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34 Best Condolence Gifts To Express Your Sympathy

Finding the right words to offer comfort and support can be challenging in times of loss and grief. Condolence gifts provide a thoughtful way to express your sympathy and provide solace to those who are mourning. As the saying goes, "Grief is the price we pay for love." These gifts hold the power to offer a small glimpse of solace during a difficult time, reminding us of the importance of compassion and understanding.

Here, we understand the significance of finding the perfect gesture to convey your condolences. Our curated collection features a wide range of heartfelt and meaningful gifts, carefully selected to offer solace, support, and healing to those in mourning. From beautiful memorial candles that emit a warm glow to personalized memorial jewelry that serves as a tangible reminder of cherished memories, our selection has been thoughtfully crafted to provide comfort during this challenging time.

As you explore our collection, you'll discover unique and heartfelt gifts designed to honor and remember loved ones. Each item has been meticulously chosen for its quality, symbolism, and ability to provide comfort. Step into a world of compassion and healing as you browse our selection of condolence gifts.

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This lighted memorial moon lamp serves as a beautiful way to remember and honor a loved one in a serene and elegant way.

Made of resin and stainless steel, this memorial moonlight measures 6” W x 10.6” H x 3.9” D and includes an on/off switch, powered by 3 AA batteries. This unique gift is a great way to express your sympathy and comfort, by sending or giving it to a grieving friend or relative, or as a remembrance gift for yourself.


✔️ Heartfelt condolence gift with an elegant and tranquil design

✔️ Stands approximately 4.3 inches tall for a compact size

✔️ Energy-saving LED bulb provides a soft and warm glow

To show your sympathy, this In the Arms of an Angel Cross Shape Metal Sign is one of the most meaningful recommendations. Don't hesitate to choose it, as your choice will be appreciated for sure.

The sign is durable over time, with non-fade or erosion against the weather. The four sizes (8, 12, 14, and 18 inches) will be suitable for different needs, but they are all amazing and well-made.


✔️ Personalized with a name, text, and year

✔️ Unique made with respect and sympathy

✔️ Helpful in lessening the sadness and sending best wishes

This Hear the Wind and Think of Me Wind Chimes will help you to receive appreciation as it can somehow lessen the sadness for your beloved when losing an important person. The item is made with an elegant design, highly for memorial gifts.

This item is an interesting combination of metal and wood, professionally made to generate peaceful sounds. The six metal tubes are durable over time, stainless steel, and non-erosion. The wood dream catcher is a great addition that allows you to add in kind words and best wishes.


✔️ Personalized with a name and years

✔️ Perfect quality and durability

✔️ A meaningful memorial gift that is appreciated

The loss of someone you love is very hard. You have lost them, you can not lose anything that is related to them anymore. So, this item is what you looking for. A memorial gift box.

These memorial gift boxes are a wonderful place to store your loved ones' memories all in one place. These rustic boxes are a heartfelt gift for a grieving friend or relative. Store cherished memories inside this fully customizable keepsake box. These boxes are a perfect size for letters, photos, jewelry, small knick-knacks, documents, and more.


✔️ Thoughtfully curated selection of comforting items

✔️ Personalized memorial candle for a heartfelt touch

✔️ Delicate angel wing necklace as a symbol of remembrance

Gift this bereavement gift to show your support, bring solace, and let your loved ones know that they are not alone in their grief.

A gorgeous keepsake heart ceramic, measures approx 7cm across, and comes wrapped in pink tissue in an organza bag ready to give. This beautiful ornament is a perfect sympathy gift. It's fired in a kiln, glazed and kiln fired again. It would make a beautiful present for a friend or co-worker. It's like the embodiment of the dead.


✔️ Thoughtfully designed sympathy gift with personalization

✔️ High-quality memorial candle with approximately 30 hours burn time

✔️ Includes a personalized condolence card for a heartfelt touch

Wings of Angel always give people nice and rest feelings. The item is used as an image for many products such as jewelry, etc.

