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35 Best Birthday Gifts for 11-year-old Girls That She'll Love The Most

No longer a young child, but also not nearly a teenager. Tweens are difficult to purchase presents for. Choosing something that isn't too "babyish" but also not too grown-up is tricky. But we have several presents that will make 11-year-old girls feel unique.

When it comes to buying gifts for tweens, parents frequently express bewilderment. These youngsters have one foot in their childhoods, where they still enjoy playing with toys and games, and one foot in their teens, when they are more concerned with developing their individual tastes and styles. What should a shopper do?

We've compiled a list of our favorite presents for 11-year-old girls right here because they're firmly in the tween stage and may be quite challenging to buy for. If we're being really honest, compiling this list of the newest technology, furnishings, apparel, and even a few kid-friendly games, toys, and cool book stuffs were the most enjoyable part of our job. In addition to providing an excellent selection of gifts and birthday suggestions for 11-year-old girls, most of our best picks are also rather inexpensive.

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The special design shows her zodiac sign and her name on a beautiful galaxy background, making it a one-of-a-kind and meaningful gift for a girl turning 14.. The tumbler comes with a lid that prevents spills and a strong straw, making it perfect for when you're on the move.

About this zodiac sign tumbler:

✔️ Very good and durable material

✔️ You can choose from a wide variety of designs and personalization.

❌ There is no option to choose the color.

This teddy bear is the perfect gift idea if you're having a hard time finding a gift to celebrate your much-loved baby girl's 11th birthday.

This bear is the perfect size for a baby to easily hold it or carry it around. Brown fur not only attracts attention, but also brings a soft and smooth experience to the recipient. On the small white t-shirt, your child's age is printed in prominent colors, combining your name and best wishes.


✔️ Every little girl's favorite gift

✔️ Skin safety when in contact

✔️ Bear the baby's stamp with name and age

Get the fun with this Photo Puzzle. Take your favorite photos and create a puzzle that looks as good as fun. Each puzzle comes with a guide to help your little girls put it together. The photo puzzle is a great gift for a birthday or will make the lucky recipient smile.

This puzzle is ideal for girls of all ages and abilities, allowing them to enjoy time spent together in a new and exciting way. With two different puzzles, they can put together the picture of their choice and see what other pictures can be put together.


✔️ Bring hours of fun to your home

✔️ Designed for young girls to enjoy and learn

✔️ Perfect for children who enjoy arts and crafts

It takes time and effort to find the ideal gift to send. You won't need to worry because this 12 Zodiac Signs LED Lamp will save you time and satisfy any recipient.

The lamp comes in seven different colors and is very kid-safe. Thus, when purchasing the product, you won't need to worry about any potentially dangerous issues. You won't regret it if you buy it right away.


✔️ Unaffected by rapid cycling

✔️ Come on at 100% brightness instantly

✔️ Immune to vibrations and other impacts

What gift will make a girl jump with delight on her 11th birthday? This customized T-shirt will be your answer.

Unique with its print on the front, this T-shirt will become her wardrobe favorite. Her pretty image is vividly printed along with a personalized birth year to complete the meaningful message. Don't forget to choose the size to fit the little girl.


✔️ Youthful and classic design

✔️ Available in 5 color options

✔️ Stand out with photo and year of birth

You can't imagine how amazing a personalized piece means to girls. This led light will send the cutest birthday wishes to her on your behalf.

The led light attracts viewer's attention with its amazing 3D effect, which is created by acrylic sheet and colored light. The image of a charming girl standing in a flower field is vividly shown like a slow-motion movie. Her name and date of birth will also be laser engraved along with the text “happy birthday”.


✔️ Attractive color combination

✔️ Unique happy birthday version

✔️ Soft light and safe for eyes

When people have nightmares, a night lamp gives them a sense of security. They can manage stress and anxiety and feel more comfortable during bad dreams with the aid of our Customized Night Sky 3d LED Light.

The LED light offers convenience, security, and safety. Anybody would love to receive this as a birthday gift because they can change the color of the light and you can personalize it with their name, date, and address. Lighting effects appear vibrant and personable, with a good illumination effect and a lot of imagination.


