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35 Charming Easter Gifts for Wife That She Will Love

Easter is around the corner fastly. This holiday is a unique and important day that you can spend your precious time being together with your family members. Why don’t you give them, especially your wife, a small gift to show your affection and sincere thoughts? Your wife will be surprised a lot by how thoughtful and romantic you are. You know what, women love being given a surprise gift, and now Easter’s Day is a chance for you. It is an effective way to heat and affirm the bonding relationship between you and your wife.

But because the gift relates to Easter’s Day, a present should be about Easter Eggs too - not just common favorite items for women. If you are confused about what you should give her, we help you out by bringing out more than 30 awesome items about easter gifts for your wife. It ranges from jewelry, decorations and most of them are Easter gift boxes - all of them are wrapped up very pretty and adorable. She will be happy and excited opening the box like a kid being given his/her toy.

Treat her with these wonderful gifts by giving her your picked present. She deserves to receive more and more love from you, and it is a chance for you to respond to her in a sweet way. Let’s make your wife a special Easter gift she will remember for years to come. She’ll love you a lot, even more than before!

Here are Charming Easter Gifts for Wife That She Will Love

Customized, handmade from wood - A perfect gift for the wife during Thanksgiving season. 3D Illusion Lamp which adds life and light to that desk, that bedroom or that empty space that could create an elegant and romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.

Send the shop your favorite photo taken with your beloved wife and they will make it become an unforgettable gift for her. This lamp will be a nice gift for your partner.

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Instead of finding and giving a normal gift for your wife, have you ever thought about a gift set for your beloved partner? A handmade and easy-to-bring gift set will be a nice choice for your wife.

Each box measures 6”x6”x4”, is tied with pink/white baker’s twine and is ready to give as a gift to that special person. It includes many cute things inside such as handmade soap, natural, hand poured, soy candle, silver cross, custom greeting card with your personal message. Let’s make this Easter’s day special and romantic.

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What will always appear on your meals? A cute nutella spoon will make your wife smile and miss you all day long.

Handmade from stainless steel with PVD titanium cover, and beautiful engraving with the name of recepient. It also can be customized as requested from customers. The spoon is available with 3 size options including coffee spoon - 5,31 inches, long latte spoon - 7,67 inches and large tablespoon - 7,67 inches. Engraving on a handle of the spoon for free with date, name or wishes - anything what you want.

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Hairbrusher which every woman needs one inside their purse. Why don’t you choose it as an Easter gift for your wife so that she can bring your love beside her everywhere?

Handmade and personalized floral hairbrush that is 9 and 1/2 inches long. Various colors and monogram choices would make the gift become wonderful and make the receiver smile at seeing it. She will love using this pretty hairbrush every single day.

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Let’s take a look at what we have for Easter’s day? Getting a headache thinking of gifts for the wife? That can help the husband to solve “the problem”. This knot necklace - Beautiful gift for a wife on Easter day that she will fall in love with.

Handmade item with adjustable cable chain length, 14k white gold over stainless steel and 6mm round-cut cubic zirconia surrounded with smaller crystals. For special occasions or everyday wear, the wife will surely treasure this gift for years to come.

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A gift suitable for a fan of Easter holiday. Handmade, and personalized couples gift with an image of a skeleton wedding that is laser engraved on a cutting board.

It is made from bamboo, or red alder, or walnut and perfect for couples, especially highly recommended for just married groom and bride to hang up in the bedroom. That is a wall hanging plaques - hangs vertical and horizontal (can choose the preferred orientation), various sizes and materials for customer options and is recommended for indoor use only.

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Nothing is more romantic than burning a candle, drinking a cup of tea or coffee or latte or hot chocolate during holidays. Candle holder with a love message from a husband to wife gifts makes a perfect gift for 2021 Easter.

A handmade and customized candle holder has a size of 13cmx9cm. Made from high quality wood and the message engraved on the holder will not fade and stay forever. The design is a two-heart candle holder with a heart which creates a romantic gift.

