit meets the idea!

The kit is a canvas for her imagination. With an array of charms and beads, she can curate bracelets that reflect her distinct style. Thanks to this kit, the girl will have a unique collection of bracelets made by her own hands.

On your child's birthday, it's an ideal occasion to teach him/her how to spend properly with this piggy bank cash coin can.

This coin can feature colors and themes that resonate with their age group, making it appealing and relatable. Saving money becomes enjoyable as they watch their savings grow with each coin deposited!


Gift-giving for 12-year-olds is all about creating moments of pure delight, where their eyes light up and their hearts brim with happiness. It's a wonderful feeling, both for the giver and the receiver. Remember, whether you're a parent, a relative, or a friend looking to make a 12th birthday special, dive into the world of our fantastic gift ideas. The journey starts with you; the destination is a child's happiness.

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