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35 Thoughtful EMT Gifts To Honor The Heroes

EMT is one of the most rewarding careers and a big dream of many people. Have you become an EMT, or around you have any EMTs? The job requires lots of skills, and you need to experience many pieces of training and tests to become an EMT. But the most important spot is most EMTs are heroes who fight with time to save your life. Therefore, we offer a listing of EMT gifts here to support you find out a suitable one for your partner, friends, parents, or even yourself to express your gratitude and love.

A gift varies with different options and categories to meet their job and well express your thoughts. Do you hear a saying that giving is sharing, so never forget to give a heroic EMT a gift to make them feel how wonderful they are and how meaningful their job means to society? Now, it is time for you. Let's explore these surprises below and pick up some gifts for your EMT.

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Do you are finding a gift for an EMT? But you don't know much more about how this field is and what things he/she needs. Don't worry too much, and the EMT lunch tote will help you a hand. The gift is like a regular lunch bag, but it is perfect for him/her to keep lunch and do their mission as well.

The gift measures 9. 75 x 7. 5 x 6. 25 inches. It is deep and can load fruits, sandwiches, drink bottles, and so on. The product features a foam-insulated water-proof lining to keep food fresh and avoid leaking. There is an interior mesh pouch to keep more things. The gift is funny with a printing outside, but the fact that it only can keep liverwurst, not a human organ.


✔️ Lightweight with a handle convenient for anyone, including kids

✔️ Funny gift for coworkers, friends, or your loved one to honor his job

✔️ Keep foods and fruits fresh to provide you with a good lunch

Although EMT is not much dangerous career, it is a flexible job and there are many unexpected situations that arise in this work. Therefore, a multifunctional pocket knife will help you keep safe and finish his/her job better under any circumstances.

The knife is made of good material and then well-finished to never tarnish. It is perfect with a size of 8'' and enables it to fold in 4.5''. The blade is 3.5'' long and it is sharp to help you cut or do some tasks when being in need. The gift is integrated with LED light to be functional at night. The liner lock also makes you feel comfortable when using it.


✔️ Compact size to keep in the pocket all the time

✔️ Help you much more in some dangerous situation or emergency

✔️ Personalized with names and the star of life emblem

EMT is the proudest job so let's grab the funny and wonderful socks here to give your loved one. A pair of socks are printed with a hidden message, it is funny to make your husband, wife, or your friends feel happy when seeing it. Being a solid rear for your hero by giving this gift.

The socks gift is made of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% spandex. It is soft, breathable, and stretchy. The gift is decorated with fun quotes, a star emblem, an ambulance stretcher icon, a medical kit icon, and others. It would be matchy for the EMT uniform and create a proud feeling for him/her.


✔️ Durable printing to never fade after washing

✔️ Keep warm in the winter with thick material

✔️ Protect feet well to avoid severe injuries when doing work

✔️ Unisex and available in many sizes to fit your need

Becoming an EMT is a dream of your loved one, and finally, she had finished. The EMR necklace is a great gift for her to express her happiness and cherish this milestone with her. The gift is gorgeous and special with the EMT emblem would make her feel love at the first sight.

The silver necklace is attractive with an EMT heart pendant with the star of the life emblem. The round circle is customized with her initial letter in her name and the other pendant is a pearl or you can choose a suitable birthstone. The chain has 3 sizes of 16,18 and 20 inches for you to choose from.


✔️ Perfect size in the pendant to feel comfortable

✔️ Many chain sizes to be suitable for any woman

✔️ Come with a nice box and personalized message

The versatile pen is an effective pen for anyone who works as an EMT. It has many functions to help you, your friends, or your loved one to handle any situation when doing their job. If you are being in need to have a gift for them, let's see this tactical pen here.

The pen is integrated with 6 functions in 1 pen. The gift is made of aluminum and it is self-defense and resilient. The design is patented and it is simple to transfer the using purpose by thumb. The product can break metal, ceramic, and glass. You can use it as a flashlight, bottle opener, ballpoint, screwdriver, or wrench. Some function is powered by 6 batteries.


