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30+ Expensive Gifts That Fancy Moms Will Love

It is always one of the most memorable events everyone is looking forward to on someone’s birthday. Because of this remarkable celebration, of course, the present is also special as well. In particular, for your lady - your most beloved person in the world, you had better think of the expensive, luxurious birthday gift to give her. Don’t worry if you cannot have an ideal gift, we will lay out all the excellent options for you to choose easily.

The options range widely from bracelets, necklaces, stylish outfits to high-quality utensils that she uses every day. For sure, when receiving your adorable present, your mom will be very touched and grateful about how much effort you put into it, making her a big surprise. Furthermore, your relationship with your mom can be affirmed clearer, showing your understanding of her interest. Above all, that birthday party is going to be the most outstanding, memorable event in a year that she will appreciate a lot. Apparently, whenever she enjoys using the item you gave her, you successfully put a smile on her face.

To be a winner of the race stealing her heart, you should consider all the great items we will suggest to you to find out the most potential item that suits your mother’s preference. Our recommendation will not let you down - you can even expand your selection to buy a much more wonderful gift that you never thought of. The expensive mom gift is literally on the priority list if you are looking for a unique and costly product and you can afford to buy it. As her birthday is coming soon at the corner, don’t hesitate to buy now!

Here are 30+ Expensive Gifts That Fancy Moms Will Love

This Stamp is definitely a unique one-of-a-kind present that you can give your green thumb mom. Stamp these cute seed package designs on your own purchased or homemade seed packs. This stamp is available in two sizes corresponding to regular #1 or #4 coin envelopes (the small stamp is 2x3 inches, while the large one is 3x4.5 inches). There are 3 different designs to choose from. Unless otherwise specified, all stamps will feature the black handle as depicted. Note: Only the stamp is included, not seed envelopes. Due to the fact that production begins immediately upon purchase, cancellations are not permitted.

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Your mother is coming around the corner, you think you have to buy a monumental present? An adorable item such as a stone-adhering phone case is also a special gift to send to her.

Designed for iPhone form, this handmade phone case is adhered with the Pooh image by using high-quality colorful stones. Thus, you find this personalized phone case more unique and it is worth buying this durable plastic case for your mom. That will protect her device from exterior damage due to daily use.

Add it to your cart now! Mom will love it so much!

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Finding a luxurious gift for your mom’s birthday, you cannot miss the Michael Kors watch - a world-renowned award for the best luxury accessory design.

With an innate sense of glamour and an unerring eye of timeless chic, this iconic watch collection by Michael Kors provides a glorious style, featuring a modern splash of trend-right touches. It goes really well with women’s wrists since this design is manufactured for unisex - so don’t worry if you are afraid that the watch doesn’t suit her wrist size.

Buying now or never! She will fall in love with this delicate watch at first sight!

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If your mother loves drinking coffee at home, we suggest a handheld foam maker for lattes from the Zulay store.

The store only uses premium materials, so the product works for a long time without physical damage or break. Moreover, it is straightforward to use - the durable, convenient metal whisk works far better than a fork, just taking a few minutes to have a foam or smoothie to drink.

She can make tasty foamy creamer for her drinks without a trip to a coffee store like Starbuck buying a cup of coffee at a costly price. Needless to say, purchase it to give for her birthday now!

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Thinking about an expensive birthday present for your mother, you can buy a high-quality fashion boot used in the winter coming from UGG brand.

Designed simple and focusing on the quality of the boot instead, this glamour boot is inserted with the sheep fur inside. Because whenever she is out wearing this, her body is usually kept warm, preventing her from catching a cold. So when your mother puts her feet in this boot, she can feel warm and comfortable right after that. This boot will protect her feet and even her health.

Get it now! She will love it a lot!

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Want to buy a luxurious watch to give your mom on her birthday? If you are looking for a unique necklace designed differently from other regular necklaces, the gold necklace with the “I love you” message is a great choice.

Made of gold material, it gives off a rich vibe for the person wearing it. This round necklace not only features a heart symbolizing someone’s affection towards their beloved person, but it is also inscribed with the miniature text “I love you” in 120 languages and even sign language.

She will be touched so much by your effort. What a brilliant idea getting this as a present!

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A bracelet is always a favorite item for any woman, so that you can buy the sterling silver accented sparkling diamond bracelet as an expensive gift to your mom on her birthday.

