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45 Best Gifts For 11 Year Olds That They'll Love

During this time, children continue to improve their talents in many of the sports, games, and activities they learned in elementary school; nevertheless, other games become predictable and dull. As a result, kids are eager for new activities that will challenge their more advanced motor abilities and reasoning. They frequently prefer raw materials over completed products while crafting their own unique creations.

These youngsters love a variety of activities that require a more complicated and exacting level of performance, such as woodworking, marionette manipulation, pottery making, play staging, advanced science projects, and computer graphics generation. They are entering a period in which they are attempting to explain and communicate more complicated concepts, shifting from the concrete to the abstract and applying general principles to the specific.

Finding birthday gifts for 11-year-olds is difficult, especially since they are considerably cooler than you! We've compiled a list of everything you need to cheer up an 11-year-old in order to make the challenging task of purchasing for tweens easier. These options, which range from an electric scooter to a fresh take on Pictionary, won't let you down! Whether you're looking for gifts for 11-year-olds or something special for yourself, you'll find them here.

This blanket is a warm hug from his loved ones for a 12-year-old boy. Imagine how surprised he feels when seeing this blanket, especially because it is personalized with his photos!

A cozy blanket is like a hug that covers and protects the boy, expressing your love for him. It's perfect for snuggling up while reading a book, watching a movie, or simply relaxing.

Accompany your child in the process of growing up by capturing every critical moment through each year. Your kid will have a personalized, an occasion that no one can ever turn back.

You have the opportunity to make the Wall Art Gift absolutely unique by personalizing it. Include a favorite photo, such as a treasured family portrait, a picture of the birthday child, or a priceless photograph.


✔️ Meaningful to keep memories

✔️ The only gift

✔️ Come with various size and background

✔️ Deliver a sincere wish

An 11-year-old still wants to be surprised with gifts, but they don't want the normal toys they used to receive because they aren't quite a teenager yet and they aren't exactly young kids either.

Giving an 11-year-old this amusing customized T-shirt as an 11th birthday gift can do wonders for their mood.


✔️ Can be personalized

✔️ High-quality material

✔️ Great-quality photo printing

Show your loved one that they are special by picking out the personalized night light they've been searching for.

A personalized night light that lets you add the personality you’re looking for – your name, favorite zodiac sign, or birth date. Comes in an easy-to-use pack with instructions on how to set it up, it is one of the best 11th birthday presents.


✔️ Easy-to-care and easy-to-use

✔️ Bring happiness as well as a surprise with a unique gift

✔️ Suitable for all décor

If you are confused about what to choose for your girl's 11th birthday gift, this Happy Birthday Behind You All Your Memories Custom Plaque will be a great suggestion.

She will be joyful and appreciate it a lot as it can be one of the most unique presents she has ever received.


✔️ Special gift for 11-year-old girls

✔️ Personalized with different details, especially the custom photo

✔️ Elegant and gorgeous design

If your kid is from 10 to 15 years old, this laser-cut metal sign will amaze him/her from the first sign.

Kids like all the things with their names, and this sign will be also their favorite. Not with multiple colors, the item will be attractive to kids in the way it is made, gorgeous and beautiful.


✔️ Customizable with 26 letters

✔️ Beautiful monogram

✔️ Durable and long-lasting construction

Choosing a gift for a teenager always makes you stressed because the gift must be both interesting and age appropriate. Don't worry, get gift suggestions with this unique sack bag.

The bag is decorated with Christmas motifs and stands out with the recipient's name printed on it that will surely make children excited. Its sturdy construction ensures that your presents are kept safe and secure, even during the most enthusiastic unwrapping sessions. A perfect christmas gifts for 12 year olds that they'll love it.


✔️ Personalized and customizable Christmas sack bag

✔️ High-quality materials and craftsmanship

✔️ Spacious size for ample gift storage

Make your child's 11th birthday truly magical with our custom dream catcher night light. Designed to bring comfort and peaceful dreams, this enchanting night light combines the beauty of a dream catcher with a soft, soothing glow.

Even if your 11-year-old daughter is extremely difficult to shop for, this Custom Dream Catcher Night Light is an excellent choice for her special day. So choose your favorite and wrap it up with lots of love!


