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38 Best Birthday Gifts For 3 Year Olds Will Make Them Smile

When your child turns 3 years old, they will know about different images, sounds, and objects. It is at this time that your child starts to understand their body, mind, and emotions and develops their emotions by reacting to others' actions and words by feeling happy, sad, afraid, or angry. It is also the time that you can train your child to be independent, for example, feeding themselves.

Therefore, if you are seeking an adorable gift for a 3-year-old child, let's think about educational gifts that bring joy and excitement to your child. Birthday gifts for 3-year-olds should be gifts that not only stimulate the child's brain but also help them practice their reflexes in everyday activities.

We have compiled a list of birthday gifts for your 3-year-old. These will be brightly colored gifts that will attract their attention and help them become more focused and busy. They make it possible for your baby to play with them, encouraging your child's interaction with objects and practicing different actions. In particular, it also includes active toys to help children be more agile and active. Give it as a birthday gift for your 3-year-old children and see how excited they are to receive this gift.

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It's not a bad idea to give your baby a new friend for his/her 3rd birthday. This teddy bear will help you mark this milestone in the most lovely memories.

This gentle bear is light brown and wears a white t-shirt and bow tie. On that t-shirt, the mark of the baby's age is clearly saved. Make a note to the seller of the message you want to send to this angel, so they can print it directly on the shirt.


✔️ The material is soft and safe for the skin.

✔️ The feet, nose and smile are finished with embroidery.

✔️ Communicate a message of love

Similar to the enchanted light, this moon lamp will also chase away the darkness and light up the imagination. Especially for those kids who love astronomy, watching the beautiful moon in their own room is such a dream come true.

Did you know the elephant is a symbol of strength, wisdom and long life? So, there is no better gift for a 3rd birthday than this led light.

The image of a baby elephant meticulously laser engraved with the baby's name on the acrylic piece immediately grabs the recipient's attention. This gift also conveys good luck and good health to the baby.


✔️ Create a personal impression

✔️ Soft light and no flicker

✔️ Easy to install and use

Toys, clothes, candy or food are familiar gift options for babies. For the 3rd birthday, make something new with this personalized gift.

The art piece is made from eco-friendly fiber wood so you can install it in your baby's room without any worries. The baby's first and last name, along with the precise laser-cut decorative motifs, creates a realistic look for the gift.


✔️ Non - toxic and durable

✔️ Easily install on the wall

✔️ Engrave the name and surname of baby

Let's celebrate the milestone of 3 years since this beautiful angel came to the world. If you still haven't found the right gift, this led light will surely satisfy you.

This is an amazing item to put in a baby's bedroom. It is equipped with a useful touch mode so you can easily adjust the light color with just one touch. Each time the lights are turned on, the baby's name and the vivid image of the horse appear, which is the child's own mark.


✔️ Available in 3 styles

✔️ Beautiful decor items to Show your love for baby

✔️ Stand out with personalized details

Celebrate your beloved child's upcoming birthday in the most heartfelt way with the Graduation Customized Photo Frame.

Designed to hold 4 x 6 photos, this frame becomes a vessel for memories that will warm the heart. Beyond photos, this item can be personalized with heartfelt text, creating a truly bespoke gift that is tailor-made for your beloved child.


✔️ Preserves cherished memories with love and nostalgia

✔️ Adds charm and sentiment to any space

✔️ Delights children with vibrant colors

✔️ Personalized touch makes it truly meaningful

Both four-year-old boys and girls would love to be their parents’s driving partners. Customize their face on this car ornament and show them how important a driving partner they are to you. They will be so proud and even behave better while in your car.

A personalized onesie is a sweet way to welcome a new little friend into the world. Thus, let's celebrate a special day in the life of your baby with Personalized Babysuit One!

Customize their name and get them this delightfully soft, combed ringspun cotton onesie in one of seven colors. The side seam construction maximizes comfort while the high-quality fabric ensures all-day wearability. It's the perfect birthday, shower, or holiday gift for your son.


✔️ Keep your son warm and comfy through the whole night

✔️ Fits comfortably all sizes

✔️ A stylish choice for any occasion

The day your baby is born is the day that matters. Mark the milestone of 4 years with this wall art. All the stars that shined bright on that day will be re-shined in a long, long time. Next to them is the brightest star ever: your child’s face.

Everyone loves the idea of a night light, but only the best ones will last a lifetime. The Unicorn Night Light is a great 3rd birthday gift. Illuminate the dark with this colorful night light. It has an internal battery that will keep it shining even after the sun goes down.

This bright unicorn night light will transform the darkness into something magical, especially when the candle is lit. It is great for both kids' sleep and they will love it for years to come.