This glamour bracelet is designed with over 50 dazzling miracle diamonds, bringing a luxurious vibe for your mother. Whenever she wears it, the bracelet will be a highlight of her outfit. Moreover, created with imported premium materials, each process creating this bracelet contains a real value. Thus, having this bracelet on her wrist will not make her uncomfortable or insecure all day long.

Needless to say, buy right now!

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On your mother’s birthday, we suggest a 14K white gold ring with pear shape 1.25 carats from Peora shop. It will be worth your money indeed!

Without further saying about its quality, they can ensure that the materials creating this ring are real. Wearing this luxurious ring on your mother’s finger makes her day absolutely! She would love this present so much and more than that, she appreciates your love and effort to prepare this expensive present to give her on a special day like this.

In case you don’t satisfy the ring quality, they will refund 100% money back.

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A fashion boot can be a potential gift to give your lady - mother at her birthday party. Then you should consider the women’s Suede ankle boot as a present.

Made of waterproof full-grain leather upper for added warmth, this boot will provide all-day pleasure when she takes it outside. The waterproof wedge and the molded rubber keep her warm and dry in the rain. Additionally, the boot is very stylish and modern, being painted all black and featuring 3-height heels, which wins over any outfit as wearing it.

Receiving this present from you, she will be taken aback and excited a lot!

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As a woman, they are definitely obsessed with jewelry, right? A music box including a set of jewelry inspired by Lady Diana is not bad decision-making.

Opening the music box, your mother will be immersed with the beautiful design inside. The silver sapphire necklace and earrings are put carefully and gloriously. The idea of creating this handmade “Castle in the sky” box with the jewelry symbolizes hope, ambition, and love for a better future. It is undoubtedly a thoughtful meaning in this present to give your mother.

If you can afford to buy this, add it to your cart right now!

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Luxurious earrings to give your mother at her birthday party is a great idea. But do you want this earring to have a simple and elegant design? The gold circle earrings from Kooljewelry should be your priority.

Crafted in 14K yellow gold, this glossy earring is customized, unique, and trendy with a triple bar in a post-earring style. Thus, it is simply captivating everyone’s attention with a modern appeal. Your mom can wear it without being afraid that the earring doesn’t suit that outfit.

The gift is ready to give your lady. Hurry up and get this fabulous jewelry now!

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Is your mother a dog lover and raising a dog? If the answer is Yes, we suggest you buy a unique birthday gift - a Dog Bed from the Casper Sleep store.

Spending 113 dollars buying this dog bed will not waste your money for sure. The structure of the bed is pressure-relieving and durable support foam inside. Moreover, the bolster mattress creates a safe space for dogs to lay their heads down comfortably. They delicately use excess material on top for dogs that love digging and scratching to make the perfect sleeping spot for them.

Hurry to get it for your mom!

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You have not decided which kind of birthday gift you will give to your beloved mother, right? A makeup item like a foundation palette is a safe selection that your mom definitely loves at first sight!

Since 1927, Mehron makeup products have been proudly made in the USA, satisfy millions of harsh customers with their high quality. There are 20 different color foundation creams that she can flexibly use one or some of them as long as the foundation matches her face naturally. Without a doubt, it gives excellent coverage and slight free fragrance as tapping on.

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Purchasing an expensive shoulder bag to give your mother on her birthday, but you can afford to get it is not hard to solve. The convertible crossbody handbag from the Kate Spade brand is a brilliant option.

Designed with medium-size of the suitable dimensions, the handbag goes really well with every outfit she dresses up. The shoulder bag also gives off a vintage vibe which is very feminine and elegant. It is also flexible to be used in either crossbody style or shoulder style that she can change depending on her interest.

Buy it now! She will appreciate your thoughtful preparation.

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A stylish handbag is a good decoration to match a woman’s outfit, but if she needs to put lots of stuff inside for a trip, a backpack is a better option. A Calvin Klein Elaine backpack is our suggestion for you.

Don’t think a backpack cannot be modern and stylish. Made of 100% man-made leather material, the backpack creates a luxurious concept. Moreover, since this design is manufactured for women, the size is very suitable when they take it on. The color options are neutral colors that go well with any kind of outfit.

Get it for her, she will love it!

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Your mom loves cooking? Then for her birthday gift, this E310 blender from the Vitamix store is an excellent present to give her.