✔️ Fall asleep quickly and easily

✔️ Require no special handling

✔️ Perform efficiently in cold weather

With the development of technology, people have begun to become more aware of what they contribute to the environment and how they do so. Using this Personalized Sparkle Unicorn White Mug helps to reduce human carbon footprint.

The product is lighter because it does not weigh as much as other types of mugs, such as glass. When shipping mugs in large quantities, less energy and resources are used, which benefits the environment.


✔️ Custom name and age

✔️ Does not absorb flavors or aromas

✔️ An excellent long-term choice

✔️ Provide better durability in your daily use

An 11-year-old still wants to be surprised with gifts, but they don't want the normal toys they used to receive because they aren't quite a teenager yet and they aren't exactly young kids either.

Giving an 11-year-old this amusing customized T-shirt as an 11th birthday gift can do wonders for their mood.


✔️ Can be personalized

✔️ High-quality material

✔️ Great-quality photo printing

This custom name necklace features a powerful message which conveys unwavering love and admiration from a parent to their daughter.

Give your special someone a meaningful gift this birthday with a Custom Name Necklace crafted out of sterling silver and gold plated material. Each necklace is perfectly personalized with its special name.


✔️ Show your love and appreciation with a beautiful custom necklace

✔️ Add a personal touch that she'll cherish forever

✔️ Perfect way to show off her accomplishments

Your little 11-year-old girl will be on cloud nine when receiving this Making The World A Happier Place Since 2012 - Personalized Necklace, an item that will make her more beautiful and adorable.

Customized with a year on the gift box, the gift will be a sweet surprise for her so that she will know how unique she is to you.


✔️ A unique and meaningful birthday gift for your girl

✔️ Gorgerously made with a personalized gift box

✔️ Durable with high-quality materials

Give the perfect birthday gift to that special little girl in your life with this unique Personalized 3D Moon Lamp. Get your Personalized 3D Moon Lamp today and show your favorite little girl just how much you care!

It's printed with the beautiful words 'Believe In Yourself & I Will Always Be With You' and made of PLA for a soft, warm glow. Not only is it eye-catching and personalized, but it also serves as a reminder that you'll always be there for her.


✔️ A sweet room decor

✔️ Increase her energy level while relaxing

✔️ A memorable treasured keepsake

Are you looking for a birthday present for your little girl? Of course, and luckily, the Pony series is her favorite kind of movie. That's why there is no reason not to choose the item "Galaxy Unicorn Birthday Gift Wall Clock."

This vintage rustic wall clock features a lightly distressed wooden face with numerals that will be perfect for her room. A customized name on this product will surprise her and will remind her how much she means to you.


✔️ Perfect size for your room

✔️ Perfect gift for birthdays

✔️ Eye-catching design clock

Among various choices for a birthday present, we are confident that this 11th Birthday Gifts for Women Fabulous - Skinny Tumbler is one of the best things.

The tumbler is designed to ensure the user's benefit, so you can be assured that your little girl can use it easily.


✔️ User-friendly design

✔️ An unique gift with a custom name, age, and background

✔️ 2 sides printed

If you are confused about what to choose for your girl's 11th birthday gift, this Happy Birthday Behind You All Your Memories Custom Plaque will be a great suggestion.

She will be joyful and appreciate it a lot as it can be one of the most unique presents she has ever received.


✔️ Special gift for 11-year-old girls

✔️ Personalized with different details, especially the custom photo

✔️ Elegant and gorgeous design

All girls will love this "Always remember there is magic beside you" 3D light because it is really beautiful.

The unicorn is a great addition to make the design more adorable. The ability to change to 7 colors will help this light suitable for different moments and spaces.


✔️ Easy to use

✔️ Custom name used

✔️ Adorable design

Are you unsure of what to get the tween in your life? Undoubtedly, you want to buy them a present that they'll love and want to show off to all of their friends, not something that will collect dust in a closet.

Check out the stunning bespoke necklace below if you're seeking the greatest presents for 11-year-old girls. You'll find what you're looking for.