✔️ Half weight compared to regular pen to hold easily

✔️ Quickly transfer function to meet your needs

✔️ Enable to refill ink and feature smear-proof ink

Do you need something to remind your loved one or even yourself of how wonderful the EMT career is? The personalized EMT sign is the best gift to deliver this message. The gift is able customized to your preference to give to anyone and it is also a beautiful decor.

The gift is made of 18 Gauge Steel and it is powder coated to give you a smooth touch. Using a laser with advanced technology to cut this artwork and it is precise and artistic. To make a special gift for him/her, let's add a name to get a personalization. The gift is in various colors and sizes for you.


✔️ Suitable with both men and women with a multicolor offer

✔️ Easy to hang with hooks, crews, and magnets

✔️ Make her/him feel pride in his/her job with EMT emblem

If your loved one just finished a training course and officially became an EMT, the keychain here is a nice gift for her/him. The gift is a very simple and direct idea to show your love and support for this career. Giving this gift will make him/her feel happy and more appreciate his/her job.

The keychain is made of stainless steel and it is lead-free, nickel-free, and durable. It measures approximately 20mm. The charm is an inspirational quote and the EMT emblem. It is well-polished and finish to give you a smooth touch. The size is portable to keep by yourself all the time.


✔️ Encourage your loved one to pursue his/her dream

✔️ Easy to hook on a key to keep it secure

✔️ Never tarnish or change color to keep it forever

Quickly customize the wonderful blanket to honor your EMT career and make your beloved feel warm in the heart with this gift. EMT is a rewarding job in society and each EMT is a hero so never forget to give your beloved a gift to support him/her in career and make him/her more love this job.

The blanket is a fleece blanket so it is soft and cozy too for use daily. The gift features silky and smoothy in the front and fluffy on the back side. There are 3 sizes 040 inch, 5060 inch, and 60*80 inch. To keep this gift longer, remember to wash it in cold water and not iron this gift with high heat.


✔️ Personalized with a name to give on birthdays, graduation days, and anniversaries

✔️ Colorful blanket with eye-catching patterns

✔️ Fantastic for snuggling and cuddling to enjoy a day

EMT is a flexible job in which you may face up with any situation you cannot anticipate. So, a tool like a shear may be indispensable for him/her. If it is correct, why not give her/him this gift to make his/her job smooth and more effective.

The gift features stainless steel blade which never rusts, tarnishes, or changes color. The product is etched with a name and black marks to be helpful for their job in some cases. You can customize more with the Maltese Cross, caduceus symbol, and EMT cross to clearly express his/her career.


✔️ Foldable shear to keep conveniently

✔️ Buy with oxygen tank wrench, strap and ring cutters, and a carbide glass breaker

✔️ Available in many colors to get your favorite one

Show off your pride in having an EMT by your side with the EMT shirt. The gift is great for your daughter, girlfriend, female friend, or any of your lovers to give them on her special day. The gift is to honor a saver girl who is willing to dedicate her life to saving people's life.

The shirt is comfortable with soft cotton and excellent quality print. The weight is 4.2oz so you will feel more comfortable when trying on and doing some outdoor activities. The printing is durable and hard to peel. The text and EMT cross are beautiful and colorful to attract attention.


✔️ Available in a wide range of different colors for you to choose

✔️ Unisex shirt to give you a choice for a man

✔️ Various sizes to fit any weight and height

Do you need something to remind yourself all the time of a promise you make when choosing to be an EMT? The slim metal wallet is for you! The product is fantastic to keep in the wallet and reminds anyone of a wonderful job. It is also an ideal gift for your loved one, so get it now!

The slim metal is constructed from aluminum and stainless steel so it is very sturdy and durable. There are some designs for you to select from, such as you can choose only graphics or add a name. The gift offers some special colors like green, navy, black, and so on to meet this job. The size is perfect to insert into the credit card compartment.