Having a capacity of up to 48 ounces, the black blender contains a relatively huge amount of fruit or ingredients inside and grinds them well within a few minutes. 10 variable speeds allow you to refine every texture with culinary precision, which is for small family meals like smoothies or soups. Functionally, this blender can clean itself with a few drops of dish soap and warm water.

Seeing the tremendous usage of this blender, get it to have a tasty meal with her!

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Giving your mom a birthday present is always a special gift to express your love for her. We recommend a house decoration - Ritual blown Murano Art Venice African sculpture.

Made of 100% high-quality glass, this wood sculpture is inspired by an ethnic design from African culture. The traditional African masks are one of the continent’s artistic elements, mostly influencing the art world - meaning a good luck function if someone is given this ritual mask. Thus, this sculpture sent to your mom is the best wishes from your feelings to her.

Definitely, she will be touched by how much love you put into this present.

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Women love flowers, right? How about buying an artificial flower vase as house decoration? It is a very suitable gift for your mom’s birthday.

Created exclusively handmade from Vicky Yao, the ceramic pot is manufactured delicately - you can get a 1 year warranty and 14-day change of mind after the purchase if you don’t satisfy. Though the flowers are plastic, they look like real flowers - she won’t feel like there is an artificial flower pot in the room. This luxury pot becomes a spotlight in the room, painting it more lively and colorful.

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If you are looking for a special birthday gift to give your beloved lady-mother, A beige french pillow will take her aback indeed!

This cushion is designed for home decoration which is put on a chair, couch, or sofa. Its concept is inspired by the royal pattern, making the cushion itself very luxurious. Many customers fall in love with this gorgeous, so it is literally worth buying for your mom. It deserves to be a treasure to pass through generations.

Check out how fantastic the Aubusson pillow is, and let her decorate the house as the wealthy do!

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On your mother’s birthday, a princess lab-grown diamond ring is a wonderful present to give her. She will definitely be taken aback by your preparation.

This hand-made gold ring is made to order following your requests. So the jewelry and the stone are customized personally, which makes you satisfied with its quality. You can contact the shop if you have any problems with the delivery. Apparently, they will update every step of your ordered jewelry.

All the personalized designs are meant to be impressive and meaningful to her. Don’t hesitate and get it right now!

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An accessory accented with an outfit like a scarf is a great option to give your mother as her birthday gift. We suggest a pink & cream Silk Twill Scarf for your selection.

The handmade scarf is manufactured from high-quality silk material, so it brings a comfortable experience when she wears it. The design is adorned with 2 snow panthers moving in an imaginary garden. Moreover, the bushes with white and beige foliage add a light Japanese touch.

You will receive your scarf in its precious gift box decorated with a ribbon. Why not buy this gorgeous scarf for her? Buy it now!

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Do you want an expensive present on your lady’s birthday, but leave a significant impression of her? “All I want is everything” money tray is a decorative housewarming gift that you can buy.

Adorned with an actual 100 dollar bill in many layers of resin with gold flakes accents, the tray is designed very beautifully. They are also available in moonstone white, black, navy, emerald, or any custom color. You can ensure that they only use the highest quality resin, pigments, and paints exclusively used by the shop.

Without hesitation, buy this unique present for your mom now!

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A bracelet is always a safe and suitable present to give your mother on her birthday. So a natural Baltic amber and sterling silver from the Amber Silver shop can be considered as a great choice.

Made of high-quality silver material, this luxurious brand gets the art design by using 4 different types of amber to create their jewelry: Baltic, Caribbean, Ruby, and Sapphire. Each of them has a distinct color and familiar variations that make the bracelet more unique and stunning. It will match really well with any outfit.

Receiving this gorgeous item, she will be very touched!

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It can be considered an amazing birthday gift to give your mother when thinking about body care products. Wrapped in a pretty handmade tote bag, the spa Luxetique gift basket for women goes there for you!

This luxury spa gift includes 15 different body care items: bath bombs, essential oil, hand cream, or bath salt. The high-quality items in a basket will take care of your mom’s body from the head to the toes. When using the nourishing spa products, they will moisturize her dry skin deeply with natural ingredients.

Given your surprising product, she will smile with dancing eyes!

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Personalized luxury soft bathrobes for a couple is another great birthday gift to give your mom. Its quality will make you worth buying this product.

Made of velour cotton material, it brings the comfortable feeling of wearing it. Bathrobe size is estimated shrinkage in a wash, which greatly suits the average body shape. One good thing is that you can ask the store to embroider the text as your request -make sure your text is correct. There are several color options you can choose for the bathrobes, along with various sizes.