✔️ Feature the soft glow

✔️ Come with a cute horn shape

✔️ Help kids fall asleep faster

Car carrier truck toys are great for kids playing police truck or racing games; conductive to hand-eye coordination and the development of early preschool education. It is a great birthday gift for boys and girls aged 3 in your life.

This car toy comes with 12 car slots for storage and a snap-close lid, ensuring the 6 mini police cars, 6 small racing car toys, and 8 pieces traffic signs are inside.


✔️ Transport his toys and games in style

✔️ Be durable enough to last for years

✔️ Keep the set safe and easy to use

Music is one of the great joys of childhood. Therefore, this Piano Keyboard Toy is a great birthday gift to develop toddlers' musical talent at an early age. With this developmental and educational toy, your child can practice various skills such as brain memory, hand-eye coordination, tone recognition, and independent thinking.

There are 22 demo songs, which can be played on four musical instruments and eight percussion instruments. The kids can experience the different sounds of the same song! Surprise your beloved child with this adorable toy now!


✔️ Help them develop their dexterity skills

✔️ Make their fingers a tap away from piano music

✔️ Strengthen their fingers and use their imagination

This little girl's pink play purse is loaded with everyday accessories and is a great pretend play set for preschoolers and toddlers (2–3 years old) . Toddlers and preschoolers will like playing dress-up with this pink plastic purse for the little girl, which is loaded with typical accessories.

This adorable pocketbook bag includes all the extras you'd find in mommy's handbag, including a battery-operated smartphone with sounds, a fake credit card, a fake pink lipstick, cosmetics with an applicator, and car keys that make actual noises.


✔️ Store her belongings with ease and comfort

✔️ Bring out her inner princess

✔️ Be a practical and super-stylish purse

Made with sturdy and premium-quality plastic material, the cars are not only long-lasting but also safe for your kids to handle. This toy car set has nine different types of brightly colored vehicles, including an aeroplane, a dump truck, a mixer truck, a taxi, a school bus, a city bus, a transport truck, and a sprinkler.

The varied style of this toy set ignites your kid’s imaginary skills, stimulating curiosity and encouraging hand-eye coordination. This set helps your child to promote recognition and stability too. This car toy set is a treat for your 3-year-old kid and his friends.


✔️ Provide hours of fun and excitement

✔️ Perfect for kid to race around his playroom with

✔️ Help child to learn about colors and shapes

This unicorn backpack is the ideal toddler backpack for girls' unicorn plush. The Unicorn stuffed animal backpack is the cutest mini denim backpack with detachable unicorn plushies for girls' toys aged 2-3-4-5 years old.

Your child could take this small unicorn backpack for girls even on a plane—the unicorn stuffed animal for girls is also a great friend for a nap. Let this unicorn backpack be your little girl's companion.


✔️ Provide added comfort to carry essentials

✔️ Be a great place to stash her favorite toys

✔️ Be a fun and functional accessory for kids

Children can learn colors and shapes while having fun. 3-year-old girls and boys can sort magnetic tiles by color or shape to help grow the baby's brain. It is critical to begin learning at a young age. The blocks will inspire children's inventiveness.

Your child can create any form they choose by using their imagination. It's a toy that will last a long time. Keep your children away from screens and allow them to enjoy the fun of toys at any time and in any place with this item.


✔️ Help kids create amazing structures

✔️ Offer kids lots of hours of imaginative play

✔️ Look like a real castle with towers and turrets

The Dinosaur Toys are designed with a realistic Triceratops Pterosaur T-Rex and more shaped designs that are both unusual and fascinating. It's sure to astound and impress your children and guests. It is a one-of-a-kind birthday gift for your 3-year-old child.

The LED night light rotates 360 degrees and has 16 color combinations, as well as a touch button to modify the 16 distinct colors as desired.


✔️ Help kids explore the world around him

✔️ Easy to clean and safe for kids

✔️ Bring kids' life to your favorite prehistoric creature

The Disney minnie mouse interactive read-along sound is a great birthday gift for 3 years old. Play a sound track in the background or listen to the words as you read along.

The 10 sound buttons, one for each spread, allow beginning readers to hear and follow along as Minnie reads each page aloud. The winning combination of simple sentences and large type (and an engaging mystery!) helps beginning readers to match spoken and printed words, spot and say familiar phrases, and sound out new words.


✔️ Provide added fun and learning

✔️ Help her act out the action

✔️ Perfect for reading bedtime stories

The Melissa and Doug Disney Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck magnetic dress-up wooden doll sets include 45 plus magnetic pieces such as dresses, tiaras, and a display stand. Kids can interchange pieces on the dress-up dolls to create countless outfits.