This bracelet is contained a tiny, dainty sterling silver wing charm, a teeny tiny sterling silver heart charm (approx. 0.3"), a small oval stainless steel charm engraved with one of the texts listed above (approx. 1/2" long), a tiny Swarovski birthstone, solid stainless steel adult size infinity bangle. Let's add it to your cart now.


✔️ Beautiful angel wing charm for comfort and solace

✔️ Available in various sizes for a perfect fit

✔️ Made from high-quality stainless steel and hypoallergenic materials

The Sympathy Bowl is a heartfelt condolence gift that combines emotional significance with practicality.

This sweet heart-shaped ceramic bowl is a perfect sympathy gift. It's completely handmade, fired in a kiln, glazed, and kiln fired again. It would make a beautiful present for a friend or even a sympathy gift. The text on the bowl says kind and meaningful words that will make you tear up. It's the perfect gift for a tender heart.


✔️ Meaningful message to honor and remember loved ones

✔️ Convenient size for holding mementos or display

✔️ Crafted from high-quality and durable materials

The feeling called "loss' is something that hit people's feelings very hard. Although it hit hard some of them can not be forgotten. That's why memorable stones are created.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this stone is weather-resistant and built to withstand the elements. Its natural and earthy appearance adds a touch of beauty to any setting, serving as a lasting tribute to those we have lost.


✔️ Touching message to honor and remember loved ones

✔️ Suitable size for easy placement in gardens or memorial areas

✔️ Weather-resistant and durable materials for long-lasting use

They say cardinals appear when a loved one is near. Cardinals can remind you of a departed loved one and are known as the most notable spiritual messenger.

Hang it on the wall or keep it on the mantle. This cardinal ornament would make an excellent and heartfelt sympathy gift for the loss of somebody that you or your related people know and love. It is so beautiful and it will definitely help you to remember all the memories you've had with them.


✔️ Symbolic cardinals representing love and hope

✔️ Lightweight and easy to hang, measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter

✔️ Comes with a ribbon for convenient display or gifting

The loss of someone to anybody is such a big and worst pain in the world. It is the greatest difficult time for them, they need a hug at this time more than ever.

So, the great hug is this necklace. The highest quality sterling silver & 14kt gold-filled is used. This linked infinity circle pendant represents an unbreakable bond between two special people. The double circles are permanently linked together and are done completely by hand out of the highest quality 14kt gold-filled or sterling silver.


✔️ A heartfelt tribute that brings peace and comfort

✔️ Meticulously handcrafted with attention to every detail

✔️ Choose from two sizes to suit personal preferences

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This beautiful feather ornament is a perfect sympathy gift. It's fired in a kiln, glazed and kiln fired again.

It would make a beautiful present for a friend or co-worker. The tag measures approximately 2" L x 1" W x ¼" H and the feather is 5 ¾"L X 2¼" W X ½"H. It's like the embodiment of the dead. That they will always be with us anytime, anywhere, they have this ornament. Let's put it in your cart now.


✔️ Thoughtful ornament to honor and remember loved ones

✔️ Available in two sizes for versatile display options

✔️ Elegant design with intricate details and heartfelt message

This gift box is carefully curated to offer a meaningful and heartfelt tribute, providing support during this difficult time.

Each gift comes carefully with: A premium color printed mailer gift box, 2- 2.5” live succulent - packaged with great care. Scented 2oz candle (Approximate Burn Time: 12 Hours). Colorful matches in a glass jar (randomly selected). Beautiful greeting card with a personalized message. This meaningful gift will help the receiver ease the pain of their loss.


✔️ Thoughtfully curated gift box to provide comfort and support

✔️ Includes a memorial candle, lavender-scented sachet, and sympathy card

✔️ Available in two sizes for versatile display options

Bring warmth and romance to your home every day with Light Your Way from Pavilion Gift Company.

This line consists of Terra cotta candle holders and blown glass lanterns. Each item has an inspirational saying and will add a touch of charm to any room's decor. The unique styling makes these candle holders ideal for a wide range of decorating styles. The full line of candle holders and blown glass lanterns are exactly what you are looking for. Let's add it to your cart now.


