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32 Game of Thrones Gifts for Him Who Can't Get Enough of Westeros

Game of Thrones is a famous series that attracts a huge amount of fans all over the world. The series ended, but the fandom shows no signs of cooling down. If your man - a boyfriend, husband, or father - is a big fan of this series, why don't you give them the Game of Thrones item as a special gift on occasion? That will be a great ideal gift that makes him very happy and appreciative!

However, looking for a gift for a super fan is not an easy task, especially if you have no clue or little information about this series. Though you can’t give him the seven kingdoms like in the Game of Thrones, you can still get them a cool gift. Below are some Game of Thrones gifts that any fan would be obsessed with.

Coming from Game of Thrones-related items like the mug, shirt, bar accessories to the decoration like metal signs or ornaments, now you have several options to choose from. Whichever gift you give him, he will fall in love with your gift and treasure it a lot. More than a usual present, your gift indeed leaves a deep impression on him. Don’t hesitate to get one of these awesome gifts right now, just can't wait to see his reaction when receiving this gift!

Brighten his recovery journey with the Amazing Journey Ride Watch, a luxurious and stylish timepiece that will add a tasteful element to his wardrobe.

This remarkable watch features a genuine leather strap, ensuring both comfort and durability. Its splash-resistant design and hardened mineral glass provide increased protection, making it a reliable companion even during challenging times.


✔️ Genuine leather strap

✔️ Unique skeleton dial feature

✔️ Automatic movement

Toilet tag is a hilarious new game that takes two people on an unpredictable, revealing, and life changing journey against their potty partner, without ever leaving the bathroom.

It's a great conversation starter and a fun wedding/engagement or gag gift. The game is simple. Each person plays two pages per visit. Laugh at your partner’s response and complete the current page before flipping to a new page to start the next question.


✔️ Spark creativity and imagination among children

✔️ Help children develop spatial awareness

✔️ An element of excitement and thrill

For a Game of Thrones fan, this witcher symbol ring is an awesome gift for your man as a special present.

This Witcher ring is stylish and pretty ideal for everyday use. Engraved detail of the 925k handmade silver ring is very detailed and eye-catching. The ring is coated with oxide to emphasize the details of handmade engraving. The product will be sent to you with a handmade wooden box to avoid any damage during shipping.


✔️ Special addition to his outfit

✔️ Believed to bring clarity of thought, intuition

✔️ Symbolize strength, courage, and leadership

Cosplay one of the Game of Thrones characters with this knight surcoat. The recipient - your beloved man will be obsessed with this pretty dress code.

Such a detailed and fantastic outfit. This simple surcoat can be worn unadorned as it is, or you can customize it to display your house signet. The light weight and simple design of this knight’s surcoat allows you to add style to your look while allowing for freedom of movement, both in the feast hall and in the lists.


✔️ Special outfit for some party

✔️ Could provide an additional layer of protection

✔️ Foster a sense of belonging, pride, and loyalty

A Larger Inspirational Personalized Quote Sign can provide several benefits in various settings, including homes, offices, or public spaces

A personalized quote sign can be a visual representation of personal or professional goals. By displaying motivational quotes related to specific objectives, it helps individuals stay focused, determined, and committed to achieving their aspirations.


✔️ Enhance the overall ambiance and style

✔️ Create a positive and uplifting atmosphere

✔️ Reminder of positive thoughts, values, or goals

The majority of the world is just crazy after the series “The Game of Thrones.” If your man belongs to this category of amazing people, come with this 3D name plate to show his love with this series.

This plate is made from biodegradable plastic that can be customized to include a color of your choice. They have 3 sizes available depending on the amount of characters in the text. Please select your option when placing your order.


✔️ An effective networking too

✔️ A touch of individuality and ownership to a workspace

✔️ Provide clear identification and professionalism in office environments

If your man is a nerd, loving reading the Game of Thrones series, you can give him this pretty hodor bookend as a birthday gift.

Made a great home and living piece inspired by your favorite series. He can now have his very own Hodor bookends and show his love for the series with this home decor. Hodor standing against the door is such a famous scene of this series.


✔️ Evoke feelings of nostalgia

✔️ Add a unique and eye-catching element to any book collection

✔️ Prevent them from toppling over

This is a collector’s reprint of an autographed script from the pilot episode of the hit series "Game of Thrones". That will be the best gift he has ever received from other people.

It is literally a signature legend with all of these names included! The script comes in a clear protective sleeve with a stabilizing insert to keep your script well protected. This gift will be a precious keepsake for him to treasure for years to come. Frames with polished glass suitable for both hanging on his wall or sitting on a shelf!