✔️ A meaningful present

✔️ Sure to light up her face

✔️ Make her birthday memorable

Get your daughter this Always Be Safe 3D Moon Lamp for her special day to show how much you care.

The 3D-printed moon lamp is incredibly realistic and closely matches the moon's surface. A name and an image may be added to the lamp to give it a personal touch and turn it into a genuinely sentimental souvenir.


✔️ Celebrate your daughter's special day

✔️ A thoughtful present that she'll cherish a lot

✔️ Available in various sizes

Most kids love to celebrate their birthdays and receive cute and lovely gifts. However, for 11-year-olds who have formed their own interests and personalities, choosing birthday gifts will be more difficult.

Don't worry, the Best Led Light For 11th Birthday Anniversary below is a meaningful gift that everyone will surely like.


✔️ Custom the child's name

✔️ Assurance of quality

✔️ Celebrate your child's special day

Birthday is a meaningful and special occasion for everyone. Everyone is looking forward to their attractive gifts on this day. Especially for young girls.

With this Custom Milestone For 11th Birthday, parents will no longer have to wonder when they want to surprise their child's birthday.


✔️ Great birthday gift for her

✔️ Personalized details

✔️ Save time when selecting gifts

The night light is a great 11th birthday gift. Make sure your little one sleeps peacefully with this amazing night light, with its beautiful, glittering, unicorn horn.

Perfect as a bedside lamp or hanging light, this nightlight can be used to illuminate the darkest bedroom. The Unicorn nightlight glows beautifully and is safe for children.


✔️ Come with a multi-colored and magical light

✔️ Safe for children

✔️ Control the brightness easily

You might sometimes realize that your kid is now not a kid at all and they are on the edge of becoming an adolescent, so just spend time with them in this important stage of their life. If you are looking for a gift for 11 year olds, no look further to this loveable pillow.

This all-over print throw pillow features a removable canvas case with zipper enclosure. Their image is printed on a two-sided, fully colorfast dyed piece of cloth for unmatched durability and color vibrancy.


✔️ Creates a lasting impression and cherished memories

✔️ Meaningful and heartfelt gift tailored specifically for her

✔️ Showcases your thoughtfulness and attention to detail

Both boys and girls will love receiving this hair chalk kit as a present. It is the ideal present for 11-year-old children. It is a fantastic family activity for endless hours of time spent together!

Together, they create lovely family memories and give the gift of imagination and enjoyment! They will be grateful for and sincerely love this present! The hair chalk offers up to 80 uses per pen and is water soluble, non-toxic, and safe. It also leaves the hair feeling soft and natural.


✔️ Allows kids to express their creativity and style

✔️ Easy to apply and washes out easily

✔️ Non-toxic and safe for children's hair

The glider boy toy is equipped with 3 different colors of green, orange, and blue gliding foam planes, and 1 plane launcher.

This foam aircraft has a practical range of 49 feet, is lightweight, impact resistant, flexible, portable, and has the advantage of high performance free flight. It enables your youngster to put down the electronic game, relax with friends and family.


✔️ Easy to use, with simple launching mechanisms

✔️ Exciting and engaging play experience for children of all ages

✔️ Provides hours of entertainment and imagination exploration

The flying ball drones can accomplish diverse flight routes and skills, as well as various smooth flight modes and boomerang effects, by altering their throwing angles and speeds.

The flying boomerang drone ball toy is lightweight, flexible, and touchable, not limited by space, and can be played easily on both indoors and outdoors. Your family can have fun together whenever you like.


✔️ Innovative and exciting toy that combines flight and exploration

✔️ Safe and durable design with built-in collision protection

✔️ Fascinating globe-like appearance creates a unique and captivating flying experience

With the help of this STEM robotics kit for kids, your kids can construct more than 12 different types of robots on their own, which aids in laying a strong foundation in STEM fields for young children.

Children are able to comprehend the environmental concept of renewable technology and renewable resources because of the robot's ability to crawl, roll, and float in direct sunlight.


✔️ Eco-friendly and powered by solar energy for sustainable play

✔️ Teaches children about renewable energy in a fun and interactive way

✔️ Encourages STEM learning and hands-on creativity for kids

By writing on translucent cards with the provided red and blue markers, your kids can add a unique and personalized touch to their words with this LED light sign. It is a creative and amusing gift to promote creativity.

