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35 Best Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds that'll Lighten Their Eyes

Nourishing a kid is no easy feat, and as parents, we strive to create an educational environment that fosters their growth and development from an early age. Scientific documents highlight the importance of this crucial period, particularly when kids are around 1 year old, as they become little sponges, eager to absorb everything around them. To nurture their curiosity and learning, we've curated a selection of educational toys for 1-year-olds that parents should consider adding to their little one's playtime repertoire.

The love we have for our children is unparalleled, filled with boundless care and protection. As parents, we cherish every moment and seek ways to shower our little bundles of joy with affection. What better way to show our love than by gifting them these wonderful educational toys that will not only bring joy to their faces but also ignite their young minds? Let's seize the opportunity to delight our kids with these thoughtfully chosen gifts, creating treasured memories as they embark on a journey of discovery and learning.

As we watch our little ones dream peacefully, we can't help but ponder the meaning of certain dreams, like the one where our phone gets robbed. However, instead of dwelling on the negative, this dream signifies something truly positive. It reminds us that the efforts and investments we make now in providing an educational and loving environment for our kids will yield fruitful rewards in the future. These educational games and toys for kids play a significant role in shaping their young minds, setting the stage for a promising and successful future.

So, let's embrace this special time in our kids' lives and make it even more magical with these educational toys for 1 year olds. By doing so, we not only show our love in a tangible way but also lay the foundation for a bright and fulfilling journey of growth and learning. Let the joy of giving and nurturing flourish, knowing that the love and care we invest today will blossom into a world of possibilities for our little ones in the days to come.

The wooden garden toy is scientifically designed from the Montessori method, which takes your kid's interest as the priority in building a curriculum. Getting this toy for your kids when he/she is 1 year old and open to real life through this game.


✔️ Create an interest for your kids in gardening

✔️ Colorful wooden toy

✔️ Offer you lots of educational games with this toy

Leaninging excitedly with the wooden activity cube. The educational toy feature diversity of games for 1-year-old toddlers to engage in and open an exciting and funny adventure when exploring knowledge. Buying it to give your little angel.


✔️ Give parents a fun time with their kids

✔️ Relieve stress for parents when teaching kids

✔️ Improve comprehensive skills for toddlers

Do you want to take your toddler to the leader of a class? Or you want to give them some funny but also educational times. The wooden toys are based on the Montessori method to design for toddlers from 1 year old to explore everything and keep them delightful.


✔️ Multi educational games from this toy

✔️ Keep kids busy with interesting activities

✔️ Give parents more time to relax

Growing 1 year old is also the meaning that your toddler is starting to be curious about lots of things, especially for a boy. The take-along tool kit will provide him with basic education on repairing tools. Widen his mind and give them a friendly toy.


✔️ Keep your kids out of dangerous real tools

✔️ Personalized with kids' name

✔️ Compact design to take to anywhere

Taking the super cute dinosaur back home for your toddlers. The product is user-friendly plastic for kids, it would be an awesome educational toy when adding numbers to teach them counting, and especially when feeding dinosaurs with a piece, it will make a sound.


✔️ Diverse sounds of more than 130 melodies

✔️ Indulge in amazing games

✔️ Buttons are easy to press for toddlers

The personalized train is an incredible toy for kids from 1 year old. Wonderful when adding his/her name, and the magnet will strongly connect some parts. Driving this train to will give your kids an exciting feeling and ignite kids' curiosity about the world outdoors.


✔️ Excellently manufactured from wood

✔️ Educate the flexibility of fingers

✔️ Open an endless fun time

Cheering up your toddlers with the musical mat toy. The mat is ideal for 1-year-old toddlers. It uses cotton to make, so it is soft for them to crawl. Moreover, inserting basic education about music on it also stimulate their excitement.


✔️ Create a comfortable vibe while learning

✔️ Offer 25 sounds for kids

✔️ Ignite passion for music when he/she is little

Playing and exploring the world outdoors with the wooden activity toy. The board feature numerous puzzles and keep your toddler from 1-year-old a surprise with exotic shape. Enjoy a scientific education method and feel delightful in the heart with this toy.


✔️ Pouring happiness on kids' emotions

✔️ Surprise gift for your kids

✔️ Cultivate the creative brains of toddlers

Creating a childhood full of happiness and smiles with the activity cube toy. Greatly made of plastic, the toy will give toddlers at 1-year-old some educational games and make them always busy with fun and excitement.


