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35 Best Diwali Gift Ideas to Wow Your Loved Ones

Welcome to the world of Diwali gifts, where we cheer for the spirit of giving and the joy of spreading happiness. Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights, is a time of vibrant festivities and cherished traditions. As this auspicious occasion approaches, we are delighted to present our carefully curated collection of 35 mesmerizing Diwali gifts to ignite the joy and excitement in your loved ones' hearts.

Our extensive range of Diwali gifts offers a delightful fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance. From intricately designed handcrafted diyas illuminating homes with a warm glow to exquisite silver jewelry that adds a touch of luxury, our collection is a treasure trove of delightful surprises. Each gift has been thoughtfully selected to encapsulate the essence of Diwali and create lasting memories for your loved ones.

Celebrate the festival of Diwali by embracing the joy of giving and expressing your love through our unique and diverse selection. Let the spirit of Diwali illuminate your choices as you find the perfect gifts to convey your warm wishes and blessings. Join us to get a pretty gift to give your loved one on special day like Diawali holiday.

The SATVIK 12 Pc Set of Brass Copper Lotus Diya is a must-have for Diwali gifts.

The diya's akand design allows for a continuous and steady flame, creating a peaceful ambiance during Diwali puja. With its versatile charm, this diya serves as a beautiful decoration for various occasions, infusing warmth and traditional beauty into your home.


✔️ Exquisite lotus design for a captivating look

✔️ Provides a continuous and steady flame

✔️ Versatile decor for Diwali and other festivities

The Mixed Nuts Gift Basket in the Red Gold Box is a delightful choice for Diwali gifts or any special occasion.

With a weight of 1 pound, this gift is perfect for indulging in a healthy and flavorful snack experience. Whether you're searching for a thoughtful birthday care package or a delicious kosher snack tray, this nut gift basket is sure to impress.


✔️ Assortment of seven delightful nut varieties

✔️ Beautifully presented in an elegant box

✔️ Perfect for birthdays and care packages

✔️ Healthy and satisfying snack option

The Arts and Crafts DIY Kit is a wonderful choice for a creative and engaging Diwali gift.

Once completed, the suncatchers can be applied to windows, adding a touch of colorful elegance to any space. Suitable for adults, kids, teens, seniors, and women alike, this kit offers a fun and relaxing activity for individuals of all ages.


✔️ Includes 10 stunning mandala designs to color

✔️ DIY kit provides a creative and engaging activity

✔️ Window clings add a colorful and elegant touch

✔️ Suitable for various age groups and skill levels

The Multi Color Tea Light Holders are perfect for adding a touch of charm to your Diwali celebrations.

With their vibrant and captivating colors, they create a festive atmosphere in any home. Whether placed on a table top or used as diwali decor, these candle holders exude a warm and inviting ambiance.


✔️ Multi-color tea light holders for vibrant decor

✔️ Creates a festive and warm atmosphere

✔️ Perfect diwali gift or home decor item

Scented candles are a wonderful choice for Diwali gifts, as they symbolize light, warmth, and create a serene atmosphere.

Each candle is carefully crafted to deliver a unique olfactory experience, allowing you to indulge in the scents that resonate with you. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and bliss that these scented candles bring, perfect for relaxation, meditation, or setting a calming ambiance.


✔️ Aromatherapy candles infused with essential oils

✔️ Offers healing properties and a soulful experience

✔️ Gift set includes four enchanting fragrances

Assorted Tea Gift Sets in the Blush flavor are a perfect choice for tea lovers and make excellent gifts. Each set contains 90g (3.17oz) of premium tea in three delightful flavors.

Even if you prefer a soothing herbal blend, a robust black tea, or a refreshing green tea, this assorted tea gift set has something to suit every taste preference.


✔️ Assorted tea gift set for tea lovers

✔️ Three flavors of pure and gluten-free teas

✔️ Directly sourced from trusted origins

✔️ Offers a diverse and satisfying tea experience

The enlightened volcanic stone Praying Monk sculpture is a perfect choice for Diwali gifts. This exquisite piece depicts a serene monk in a meditative position, symbolizing peace and tranquility.

With its natural toned weathered finish, this statue adds a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor space. Measuring approximately 8.25 inches tall, it serves as a meaningful and captivating gift, perfect for Diwali and beyond.


✔️ Serene Praying Monk sculpture, ideal for Diwali gifts

✔️ Features an offering bowl for a T-Light candle

✔️ Versatile use in both home and garden settings

✔️ Natural toned weathered finish for an authentic look

The set of 100 Elephant Tealight Candle Holders is a fantastic choice for Diwali gifts and festive home decorations. Each holder features an intricately designed elephant, adding a touch of charm and elegance to any space.