The accompanying 59.05 in USB wire or six AA batteries can power this LED message board. Decorate your child's birthday party, baby shower, wedding, anniversary, or any other wonderful occasion by slipping the cards inside. Perfect for girls' bedrooms and homes, a led letter board.


✔️ Battery-operated for versatile placement without the need for wires

✔️ Perfect for celebrations, special occasions, or as a decorative piece

✔️ Adds a touch of whimsy and ambiance to any space

The following items are part of the kit: 1 journal with 70 pages (6 x 8 inches), 6 paper clips, glue stick, 27 stickers, pen, 3 bookmarks, tassel with charm, silver glitter tape, 2 3 x 3 frames, 3 2 x 2 frames, 9 decorative cardboard cutouts, 8 scrapbook pages, and a guide.

With the tools in this kit, your kids can produce their own dynamic and distinctive pages. Tweens and teens will enjoy layering with scrapbook pages, frames, and other decorative items to add special images, notes and quotes, thoughts, and ideas.


✔️ Encourages creativity and self-expression through journaling and crafting

✔️ Promotes writing skills, imagination, and emotional well-being

✔️ Complete set with a blank journal, stickers, washi tape, and more

Your tween is a child on the verge of becoming an adolescent. They will still require a great deal of guidance and will be prone to pushing boundaries and making blunders. You can show your 11 year old kid how love they spend on them by giving their room a personalized touch!

Throw cushion with all-over design and removable canvas cover with zipper fastening. Their image is printed on a two-sided, fully colorfast dyed piece of cloth for unmatched durability and color vibrancy.


✔️ A heartfelt reminder of parental love and support

✔️ High-quality materials ensure durability and long-lasting use

✔️ Perfect birthday gift to show love and keep the connection strong

The magic cube can improve your child's sense of space and memory; playing this in your leisure time can relieve adult work strain while also helping to avoid memory loss in the elderly.

This cube game will never go out of style and will keep your youngsters away from the TV or iPad. You can try to stretch your intellectual capacity or spend some leisure time with your loved ones whenever and wherever you are. This timeless puzzle game will never go out of fashion.


✔️ Comes with different cube variations for various levels of challenge

✔️ Improves hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and focus

✔️ High-quality and smooth-turning cubes for fast solving and competition

This DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit includes everything young fashionistas need to create friendship bracelets. Girls' favorite unicorn and mermaid themes can be used to produce 11 different designs of charm bracelets.

The bracelet creation kit includes a braiding loom with movable pegs to secure the bracelet. With a complete instruction handbook, simple instructions, and patterns. They come with 12 different wire colors, 12 cartoon buckles, 1 bracelet loom, and step-by-step instructions.


✔️ Encourages fine motor skills, coordination, and patience

✔️ Inspires creativity and artistic expression in young girls

✔️ Fosters a sense of friendship and bonding through handmade gifts

This kids camera has 5.0 mega pixels and a 1080P HD IPS screen. There are 28 frames and 6 filters to choose from to enable the youngsters to gain varied photographic experience and make it more entertaining.

When compared to other children's cameras, it has significantly improved photo clarity, providing you with high-quality images and video. The kids camera is intended for both boys and girls. With the waterproof casing inserted, your children can dive up to 98 feet underwater.


✔️ Compact and lightweight for easy handling and portability

✔️ Offers a fun and unique way to document and share adventures

✔️ Waterproof design allows for worry-free exploration in water environments

Both types of excursions are jam-packed with educational, entertaining, and motivating elements. Step-by-step lessons, challenges, quizzes, and games encourage kids to keep typing to unearth clues and reach the castle or palace, where additional rewards await!

Kids learn to type by selecting one of 11 age-appropriate typing plans, beginning with the Home Row Plan for young children. Kids may quickly improve their typing abilities and witness immediate results.


✔️ Designed with a kid-friendly interface for easy navigation and usability

✔️ Teaches proper typing techniques and improves typing speed and accuracy

✔️ Comprehensive typing program promotes essential computer skills for children

This Ice Cream Slime Kit is the ideal blend of entertainment and education. Slime making has been shown to help a child's development and creativity, and our Ice Cream Edition Fluffy Slime Kit does just that.