✔️ A visual reminder of the dedication, creativity, and success

✔️ Display a personal connection to their favorite works

✔️ A distinctive and authentic decoration piece

Get this one of a kind Game of Thrones shadow box frame for your loved boyfriend or husband. He will be much appreciated and happy receiving this unique present from his lover.

Background is printed with a professional color laser printer with high quality laser bright white paper stock. The lego is a real figure to be attached on the paper printing “Game of Thrones”. This frame makes a pretty decoration to put on his desk or hang it on the wall.


✔️ Captures the playful and lighthearted spirit

✔️ Proudly display their love for the series

✔️ Showcase a unique fusion of the iconic Lego style

Make your beloved husband a cup of hot chocolate with this special Game of Thrones mug. He will be very grateful and enjoy his favorite beverage happily.

Tough and durable, it preserves the temperature with reinforced insulation and double wall. Comes with removable, stainless steel metal inserts for each goblet. Now, let him enjoy drinking his coffee or cold beer to the last drop. Actually, the beer mug has the most unique design, surprising all his guests with it!


✔️ Suitable for daily use

✔️ An addition to the recipient's collection of drinkware

✔️ Proudly display their love for the series

Decorate his room with this Game of Thrones metal sign. That will be a pretty collective item that he has ever gotten.

It is eye-catching and funny Metal sign decor perfect for your man cave, dorm room, or anywhere else you can think of! Of course, super easy to hang using double sided tape which will be included! This sign will be a complete puzzle to finish his own space of the Game of Thrones world.


✔️ Feature iconic symbols, sigils, or quotes from the series

✔️ Withstand various environmental conditions

✔️ A perfect addition to their collection of memorabilia

Let your man proudly show that your man is a fan of the Game of Thrones series by giving him these stunning character bookmarks.

Made with lots of effort, these bookmarks turn out to be very fantastic, catching his eyes at first glance. These bookmarks will help him while reading old texts by himself at King's Landing! Make them more special by personalization service for this item, where your text, quote or logo will be engraved on the bookmark.


✔️ Mark memorable moments, chapters, or quotes

✔️ Highly durable and long-lasting

✔️ A symbolic representation of the characters fans adore

Your beloved man is a big fan of the Game of Thrones series, a related gift about it will be an awesome one to give him on a special occasion. However, if you have no clue about this, then come with this Winterfell candle.

Reminiscent of a cold, snow filled evening in Winterfell. This Game of Thrones inspired candle captures the spirit of the Weirwood forest on an icy Westeros night. Warm himself by the campfire and breath in the notes of pine, fir, and birch.


✔️ Feature intricate designs and packaging inspired by the series

✔️ Transform the ambiance of a space

✔️ Allow fans to immerse themselves in the world of Westeros

The Game of Thrones HUGE Bronze Handmade Ornament is a remarkable decorative piece that captures the essence of the epic fantasy series.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, this ornament offers several noteworthy qualities. As indicated by its name, this ornament is huge, making it a commanding presence in any space. Its size allows it to become a focal point, instantly drawing attention and becoming a conversation starter


✔️ Enhance various settings

✔️ Capture the essence of its fantasy world

✔️ Endure and retain its beauty over time

Get this Targaryen cutting board for your partner as a surprising gift! He will be very happy receiving this stunning present from you.

This keepsake can be used for years to come. Made with maple or walnut wood, and oiled with a food oil that preserves and toughens the board. This dual-purpose cutting board is a great conversation piece. One side of the board is used to slice and dice your specialties in the kitchen and the other side of the board has our clever design for others to be jealous of!


✔️ A visually appealing design that features the sigil and symbols

✔️ Provide a sturdy surface for food preparation

✔️ Representation of their passion and dedication to the show

Have a fun time playing a Viking board game with your lover in your free time. It is a good board game present to a Game of Thrones fan like him.

He will enjoy playing this a lot. This is a two sided board game set that has Hnefatafl on one side, and Nine Man Morris on the other. The board is made from hand colored duck cloth fabric, so no two are the same.The set comes with all the pieces to play both games, as well as instructions.


✔️ Offer hours of entertainment and enjoyment

✔️ An opportunity for social interaction and bonding

✔️ Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving abilities

Make a perfect gift for your beloved one with this Game of Thrones item - Fire and blood sweatshirt.