Needless to say, your lady will enjoy wearing it a lot! Get it now!

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The Gold Lunar Ring is eye-catching jewelry and a thoughtful gift for the mom who likes to take her time getting ready in the morning.

The ring’s rainbow moonstone gleams with a spectrum of colors that seem to shift depending on how you look at them. It is set in yellow gold to represent the sun, with a band inlaid with white gold representing the moon and stars. The gold keeps the ring looking elegant and gorgeous, and it will be a great accessory to any outfit you put on.

Get it for her now; she will be thrilled with it!

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To give your mother a birthday gift in impressive preparation, a Mulberry Silk short loungewear is a perfect option. Looking for the wonderful stay-at-home birthday gift, it will be the best!

100% material of pure silk, this handmade pajama set is a gift of relaxation and better sleep. Furthermore, this combination is suitable for a night out when your mom can eventually go out! Individual items of the set may be flexibly matched with other clothes in a closet, and a new outfit is out!

With versatile functions, it is worthy of buying the short silk loungewear for her!

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Home decoration like a standing candle is a great idea to give your mom on her birthday. A natural DarkWoods candle set for relaxation of better sleep can be your priority because of its unique design.

The store only uses sustainable materials for products like real wood and 100% natural beeswax, so you ensure that the candle can be used for a long time. Even the fragrance is also selected among high-quality essential oils - surely gives off a relaxing atmosphere when she lights the candle.

Hope this gift satisfies your mom - brings her the best comfortable experience using this “green” candle.

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As a magnificent piece of valued decor for your own house, surprise your loving mother with this one-of-a-kind and skillfully handcrafted personalized family tree frame. On stunning luxury linen embossed card, this Family Tree Frame is crafted with scrabble tiles and wooden ornaments.

As a standard, all orders are framed in a lovely, deep box, solid wood, glass-fronted frame with mount. The overall size of the frame is 11 x 11 inches. Frames can be mounted on the wall or stand alone on its strut.

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Serbian rugs were used to make this rug. Handcrafted by the third generation of tanners in the area with exceptional quality. Hand-tanned leather and natural air drying are used. The sheepskin is 100 percent authentic. This rug’s sheepskin was sourced responsibly and compassionately and is 100 percent a byproduct of meat production.

The animals are kept in a free-range environment and come from a sustainable source. Animal skins are unique to the Balkan region and are only found in certain breeds. All skins are treated by hand with solutions that have the same pH as drinking water.

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Get 3 of the most bestselling candles altogether! “Let’s Chill,” “Real Love” and “Feels Good” candles all in one shot, because why not have all trio! Each candle weighs 8 ounces and burns for several hours. Each candle has a burn time of 40-50 hours. These candles have a strong scent.

They come with a soundtrack to help your loving mom get the most out of her candle-burning experience. Glass jars are used to make these candles. Furthermore, do not burn the wick all the way down.

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The Luxury Soft Lace and Pearl Soft Bed Blanket Set exude a vintage vibe for your dear mother. This gorgeous lace bedding set will look great in any bedroom and is a great way to give your mother’s room a more personal touch. Cotton sateen is used for the sheet and pillowcases.

Comfy and long-lasting blanket with a flower effect feature. This gift comes in a high-quality box, making it the perfect present for any special occasion.

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This shower steamer set is handcrafted in the United States using only natural essential oils. They are wrapped in a sturdy, luxury ready-to-gift souvenir box and endure lengthy showers. Your mom can escape to a location where there is no worry or anxiety.

Each day will be a fresh start, allowing your mom to feel motivated during the day and relax and sleep better at night. Aromatherapy fans will appreciate the shower tablets, which provide diffuser-quality fragrances. Bath bombs are a must-have for shower aficionados.

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High-quality crystals, beads, Swarovski, and genuine pearls make up this brooch. The brooch comes in attractive packaging, so you won’t have to worry about how to exhibit or keep it. The brooch is fully handmade. Because beaded jewelry is vulnerable, it should not be worn during strenuous activities like running or swimming.

The Beaded Ivory Gold Tone Dragonfly Brooch is an ideal present for your beloved mother. She will undoubtedly appreciate it and be awestruck by its beauty.

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This thoughtfully designed gift box will make that special lady in your life feel valued and appreciated. Each present box is created entirely of natural, recyclable, and environmentally friendly materials, as well as better-for-the-world contents.

