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33 Best Funny Gifts For New Parents That'll Make Them Smile Ear To Ear

It might be difficult to choose the ideal present for new parents. You could give them a book, a onesie, or a dish, all of which are perfectly acceptable options. So if you really want to put a smile on their faces, why settle for the average when you can go above and beyond?

Those who are becoming parents for the first time are on a path of self-discovery, figuring out the ropes as they go. It's a roller coaster of emotions as they learn how to care for their new baby, from figuring out how to feed them to dealing with nappy problems. In the middle of everything going on, it's nearly impossible to take care of yourself by doing things like taking a shower or getting enough sleep. Still, keeping a lighthearted attitude about parenting's inevitable ups and downs may make all the difference. Even though raising a child can be difficult, any parent will tell you that seeing their child smile is worth every second of the struggle.

To lighten the load of parenthood with a little humour, we've searched high and low for the most hilarious baby goods money can buy. Our gift guide for new parents is full with humorous and useful ideas, from pacifiers that glow in the dark to night lights to an oven mitt because they won't be cooking. If you know a parent who takes life one day at a time and yet manages to find the funny in it all, they'll love one of these presents. In that case, be set to celebrate their day with these hilarious and considerate presents that will make them grin from ear to ear.

It is great to add a touch of humor to new parents' lives with a custom wooden sign celebrating the first meeting between mom and newborn. This lighthearted and meaningful gift is sure to bring a smile to the faces of new parents, making it an unforgettable keepsake.

This Christmas, consider giving a special gift to your boyfriend's parents to welcome guests into their home. With Loveable, you can easily personalize the names on the carpet.

That which binds two hearts together cannot be broken, as symbolised by the Love Knot Necklace. This enduring fashion serves as a symbol for everlasting love. Give this wonderful present to your loved one as soon as possible.

A stunning 14k white gold over stainless steel Love Knot pendant, this necklace comes on an adjustable cable chain secured with a lobster clasp. The larger, 6mm cubic zirconia crystal in the centre is surrounded by smaller, brighter cubic zirconia crystals. Experiencing it firsthand is essential.


✔️ Sentimental Gift for Expectant Mothers

✔️ Magnificent 14k White Gold over Stainless Steel Pendant

✔️ Adjustable Cable Chain with Lobster Clasp

Let a new mom experience a unique sense of importance with this custom photo plaque.

It has an engraved picture of her priceless new baby and is made to fit on a door frame. A name and date may be added to make it the ideal welcome-home present. It is also possible for you to post a photo of your adorable little angel.

Give the gift of fate and laughter with Coin Flips – the hilarious way to decide who takes on the diaper duty!

Coin Flips is a humorous and entertaining gift option for new parents. It adds a fun twist to the age-old task of deciding who gets to change the soiled diaper, bringing smiles and laughter to the tired parents' faces.


✔️ Adds Fun and Laughter to Parenting

✔️ Embraces the Unpredictability of Parenthood

✔️ Creates Unforgettable Memories

Perfect for yourself or a new mum and dad! An "oh sh*t kit" is a place to keep all the things you and your baby could require in the event of an emergency. Put in all the diapering essentials you use or give to friends who are expecting so they can be organised, too! These bags may easily be stowed away in a car's trunk or hidden away under the seat.


✔️ Adds Humor to Parenting Adventures

✔️ Thoughtful and Helpful Gift

✔️ Makes Diaper Emergencies a Breeze

The Parents To Be Candle may be customised for the new parents in your life. The 100% pure soy wax used to make the candle is hand-poured in London. The candle is poured into a glass jar of the best quality available for candle making, and is scented with our expertly blended aroma oils. T


✔️ Delightful Aroma for the Nursery

✔️ Customized Keepsake for Parents

✔️ Securely Boxed for Surprise

These novelty socks are too cute not to share between a parent and child. There are three pairs of shoes in the package: one for mum, one for dad and one for the baby. This would be a great way to let everyone know about a special occasion, like a birthday or a pregnancy, and give everyone plenty of time to prepare.


✔️ Adorable Family Matching Socks

✔️ One Pair Each for Mom, Dad, and Baby

✔️ Heartwarming and Hilarious Gift

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, but keep an eye on your finances. Wax candle with the word "dwindle" inscribed on it. This New Baby Candle Scented Candle present is the best gag present for a couple expecting a baby.


✔️ Perfect Gift for Baby Showers

✔️ Delightful Scent of Vanilla and Cookies

✔️ Exquisitely Packaged in Tissue Paper

The use of hemp rope in their construction makes them easier on the skin. double knot, although a simple one can do the trick if need be. Colours may vary somewhat from what is seen, but you can find the most up-to-date colour options in the photo section's colour table. includes an envelope for instantaneous gift-giving.