✔️ Elegant candle holder with a heartfelt "In Loving Memory" message

✔️ Comes with a complimentary tea light candle for immediate use

✔️ Stands at a height of 6 inches, perfect for tabletop display

Remember a lost loved one with our On Angels Wings Personalized Round Garden Stone. This stone sits flat in a flower bed, garden or walkway, creating a special memorial.

Personalize with 3 lines of text: in memory line, name, and memorial dates. Flat on the reverse side, so it sits easily in your garden or walkway. Made for outdoors, but recommended to bring inside during inclement weather. Measures 7.5" L x 12" W x .5" H. Constructed of polyresin and sand material.


✔️ Personalized garden stone to honor and remember loved ones

✔️ Available in two sizes for versatile display options

✔️ Crafted with durable and weather-resistant materials

The item was a great hit the family loved it. It is so much better than sending flowers. The quote on this memorial shadow box is very beautiful in meaning and all words are sorted like a butterfly's wings.

The frame measures 8x10 inches, making it a perfect size to display cherished photographs and memories. It is designed to hold a standard-sized photo and comes with a glass front for added protection. The frame can be easily placed on a tabletop or mounted on a wall, allowing you to create a meaningful memorial display.


✔️ Thoughtful tribute with heartfelt sentiment

✔️ High-quality wooden frame for durability

✔️ Perfect size of 8x10 inches to showcase cherished photos

When someone you care about loses someone they love, it’s not about what you say, but rather what you do. Express your sympathy and provide comfort by giving or sending this memorial candle gift.

This angels figurines candle holder is Made of high quality polished Resin and come with a tealight led candle and condolence card and designed to bring some light into grieving friends or relative’s life.


✔️ Elegant candle holder with a heartfelt remembrance message

✔️ Comes with a flickering LED candle for a soothing ambiance

✔️ Compact size suitable for tabletops and shelves

A personalized Wind Chime to remember your beloved one. The sounds of the chimes are beautiful and that is wonderful.

There is a small deficiency in the drop-down wood that has the wording- but not too big of a deal- but it is a gift- so you will feel a little more critical when gifting something. The working is slightly off-center as well- again, more critical because of the gifting. They turned out so beautiful and will be cherished for many years to come!


✔️ Personalized wind chimes for a unique and heartfelt tribute

✔️ Available in two sizes with carefully tuned aluminum tubes

✔️ Creates soothing melodies that bring comfort and peace

There are those who continue to light up the world long after they have gone. This lovely heart candle holder would be a beautiful and meaningful sympathy gift for any loved one.

It's made of earthenware clay and includes the message shown. The heart candle holder measures 4" Dia. x 3 ¾" H and is made to look handmade and not perfectly smooth. This ceramic piece is very versatile! Put it in your cart now.


✔️ Heart-shaped candle symbolizes eternal love and connection

✔️ Available in two sizes for versatile display options

✔️ Long-lasting and emits a comforting and warm light

This memorial hummingbird ornament/chime is a lasting gift for someone who has lost a loved one, an alternative to flowers for a memorial gift.

The gift box includes approx. 30" rustic metal hummingbird with bell and tag, a custom-made card on premium watercolor deckled edge paper with the design shown in the photos with your personalized message on the inside of the card. Put it in your cart now.


✔️ Bell chime with a delicate hummingbird ornament for beauty

✔️ Emits soothing tones with every gentle breeze

✔️ Available in two sizes for indoor and outdoor display

Are you looking for a set of gifts for a funeral? Something that nice and not too much? This is what you looking for.

There are 7 options for you to choose from. It turned out to be the perfect gift as this focused more on the person and they already had lots of flowers and sweets. This is the perfect item to express your sympathy to a dear friend or someone you love when they just lost their relative person. Put it in your cart now.


✔️ Thoughtfully curated gift basket for comfort and healing

✔️ Includes scented candle, plush blanket, and handwritten card

✔️ Convenient size for easy transportation or display

This is a heart-warming sympathy gift for those missing someone who has passed away, it will forever touch their hearts and give them hope, remind them that their loved one watches over from heaven and will always be with them when they are in need of help.

This elegant ​plaque is made of ceramic and comes with an easel beautifully crafted of wood. It features beautiful artwork of specially embossed printing - a red cardinal perched on a branch with the message. When cardinals appear angels are near.