✔️ Ignite people a sense of patriotism in the heart

✔️ Add a name to make a special gift for your lovers

✔️ Laser engraving to keep the gift permanent with time

Finding a gift for your loved man is never difficult when you know the men's watch here. The gift features a strong and dynamic design to create positive energy for him. The most important one is the EMT logo on the dial to express his job and make him love it at the first sight.

The watch is durable with stainless steel case to protect the dial and allow you to do some outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, and water sports conveniently. It is designed with Precision Quartz Japanese Movement to give you precise time. The gift is more protective with mineral glass crystal on the dial.


✔️ Withstand the water pressure up to 30 meters

✔️ Have 1-year warranty to exchange and refund

✔️ Scratch resistant to be suitable for EMT career

✔️ Stylish design to make your loved one more handsome

The EMT gift box is an ideal choice for a husband and friends to give a woman. With many wonderful surprises in this box and a fun message, the gift will help you send love and cherish a day with her. Women working as EMTs would be more challenging than men, so a gift is necessary to support them.

There are 3 options for you to choose from which are basic, standard, and deluxe respectively has 4,5, and 9 gifts on it. The typical gift like a vegan soap bar, soy candle, lip balm, sugar scrub, and soak packet. You can shoo the scent for soap bars and don't forget to send your message to have a greeting card for her.


✔️ Impress your loved woman with a bulk of the self-caring gift

✔️ Help her have healthy mental with these relaxing gifts

✔️ Carefully packaged to ensure the quality of each item

Let's feel proud when you are an EMT or your loved one is an EMT with the American flag sign here. The gift is the combination of the American flag with the EMT logo to honor a great job. EMTs are a saver who fights with time to get back life for people so a sign gift here is worth hanging on their house.

The sign is actually carved of real wood so it is durable and features a great color. The gift is poured with a red epoxy stripe and finished with lacquer to support a vibrant color. The size is 24 inches in width and 12 inches in length. It is personalized with the EMT logo, names, and sophisticated details.


✔️ Have a hold on the back to hang on easily

✔️ Rustic design to make EMTs feel proud of their job

✔️ Never fade in color to give you a valuable keepsake

Get the familiar and prevalent gift here, a men's wallet to give to your husband, friends, and anyone on their day. The gift is a multifunctional wallet so it is beneficial for anyone including EMTs who are often outside and sometimes face danger.

The wallet is made of vegan leather so it is durable to keep for a long time. Moreover, the hand-stitched support will consolidate the sustainability of the design. The wallet is 4" x 3.5" in size and 3/8 inches thick. It has 12 card slots to meet your basic needs. The special spot is that the RFID chip to well protects your personal information and keeps you from leaking confidential information.


✔️ Famous brand with a lifetime warranty to give you a good gift

✔️ Compact size to store in the pocket organized

✔️ Functional wallet to keep your cards and personal information

Let's honor heroic people like EMTs who are dedicating their whole life to serving the community and people's life. The EMT coin prayer to perfect for EMT's family or an EMT to pray daily and it will protect him from danger. Giving it and together praying for these heroes always be safe and perfectly finish their mission.

The coin is strong and durable. It is finished with long-lasting enamel colors to keep forever. Both sides are engraved with the EMT logo, wonderful graphics, and praying words. The gift is an invaluable keepsake to hang down for the next generation as a family heirloom. Each coin is 1.75 inches so it is easy to hold and pray.


✔️ Lucky coin to protect your loved one from dangers

✔️ Portable size to keep by yourself all the time

✔️ Permanent engraving to withstand weather and time damages

Sending your love and support to an EMT woman who is a courageous and wonderful one with the EMT bracelet. The gift is great for her birthday, graduation, and any anniversary. It will honor how rewarding her career is and make her feel your appreciation and love through this design.

The bracelet is made of quality stainless steel and it is finished to give you a smooth touch. Featuring an EMT charm with logo and text, a round charm with your personalized initial letter, and a birthstone charm. The gift is available with 2 size options of 5-7 inches and 6-9 inches.