Inside the Ice Cream Slime Kit, your children will find a useful handbook with fun and tried-and-true recipes for making fantastic ice cream slimes! They will experiment with inks to create ice cream colors, with aromas to create delightful ice cream smells, and with sprinkles and cherries to add an extra yum factor!


✔️ Fluffy slime texture offers a sensory and tactile play experience

✔️ Provides hours of entertainment and relaxation

✔️ Suitable for girls, appealing to their interests and preferences

An 11-year-old still wants to be surprised when it comes to gifts, but they don't want the normal things they used to get since they're not quite a teenager and not quite a young kid either. Your girls will certainly love this pillow.

You can make her bedroom or living space more customized! This throw pillow has an all-over design and a removable canvas case with a zipper closing. The image's two-sided, all-over print colorfast dyed fabric delivers unsurpassed durability and color vibrancy.


✔️ Durable canvas material for long-lasting use and easy maintenance

✔️ Easy to incorporate into existing home decor arrangements

✔️ Various design options to complement different interior styles

This is one of the best gifts for 11-year-old children. This hover soccer ball may transform a boring day at home into quality time with family and friends. Soft foam bumpers protect internal components, furniture, and small feet on the go in these hover balls.

The outdoor and indoor soccer balls float on air cushions for a smooth glide over hardwood, tile, asphalt, and short carpets. Two air soccer hover balls are outfitted with flashing LED lights, making them perfect for dark or low-light environments.


✔️ Suitable for individual or group play, fostering social interaction

✔️ Safe and lightweight design with soft edges for worry-free play

✔️ Glides on various surfaces, including hardwood floors and carpets

The diameter of the dart board is 29 inches; the larger size equals higher hit rates and more fun for kids and beginners. The dart board toy set is composed of high-quality soft cloth that is long-lasting.

Plastic sticky balls are extremely sticky. One huge board, 12 sticky balls (4 colors), and one hook are included in the package. Your children may share the excitement of the activity with extra players. In addition to being entertaining, dart board games will help your 11-year-old child's attention, hand-eye coordination, and numeracy skills.


✔️ Lightweight and easy to hang or transport

✔️ Large size enhances the target area, making it easier for kids to play

✔️ Safe and child-friendly dartboard design for young players

Your children will use the same channel and sub-code and will talk by pressing the PTT key. It has 22 main channels and allows for 3km of wireless communication. Your children are free to employ 99 low-frequency tones, while anti-interference performance ensures that signals are not disrupted.

The design allows for a tiny body that fits comfortably in children's hands and has a channel lock mechanism. This item is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities like outdoor adventure games, camping, and hiking.


✔️ Enables long-distance communication during outdoor activities

✔️ Fun and interactive communication tool for kids' adventures

✔️ Easy-to-use and durable design suitable for little hands

Simply flip on the little switch at night to transform the terrarium into a beautiful, illuminated dream garden. The bundled Micro-USB cable makes it simple to recharge the light. A terrarium jar, a light-up jar lid with handle, a Micro-USB charging cable, a clear and simple step-by-step instruction manual, a unicorn, a range of colored and transparent crystals, pebbles, moss, artificial succulents, and mushroom miniatures are included in the set. The ideal arts and crafts project for tweens.

The shirt says' 11 Years 132 Months Of Being Awesome 11th Birthday Apparel 'and is a gift idea for 11-year old girls or boys. It is an amazing holiday gift for 11-year-old son, daughter, schoolboy, nephew, buddy, kinder, adolescent, daughter, son, girl, boy, schoolgirl on 11-year-old joyful birthday party.

These are Eleventh Birthday Girl Clothes, Eleventh Birthday Boy Gifts, and Born in 2010 December January Clothes. The shirt has a lightweight construction, a classic fit, and double-needle sleeve and bottom hems.


✔️ Available in various sizes for a perfect fit

✔️ Comfortable and high-quality fabric for everyday wear

✔️ Creates a sense of pride and excitement for the birthday celebrant

The toys for boys and girls include 468+ pieces, a block, and unique stickers. This educational construction stem toy allows children to have fun while simultaneously improving their hand-eye coordination and practical abilities.