He will be in love with this pretty shirt the first time seeing it. Can’t wait to see how he will look after wearing this. With 6 classic colors in total, all of them are the right taste of men’s style, so don’t worry too much that he will not like it. Don’t forget to choose the suitable size to fit his body shape.


✔️ A visual cue for fellow enthusiasts to strike up conversations

✔️ Feature a combination of stylish design

✔️ A wearable symbol of their dedication for the show

Looking for a Game of Thrones gift for your man who is a big fan of this series is not hard. This fantastic stark sculpture will be a pretty home decor to hang on the wall.

You will receive a unique item that attracts attention and is a distinguished work of art. The patina covering the surface gives the impression that the item is surrounded by an aura of mystery.


✔️ Create a sense of connection

✔️ Hold significant collectible value

✔️ A touch of elegance, mystique, and fantasy to any space

To give a special gift for a Game of Thrones fan like your boyfriend or husband, you can get this ideal keychain for him.

This is a great gift that you are looking for! Made from stainless stein, it will never get tarnished or blurred. Moreover, with a high-quality engraved laser, the text will not rub or wear off as well. You can surprise him by adding a personal message to the back of your keychain.


✔️ A decorative element to keys

✔️ Highly portable with compact size

✔️ Allows it to fit comfortably in pockets, purses, or bag

Invite his friends over for binge watching sports or just have a fun rowdy time with the gang inside the man cave! Enjoy drinking with this Viking horn mug and spend time playing with them.

Get the ball rolling as your man starts pouring mug after mug of that awesome ale! Brawny and vintage looking, this buffalo mug will definitely make beer drinking a more fun and exciting affair with him and his besties. Distinct color and texture will provide an enriching drinking experience.


✔️ Withstand daily use and is less likely to chip or break

✔️ A rustic and natural aesthetic

✔️ Stand out among conventional drinking vessels

Let your man try a new taste of drinking with this horn mug.

These horns are not polished on the outside, so he will get a natural and rough texture while holding them. That is the reason why each horn mug has a distinctive and unique color, shade and shape. The drinking horn's rim has a golden metal ring for smoother experience and rich look. It also comes with a stand which is also made of horn to put it on as a decor.


✔️ Bring authenticity and novelty to the drinking experience

✔️ Allows individuals to connect with ancient traditions and rituals

✔️ Showcase the natural beauty of animal horn

The Game of Thrones Tarot deck allows fans to connect with the world of Westeros on a deeper level. It combines the symbolism and archetypes of traditional tarot with the characters, themes, and imagery from the Game of Thrones series.

It provides a unique and immersive experience for fans who wish to explore the show's universe through the lens of tarot.


✔️ Opportunity for users to engage in storytelling

✔️ Help users explore their thoughts, emotions, and motivations

✔️ Tools for self-reflection and gaining insight into one's life

Your man can now enjoy the authentic design, giant mug and feeling of drinking beer like a proper Viking! It is a great Game of Thrones gift to give him to celebrate a special day.

Made from a solid piece of horn, it will feel just right in his hands and he surely won’t go back to drinking beer any other way. Each horn mug is 100% unique in color and shape and features a sleek natural finish for maximum authenticity, no two alike! This will grant him a horn cup - take pride that is one of a kind!


✔️ Can be considered as a keepsake

✔️ A spotlight for any table settings

✔️ Show your love for the TV Series

Give him this luxurious whiskey stone set to enjoy drinking his favorite wine with the fullest flavor!

The greater the surface area, the quicker the chilling. These extra-large chilling cubes are corrosion-resistant, made 304 food-grade stainless steel. These chilling cubes were designed to keep his whiskey within the ideal temperature range without diluting the drink or altering its flavor. Place just one extra-large chilling stone in his drink and enjoy his whiskey the way it’s meant to be!


✔️ Improve the overall drinking experience

✔️ Enhance their connection to the Game of Thrones universe

✔️ Make your home bar more apealing

Perfect merchandise gift for Game Of Thrones fans! Give this dragon sword mug to your beloved man as a special gift. He will absolutely fall in love with your gift at the first sight.

Made of designer quality composite resin and hand painted, its look is very fantastic and delicate. Every part of the mug is made with lots of care, the closer you see the prettier the mug looks. Everyone sees this mug and will wonder to ask him where to get this and want to get one too.


✔️ Suitable for Multiple Beverages

✔️ Convenient for everyday use

✔️ A touch of medieval charm and fantasy to any space

If your husband or boyfriend is a Game of Thrones fan, he will be obsessed with this beer glass along with the series’ symbol.