✔️ Hand-painted ceramic ornament with intricate details

✔️ Measures approximately 4 inches in diameter for versatile display

✔️ Comes with a ribbon and remembrance card for thoughtful presentation

When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes your treasure. Light Your Way Memorial is a beautiful line of home and garden remembrance angels, decorated stones, and more.

They keep your loved ones' memories alive while brightening your heart and home. The warm and subtle earth tones are complemented by compassionate sentiment. 8oz candle holder, packaged securely in a printed box, is made from ceramic and features a soy wax candle with a tranquility scent.


✔️ Ceramic candle with intricate detailing and heartfelt message

✔️ Measures approximately 4.5 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter

✔️ Unscented for a pure and soothing ambiance

The simple and elegant ceramic candle holder, hand kneading and firing, and specially made a heart-shaped hollow, with a beautiful and solemn gift box. Equipped with four lavender-scented tealights, each tealight can burn for 4 hours and release a tranquil lavender scent. The tealights are 100% hand-poured, made of harmless soy wax and high-grade lavender essential oil. Very suitable as gifts for family or friends who are in memory of loved ones.

Can’t attend the Funeral? Send these unique religious gifts to Help Deal with Loss and as a thoughtful celebration of life and express Your Condolences with angel candle gifts.

Measures 6" tall - 5.5" wide - 5" thick. Besides showing your support and compassion, these beautiful sympathy angel figurines will become a memento to help them commemorate not only the day they passed on but also all the memories and precious moments they spent together.


✔️ Poignant candle holder with an intricate figurine design

✔️ Measures approximately 6 inches in height for a prominent display

✔️ Accommodates a standard-sized tealight candle for a soft glow

If you lose your loved one or others, this acrylic heart memorial decor will remind you of their presence by your side. Are you looking for something like that for your beloved person?

This heart memorial souvenir is made of quality acrylic, lasting, and sturdy, which is hand-cut to make it look flawless, clear printing, and will not fade, not easy to deform or break. This transparent acrylic sympathy table decoration is the oldest way to commemorate them for a long time.


✔️ Includes a memorial candle, keepsake box, sympathy card, and bookmark

✔️ Candle provides a soothing fragrance and comforting glow

✔️ Made from high-quality materials for a lasting tribute

Wrapping this special blanket around will make one feel the love and warmth of the lost loved one whether when they are cuddled on a favorite thing.

The super-soft gender-neutral blanket comes gracefully 5"x5" faux leather patch that is stitched to the blanket and will help to keep the memories of the lost love alive for the recipient. The royal faux fur on the front side and a solid colored soft gray micro mink on the other provide comfort and warmth to the grieving body and soul.


✔️ Heartfelt condolence gift offering warmth and comfort

✔️ Made from soft and cozy fabric for a comforting feel

✔️ Measures approximately 50 x 60 inches for versatile use

A beautiful Wind chime with a comforting Celebration of Life message engraved makes a great keepsake sympathy gift.

This cast metal wind chime is 19" long with a top piece measuring 2x4 inches with an engraved message with red cardinal detail. Features beautiful crystal accents, and a crystal ball to shine and reflect light. Elegant hook for hanging any time of year. The hanging wind catcher lovingly displays a meaningful remembrance saying that will provide peace to the recipients.


✔️ Crafted with durable aluminum for resonant and melodic tones

✔️ Measures approximately 24 inches in length for a prominent display

✔️ Weather-resistant for long-lasting use in outdoor settings

Keep the photos of your beloved people who passed away within reach, as if they accompany you, this gift of memory is precious and timeless.

The Fram is made of environmentally friendly wood materials which are strong and durable. With a metal clip on the front panel, it can hold your loved one picture. With measures of 11.8 x 7.9 inches, holds a 4" x 6" photo. A wonderful way to remember passed people you’ve lost or commemorate how much they meant to you.


✔️ Heartfelt photo frame preserving cherished memories

✔️ Elegant design and high-quality materials for lasting beauty

✔️ Measures approximately 8 x 10 inches for versatile display

Light the way through the darkness with the Light Your Way Memorial Candle, a heartfelt condolence gift that serves as a beacon of hope and remembrance.