✔️ Crafted with Gentle Hemp Cord

✔️ Easy-to-Tie Double or Basic Knot

✔️ Variety of Colors to Choose From

Raise a glass to parenthood with the Baby Footprints Beer Glass - a hilarious and heartwarming way to commemorate those precious early moments of babyhood!

The Baby Footprints Beer Glass allows you to add a fingerprint, footprint, or custom writing in a typeface, making each glass truly unique and special.


✔️ Perfect for Celebrations and Special Events

✔️ Unique Keepsake to Cherish Forever

✔️ Light-hearted and Meaningful Gesture

Toast to parenthood with a touch of humor using the Established Glasses - a durable and hilarious way to celebrate their new status as 'officially exhausted but totally elated' parents!"

The Established Glasses are crafted from high-quality vinyl, ensuring their longevity and resilience to frequent use. For best care, hand cleaning is recommended to maintain the integrity of the design and guarantee the glasses last a lifetime.


✔️ Hilarious Parenthood Celebration Glasses

✔️ Crafted with Durable High-Quality Vinyl

✔️ Humorous Design for New Parents

When determining who will get up in the middle of the night to change the baby's nappy, new parents face one of life's greatest joys and greatest challenges. A wooden choice coin presented in an attractive grey compact box with natural shred would make a thoughtful and humorous gift for the parents-to-be in your life or for a baby shower.


✔️ Adds Laughter and Fun to Diaper Duty Debates

✔️ Charming Wooden Design with Quirky Appeal

✔️ Thoughtful Addition to Baby Shower Presents

The Beer and Wine Glass Gift Set is the ultimate gift for new parent couples, designed to bring joy and laughter to their journey of parenthood.

This amusing gift set includes quality glassware with a humorous phrase, sure to make the expecting parents happy and remind them to take a moment for themselves.


✔️ Raise a Glass to the Joyful Chaos of Parenthood

✔️ Perfect Gift to Make New Parents Smile

✔️ A Heartwarming Reminder to Take a Break

Best-selling comedian and mother of a one-year-old, Dawn Dais, author of The Sh!t No One Tells You About Toddlers, is confident that there is a root explanation for this unpreparedness.

Instead of the ubiquitous cuteness that permeates other parenting books, Dais offers practical advice from genuine moms and the relevant support that every woman needs to make it through the first year of parenthood.


✔️ Get Ready for Belly-Laughter and Insights

✔️ Dawn Dais: Your New Parenting Confidante

✔️ No Sugar-Coating, Just Real Talk

This humorous book is a great present for every occasion, from baby showers to the holidays to Father's Day.

With more than 500 new dad jokes, humorous quips, brilliant one-liners, and "helpful" professional tips to get them through, it is a special edition joke book for expecting parents and new parents that honours dads.


✔️ Hilarious Quips to Master the Art of Dad Humor

✔️ Clever One-Liners to Embarrass Kids Early On

✔️ Comedic Genius Jimmy Niro at His Best

At last, a manual for new dads that simplifies the maze of information out there and provides sound advice from the male perspective. With no psychobabble or mushy platitudes, this military-style guide to pregnancy, labour, and parenting will get you through the most terrifying moments. Expert kid trainer and seasoned father Scott Mactavish simplifies and explains the Baby Code in ordinary guyspeak.


✔️ Say Goodbye to Sentimental Platitudes

✔️ Expert Insights from a Seasoned Parent

✔️ Decode the Secrets of the Baby World

A heartfelt tribute to the special love shared by every parent and child! Those in search of books in the vein of Daddy and Me and I Love My Daddy need look no farther.

With this heartwarming tribute to Dad in a beautiful board book, children may reminisce about their favourite times with Dad every day. This classic board book about becoming a dad is a great present for dad on any occasion.


✔️ Delightful Board Book

✔️ Cherish Beloved Memories Every Day

✔️ Heartwarming Illustrations

Having a baby may be both a delight and a test. They're complete enough to be used as a starter set for fifty distinct experiments. This fascinating and useful guide will show you how to replicate classic research on your child's mental, physical, linguistic, and behavioural growth using him or her as the subject of your own experiments.

Your baby's progress in each area—from recognising faces and sounds to understanding new words and walking to forming moral judgments—will be evident as you engage in these activities together. All of them are straightforward, educational, and fun for adults as well as infants.


✔️ Adorable Scientific Adventures

✔️ Exciting and Enlightening for Parents

✔️ Fun and Stimulating for Babies

Gifting the new parents with something humorous is a great way to make them laugh and feel loved. Our carefully curated assortment of fun presents is guaranteed to put a broad grin on their face. Our selection includes amusing onesies that will make their baby extra cuter and clever parenting books that will provide a dose of comedy among the mayhem. Find the best gag presents for new parents and lighten the mood a bit while celebrating their joy!

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