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35 Best DIY Birthday Gifts for Mom That Are Filled With Love

As every child is the greatest gift to their mothers, mothers are also the greatest gifts to their children. Every year, there is a special day that you always love to make your mom happier, and that is her birthday. However, it could be a head-scratcher to pick out a present every year and keep it fresh, which is precisely why DIY gifts are a great idea. Come with us on this journey and find out about some DIY gifts for moms. But if you haven't felt into these DIY items much, Loveable has compiled the most meaningful last minutes birthday gifts for mom, all pre-made, sure your mom will love it.

Why are DIY gifts for moms good?

  • DIY gifts are great because they're unique. They can be used for particular occasions like Mother's Day or to say thanks to mom for being such an awesome women!
  • A DIY gift is a gift that you make yourself. It's not a store-bought item, so anything you can make from scratch is a DIY gift. And the fact that it is made or assembled with your own hands gives it a personal touch.
  • They can also be useful—a homemade gift might be more useful than one you buy at a store, such as furniture.

Who are they for?

DIY gifts are good for moms who love to do things themselves or those who would love an easy project they can use on any occasion. They can also be for people who love to do something for their mother with their own hands. Without further ado, let’s jump right into our listings.

See the happiness on your grandma’s face by giving her this floral mug as a personalized gift. She will be so grateful to receive this sweet mug from you!

This mug is very sturdy and thick to hold hot or cold beverages. Personalize an 11oz or 15oz white mug by filling in the information that the shop requires you to do. Full color imprinting, strong ceramic construction, and everyday convenience come together in one product.


✔️ Bring a floral fragrance of nature into her day

✔️ Send some color to mom's kitchen

✔️ Help her relax or dream of the flowers

Celebrate a special and impressive birthday party to your beloved grandma/grandpa with this lovely dovely keepsake 'My Grandchildren' print!

That is a sweet keepsake that your grandparents will be so happy with every time seeing it. Make your gift much more special by adding your touch into it. Please add the name and number of pieces symbolizing the number of her grandchildren and that’s all.


✔️ Feature the most adorable names of her grandkids

✔️ Make a unique statement in her home

✔️ Pose for her favorite memories

You are on the discovery of a gardening present for your grandma. How about the canvas poster? This flower-themed option customizes its names, creating a gorgeous canvas to delight her. This decor will beautify her house and evoke a sense of achievement in her feeling as a mother or grandma.

The woman you love the most is going to welcome her big day. Therefore, you are hunting for a unique and meaningful gift for her. Quickly grab the personalized pillow.

The garden-inspired pillow is made of quality fabric and filling to promote a comfortable feeling when leaning on it. This name personalization will draw her attention and make her feel your love and appreciation.

You often say show your thankfulness to many people. But have you ever expressed it to your mom, who has always been with you? If not, the canvas is ideal for you to do it.

With the clean design, the canvas poster delivers a heartwarming message to bring joy to her life. You also add your photo to make this gift more special to cherish your mother.

Your other mom is going to welcome the milestone of entering a new age. Let’s get this heart acrylic plaque to give her right now!

The plaque is shaped like a heart. It is transparent and engraved with your heartfelt messages on it. The message is so emotional that she will be happy to tear up as she reads this one. Also, the plaque acts as an ornament to display anywhere at home or office.

The Bulb Ornament is a great DIY birthday gifts mom. Great gift idea for mom's birthday gift or mother's day. A thoughtful mom will definitely appreciate this! You can also gift this beautiful bulb to someone close to you as it will help them keep their creativity alive.

A cute and charming ceramic bulb ornament, which can be used as a décor item. Measuring 3" L x 3" W x ¼" thick, it has a unique and artistic design and it has the ability to bring a smile on your face. You can place it anywhere in your house or office as it will look attractive.


✔️ Surely delight your mother on any occasion

✔️ Come with a beautiful glossy finish

✔️ Perfect for brightening up a dreary day

Mom is always there for you and always knows how to bring out your smile. Make her feel special and thoughtful garden sign with our personalized gift; she will be so excited when she sees it sitting proudly in her yard.