✔️ Fabulous toy for self-learning and self-playing

✔️ Draw kids' attention with great sounds

✔️ Make kids feel fun when learning

Toddlers from 1 year old are a time for them to explore the world outside, so quickly grab this wooden hammer toy for them to play with every day. The toy will create a game to educate fingers and train kids' reactive abilities.


✔️ Sturdy wooden toy

✔️ Wonderfully painted with bright colors

✔️ Train the coordination of hands and eyes

Cheering your toddler's curiosity with the center block toy. The product perfectly develops kids from 1 year old. It opens a new world with novelty and exciting things for kids to explore. Inserting education lessons in some fun games to keep their interest.


✔️ Great touching and holding with ABC plastic material

✔️ Incredible toy with an exotic shape

✔️ Enable give out light and make a song

Sending the cute and lovely puppy to your 1-year-old toddler would be a best friend for him/her. Fostering toddlers' brains educationally through music when pulling the toy. Your kids will indulge in melody and keep in a good mood all day.


✔️ Stay happy with the music from this toy

✔️ Teach your kids to love animal

✔️ Beneficial for developing toddler's language

The sit-to-stand walker is an ideal toy for toddlers at 1 year old to learn how to stand. Not only that, but it also gives them educational knowledge in numbers, music, and images about things around them. Enjoying this toy and helping kids grow physically and mentally.


✔️ Encourage kids to stand

✔️ Made of safe plastic to touch

✔️ Suitable for toddlers' height

Visually transporting your toddlers to a farm to enjoy the fun atmosphere with the sorting barn toy. The toy puzzles and has an educational function. It requires kids to recognize these animal shapes. Givin it to toddlers from 1 year old to develop their brain.


✔️ Inspired by realistic images

✔️ Improve the ability to recognize shapes for kids

✔️ Ignite kids' interest in farming

Learning is never boring with the baby sorter toy. The product is specially designed for toddlers from 1 year old. It will develop kids' self-solving problem skills and help them to recognize shapes. Math would be more interesting when having this educational toy.


✔️ Never harm toddlers with soft bands

✔️ Safe and friendly toys when using plastic materials

✔️Safe for touching with well-polished conners

Helping your 1-year-old toddler in controlling his/her finger and developing his mind. The educational toy of the fine motor hedgehog will give your kids some fun time and trains flexibility in their fingers.


✔️ Feature beautiful visuals to attract toddlers

✔️ Simple rule to playing

✔️ Make learning to be not boring things

Showing your love to your toddler when giving the wooden sorting and stacking toy. The product is suitable for toddlers from 1 year old. It is an educational toy, so it can enhance his/her finger control skills and trains their mind better.


✔️ Lightweight piece of wood

✔️ Improve imagination skills for kids

✔️ Create fun while learning

The learning set is so amazing when offering up to 5 toys for toddlers from 1 year old. He/she would have an endless fun time when starting to play with this set of toys. Improving toddlers' education about memory mind, languages, and recognization of everything around.


✔️ Light up kid's passion for learning

✔️ Offer diverse games

✔️ Lead toddlers in a world of fun and education

Do you want to stimulate your toddler's emotions in playing and learning? The interactive light-up toy will boost your toddler of 1-year-old to over the moon. Designed to tap, and creates fun through educational lessons for toddlers, the toy will keep kids from boring.


✔️ Enhance kids' skills in controlling fingers

✔️ Enable turn to be a night light

✔️ Numerous fun for kids when playing

Does your toddler just enter 1 year old? It is the time he/she starts learning some things around. So, don't hesitate to get the wooden animal puzzles for he/her. The toy includes 4 patterns and gives your toddlers some basic education about the animal.


✔️ Enable customer with your desired animal

✔️ Provide your toddlers with basic knowledge of animal

✔️ Greatly attract kids with colorful patterns

The magnetic fishing toy features numbers and letters and is made of wood. If you want to train your toddler's mind when he/she is 1 year old, the product is perfect for you. Playing is simple and gives them educational knowledge.


✔️ Well polished and well cut with adorable shapes

✔️ Durable toy for playing repeatedly

✔️ Improve lots of useful skills for toddlers

The pound ball toys is an educational game for kids at 1 year old. The game is simply harming the ball to create a movement, but it will open endless questions in your kid's brain. Playing it every day to explore more interesting things.


✔️ Improve dexterity

✔️ Create curiosity in your kids

✔️ Keep your kids from electronic devices

Liking a saying that touching to feeling, the educational tablet will offer a visual world of colors and familiar things around your toddler. The toy is great for 1-year-old kids to play. Let your kids press and slide to feel the world.