It measures approximately 5 inches in height and is made from high-quality materials, ensuring its longevity. The candle comes with an unscented white wax, allowing for a pure and peaceful ambiance. Its compact size makes it suitable for any tabletop, shelf, or sacred space.


✔️ Heartfelt condolence gift with an elegant design

✔️ Measures approximately 5 inches in height for a compact size

✔️ Made from high-quality materials for lasting beauty

The ones who left life behind and follow God believe that they are becoming the stars in the sky. The only way to send love words or inmist feelings is to light up the lantern.

A memorial lantern with a flickering led candle. The pair of cardinals in the message represents hope and encouragement for people mourning the loss of a loved one. A beautiful display for celebration of life service or memorial service.


✔️ Thoughtful condolence gift with a lifelike flickering flame effect

✔️ Measures approximately 7 inches in height for an elegant display

✔️ Battery-operated for a safe and long-lasting glow

This wind chime serves as a beautiful reminder of the enduring love and cherished memories shared with our loved ones.

The top of our memorial wind chimes features a Tree of life that flows elegantly in the wind. Paired with the sound it creates a decorative piece that offers both an audible and visual design. Along with a sympathy card that can be kept with keepsakes each 16'' tall bereavement wind chime set has an engraved message on the bottom disc that expresses emotions and feelings with bold and brilliant detail.


✔️ Heartfelt condolence gift that brings comfort and peace

✔️ Sturdy metal construction and measures approximately 26 inches in length

✔️ Produces soothing tones for a serene and calming atmosphere

Some people said the one who was gone isn't gone, they still stay with us, it just we can't see them. They can be anything but invisible to us such as wind.

The memorial wind chimes will bring peace and relaxation to their soul of them. This is a beautifully made remembrance in the form of a comforting chime powered by the wind. They are beautiful reminders of how our loved ones are always near, even when they have passed away.


✔️ Melodious wind chime honoring the memory of loved ones

✔️ Durable metal construction and measures approximately 29 inches in length

✔️ Creates a gentle and tranquil sound for peace and serenity

This glass heart serves as a beautiful symbol of love and remembrance, offering solace and comfort during times of loss.

This heart memorial souvenir is made of quality acrylic, lasting, and sturdy, which is hand-cut to make it look flawless, clear printing, and will not fade, not easy to deform or break. This transparent acrylic sympathy table decoration is the oldest way to commemorate them for a long time.


✔️ Poignant glass heart symbolizing love and remembrance

✔️ Measures approximately 3 inches in size for a compact design

✔️ Crafted from high-quality glass for a stunning visual effect

Give the gift of luxury with this handsome and daring timepiece. The Men's Openwork Watch is the perfect blend of classic design and modern styling, making it an essential accessory for your remarkable style.

This watch sports a genuine leather strap that is splash resistant and has increased durability thanks to hardened mineral glass. This unique skeleton dial feature allows you to peer directly into the inner workings of your watch. Beautifully crafted to be automatic, this watch requires motion instead of batteries. Mahogany-style luxury box for easy gifting.


✔️ Thoughtful retirement gift symbolizing cherished memories

✔️ Stylish design with a durable stainless steel case and strap

✔️ Reliable quartz movement for accurate timekeeping

Some call it ‘fate’... some call it ‘destiny’...others ‘pure luck.’ This pendant necklace signifies how lucky you are to have someone special in your life.

Whether you want to show your appreciation for life’s everyday journey or a special occasion, this necklace is sure to make her feel recognized! Hand-crafted details make this necklace stand out.


✔️ Delicate pendant made of sterling silver or gold-plated materials

✔️ Pendant measures approximately 0.6 inches in diameter

✔️ 18-inch chain length for a comfortable fit


Ready to discover the perfect tribute that will bring comfort and support to those who need it most. Let our gifts serve as a reminder that even in moments of darkness, love and compassion can shine through. Explore condolence gifts today and find the perfect gift that will convey your heartfelt condolences and provide solace to those in need.

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