The sign comes in four different sizes: 12x12in, 14x14in, 18x18in, and 24x24in. Perfect as a decoration for a home garden or any other room.


✔️ Keeps your mother close to home

✔️ Great way to express your love for your mom

✔️ Create a beautiful memory of your mom

You should cherish the wonderful lady who brought your incredible man to life on her birthday celebration with this personalized plaque.

Our plaque is stunning with its frugal beauty. The product will ignite the closeness and goodwill as she meets you. Also, this present honors her upbringing to raise a sense of success in her.

Do you have any gift ideas to give your mother on her birthday? Check out this romantic gift. The acrylic is designed with heart shape along with meaningful content. Every time she looks at it, she will feel your love and gratitude for her.

Crafted from acrylic, this unique birthday gift is designed with a beautiful border and a message about the importance of motherhood, including space for your her name and a heart for sweet messages.


✔️ Impressive heart-shaped design

✔️ Material is safe to use

✔️ Personalize the name of mom and you

Dear Mom - You mean the world to me. You are always in our thoughts and your words of wisdom will always stay with us. It makes our lives so much brighter knowing that you care. We love you more than anything. So, what are you going to give mom this year? Well, this little light is a perfect choice!

With a battery included, the LED bulb will shine brightly throughout your mom's whole house and yard. Plus, she'll love you for the thoughtful gift!


✔️ Be bright and long-lasting

✔️ Help her feel the warmth of a cozy home

✔️ Good to customize

No matter how old your loving mom is, the heart photo lamp is always a great option for you to deliver your thoughts on her birthday. This gift is beautiful with an adorable look.

The short quote on the heart top will light up her day and make her feel loved. Not only affect her emotions, but your boyfriend is also delightful when you are trying to get well with his family.

The perfect birthday gift for mom should be something both beautiful and practical and this personalized key hanger is definitely the best choice. It's an ideal way to keep her keys organized and in view, especially if she uses a purse.

This item features 3 pictures of your mother and your family. Installing it next to the door both helps her eliminate the hassle of messing around, and reminds her of your love.


✔️ A unique and practical gift

✔️ Use durable and safe MDF wood

✔️ Includes photos of mother and family

We have everything you need, whether you're looking for something sentimental, funny, useful, or meaningful. Every type of mom will love this Best Mother Special Moon Lamp, and it is a gift for every price range.

The product ranges from 4in to 9in, so choose the one that matches your need. Let her know that she is the best mother in this world. Show her how much she means to you by giving her the gift you've chosen, which she will adore almost as much as you.


✔️ Never make your mom disappointed

✔️ Enhance safety and security

✔️ Make bedtime easier

Show your eternal love to your mom through this sparkling candle on her special day! The calming and relaxing odor that gives off around when the candle is on will remind her of you!

Packed with immersive aromas, this scented candle comes in a 9oz glass jar measuring one size. It has different scents that you can choose. Each candle features a permanent label where your custom designs can come alive on it.


✔️ Be sure to brighten mom's day

✔️ Celebrate mom's unconditional love for her family

✔️ Help her relax and enjoy the fragrance for hours

Look no further to find a suitable gift for your beloved mom! Come with this personalized 'Hold Together' plaque and you will succeed in making her cry!

For customization, mom’s name and her children's name printed on it are very bright and clear to see which won’t be blurred or faded. Add your personalization but entering the text and date as required, and done! With the size of 4.92x4.92, this is great to be displayed on the desk to give a fun personalized touch to any room.


✔️ Express your sentimental thoughts and emotions

✔️ Be a beautiful way to celebrate her special moments

✔️ Have a hand cut design and be stained

Show your endless love to your precious woman in your life - your mom with this 'I Love You To The Moon And Back' plaque.

This clear acrylic custom song sign has crisp, clean edges which are very strong, moisture resistant, shatterproof, and clearer than glass.


✔️ Help to celebrate life's greatest moments

✔️ Be a reminder of what truly matters

✔️ Bring good luck and happiness

The photographs you chose will be revealed one by one as your mother opens the box, bringing back all the special memories and times you shared. This will make the gifts you conceal even more remarkable.