✔️ Simple design to create an elegancy for women

✔️ Professional design to give you some adorable charms

✔️ Much more beautiful when mixed with different clothes like dress

The notebook may be one of the most essential things for an EMT in working. It helps him/her record the training process, set goals, and check goals as well. So, it would be regretful if you don't give this notebook to an EMT, right?

The notebook features a thick cover with a spiral notepad to open quickly. The perfect size of 5 x 3 inches will help you hold it in your hand conveniently. Moreover, a pen will be attached to the loophole on the side to take a note quickly. The set will have 3 notebooks and each one has 140 water-resistant pages to use for a long time.


✔️ Eye-catching notebook with EMT logo

✔️ Sturdy writing surface to match any kind of pen

✔️ Have some suggestions and titles on each page to instruct you

Give your loved one this tumbler to use daily. The gift is necessary for life and a frequently-used item so it will remind her/him of you anytime. The EMT logo and American flag are also fantastic to make him/her much more passionate about their job.

The tumbler is made with robust stainless steel and it has a clear plastic push-on lid to keep liquid from leaking and make this gift suitable for any adventure. The powder-coated finish will protect the design from fading and peeling. The blue color is nice to make the logo and flag more beautiful.


✔️ Enable to keep hot drinks for 12 hours and cold drinks for 24 hours

✔️ Lightweight and perfect size to keep in the bag

✔️ Complement for your body a moderate water

The EMT bag will equip an EMT with all the essential things to work every day. It is a must-have bag to contain the first aid kit and supply more space to organize more things. This is a nice gift for you to give an EMT and help his/her job to be smooth and productive.

The bag is made of durable material to meet EMTs' needs. There are many pockets, pouches, loops, and dividers to keep and organize medical supplies. The shoulder strap is stitched firmly to load a heavy way. The reflective stripping sew is designed to get visibility and make people understand this is an emergency case.


✔️ Offer a wide variety of colors for you to select from

✔️ Special design for medical fields with multi compartments to keep aid kits

✔️ Hold up and carry on easily to handle any situation

Sending your thanks saying in a creative way with the soy candle gift here. The gift is labeled with a thank you and fun words to cherish a special day of an EMT, nurse, or doctor. The gift will light up his/her mood and make them feel relaxed when being off work.

The candle is wonderful with many choices for you to choose from. You can choose the size and it has 3 sizes 4oz, 9oz, and 16oz. The burning time will be 30, 70, and more than 100 hours respectively. The scent is diverse for you with some typical ones like apple, cinnamon, caramel popcorn, banana, and so on. A perfect thoughtful gifts for nurse retirement.


✔️ Have a lid to keep it from moisture

✔️ Color content will depend on the ingredient to make a candle

✔️ Permanent label to show your message better over the time

The medical bracelet is perfect for an EMT to show his job to anyone. It is suitable for both men and women to wear daily. With an EMT logo, the gift will deliver a quick acknowledgment of his/her job which is much more beneficial for him/her to work faster and smoother in some emergencies.

The bracelet is made of world-class stainless steel which never changes colors, rust, corrodes, or fade. That's why you can use it outdoors every day. The bracelet is engraved by laser so you can give her/him a long-lasting message through this gift. The product also offers many colors to match women or men.


✔️ Fit anyone's wrist to wear firmly

✔️ Have a polished cloth in the package to keep the bracelet always shining

✔️ Packed in a delicate gift box to send to your lover

The comforting cream is a necessary item for men, especially EMTs who often go out and sweaty all day to save people's life. The gift will give him a fragrant scent to feel relaxed and keep his mood. The product also brings an unparalleled experience for him to have a good day.

The cream features natural elements from nuts and it is no aluminum, silicone, sulfates, or alcohol. The gift will absorb sweat and create an anti-friction layer. The scent is relaxing and comforting against odor and chafing smell. You can apply it immediately when finishing taking a shower as a lotion.


✔️ Friendly with any type of skin including sensitive skin

✔️ Safe ingredients to limit allergy

✔️ Keep a comfortable scent for all day to feel pleasure

Like the EMT logo, each EMT is a start of life who sacrifices his/her life to save another's life. The vanity Plate is beautiful to decorate at home and make any guest know that this is a house of a heroic EMT. The product also makes his/her family member or even EMT feel the value of this job.