✔️ Can be adjusted

✔️ Build to last and safe for skin

✔️ Feel free to customize photos and text

Most kids love to celebrate their birthdays and receive cute and lovely gifts. However, for 11-year-olds who have formed their own interests and personalities, choosing birthday gifts will be more difficult.

Don't worry, the Best Led Light For 11th Birthday Anniversary below is a meaningful gift that everyone will surely like.


✔️ Custom the child's name

✔️ Assurance of quality

✔️ Celebrate your child's special day

Your lovely daughter will quickly grow up, becoming a teenager and an adult. This star map wall art as a birthday gift is a great choice to save each stage of your child's life.

The Star Map beautifully displays the night sky exactly as it appeared on their birth date. It's a celestial keepsake that will leave them starry-eyed and inspired.


✔️ Customizable photo and date of birth

✔️ As a souvenir for your child's childhood

✔️ Send eternal love from parents

✔️ Exist for many years

This is the world's first chalking pen for hair! No more messy pencils. No more crayons. No more chalkboards.

With 12 vibrant colors to choose from, it’s easy to create whatever you want. You can apply these hair accessories individually or mix several colors to achieve the look you want.


✔️ Environmentally friendly

✔️ Safe to use on your dog, cat, or other pets

✔️ Diverse range of color

Kids Camera - the perfect camera for the kids to enjoy taking pictures.

With 5.0 megapixels and a 1080p HD IPS screen, you will be able to capture more detailed images and videos. When you are using the camera underwater, a waterproof case is needed to keep it safe.


✔️ Safe for 11-year-old girl

✔️ Encourage her passion for taking photo

✔️ Enhance imagination

The Watercolor Brush Pens are ideal for watercolor painting, coloring, and drawing.

Discover for yourself why our clients love the value and quality of our watercolor brush pens. Both broad and fine strokes are possible with flexible nylon paint brush tips.


✔️ Ideal for all skill levels

✔️ Thoughtfully designed for ease of usage

✔️ Trigger the curiosity of art

Kawaii is cute, and cute is good. We have a lot of fun teaching you how to draw some of your favorite cartoon characters—from Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and SpongeBob SquarePants to Pikachu, Sonic, and Goofy.

Whether you want to draw your own characters, or simply design your own logo, our step-by-step how-to videos will show you everything you need to know to become a master at drawing any cartoon character imaginable.


✔️ Instill a sense of gratitude

✔️ Create lasting memories

✔️ Provide a break from art

Using your fingers to make different shapes on reversible sequins will be an interesting thing, Wow!

Make different shapes with smooth reversible sequins and decorate your life. 100% safe for kids and adults, soft touch.


✔️ Durable and water-resistant

✔️ Encourage independent thinking

✔️ Promote writing skill

Slime Making Kit with Add-Ins Galore and Enough Slimy Stuff to Keep Girls, Boys, and Kids to the Activity for Hours—the ideal tween girls gift!

There are 12 different kinds of glitter, 18 gorgeously bizarre shades of crystal slime—from clear to purple—as well as several sorts of foam beads, fishbowl beads, and more!


✔️ Perfect for 11-year-old girl

✔️ Best activity to relieve stress

✔️ Development of their motor skills

The enjoyable Cheetah Mask hydrates and tones the skin. It has fruit extract and collagen, which assist to seal in moisture for a healthy glow and young appearance.

Botanical components in the Unicorn and Panda Mask increase the skin's suppleness to lessen the appearance and indications of aging.


✔️ Increase the skin's suppleness

✔️ Have never been tested on animals and are vegan

✔️ Environmentally friendly ingredients

Make any 2D picture come to life with your very own 3D printing pen.

Featuring a unique dual material nozzle and an intuitive design, the Super 3D Printing Pen allows you to create amazing 3D art with your kids or yourself.


✔️ Suitable for both beginner or a seasoned pro

✔️ Help your kid improve creative vision

✔️ Immerse i art

These earrings are a simple classic, which will go with everything. The post-stud earrings are comfortable and suitable for everyone.