It is an excellent gift for 11-year-olds, allowing them to put down their phones and iPads. The robot toys can move in all directions—left, right, forward, backward, and 360 degrees. These creative transforming robot toys allow children to discover new possibilities, increase their imagination, and strengthen their motor abilities.


✔️ Suitable for both boys and girls, promoting gender-inclusive play

✔️ Sparks interest in technology and future careers in robotics and engineering

✔️ Interactive and educational robotic toys for STEM learning

The kit includes: clay (10 colors), rolling pin, rolling pad, stencil, trimming tool, metallic paint, paintbrush, glitter clue, gem stickers, and a complete instructional guide.

Pottery is one of the world's oldest crafts, but artists hundreds of years ago did not have a kit like this! Your kids now have everything they need to construct three lovely jewelry or trinket trays. It captivates children from the moment they take it out of the box and is an excellent family project. The assembly is enjoyable, and the end result is quite fulfilling.


✔️ Includes all necessary materials and instructions for easy crafting

✔️ Creative and hands-on activity for kids to make their own jewelry dish

✔️ Promotes artistic expression and fine motor skills development

This piggy bank can hold 600 coins or 100 pieces of paper money, encouraging youngsters to save their pocket money and considerably assisting children in developing a good saving habit.

Your children can insert paper money into the slot on top of the kids ATM money bank, and it will be automatically rolled into the ATM machine. Your children would be delighted to receive this cool money saving bank. It's entertaining and instructive, and it teaches the value of saving. It's the ideal 11-year-old Gift, Christmas Gift, or any other holiday gift.


✔️ Secure electronic bank with PIN protection for storing coins and bills

✔️ Makes a popular and exciting gift option for kids

✔️ Provides a fun and interactive way to learn about currency and banking

This is an ideal gift for 11 year olds. The package offers a variety of themes and colors. Your 11-year-old child can mix and match designs to suit her unique taste.

It also incorporates her own design visuals, inspirational phrases, and fill-in lists and surveys for a really unique look. She can personalize her artwork by using letters to spell out her name or a word that inspires her. She can also add her own images and use the foam spacers to make her poster look 3D.


✔️ Inspires creativity and self-expression through personalized wall art

✔️ Allows teens to showcase their memories, interests, and style

✔️ All-inclusive kit with various materials for crafting a unique collage

On top, there is a 3 level brightness adjustable warm light with a cool touch sensor design. The warm light can be used for resting, reading in the living room, and as a sleep light for children.

Light can also be set to music light mode, in which the multi-color lights change with the beat of the music. In lighting mode, your tweens can also select only one color for lighting (total 48 lighting mode colors). Its multifunctional, innovative, and modern design makes it the ideal present for any occasion.


✔️ Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless streaming of music or audio content

✔️ Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, or any space where both light and music are desired

✔️ Built-in speaker delivers quality sound for an immersive experience

This little comic will boost your children's confidence by improving their comedic talents and establishing a repertoire of jokes. Jokes promote social engagement, making it easier for your child to make new friends. The joke books are appropriate for both children and adults.

They are also an excellent gift for any occasion. As a school teacher who has been working with children for almost ten years, the author has shared many laughs with them. His new goal is to increase the number of laughter and good times.


✔️ Promotes a sense of humor and creativity in kids

✔️ Collection of age-appropriate jokes that entertain and bring laughter

✔️ Encourages reading and language development

The set contains three stoneware pots, one stoneware tray, soil, three seed packets, a 12-color paint strip, two paintbrushes, a paint palette, three wooden plant markers, a spade, a watering bottle, and a lovely instruction booklet.

It's an entertaining and educational gift for 11-year-old girls. It captivates children from the moment they take it out of the box and teaches them about the lifecycle of plants and botany. Every child will have a great time with the freedom to sketch, paint, and plant as they choose.


✔️ Seeds and soil provided for planting and growing flowers

✔️ Provides a beautiful and rewarding result with blooming flowers

✔️ Includes stoneware pots and paint for personalized decoration

The Ultimate Skip Ball is extremely durable. This beach toy is 3X more durable than competitors' thanks to the toughest stitching. With this long-lasting toy, you can make long-lasting memories.

Nothing is worse than having your toys break mid-day in the sun, so make sure you choose high-quality products! These beach toys and games are ideal for boys and girls aged 11 and up. It's ideal for birthdays, beach parties, 4th of July BBQs, and even Christmas Presents for Anyone.