The plate features a cheetah spot pattern in black and white color to match any house style. The most attractive spot is the EMT emblem with an American flag. It is full of patriotism to make anyone feel happy and love life much more. The gift is made of aluminum and has a size of 6" x 12".


✔️ Offer a card to impress your loved one with a message

✔️ Have holes on the back to hang it with screws easily

✔️ Rustic design with permanent printing to give you a memorable keepsake

Do you are finding a gift for an EMT man? Let's see the decanter set here to come up with more ideas to surprise him. The gift set is amazing for your husband, father, or an EMT around you. It is luxury and wonderful to give you some relaxing time with a glamorous decanter and glasses.

The set has a stylish and durable decanter to contain wine and 2 glasses. You also get 4 glasses if you want. The personalized message is printed outside the items and it is durable to keep forever. The EMT logo is detailed and precise to make this gift more special for him.


✔️ Thick glasses to keep wine safe

✔️ beautiful decanter to add a home bar

✔️ Enable to be packed in an oak box to make your gift polite

The emergency mind book is an amazing gift for an EMT to equip him/her with some helpful and essential knowledge to face up and handle some emergency when no doctors and he/she needs to make a quick decision. The book definitely has many benefits for an EMT to finish training courses and improve his/her professionals.

The book is written by Ph.D. Dan Dworkis is a professor of emergency medicine at USC’s Keck School of Medicine and has many years in the medical field. The book will lead you to the minds of doctors and teach you how to handle some emergencies and pressures. It is a valuable resource for EMTs and helps them build an emergency mind.


✔️ Instruct you on some basic knowledge to be an excellent EMT

✔️ Train your mind when facing up with pressure and medical emergency

✔️ Provide you an informative reference to pass EMT training course

The insignia cap would be an amazing choice for anyone who they are struggling to seek a gift for an EMT. The cap is a simple design and it is only outstanding with the EMT logo. It is attractive for an EMT to wear when working because it will make people recognize them and make his/her job faster.

The cap is made of 100% Acrylic and it passed the test to prove its durability and quality. The EMT logo is embroidered so it will never fade, peel, or disappear. The color of the emblem with the background is perfect to catch an eye from a distance. Besides, the gift also limits the sunlight shining on your face and avoids getting burnt.


✔️ Ultrasoft to feel comfortable when wearing all the day

✔️ Breathable function to prevent head skin-related disease

✔️ Simple design to match and mix with different clothes

Support your loved one's passion for EMT, the ambulance key rack is an ideal gift to celebrate a day with him/her. The familiar image will come with her/him for the rest of life and make him/her feel love this career much more. It also encourages him/her to pursue a dream of becoming an EMT.

The key rack is made of alloy steel with a size of 9 inches wide x 6 inches high and it has 5 round hooks to keep the keychain, cap, bag, and other things. The laser cutting is well-handcrafted and finished to give you stunning decor. The powder coat is oven baked to keep the longevity of this product longer.


✔️ Long-lasting wall hanger to keep some necessities neatly

✔️ Easy to mount on the wall with a magnet

✔️ Eye-catching decor for a room or office

The stethoscope case has lots of functions for an EMT to finish and support his/her daily task. The case is designed with some medical symbols to keep you from confusing when getting it. If you want to have a useful gift for your loved EMT, this gift should be quickly added to the listing.

The Stethoscope case is fluffy fabric, so you will feel soft when touching it. The fluffy inner layer will keep the stethoscope stable. The case resists shock, water, and scratches to keep the medical supplies in the good condition when you are moving anywhere to support people who are being in a medical emergency.


✔️ Pocket size to keep in a bag neatly

✔️ Lightweight to keep by yourself or hold on hand anytime

✔️ Delicate design to protect the devices better

Are you living away from your loved EMT? Here is a gift for you on their birthday, graduation, valentine, and anniversary. The hug token has been engraved on both sides to send your message and touch his/her heart. Spreading out your love through his gift to strengthen your relationship now with this gift.