Heat up the special day along with your wife with this lovely candle holder!

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Easter gift set - a smart choice for the holiday season at the end of 2021. There are 2 options available for customer choice. It is just a lovely surprise, and this box of handmade pampering is sure to delight and make Easter day become unforgettable.

What is inside the box? Box with many options of ingredients for shea butter cream, bar of soap, bath bomb, lip balm, and last but not least, what makes the gift become more special: a personal - customized gift card, etc.

She will be touched a lot by how thoughtful you are!

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One more option for the year-end holiday like this Easter day. Let’s celebrate Easter together with a special wine glass!

Handmade from a high quality glass, painted with quality acrylic enamel outside the glass, oven cured for durability and hand wash to preserve the colors that created outstanding highlights for this glass, different from others. Absolutely beautiful and festive looking glasses, can be customized to the wishes of customers that may bring a huge smile to users’ faces.

Do not hesitate to prepare a nice gift for the beloved one!

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A candle can make you happier during the holiday season. And it is also a nice gift for your beloved person.

This is a handmade soy candle, with 3 sizes 4oz (30 hours) for small rooms like bathrooms; 9oz (70 hours) for medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms; and 16oz (100+ hours) for large rooms, such as kitchens and great rooms.

Customers also can choose the scent they want and depending on scent choice, the color of your candle can vary such as dark yellow for blueberry or wisteria is a very light pink, etc.

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Show huge love to your wife with a luxe crown necklace gift set - A handmade necklace with a combination between genuine 925 sterling silver and gemstone named cubic zirconia that will bring a simple but elegant beauty to the women.

This is a necklace with 17.71 inches length, pendant height: 1 inches and width: 3.5 inches - reasonable size for daily wear and even for events or parties. This gorgeous gift set celebrates your wife’s strength and uniqueness. A love message for the holiday to the beautiful wife.

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How to show your love and enjoy the holiday besides your wife during Covid pandemic time this year? Handmade and colorful quail eggs will be a nice and cute gift that can make a smile on your wife’s face.

Each egg is a real unfertilized quail egg that has been emptied, cleaned, and sanitized so no worry about Covid. Customers can choose from 7 different colors, and 12 different note styles with customized messages for each can make each quail egg so unique.

She’ll be thrilled with this special present a lot!

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Bring a cup of coffee, stand by the window and look at the snow outside. Have you ever imagined that scene during the holiday and you are the cup in your beloved one’s hand? A mug can make your dreams come true. Handmade ceramic coffee mug makes the perfect gift for everyone.

This is a mug that was made for microwave and dishwasher safe, with printed on only the highest quality mugs and the print will never fade no matter how many times it is washed. There are 2 sizes available for customers: 11oz - 3.75 inches tall and 15 oz - 4.5” inches tall.

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Gift for your wife on Easter day? Of course this Easter gift box will be on your top list to make her.

This adorable gift boxe makes the perfect gift that she will fall in love with at first sight! Each box measures 8”x8”x4”, and is tied with pink or white baker’s twine. Inside the box, it includes personal accessories like candles, soap, bunny bear, and chocolate eggs.

It also comes with a card that you can write down the romantic and loved message to her. Give it to her right now!

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A special Easter gift to show the close-knit relationship between your wife and you? You came to the right place, this 3D couple night lamp will not let you down.

This customized photo led lamp will be a great surprise and sign of your love for your wife. Once it is charged, it can be used for a really long time. You can personalize the lamp’s design by sending the shop your photo when checking out. The lamp will come out pretty as expected.

She will turn the lamp on while falling asleep with a happy smile on her face!

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A special present to give your wife on Easter Day? This Nutella spoon will be her favorite utensil kitchen to enjoy her desert.

The spoon is an aesthetically engraved spoon, having the word “My peanut butter spoon”. They made it with meticulous design with all the love and care. It is made from stainless steel that never gets tarnished after a long time.