✔️ Fun and active outdoor toy for children and adults

✔️ Helps improve coordination, balance, and cardiovascular fitness

✔️ Suitable for solo play or with friends and family, promoting social interaction

This Bracelet Maker Kit is an amazing gift that your 11-year-old girl will love. This arts and crafts kit makes it simple and enjoyable to make friendship bracelets on your own or with friends.

It includes 7 different bracelet patterns. Within a week, girls can wear a different bracelet every day. Your kids may also make up to 12 gorgeous bracelets by combining trendy clasps. This DIY kit makes it simple for crafty kids to produce beautiful friendship bracelets that spread happiness and love wherever they go.


✔️ Dedicated kit specifically designed for making friendship bracelets

✔️ Includes a bracelet-making loom or tool for easy and consistent weaving

✔️ Facilitates the creation of intricate and professional-looking bracelets

The Dream Hoverboard Scooter has 6.5" wheels for a smooth ride and 400W motors to get up inclines of up to 10 degrees. The Dream hoverboard provides hours of entertainment with a top speed of 7 mph and a range of 6 miles.

The built-in inertia dynamic stabilization system puts your 11-year-old kids in control with these gyroscopes and acceleration sensors. The Dream hoverboard scooter stabilizes the user, controls balance and motion, and provides a safe, stable, and enjoyable riding experience.


✔️ Electric-powered with self-balancing technology for ease of use

✔️ Suitable for riders of different ages and skill levels

✔️ Offers smooth and effortless maneuverability

The Bluetooth speaker is outfitted with 24w of stereo audio drivers and an innovative digital signal processor that produces crisp treble, detailed mids, and significantly boosted bass at any volume.

The wireless LED Bluetooth speakers function not only as a speaker but also as a distinctive night theme light, with many color-changing themes. Using these Bluetooth speakers, a completely reinvented rainbow light show that pulses, phases, and lights to the beat of your music is created.


✔️ Suitable for teenage girls, celebrating their individuality and style

✔️ Compact and lightweight speaker for wireless music playback on the go

✔️ Enables easy connection to smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices

This is the most revolutionary laser tag set yet, complete with a lock 'n load for a battle for dominance! Your kids may put on your vest, grab a gun, and check your ammo before transforming your lawn or basement into a battle zone for an ultra-modern laser tag war.

It comes with four guns, four vests (front and rear), and one charging station.The firearms and vests may be fully charged! The package contains a unique charging station that allows you to charge all of your gear at once. They can play about 8 games on a single charge.


✔️ Rechargeable design eliminates the need for constant battery replacement

✔️ Exciting and interactive game for multiplayer laser tag battles

✔️ Features different game modes, weapons, and team options for versatility

This item includes a 13-inch magnetic dartboard, a set of 12 safe magnetic darts, darts, and instructions for mounting it on the wall. It's the correct size, and the darts are incredibly magnetic and can adhere to the board really effectively.

On one board, there is a traditional standard dartboard on the front and an archery dartboard game on the back. The magnetic darts stick quickly where they strike. This dartboard toy can be used as an educational motivational tool to encourage the child's sense of adventure.


✔️ Safe and family-friendly alternative to traditional dart games

✔️ Magnetic darts adhere to the dartboard without sharp tips

✔️ Can be easily hung on walls or doors for convenience

A terrarium is a tiny garden contained within a container that mimics the natural environment. So, let your child discover nature's beauty by making their own lovely terrarium with this all-inclusive kit.

With the revolutionary LED light behind the lid, they can watch it develop by day and illuminate at night. It is an entertaining and instructive gift for 11-year-olds. It's not often that a science activity can be both entertaining and educational, but this terrarium kit does both!


✔️ Teaches children about plant life, ecosystems, and caring for living things

✔️ Features LED lights to create a magical and enchanting atmosphere

✔️ Educational and interactive kit for creating a mini indoor garden

So, step up your game and become the gift-giving guru they'll never forget. With our gifts-11-year-olds collection, you'll be the talk of the town and the hero of birthdays, holidays, and every occasion in between. Get ready to unleash the laughter, ignite the imaginations, and make memories that will last a lifetime. It's time to show those 11-year-olds how it's done!

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