The magnetic folding box is also highly entertaining to open and can be hung on a fridge once it has been put out flat. You may find wonderful gifts for each member of your family. As in our examples, your selection can include up to 13 photographs and photos together. Everything depends on you.


✔️ Perfect for capturing your mom's special photos

✔️ Relive the sweetest memories of her childhood

✔️ Covered with a beautiful finish

This delicate stained glass hummingbird suncatcher is a great addition to any house or garden, as the charming green bird with flowers will brighten your day. Because of its beauty and brilliant colors, this wonderful work of art may be hung on a window and will make you smile just by glancing at it.


✔️ Eye-catching, practical and unique

✔️ Ensure its long lasting durability

✔️ Help admire the beauty as the colorful hummingbird flies

Cherry blossoms are shown in a vivid bouquet on flower greeting cards. Each design is laser cut and manually put together using premium paper. The pop-up flower bouquet card is a substantial freestanding centerpiece ideal for a birthday display to surprise your mom or special someone.

It is a superb substitute for freshly delivered flowers without the negative effects on the earth, and they also keep longer! Do you require further customization? The 8.5-inch-tall 3D paper flower bouquet has plenty of room for you to write what you want to say because it also includes an envelope and a little insert letter.


✔️ Be easy-to-create and brighten up mom's day

✔️ Designed to look like a real flower

✔️ Help to say thank-you and send well-wishes to mom

The perfect mother's day, Christmas, birthday, or family present for your fantastic mother is an excellent figure silhouette that captures the love between mother and daughter or mother and son. Glass of the highest caliber and excellent ornamentation.

Size of bottle: 1.18 "* 3," extremely light; while positioning, please take wind protection into consideration. Upon inspection of the contents, you can tie the cowhide carton, which contains a wishing bottle, a purse, a handwritten note, and a 35-39" hemp rope.


✔️ Help the recipient enjoy the memories

✔️ Protect your wishes from unwanted rain

✔️ Offer a stylish presentation and a removable stopper

A great gift idea for a mom who’s got it going on. These amazing wreaths are ideal for hanging over the doors of your home as they are a beautiful and durable way of greeting guests and visitors.

This wreath has a diameter of around 24 inches and a depth of about 5". This ready-to-ship wreath is composed of jute-type burlap mesh and embellished with several complementing ribbons to highlight the detachable wooden welcome sign in the middle. Makes a wonderful gift for your mother's birthday or bridal shower.


✔️ Be completely reusable and practical

✔️ Add some colors to home decor

✔️ Be sure to get some well-deserved attention

A unique wooden gift box that includes a set of four hand-carved spoons and a fork will delight your mother or grandmother. Our wooden utensils are made by hand, are attractive, durable, and won't harm surfaces.

They are safe to use with hot meals, nonstick cookware, and other dishes. Our dishwasher- and microwave-safe wooden spoons and forks are crafted from premium natural hardwood. To avoid rippling, crazing, and cracking, we utilize premium wood.


✔️ Compact, sturdy and durable

✔️ Ideal for eating fruit and vegetables

✔️ Be the perfect combination of colors and designs

Finish the sparkling seed heads by adding a few discrete sequins and beads here and there. The kits are designed to provide you with a soothing stitching experience where you can take some "me time" and immerse yourself in the activity.

The kit comes with embroidery thread and a needle so you can customize your own piece with style. With this kit, she can make beautiful hand-embroidered items with her favorite flower pictures.


✔️ Make the perfect addition to any mom's collection

✔️ Have a floral design that will fit anyone

✔️ Match some of our favorite mom's birthdays

This lovely floral bar looks great on a wall or on a table. With this floral bar, you can bring some luck into your home. The present is constructed of high-quality oak wood and dried flowers that have been hand-picked. Dried flowers are real dried flowers that, if handled properly, can last for years.

The dried flowers are sent uncut, allowing you to customize the length of your arrangement for your beloved lady. With the dimension of 32"(L) x 2.25"(W) x 1.25"(H), it is a wonderful way to present her a gift on her special day.