This Disney Dress-Up Wooden Doll Set is an exceptional gift for kids ages 3 and up. The pieces are big enough for smaller hands to easily grasp and sturdy enough to ensure longevity. Enhance your child's experience with this set right now!


✔️ Be well-designed and easy to assemble

✔️ Dress up your little one in style

✔️ Appeal to your little girl's interests

This cute bubble machine blower makes it easier to attract children's attention at their 3 year old birthday party. The bubble gift box contains an electronic bubble mower, five different shaped bubble wands, and two bottles of bubble liquid.

The unique shaped bubble machine design promotes the imagination and creativity of children; it's a fun and interactive toy that will keep them entertained for hours. Don't hesitate to put it in your cart now and make your children excited.


✔️ Show off your child's ingenuity

✔️ Let children design beautiful bubbles

✔️ Burst a unique masterpiece in each bubble

The little ones will love to stamp and make the doodle beautiful. Therefore, this aqua magic doodle mat is an ideal birthday gift for your 3-year-old child on this special day.

It can be made reusable by filling the magic pen with clean water and drawing on the magic drawing mat. After 3–10 minutes, it magically disappears, and the kid can doodle on it over and over again. It is designed to leave more room for your kids' doodle art. It is an excellent learning art toy for girls and boys aged 2 to 3. 


✔️ Safe for babies to play on

✔️ Made with no toxic chemicals

✔️ Keep kids happy for hours playing

The cute wooden farm toy can play with pulling radishes, fruit recognition, shape matching, carts, color recognition, rabbit catching worms, storage, and sorting.

The shape sort game can improve the fine motor skills of 2-4-year-old babies, can train hand-eye coordination, and colorful fruit pattern blocks can improve color, shape, and fruit recognition.


✔️ Keep kids busy for hours

✔️ Designed to encourage children to explore

✔️ Inspire a lifetime of creativity

The wooden toddler puzzles set contains six different puzzles: crab, bear, butterfly, owl, tortoise, and airplane. Its cute patterns and bright colors can attract children’s attention and keep them engaged in playing it for hours.

Wooden puzzles can be a great learning toy which can create an easy and fun learning atmosphere for toddlers so that they will be very pleased to learn some basic skills through play. This toddler puzzle set is also a wonderful preschool activity for boys and girls.


✔️ Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play

✔️ Have your child’s concentration

✔️ Stimulate their imagination and creativity

Little girls like to imitate their mothers due to their curiosity. With these pretend toys, children can pretend to be adults like their mothers and enjoy the fun of role-playing. The purse has everything the little girl needs when going out.

It includes a fake mobile phone, sunglasses, fake eye shadow, fake press, comb, fake car key, VIP card, and 2 credit cards. It is a great gift for a 3–4–5–7-year-old girl on her birthday so that the little princess can carry her bag with her everywhere.


✔️ Help girls enjoy all the makeup playtime

✔️ Encourage them to play in imaginative ways

✔️ Keep them experimenting with their own makeups

This baby truck car toy is designed for 3-year-old toddlers with a round edge design, no sharp parts, no small parts. It is well built and well engineered, colorful and cute, which certainly attracts your child's attention every time and keeps them busy.

Furthermore, through learning how to push and pull small cars, kids develop imaginations and develop cognitive and motor skills. It is an ideal toy that not only helps your children develop their brains but also provides them with hours of entertainment. 


✔️ Provide hours of entertainment

✔️ Be a safe and soft baby toy

✔️ Introduce your little one to the ultimate joy

This magic scratch paper includes many accessories which can make children enjoy themselves. They can use the stencils to design more cute and colorful shapes, which will give them hours of fun and creativity.

The scratch-off art kit can increase the visualization skills and creativity of children. It's a great way to encourage your kids to write fun notes and draw pictures for each other and for friends and family. This art craft supply is an excellent birthday present for 3-year-old children. 


✔️ Keep little ones entertained for hours

✔️ Contain full of colourful magic stickers

✔️ Help them develop artistic skills

Bottom Line

Choosing the best birthday gifts for 3-year-olds can be a delightful experience that brings smiles and joy to their faces. Our carefully curated selection of gifts is designed to capture their imagination, promote learning skills, and provide endless hours of fun. From interactive toys that encourage exploration to creative playsets that inspire imagination, there is something for every little one.

By considering developmental stage, and individual preferences and interests, you can select a gift that will truly make them smile on their special day. Whether it's a cuddly stuffed animal, a colorful puzzle, or a set of building blocks, these gifts are not only entertaining but also contribute to their cognitive, social, and emotional development.

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