Your mother will also enjoy the feeling of her skin after using her new spa soaps, bath bombs, and body butter. After a long day or night, this will be a gift basket that will let her rest and decompress. Give that special woman a gift she’ll treasure for a long time.

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This Silk Scarf with Pink Dots is light and airy. Vintage Luxury Scarf is appropriate for any season, occasion, or fashion, as it may bring more flair and value to any of your adoring mother’s ensembles. Its unique print floral polka dot design will make your mother stand out. Keeping her warm while remaining fashionable.

It has a smooth and soft surface that is incredibly comfortable to wear. This scarf has a nostalgic look that your mother may pair with a shirt, jeans, suits, and more. She can also carry it to special occasions.

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This Muslin Bathrobe is composed of 100% Turkish Cotton 4 layer muslin cloth and is produced in Turkey. With its compartments on both sides and belts, it is quite convenient to use. This bathrobe is both light and comfortable. It boasts a unique and unisex design that looks great on both men and women.

It’s also long-lasting, quick-drying, and breathable. This bathrobe can be worn in a variety of ways. It can be used in the bath, pool, beach, spa, gym, and on a regular basis by your mother.

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The unbreakable tie between two souls is symbolized by the Love Knot Necklace. This eternal love sign is a perennial favorite and a universal trend. It’ll be one of the most significant necklaces you’ve ever given your mother.

The lovely Love Knot is made of stunning 14k white gold over stainless steel and hangs from an adjustable cable chain with a lobster clasp to keep it secure. A magnificent cubic zirconia crystal occupies the center and is encircled by smaller cubic zirconia, adding even more brilliance and luster to this lovely present.

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The top-selling soap, bath bomb, candle, bath salt, lip balm, and healing salve are all included in this deluxe Spa Gift Set. The gift set is a wonderfully thoughtful relaxation and self-care gift for the greatest woman in your life who deserves to be comforted and treated on a night off.

This is the ideal gift for your caring mother, who is aware of the need of using natural products with high-quality components.

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The Zultanite Gemstone was used to make this pendant, which is composed of 925 Sterling Silver. Zultanite Stone Necklace is a beautifully distinctive stone that is known to be one of the most fascinating stones.

Every pendant made by Zultanite is handcrafted from the finest materials and thoroughly polished to enhance the color and beauty of the stone, resulting in an exceptional display of sparkle and brilliance.

Lovely addition to your mother’s jewelry collection, it’s appropriate for a wide range of occasions, from casual to dressy, day to night.

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This is a lovely soft and warm scarf. It’s versatile enough to be worn as a shawl, scarf, or evening wrap. It’s also a beautiful gift for your beloved mother since it’s a perfect toasty and cozy wrap for day or night time.

This scarf’s cashmere originates from the softest cashmere, giving it a pleasant sensation on your mom’s neck and a gorgeous sheen.

This scarf is ideal for cool days, evenings, and formal events. It will undoubtedly give your mother a stunning appearance.

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The Limited Vintage Beaded Handbag boasts a totally beaded handle with a black and vibrant floral bead design. It can be worn in two different ways: clutch or wrist. The interior is black cloth with the original tag. This clutch is from dePandra’s collection.

A mobile phone, wallet, car keys, compact mirror, lipstick, and some makeup can easily fit within. This lovely pearl beaded clutch is ideal for everyone and maybe worn as a shoulder purse for a night out or formal situations.

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Gift of Luxury Soap Roses with 20 Handmade Soap Rose Flowers and Foliage, Rose Scented Soap is so gorgeous. They look like genuine flowers and smell amazing!

The box top features a gold angel engraved with the slogan “A Day is a Miniature of Eternity,” while the side has gold embossed “Forever.” A gold embossed diamond can be found inside the lid. You can make individual soaps out of the flower petals or soak in a bath with a handful for a wonderful rose-scented soak.

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A lovely baby memory book for new parents to record all of their new baby’s important milestones. There are so many lovely memories, situations, and thoughts to reminisce about! This sleek baby journal will keep a record of all the essential things you’ll want to cherish in the years to come, from pregnancy photos through their first day of school.

There are enough prompts and structured pages to keep you from running out of things to write about, but there is also enough space to personalize it and add your own stuff.

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These crystals are designed to meet the highest quality requirements in terms of warranty, durability, and devotion to aesthetics and usefulness. Each piece is meticulously crafted to bring a smile to your mother’s face or to beautifully display your mother’s memories, accomplishments, experiences, and sentiments in an outstanding, one-of-a-kind, and stunning way.