The best part is everything can be customized for you and for those you love! Add a few more items in the checking section.

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On Easter day, this gift box will be a wonderful present to give your beloved wife! She will love and appreciate it a lot!

Each box measures nearly 8”x8”x4”, is wrapped with pink/white string and is ready to give as a gift. If you would like to place a larger order than what is shown, contact the shop while checking out. In the box, it includes natural beauty items like a candle, soap, a rustic jar, paper egg cartons and of course chocolate eggs.

Let her know how much care and love you have for her!

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No house is complete without a set of decorative towels to hang in the bathroom or on the oven. This unique line of hand towels are sure to please for years to come. A great gift for your wife on Easter day indeed!

Hand towels measure 16 inches by 25 inches. They are a cotton/polyester blend that are softer than a baby’s behind! With vibrant colors permanently pressed into the fabric, you won’t need to worry about fading, pealing, or disappearing. It is pretty to be a towel or decoration at the kitchen area in your house.

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One more option for incoming Easter this year. Live succulent gift box - A unique gift that will make your wife feel happy and blessed!

Each gift box comes carefully packaged in: Premium color printed mailer gift box, 2- 2.5” live succulent - packaged with great care, scented 2oz candle (estimated 12 hours burning), colorful matches in a glass jar (randomly selected), and beautiful greeting card with personalized message from sender.

In addition, you can add on your wishes for the gift box with various options such as gold plated stainless steel necklace, satin scrunchie, natural bar soap, ect.

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Customized design gift box with 8 options for background colors and 4 for box shape and wording option. That makes the box become a gorgeous Easter custom gift for the person you love.

What is included inside the box? First is an option between a round white gift box 9.5”x 4.25” with a custom label or square white gift box - 10” x 10” x 4.5” rigid white box with magnetic closure. Second is optional with white crinkle paper - 2oz (round box) or 4oz (square box).

Send it to your lovely wife this Easter and enjoy for years to come together!

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Let your wife knoe hoe romantic and thoughtful you are throuhg this quote collection glass!

Each small Orcio Jar is beautifully presented with an accompanying organza bag and is approx. This is 84mm tall with 63mm lid with a 212ml capacity. Inside you’ll find 42 meticulously hand-rolled quotes each of which are placed in a 10mm double gold ring, one for each day of the month and a bit extra.

Let’s start a new day by open each beloved quotation, she will be gained much more energy and confidence from you!

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A cute and funny keepsake like this handmade gnome will be a unique gift idea to give your wife.

This bright and cheerful gnome will add a wonderful touch of color and whimsy to your decor. This adorable keepsake is handmade with care and attention to detail. Its body is made of beige and green yard, weighted at the bottom and filled with holofiber. The gnome has a white wool tree with a berry hat.

Please note these gnomes are meant to be used as a home decor item, not a toy for kids.

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Gift for your wife on Easter day? You can consider jewelry as a safe option that women absolutely love. This classic bluebell earring will be your favorite gift so far!

Spring bluebell harebell flower earrings made with pretty blue bell flowers and Swarovski dangle drops. The gentle breeze gives these light airy earrings a fluid movement that creates a true sense of freedom as they dangle and swing in the fresh air.

It is very suitable to wear it at the party and ceremony, making your wife give off a luxurious and elegant vibe definitely.

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Make the Easter day more romantic, heating the atmosphere between you and your wife with this scented candle. The candle gives off a calming, fresh scent reminiscent of relaxing spa days. This candle’s aroma is especially light yet indulgent.

The glass has a matt white finish whilst the engraved part is clear so that the candle light shines through the design for a unique finish. The message reads ‘Amazing Wife’ followed by a name of your choosing which allows the light of the candle to shine through for a stunning effect.

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This unique crescent moon necklace is a perfect present for a special person in your life. You can buy it as a gift on Easter day to show your love and respect towards your beloved wife.