Perfect for Diwali celebrations, they provide a beautiful way to illuminate your home and add a festive touch.


✔️ Intricately designed elephants for added charm

✔️ Suitable for housewarming favors and wedding gifts

✔️ Creates a warm and inviting ambiance for Diwali

The Jewelry Silk Purse Pouch Gift Bags are a wonderful choice for presenting Diwali gifts or storing and organizing your precious jewelry. This pack of 12 bags comes in multiple vibrant colors, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your gift-giving.

Each bag features a secure drawstring closure, allowing you to easily open and close them while keeping your items safe.


✔️ Pack of 12 jewelry silk purse pouch gift bags

✔️ Multiple vibrant colors for an elegant touch

✔️ Made from high-quality silk for a luxurious feel

These Coasters for Drinks are a practical and stylish addition to any home, making them an ideal gift for birthdays, housewarmings, and various occasions.

The heat-resistant feature ensures they can handle hot beverages without damaging the surface underneath. With their reusable design, these coasters offer long-lasting functionality and eco-friendly benefits.


✔️ Absorbent ceramic coasters for drinks

✔️ Suitable for coffee tables and wooden surfaces

✔️ Heat-resistant and reusable for long-lasting use

✔️ Stylish and functional gift for various occasions

The Decorative Brass Tortoise Turtle Leaf Diya is a perfect choice for Diwali gifts and a stunning addition to your home decor.

Its exquisite beauty makes it an ideal piece for Diwali decorations or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones. Made from high-quality brass, this diya not only serves as a decorative lamp but also brings warmth and positivity to any space.


✔️ Intricate leaf motifs add elegance and charm

✔️ Ideal for Diwali decorations and festive occasions

✔️ Crafted from high-quality brass for durability and beauty

The Turtle Statue with Succulent and 7 LED Lights is a delightful addition to your outdoor decor and an excellent choice for unique housewarming gifts, especially for Diwali.

Bring a sense of joy and tranquility to your outdoor space or surprise your loved ones with this enchanting turtle statue.


✔️ Solar-powered garden statue with adorable turtle design

✔️ Features a succulent plant and 7 LED lights for a magical glow

✔️ Durable construction for outdoor use

The Biscotti Gift Baskets, with its delectable assortment of 12 cookie chocolates, is an exquisite choice for Diwali gifts.

This chocolate-covered cookie holiday gift box is filled with a variety of gourmet treats that are sure to delight your loved ones. Each biscotti is made with the finest ingredients, offering a perfect balance of flavors and textures.


✔️ Biscotti gift basket, ideal for Diwali gifts

✔️ Assortment of 12 cookie chocolates, chocolate-covered cookies

✔️ Thoughtful gift idea for mom, wife, sister, and women

The Personalized Diwali Gift Set is a wonderful choice for Diwali gifting, whether for individuals or corporate Diwali gifts for employees.

The gift box itself is a heavy-duty decorative box adorned with a glittery ribbon, available in three different colors: silver, gold, and red. Inside the box, you'll find three pieces of Diwali Special Handmade Ganesh Shubh Labh Wall Hangings.


✔️ Personalized Diwali gift set, perfect for Diwali gifting

✔️ Includes a heavy-duty decorative gift box in three colors

✔️ Thoughtful and meaningful corporate Diwali gift for employees

The Brass Kuber Turtle Diya is a magnificent addition to Diwali decorations and a perfect choice for gifting during the festival.

Each diya features golden engraved detailing on the virgin brass metal, adding a touch of sophistication to your Diwali celebrations. The Kuber Turtle design symbolizes prosperity and good fortune, making it a meaningful gift for loved ones.


✔️ Set of 10 big-sized heavy brass Kuber Turtle diyas

✔️ Handmade oil lamps with golden engraved detailing

✔️ Made from high-quality virgin brass metal

✔️ Symbolizes prosperity and makes an ideal Diwali gift

The Round Gold Votive Candle Holders are a stunning addition to your home decor and a perfect choice for creating an enchanting ambiance during Diwali celebrations.

With a 2ʺ diameter (top) and 2ʺ height approximately, these votive tealight candle holders are the ideal size for regular tealight candles or small LED flameless tea lights. They effortlessly elevate the atmosphere with their shimmering gold glow, creating a warm and inviting space.