✔️ Give your toddler an interesting experience

✔️ Feature may apps with lots of excitement

✔️ Integrated with wonderful songs

Getting the educational book for your toddler and giving him/her the first experience with the book. The item is a great toy for kids from 1 year old to discover the interesting world outside.


✔️ Keep fun by pressing buttons

✔️ Lead your toddlers to a happy story

✔️ Draw a colorful and good world in kid's mind

Adding more colorful and funny things to the tiny world of your 1-year-old toddler through getting the picture cards. The toy shows some beautiful things in real life to educate your kids interestingly.


✔️ Open a colorful world in your toddler's eyes

✔️ Amazing illustration

✔️ Safe for touching

Keeping your 1-year-old toddler busy with the sensory toy. The product has high educational value for preschool kids. It will develop their skill in solving problems, coordinating between hands and eyes, and so on.


✔️ Train your toddler multiskills

✔️ Lightweight board

✔️ Create some funny lessons

The baby block set includes a stacked ring and a set of blocks. The toy is shown in a colorful appearance and it is educational for your toddlers to coordinate hands and eyes. Funny to relieve his/her frustration.


✔️ Develop useful skills for kids

✔️ Perfectly attracting your toddlers

✔️ Create an endless excitement

Inspiring a passion for music for your kids when he/she is 1 year old with the musical instruments toy. The product can make a sound and create excitement for your toddlers all day.


✔️ Education basic music knowledge for your kids

✔️ Enable making different tones

✔️ Stimulate your kid to move and crawl

Training your toddler 1-year-old with the flip fish toy. The product is manufactured in a fish shape and has educational value in developing toddlers' fingers to grasp and hold something.


✔️ Ultrasoft fish toy

✔️ Wonderful for tactile exploration

✔️ Best friends for toddlers

Drawing attention from your 1-year-old toddler and encouraging him/her to crawl is absolutely the crawl toy. The education toy is wonderful for some kids who are slow in crawling and moving.


✔️ Safe for your little kids

✔️ Beautiful beetbox

✔️ Make funny sounds

Cramming a little bit of education on your 1-year-old toddler with the piggy bank. Buying putting a coin on the pig and pressing its nose to make a funny song. Moreover, your kids also learn how to count numbers from this toy.


✔️ Super cute piggy bank

✔️ Build a good habit for your kids

✔️ Attractive with colorful coins

Educating foreign language for your toddler of 1-year-old with the baby toys. Besides the mother languages, the toy will offer him/her Spanish through songs. Turning on this toy for your kids and letting the music imbue on them.


✔️ Funny toy for toddlers

✔️ Create a foundation to become a bilinguist

✔️ Easily pressing to make a sound

Leading your toddlers into the interesting world of numbers through playing with the number puzzle toy. Based on the shape of these numbers, 1-year-old toddlers will easy to put it in the right place. It is very funny and easy for them.


✔️ Help your toddlers be familiar with numbers

✔️ Educate him/her to calculate

✔️ Beautiful wooden numbers

The hammering-pounding toys are designed nicely. It is beautiful in appearance to attract your toddlers. The product will educate these kids from 1 year old on some useful skills before he/she enters school.


✔️ Develop your toddler's brain

✔️ Stimulate your kids on learning

✔️ Designed based on the scientific learning method

The construction set will unleash your kids or toddlers 1 year old to construct different shapes from these pieces. Educational toys have benefits in developing her/his brain in the early year of her/he life.


✔️ Friendly toy for toddlers

✔️ Magnet strongly

✔️ Give fun to your kids


Exploring the world of educational toys for 1-year-olds has been an enriching journey filled with love and discovery. As parents, we understand the immense joy of witnessing our little ones grow and learn, and providing them with the right tools is essential. These carefully selected toys cater to their developmental needs, nurturing their young minds and sparking their curiosity. And let's not forget our playful 4-year-old boys, who can also benefit from the wonder of these educational toys as they continue to explore and learn through play. Moreover, the inclusion of sensory toys adds an extra dimension to their experience, fostering sensory exploration and enhancing their learning adventure. So, let's cherish every moment of this precious phase, knowing that with the right educational toys, we are laying a strong foundation for a bright and promising future for our little ones. May the love and excitement we share through these loveable and educational toys create memories that last a lifetime, shaping them into curious, imaginative, and confident learners.

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