The token is stainless steel and it is a shining and sentimental keepsake with lovely engraved messages. There are a PU leather keychain and a bag to keep your gift looking gorgeous and ready to send to anyone. The gift never tarnishes and the text is permanent so you can believe in it to express your thoughts and love.


✔️ Remind him/her of your love when holding this gift

✔️ Perfect to keep the key from getting lost

✔️ Heartwarming gift to cement your relationship

The EMT metal tin sign is a gift for your loved one to make him quickly familiarize himself with his career and comply with some quotas all the time. Starting a new position, especially an EMT will have many challenges and confusion, so this gift will help him/her in a part to get familiar with this career.

The metal tin sign is a 12" x 8" Aluminum Sign. The gift is sustainable, sturdy, and strong to keep for a long time. the EMT logo is professionally printed to not hinder you from reading text. These quotes are printed clearly in big size to read from any distance. It is simple to hang with 2 holes on the back.


✔️ Indoor and outdoor wall decor thanks to quality material

✔️ Leave a deep impression on your mind of how to become an excellent EMT

✔️ Humor tone to make him/her laugh out loud

The medical tourniquet would be a strong assistant for an EMT to handle the massive bleeding situation. The gift is multifunction to address different emergencies. So, if you are being in need to have a good gift for him/her, there is nothing over this gift.

The combat tourniquet features a snap-lock buckle design to open and keeps it stable on your body and a one-hand windlass clip is added to use when you need it. Besides, you will receive a trauma shear made of stainless steel, and 7.5'' long to deal with heavy duties. The tourniquet pouch is the lightweight and large capacity to keep shears better.


✔️ Functional set gift to support and improve the productivity of EMT's duties

✔️ Durable and tear-proof to use daily

✔️ Supply him/her with some necessary tools and things in emergencies

The pulse oximeter fingertip is one of the must-have supplies in an EMT's bag. Therefore, don't miss it if you want to make an impression on an EMT. The gift will support his/her daily duties and it would be very crucial to save people's lives.

The oximeter fingertip has an OLED display to present the information and date clearly. It is precise and functional to give you prompt information about the oxy level in the patient's blood. It only takes 8 seconds to show the results so it will increase the percentage to save the patient's life. The product is run on a 2AA battery and you will have a case to keep it secure.


✔️ Long working hours of 20 hours to use during a day

✔️ Portable and compact size to store and organize in a pocket or bag

✔️ Functional device to shorten the time in the first aid process

Quickly add the EMT sticker to your items or your loved one's items to make him feel delightful. The gift is the EMT logo with colorful and elicits a magic feeling in anyone. It is attractive, reflective with 3D images, and absolutely will win any EMT's heart at the first sight.

The sticker is vinyl material and it is printed with blue color EMT logo and an eagle. It will show the strength and courage trait of an EMT. The gift is fantastic to apply for a car and it will reflect a color at night to make this sign visible. Buying it to create a different one for his car now.


✔️ Creative gift to honor a job as an EMT

✔️ Resist weather and UV to keep the function for a long time

✔️ Adhesive sticker with a great size to apply anything you want

It is an amazing gift for anyone who is preparing for the NREMT Cognitive Exam. The gift will help you to reach the dream of becoming an EMT with a set of questions and useful information to broaden your knowledge in the first aid process and medical field. Don't hesitate to grab the book to gift your loved one.

The book guide 400 questions with clear and particular explaination. There ar 4 full test to provide test takers with enough practice and some tips to handle with any situation in test room. The questions and test is based on the real test to give you samples to practice. Getting this one to have a good preapration for the upcoming test.


✔️ Equipe test takers with the up-to-date questions set

✔️ Give a guide to help him/her don't feel overwhelming or confuse

✔️ A Supportive book to help him/her touch his/her dream career

EMTs, or Emergency Medical Technicians, are the most common type of EMS provider and are sometimes just called EMTs. EMTs learn the skills they need to help save lives, and many of them go on to get an Advanced EMT certificate or become paramedics.

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