The design of the necklace will catch your attention at first sight. They made the tree by using copper wires and adding the blue mother of pearl moon. It creates a very pretty image which has a tree and a moon, symbolizing you and your wife.

Let her know through giving this necklace to her that you can’t live without her like the meaning of this necklace’s design.

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Sometimes a practical gift for your wife is a good idea that she can use in her daily life. No more fancy presents, this sun hat will make her laugh out loud by your gift idea.

This hat is a perfect item that she cannot miss when going to the beach! One thing special about this hat is that you can personalize a hat like a trim around the brim or sequins in any combination you would like to! You also can decorate the hat by asking the shop to add a heart, crown or other simple designs for only $2.

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A lovely Tree of Life wall art print will make a pretty decoration in your house.

The tree drawing is very bright and colorful which shines the area where it is hung up. In total the print measures 10 inches by 10 inches and is printed on FSC paper. Each print comes with a backing board and cello sleeve. Or you might choose to have it mounted in a standard wood effect frame, completing your gift.

This beautiful framed or unframed art print would make a great gift to say “Thank You” to your wife. She will be touched and thankful a lot!

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A simple bunny card filled with beloved and romantic notes to your wife will be a touching gift on Easter day. She will cherish this keepsake for years to come.

The card is measured at 6” square and comes complete with a white envelope. Its design features the quote “Somebunny loves you” and below is the name of the receiver that you can customize. Please leave a note of your wife’s name in the checking note section. They will make it for you with all love and detail.

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This wooden personalized picture frame is a cute and heartwarming present that you can give to your wife as a surprising gift.

This “To my wife” frame is 12 inches wide by 10 inches tall, and you can choose between two fonts. A custom image can be chosen instead of the couple on the frame as shown now. Send them the photo you want to design through their email provided in the description section.

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These cute natural vegan bunny soaps are the perfect easter gifts for your wife. Let her body enjoy the relaxing time in the bathroom with these soaps.

They are packaged as a giftable set of 2. In particular, these cute soaps are made from all-natural and unscented for the most allergy-friendly option. If you choose a scented option, your soaps will be scented with 100% organic essential oils only (geranium, lemongrass or lavender).

Please add on the bamboo-style wooden soap dish for a deluxe natural gift that can help the soap last for a long time.

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Do you want a really unique gift that leaves a deep impression on your wife? This Amethyst necklace will meet your expectations.

This is a listing for one of a kind necklace with the natural amethyst crystals, natural emerald beads and copper wire. The length of the cord is 24 inches (60cm) in default. If you need another cord length please add it to your order comment.

If you order a new design necklace, it could vary from the original one due to the handmade items and natural stones feature.

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Create a romantic and cozy atmosphere on Easter day with these rustic cross lanterns.

These handmade lanterns have nautical rope for the handles and then sprayed with a sealant. They can fit small sized candles or tea lights but should be flameless ones to not damage the lanterns. Just select your color before adding to cart, the store can paint them for you.

Every cross lantern will be different in wood coloring. So the color is not the same as the sample you see on this picture, however the quality is always awesome and you will love them indeed!

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Does your wife love drinking coffee or tea? If yes, you can give your wife this leather coaster set as an Easter gift.

Its size is 95mmx95mm - a perfect size for a medium ceramic cup or mug. It is also 2.5mm thick which can hold the temperature well. The leather material is made from J & FJ Baker leather hides, which is Britain’s only remaining oak bark tannery. So you don’t need to worry about its quality as well as its longevity.

She will love to use it everyday to enjoy her drink!

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An unique gift that will make anyone feel happy and blessed! Love yourself more, listen to yourself more would be a slogan sent to modern girls, woman nowadays. Easter Spa gift box - A self care gift box for the year-end holiday season.

Scented soy candle, natural scented bath bomb, handcrafted soap, colorful matches in a glass jar, and a beautiful greeting card with a personalized message from the sender will be wrapped together in a premium color printed mailer gift box.

She will experience a luxurious skin spa at home after working hard all day.

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