Lightweight and comfortable for sensitive ears, the earrings are perfect for every day and night wear. Simple Heart Initial Design, is never out of fashion for a classic one.


✔️ Made of 925 sterling silver

✔️ 14k gold plated

✔️ Cute and adorable

The perfect companion for any budding artist, this full-color book features a collection of inspirational doodles and designs.

The doodles include quotes, slogans, and art statements that empower and inspire young girls to believe in themselves and their ability to create.


✔️ Simple yet stylish

✔️ Illustrated with colorful art and lettering

✔️ Allows kids to fill them in with their own designs

This pop crossbody bag has soft, long-lasting silicone buttons that can be depressed softly several times.

Our fidget bags for ladies and girls feature a distinctive design that mixes fidget toys with trendy colors on the bag. The entire collection of fidget bags for girls seems more attractive thanks to the bright women's bags and purses.


✔️ High-quality silicone

✔️ Cute pop fidget crossbody bag

✔️ Stylish and trendy style

Pottery is one of the oldest crafts in the world, but artists thousands of years ago never had a kit like this! You've got everything you need to make three beautiful jewelry or trinket dishes.

It fascinates children as soon as they pull it out of the box and is a perfect family project. The assembly is fun, and the final result is immensely satisfying.


✔️ Durable and scratch-resistant

✔️ Variety of options

✔️ Boost confidence and self-esteem

Each photo clip has an LED that produces warm white light, a soft glow that beautifully illuminates the area around it and wonderfully highlights anything you have selected to hold the clip over.

You can use these photo clip string lights to remember your fantastic and unforgettable moment. bring your loved ones and you closer.


✔️ Decorate your home

✔️ Create a welcoming feeling

✔️ Lighten up your girl's room

The first thing that you notice is the beautiful floral print that adorns the inside and outside of this travel journal.

The inside cover features a blank page for recording your thoughts, events, and experiences, while the exterior cover features a pocket for storing your tickets, maps, and other items.


✔️ Beautifully gift wrapped

✔️ Ready to be gifted

✔️ Improve writing skill

With this all-inclusive journaling kit, you can encourage your child's creativity. You can utilize your notebook in a unique and enjoyable method to save your memories. Using the components in this kit, you may make your own dynamic and distinctive pages.

Tweens and teens will enjoy layering with scrapbook pages, frames, and other decorative items to add special images, notes and quotes, thoughts, and ideas.


✔️ Foster a sense of responsibility

✔️ Promote STEM education

✔️ Encourage outdoor adventures

To add a feminine aesthetic touch to your room, office, business, or any other space you want to decorate, a pink lightbox with a dim led light is ideal.

To create a message that is uniquely yours, use this light box with letters and emojis. This LED message board can be powered by the provided 59.05 in USB cord or by 6 x AA batteries (not included).


✔️ Decorate your kid's birthday party

✔️ Special gift for wonderful occasion

✔️ Perfect for use as home and bedroom

Kids' socks are made of premium quality super soft material with nonslip bottoms for kids to enjoy and comfortable feeling.

The mesh inside keeps them dry and breathable so they won't get the foot smelly. It's very cute and attractive, which will help them feel confident.


✔️ Soft and comfortable

✔️ Suitable for outdoor activities

✔️ Trendy gift

Our Classic Fit Men’s Graphic Tees are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

The simple, timeless style is ideal for every occasion but is especially useful when you want to add a little edge to your casual outfits.


✔️ Made from a soft and durable cotton

✔️ feature a classic crew neck

✔️ Gorgeous present for your kid

Are you unsure of how to give your space a trendy feel? A terrific DIY project to liven up a plain wall is the Hapinest Wall Collage! It can be used to adorn a door, dorm space, or bedroom!

Numerous themes and hues are present in our package. You can combine and match elements to create a design that suits your preferences.


✔️ Features fill-in-the-blank questionnaires

✔️ Includes inspiring quotes

✔️ Fantastic arts and crafts present

Waterproof ropes, adorable sunflower beads, and cute beads are used to create the wheat string bracelets. Each bracelet is as distinctive as the wearer.