With this gift, your loved one will drink a beer like a real Lannister and feel the roar! He will love showing off these beautiful quality glass and hand of the king beer opener to his guests. With its look, this Lannister glass makes any drink special - try it and get ready for the house of the dragon.


✔️ An excellent gift for fans of the series or beer enthusiasts

✔️ Suitable for Different Beer Styles

✔️ Available in a large size

Let your husband conquer the day like Vikings and feel great while guzzling beer with a Viking drinking horn.

It brings the age old traditions alive with a 20 oz large capacity beer horn which comes with a stand for holding. Made from real buffalo horns from India (without harming any living animals), this Viking horn drinking vessels are ethically harvested at produce farms, and are handcrafted to achieve quality finish.


✔️ Add a touch of novelty to each sip

✔️ Remain an enduring item in a collection of Viking-inspired decor

✔️ Distinctive and memorable gift for enthusiasts of Viking culture

Are you looking for an impressive gift to give your man on special occasions? If he is a big fan of the famous series “Game of Thrones”, you had better get this woven throw blanket to give him.

This blanket is designed detailedly, featuring decorative fringes around all edges. With a warm color, it fits perfectly most of the sofa’s color, making the area more fantastic and stunning. That is not only a usual blanket to cover but also a pretty home decor.


✔️ Feature intricate weaves, patterns, or textured designs

✔️ Enhance the overall aesthetic of a room

✔️ Create a cozy and comforting atmosphere

A special gift to celebrate a special occasion with your boyfriend/husband/father? You can get this funny shirt to give him.

Since he is a fan of Game of Thrones, he will laugh out loud when knowing the message “I Paused my Game to Be Here” is from. This shirt is slightly tapered to be a little less boxy than the old style of mass-market t-shirt. Nothing drastic, most people wear the same size, but you might go one size larger if you're on the fence.


✔️ Comfortable to wear all day

✔️ Funny way to enhance your outfit

✔️ Showcases a sense of humor

This pretty wooden music box is absolutely a fantastic and romantic gift idea for your beloved man.

Keep cranking the handle, you will hear the theme song of Game of Thrones, which can bring back memories of the story. The musical box is made of wood, compact and high-quality. The exquisite surface carved by hand around the cute little music box is especially eye-catching on the table. It is an interesting handmade decorative keepsake.


✔️ Can be a perfect gift for any occasion of year

✔️ Make your home more relaxing

✔️ Bring rustic vibe to your space

Give your boyfriend or husband this pretty “Dinner is Coming” apron as a special surprising gift. He will scream out because he is happy when realizing the printed image is from the Game of Thrones series.

Made from premium quality 100% cotton, this cooking apron is machine washable, fade-proof, thick but lightweight. With an adjustable neck strap and 40" long ties that can be tied in the front or back, this chef apron can be easily altered to fit most sizes.


✔️ Excellent gift for fans of the series or cooking enthusiasts

✔️ Express their fandom and individuality in the kitchen

✔️ Remain clean and free from food debris

To give your beloved man a special gift, if he is a big fan of the Game of Thrones series, you cannot miss this trivia game. Have a fun and relaxing time playing with him, he will very appreciate this thoughtful gift.

This trivia strategy game is applied for two to four players or two to four teams. Questions are based on the first four seasons of the hit HBO series. He can adjust questions for difficulty or organize by season to remain spoiler-free.


✔️ Encourage players to expand their knowledge about the series

✔️ Engage with the Game of Thrones universe on a deeper level

✔️ Bring your a lot of relaxing time

Is your boyfriend a fan of Game of Thrones? If yse, then give him this Tervis triple tumbler on the special occasion. He will be very happy and excited to receive this special gift from you.

It is printed with eco-friendly plant-based inks or powder coated with BPA-free material directly on the stainless surface. Tumblers include BPA-free, leak resistant, easy-to-clean and easy-close lid. Triple insulation reduces condensation and keeps your drink hot for up to 8 hours or cold for up to 24 hours.


✔️ A functional and stylish present

✔️ Designed for portability and convenience

✔️ Perfect Temperature Control

Summon the soul of the Seven Kingdoms with unforgettable Game of Thrones gifts for him. Ignite his warrior spirit with a replica Valyrian steel sword, a relic forged in fire and destined for glory. Envelop him in the embrace of House Stark with a luxurious direwolf cloak, a testament to his undying loyalty. From exquisite dragon cufflinks to ancient map-inspired leather journals, our collection brings forth the essence of Westeros, capturing his heart and immersing him in a world of legend. Choose a gift fit for a king, and let his dreams ascend to the Iron Throne

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