✔️ Provide an elegant and delicate appearance

✔️ Can be used to arrange other party favors

✔️ Suit the special lady of any taste

Birthday for a mom is special day and it will feel more special if you hand her a gift on that day. This DIY Hand Print Sign is a creative idea for a diy Birthday gift for moms and she will be touched by the gesture you have shown.

The displayed symbol is 12x12. Black writing on a white canvas backdrop with the frame color of your choice. High-quality archival inks are used to print designs directly onto prints in order to resist fading.


✔️ Delight and surprise Mom with your thoughtfulness

✔️ Be a lovely way to celebrate any birthday

✔️ Turn the hand prints into a stylish and creative sign

When you need a quick fix for Mom, why not make her a customized Mama Bear keychain? The Moma Bear keychain is a great DIY birthday gifts for her. She will be sure to enjoy the attention they get when she opens it.

Made by hand in our shop and expertly presented in a distinctive gift box. A 20mm silver-engraved stainless steel disc with bear charms and a keyring is included. In a jam? You will receive your order from us within one business day.


✔️ Have extra space for all keys and gadgets

✔️ Be sure to please her with its cute bear design

✔️ Be a simple way to remind her of her importance

No need to have a fussy present to make your mom's day. The wooden photo print is enough to bring differences to her day.

The print is customized with your message, allowing you to share thoughts with her. Also, as a photo frame, this gift will evoke a sense of nostalgia in her to cultivate her well-being.

Sometimes a desk accessory should be novel for any special occasion as a present, especially when you want to give that gift to your mom. A wood photo from Family Foto Fun is the perfect anniversary present for mom.

You can make sure of the quality of the photo because the custom photo is printed directly onto round basswood with no gaps. Measuring from 9" to 12", the natural wood show through the photo gives a natural and 'worn' look.


✔️ Show your endless affection towards your mom

✔️ Capture special moments with mom and family

✔️ Bring home the warmth and coziness with photos

The Mama Bear coffee mug is a great gift for her to unwrap on her birthday, and she will use it for years to come. A perfect present for mothers everywhere – and one that she'll be forever grateful for!

White ceramic mugs in 11 and 15 oz sizes are made to the highest standards. The front and back of the mug are both printed with the design. 100% microwave and dishwasher safe. Permanently sublimated printing guarantees a vivid, finely detailed pattern that won't crack or fade.


✔️ Made with super strong, thick, and durable materials

✔️ Keep her caffeinated with its adorable animal design

✔️ Be a perfect addition to her kitchen counter

Celebrate her love for wine with these cool DIY gift ideas. It’s a simple gift that’s not only a hit at any party, but a reminder of your thoughtful mother.

One 17 oz stemless wine glass is included in this item. Each glass will have the pattern engraved into it rather than laser-etched, creating a stunning present that is far higher quality than those offered by most other stores. A 17-ounce stemless wine glass 3 1/2" in diameter and 4 1/2" high. safe for dishwashers.


✔️ Ideal for being a table centrepiece

✔️ Add a pop of style to your table

✔️ Bring a sweet taste to her drink

These boards are fantastic housewarming or wedding presents! Additionally, you may use it to welcome your favorite friends and add a lovely, practical item to your own kitchen. They are capable of handling substantial meal preparation tasks like slicing a lot of meat and vegetables for the family supper.

Each of the board is strong enough to withstand any kitchen knife. With no vinyl stickers and all writing being laser engraved, there is no need to worry about paint chipping or vinyl pulling off.


✔️ Bring warmth and smile to your mom’s day

✔️ Make her special moments more meaningful

✔️ Offer a high gloss shine

Give her a gift she won't ever forget—a piece of jewelry that's just hers. This beautiful bracelet is engraved with her name and date of birth in a stylish font style. She will love this gift on Mother's Day and every day of the year.

This birthstone bracelet may be personalized with a birthstone and an initialed leaf to make a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry. This item is a wonderful present for moms, grandparents, and bridesmaids alike because of the sentimental components!