Sets of handmade stacking bracelets for showering, snowboarding, and surfing. bracelets from the sea, the beach, and the ocean. The vibrant summer bracelet makes a great jewelry present for a couple, best friend, partnership, or friendship.


✔️ Can be adjusted length

✔️ Stunning and charming

✔️ Beautiful sunflower detail

The necklace is made of anti-oxidation 925 sterling silver, Customized name necklace will never fade even if you take a shower with it. Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

If you are trying to find that perfect gift for a family member or friend, nothing beats a personalized name necklace. Anyone would be thrilled to receive it!


✔️ A memorable gift

✔️ Especially suitable for birthday

✔️ Support artistic expression and talent

Gifts for 11-year-old girls bracelet with the fortunate number 11 inscribed on it, crystal hearts, crowns, smileys, and cakes... An amazingly worthwhile gift to surprise your daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and cousins on their tenth birthdays.

Bracelets made of excellent 316L stainless steel as birthday presents. Charm bracelets never tarnish or rust over time and maintain their luster.


✔️ Presented in an exquisite gift box

✔️ Thoughtful birthday present

✔️ Celebrate special milestone of 11 years old

When selecting presents for 11-year-old girls. Do you find it frustrating not knowing what to give as a gift? This is a wonderful gift that will live in her or his, friends, and family's memories forever.

The ideal starry sky image is produced using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Your room looks like a real starry sky.


✔️ Really lovely in the nighttime

✔️ Battery life has been improved

✔️ Extended periods of time

A fantastic and stylish method to keep valuable diamonds safe is in our Vlando jewelry box.

The jewelry box has two compartments, a zipper closing, and a soft velvet cover to keep jewels safe and secure.


✔️ Keep her jewelry organized

✔️ Spark creativity and imagination

✔️ Trendy and stylish options

This 25 piece slime making kit is a perfect gift for kids ages 7 to 12 and includes everything you need to make a ton of slime!

Use the easy to follow recipes and instructions to make the perfect fluffy slimes for girls ages 7 to 12. This product includes a variety of color options and scents.


✔️ Promote physical activity and wellness

✔️ Foster social interaction and friendship

✔️ Age-appropriate and safe choices

Recommend the 11th Birthday Floral Pillow from Loveable, the perfect birthday gift for 11-year-old girls that will surely capture their hearts.

This delightful pillow showcases a charming floral design on a white super-soft square linen pillow, making it a truly enchanting addition to her bedroom decor. Its soft and luxurious linen material provides a cozy feel, inviting her to snuggle up and relax in style.


✔️ Made from super-soft linen material

✔️ Provides optimal comfort and visual impact

✔️ Doubles as a decorative piece and a treasured keepsake

Looking for a unique 11th birthday present that will be remembered? Our Custom Year Sweatshirt Hoodie is a one-of-a-kind gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Your loved one will stay warm and comfortable thanks to the soft textiles on chilly days or cool evenings. The kangaroo pocket adds both flair and functionality, while the adjustable drawstring hood provides an additional layer of warmth.


✔️ Offers warmth and comfort on brisk mornings or nights

✔️ Adaptable enough to be worn with a more relaxed outfit

✔️ Acts as a priceless keepsake of their memorable year

The Photo Collage Custom Name Necklace is an exceptional gift for the birthday girl who appreciates thoughtful and personalized presents.

This necklace allows you to customize it with her name, adding a touch of uniqueness and sentimental value. It was made with high-quality materials, making it not only fashionable but also long-lasting, assuring it will be treasured for years to come. Its elegant design and delicate chain make it a versatile accessory that can be worn on any occasion, reminding the birthday girl of your love and well wishes every time she wears it.


✔️ Makes the birthday girl feel like a princess

✔️ Adds a touch of sparkle and elegance

✔️ Sentimental and personalized gift

✔️ Customizable with her name

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect birthday gift for an 11-year-old girl can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With a wide range of options available, you can choose gifts that cater to her interests, promote her development, and bring joy to her special day. So, don't miss the opportunity to make her birthday unforgettable by selecting a gift that will bring a smile to her face and create lasting memories. Shop now and give her the gift she truly deserves!

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