To surprise your mother, freeze her lovely memory for all time. Make a one-of-a-kind present by customizing your own photo. The more detailed your images are, the more detailed the sculpted result will be.

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Your photo is worthy of being framed in a lovely customized photo frame. Wooden photo frames are ideal for use in the living area, bedroom, kitchen, and children’s rooms.

The frame can be placed on a bedside table or other flat surface with the help of a special stand, or it can be hung on the wall with the help of a specific amount. Make your beloved mother happy on any special occasion by giving her such a valuable and thoughtful gift.

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This wrap shawl design is the newest fall and winter season fashion statement. The best present option for family and friends. It is stylish and fashionable. It’s big enough to wear as a shawl or use as a picnic blanket during autumn activities.

It’s a wonderful addition to your mother’s stylish accessories. Warm and lightweight, stylish and adaptable. This is a fantastic present for any occasion. The best choice of gifts for your cherished mother.

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The embroidered slip-on sheepskin slippers come in brown/dark leather and natural color fur. The ideal blend of supreme comfort and bright style. Due to the thermostatic properties of sheepskin, the woolen interior keeps feet warm and dry. Real leather is used for the outside sole, which has a fluffy fur cuff around the top.

Slippers are hypoallergenic and ideal for working at home. Each pair was painstakingly handcrafted in the Polish mountains by expert artisans.

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Pillows made of velvet in the shape of shells Moimili is a design concept for a dwelling. Pillows are a unique addition to any living space, whether they’re used to decorate a cot or a ratcheted armchair. The pillow was constructed of high-quality velvet fabric in a beautiful cream tone and was well-crafted and stitched.

Glossy fabric will add a boho vibe to any space, and it will look stunning in a vibrant, retro living room. A fairy-tale production will be created in the toddler’s room. Let’s make a set of numerous pillows; it’ll look fantastic!

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Wrist warmers are made of 100 percent Mongolian Cashmere. These wrist warmers are made of 100% long-staple cashmere and are lightweight and wonderfully comfortable. It’s double-length, so it can be worn up the arm shorter or longer.

Your mother will be astonished at how often she reaches for this fluffy versatile addition in her suitcase. Your loving mother’s winter attire can benefit from a minimalist design. These wrist warmers are wonderfully soft and have a sumptuous feel to them once again.

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This best-selling necklace will go above and beyond your expectations. The patent-pending jewelry is composed of high-quality surgical steel with a shatterproof liquid glass covering and an option for an 18k gold finish. For a smooth and beautiful finish, use a shatterproof liquid glass dome.

This jewelry is handcrafted in the United States by hardworking moms just like you. This piece of jewelry is ideal as a gift for your adoring mother or even for yourself. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handcrafted to perfection and is sure to become a family heirloom.

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Perineal Healing Spritz is included in this gift package, and it gives immediate relief from swelling, discomfort, bruising, and inflammation. Infused with witch hazel and aloe vera to assist calm your perineum and improve the body’s healing process after childbirth. Nipple Balm is also included. While breastfeeding, this natural Lanolin-free balm moisturizes skin and relieves cracked sore nipples. Coconut oil and shea butter are rich in moisture and act as a natural barrier for your skin.

Other useful items are included in this boxed gift. This bundle of self-care items, handcrafted with the best quality components, will make a new mom happy and encourage her to use it on a daily basis.

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Genuine crazy horse leather is used to make this wallet. Full-grain leather is extremely durable, allowing your mother to use it for many years while also improving in appearance. It also has a pleasant aroma. Engraving is available to personalize your present and give a one-of-a-kind touch that will melt her heart.

The wallet contains 3 cash/cellphone pockets, 1 zipper pocket, 1 ID window, 11 card pockets, and a snap, despite its tiny and compact design. These handcrafted wallets made completely of genuine leather will make a fashion statement.

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Of all the expensive presents for your mother’s birthday, a women’s bag is always a safe option to buy, right? Then we recommend you a shoulder bag from the Kate Spade brand.

At first glance, you will be impressed as this leather bag is designed beautifully with beige color and delicately sew in every corner of the bag. The medium-sized bag is very appropriate for her to carry anywhere - suits any outfit. But in this bag, there are triple compartments that she can put pretty much stuff inside. So don’t think this is used only for decoration of the outfit.

Add it to your cart now!

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