✔️ Designed with a beautiful engraved initial

✔️ Add a little bit of sparkle to mom's outfit

✔️ Make her be noticed and remember her favorite day

Create the ideal Christmas present this season. Every maker and fan of sunflowers will enjoy this vibrant, one-of-a-kind, DIY Sunflower String Art Kit. Give your mom an awesome gift that she will remember forever. With this DIY sunflower art kit you can turn ordinary string into an art project she’ll want to keep forever!

The premium craft materials for each string art kit are hand-assembled. The 16" by 12" hardwood board in this DIY kit has been hand-sanded and hand-stained. The vibrant string is the best embroidery floss available.


✔️ Turn your loved one's imagination into beautiful art

✔️ Perfect for creating a colorful masterpiece

✔️ Show off the artistic side with this kit

The calming scent of Citrus and Woodsy Patchouli will help you relax before night and clear your thoughts. Our opulent bath bombs moisturize your skin while you bathe in a rich, calming concoction of witch hazel and coconut oil.

Feel good knowing that our fizzy bath bombs are created in the USA without the use of petrochemicals and are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben, sulfate, phthalate, and gluten-free. Simply add a bath bomb that has been wrapped in plastic to the heated water in your bathtub, unwind, and enjoy.


✔️ Can be used for aromatherapy purposes

✔️ Perfect for a soothing night time bath

✔️ Offer a relaxing and refreshing evening bath treat

Mom will be blown away when she unwraps her kids' present - this amazing start kit! She will love this DIY needle-craft kit that comes with a set of colorful punches and a stencils to create a set of custom stamps for her craft projects.

An in-depth English instruction and stitch guide will be included with the kit. Beginners will benefit greatly from this hand kit because it is a simple project that can be finished in a single weekend. The cloth has the design printed on it, making it simple to sew.


✔️ Ideal for beginners to learn how to punch fabric

✔️ Be durable and easy-to-use

✔️ Keep her hands occupied and save some time

We all enjoy taking photos with our loved ones, and in this day and age when every moment spent with them is very valuable, we want the best moments in life to always be with you, therefore we created this little photo album keychain.

With this unique little album keychain, you may create a wonderful souvenir to carry with your loved one on the road. Whether it's a family photo or an old holiday shot, your daughter can connect her favorite memory to the keychain.


✔️ Hand-stamped with your choice of photos

✔️ Make her day better with photo-related presents

✔️ Feature a stunning array of premium materials

Embroidery is a wonderful way to spend some time alone while creating custom artwork for your home or to give as presents. One illustrative fabric, two embroidery needles, one full set of embroidery threads, one illustrative stitch guide, and an optional embroidery hoop make up the kit.

Even if you're a complete beginner, all of our kits include English instructions and an illustrated stitch guide to help you get started. . If you request one when placing your order, we can include a gift note with your kit. Just let us know!


✔️ Crafted to perfectly coordinate with a mom's touch

✔️ Help keep the embroidery memories alive

✔️ Perfect for sewing enthusiasts

On any special occasion, especially your family member/friend’s birthday, give them this meaningful and sweet print as a birthday gift. Get it and hang it on the wall as a keepsake to be cherished.

The designs are permanently pressed directly onto the ornament, creating an everlasting image that will not peel off or fade. Coming with a hanging rope, this pretty print can be hung right after it arrives.


✔️ Bring a heartwarming sentment and joy to any mom

✔️ Be a meaningful way to wish someone happy birthday

✔️ Help to celebrate your special person's uniqueness and love

Looking for a one-of-a-kind way to say thank you? Consider giving the "Thank You For Helping Me Grow Birthday Gifts Mom" personalized plant pot.

This special plant pot is made from superior materials, with a unique design that adds charm to any room. The recipient's name can be customized for a more personal touch. It also comes with a carefully chosen plant that signifies growth and beauty.


✔️ Enhances the ambiance and brings a touch of nature to any space

✔️ Can be paired with a heartfelt note or card for an extra touch

✔️ Reminds the recipient of their positive impact on others

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