✔️ Set of 12 round gold votive candle holders

✔️ Elegant mercury glass with a luxurious gold finish

✔️ Suitable for regular tealight candles and LED tea lights

The Hindu Om decor is a captivating piece that makes for an ideal Diwali gift and a stunning addition to your home decor.

The antique golden finish adds a touch of elegance and charm to the overall aesthetic. This wall hanging serves as a beautiful decoration item for Diwali, Navratri, or any auspicious occasion, and it also makes for a thoughtful housewarming gift.


✔️ Hindu Om wall hanging decor with rustic bells

✔️ Antique golden finish for an elegant look

✔️ Represents spirituality and harmony

✔️ Ideal as Diwali gifts and housewarming presents

The Iron Lotus Urli Set is a magnificent collection of 13 pieces that serves as a versatile and stunning addition to your home decor, making it an ideal choice for Diwali gifts.

This set includes a variety of items, such as pot flowers, urli with a bowl, urli with a stand, and more, all featuring the exquisite design of a lotus flower. Embrace the charm of this versatile set and elevate your home decor with its enchanting presence.


✔️ Iron Lotus Urli Set with 13 pieces

✔️ Versatile and stunning home decoration

✔️ Exquisite lotus flower design

✔️ Perfect for Diwali gifts and special occasions

The 3D Mandala Lotus Flower Metal Wall Art, designed by ARTEPERA, is a stunning piece that makes for a perfect Diwali gift and a captivating addition to your home decor.

With only one nail needed for hanging and no assembly required, it's a hassle-free process. The largest Lotus Flower Wall Art consists of 3 pieces, but assembly is fairly easy. Elevate the ambiance of your living space with the beauty and elegance of this 3D Mandala Lotus art.


✔️ Stunning 3D Mandala Lotus Flower Metal Wall Art

✔️ Designed by ARTEPERA with high-quality steel

✔️ Easy to hang with pre-installed hanger

This gift card comes beautifully presented inside a stylish gift box adorned with a yellow swirl design, adding an elegant touch to your gifting.

The Gift Card in a Yellow Swirl Box is a thoughtful and practical Diwali gift option that allows the recipients to select their preferred items from a wide range of products available on


✔️ Convenient and versatile Diwali gift option

✔️ Beautifully presented in a yellow swirl gift box

✔️ Gift amount not printed for recipient's choice

✔️ No fees and no expiration date for added convenience

The Decorative Umbrellas are exquisite pieces that make for perfect Diwali gifts.

Created by traditional artisans of Jaipur, each umbrella features an exclusive design adorned with sparkling work on the top, complemented by intricate aari tari lace and sitara work.


✔️ Handcrafted by traditional artisans of Jaipur

✔️ Made with high-quality cotton cloth

✔️ Sparkling work, aari tari lace, and sitara work add elegance

The Floral Red Lotus Flower Shape Candle is designed in the shape of a red lotus flower, symbolizing beauty and prosperity.

Whether placed in your indoor home mandir, office temple, or used for Pujan and Pooja rituals, these diya holders add a touch of elegance and spirituality to any space.


✔️ Beautifully designed to resemble a red lotus flower

✔️ Creates a captivating ambiance when lit

✔️ Perfect for Diwali gifts, home decor, and religious rituals

The 16 Packs of Diwali Theme Party Gift Packs are the perfect choice for spreading joy and delight during the festive season.

Each pack is thoughtfully curated with a variety of snacks and candy, making them a delightful treat for both kids and adults. These packs not only serve as a delicious surprise but also double as vibrant party decorations, adding a festive touch to your celebrations.


✔️ Thoughtfully curated with a variety of snacks and candy

✔️ Perfect for Diwali celebrations, birthday parties, and more

✔️ Doubles as vibrant party decorations

The Gold Hamsa Hand Necklace features a silver Hand of Fatima pendant, symbolizing protection in Hindu culture. It is designed to add a touch of elegance and charm to any outfit.

The necklace is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day. Its subtle shine in the light enhances your natural beauty and adds a touch of sophistication to your overall look.


✔️ With a dainty silver Hand of Fatima pendant

✔️ Lightweight and comfortable to wear

✔️ Adds elegance and sophistication to your overall look

The Dried Fruit Gift Basket is a delightful and healthy gourmet snack box that is perfect for various occasions, including Diwali gifts.

This thoughtfully curated gift basket features a variety of dried fruits, offering a delicious and nutritious snack option. Each fruit is carefully selected for its quality and flavor, ensuring a satisfying snacking experience.


✔️ Thoughtfully curated variety of dried fruits

✔️ Healthy and delicious gourmet snack option

✔️ Suitable for various occasions, including Diwali gifts

✔️ Beautifully presented and suitable for gifting

The Candles Gifts for Women are a perfect choice to create a soothing and aromatic atmosphere in any home.

This set of candles comes beautifully packaged in a gift box, making it an ideal gift for any occasion, including Diwali. With a generous 10 oz size, they offer hours of enjoyment and relaxation.


✔️ Beautifully packaged in a gift box

✔️ Delicate and enchanting jasmine fragrance

✔️ Made with natural soy wax for a clean burn

✔️ Long-lasting burn time of up to 70 hours

The Birdcage Lanterns are exquisite decorative pieces that add a touch of vintage charm to any occasion.

With their delicate birdcage design, they create a captivating ambiance when illuminated with tealight candles. Hang them from trees, hooks, or use them as centerpieces to create a mesmerizing atmosphere.


✔️ Vintage birdcage design adds a charming touch

✔️ Beautiful gold finish for an elegant look

✔️ Versatile use for weddings, parties, or home decor

The Custom Hindi Name Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that holds a special meaning. With the option to personalize it with a name in Hindi, Punjabi, or Sanskrit, this necklace becomes a unique and cherished gift.

The elegant design and delicate chain add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions like Diwali.


✔️ Customizable with a name in Hindi, Punjabi, or Sanskrit

✔️ Unique and personalized jewelry piece

✔️ High-quality materials for durability

✔️ Elegant design suitable for any occasion

The Handcrafted Brass Spice Box Set by Arsh Traders is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen.

This spice box set is not only practical but also adds a touch of traditional charm to your cooking space. It makes for a thoughtful Diwali gift for cooking enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship.


✔️ Handcrafted with premium quality brass

✔️ Seven compartments for storing various spices

✔️ Comes with a spoon for easy use

The Jute Bags with Contrast Ganesha Print are not only eco-friendly but also make for a perfect choice for Diwali gifts.

With dimensions of 1094 inches, these bags offer ample space to carry essentials like lunch, gifts, or personal belongings.


✔️ Eco-friendly jute material

✔️ Beautiful contrast Ganesha print

✔️ Ample space for carrying essentials

✔️ Versatile for various occasions

This beautiful Pooja Thali with Ganesh and Lakshmi idols is a perfect addition to your Diwali celebrations and makes for an exquisite Diwali gift.

With dimensions of 14 X 14 X 8 cm, it is a compact and convenient size. The Pooja Thali features a golden design engraved on it, adding a touch of elegance to your rituals.


✔️ Detachable Ganesh and Lakshmi idols

✔️ Compact and convenient size

✔️ Elegant golden design on the Pooja Thali

✔️ Includes diya stand and dhoop batti stand

This acrylic Pooja Thali decorated with a beautiful peacock design is a stunning addition to your Diwali festivities and makes for a delightful Diwali gift.

The vibrant colors and detailed peacock design enhance its visual appeal. With dimensions of 6.5 inches, it is a compact and convenient size for performing rituals. The thali features two small metal compartments to hold haldi and kumkum, adding to its functionality and convenience.


✔️ Beautiful peacock design with vibrant colors

✔️ High-quality acrylic material

✔️ Intricate kundan meenakari work

This Nut Gift Basket presented in a reusable wooden crate is a wonderful choice for Diwali gifts. The gourmet snack food box features a selection of high-quality nuts with different flavors, providing a healthy and satisfying treat.

The reusable wooden crate adds a touch of elegance and can be repurposed for other purposes after enjoying the delicious nuts.


✔️ Reusable wooden crate for added value

✔️ Wide variety of unique nut flavors

✔️ High-quality and gourmet snack food

✔️ Suitable for different occasions and celebrations

These Touchstone Drawstring Bags are a perfect choice for Diwali gifts. The vibrant and multicolored pouches add a touch of elegance and cultural richness to any occasion.

The drawstring closure ensures the security of the contents while adding a charming detail to the design. With a set of six bags, you'll have plenty of options for various purposes and celebrations.


✔️ Traditional Indian handcrafted design

✔️ Vibrant and multicolored paisley pattern

✔️ Set of six bags for versatility and convenience

Final Thoughts

Diwali is a time of celebration, and gifts play a significant role in expressing love and appreciation. Whether you're looking for traditional presents for your family or thoughtful tokens of gratitude for colleagues, the key is to choose items that resonate with the recipient's preferences. This Diwali, let your gifts illuminate hearts and strengthen bonds.

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