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35 Best Alcohol Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Alcohol may be an indispensable drink in each event. Preparing a bottle of alcohol and decorating some flowers is enough for anyone to have a romantic date. There is a large variety of alcohol, and each type of alcohol also represents a different meaning. Therefore, choosing one of the alcohol gifts below to give your friends, parents, and partner on a special day is a great idea to show your emotion in the heart.

Borrowing alcohol to express sentiment is not a novelty thing; it is very common to catch sight in a love relationship. Alcohol would be more incredible when it can express your emotion to someone or the characteristic of a person. Respect people and skillfully express your love by getting a suitable alcohol bottle for them now.

Here are Best Alcohol Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Getting a unique design for your man to honor his interest in alcohol. The whiskey decanter and glasses are based on a diamond design. It is noble and luxurious when put in an office or living room.

With a capacity of 25 fluid ounces in decenter and 10oz in diamond glass, you will have a nice decoration in a room. Beyond that, the black stand also helps you store these items better.


✔️ Beaitify for an office or room with a unique decenter

✔️ Freely store in the refrigerator with sustainable crystal glass

✔️ Beautiful design to be a gift for your loved one

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Extinguish the frustrated flame on your boyfriend with the fire extinguisher wine. The alcohol gift is also very fantastic to celebrate your boyfriend when he officially becomes a firefighter.

The 750mil wine bottle is nicely organized on the fire extinguisher, and it has a lock and key to keep security. You also receive 2 mini glasses and 1 mount bracket to keep it on the wall.


✔️ Give your loved one multi surprise with the incredible design

✔️ Sparkle up your love with a tasty wine

✔️ Fabulous beverage to celebrate career success

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Bring some unique decanter, as the personalized whiskey decanter set to your home bar, to make it look beautiful and engaging. The gift is perfect for alcohol bigger, so give it if your loved one is a professional in wine.

The decanter enables hold 23oz liquid; it features 7" in width and 10 1/2" in height. In the set gift, you will receive a set of 2,4, or 5 rock glasses. Importantly, the decanter is made of premium glass to well preserve your alcohol.


✔️ Eye-catching decanter in a triangle shape

✔️ Glass stopper will perfectly keep liquid from evaporating

✔️ Safely store in a bridge to give you better flavor

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Making a glass of vodka for your lovers with your love recipe. The infusion kit will give you all things you need to get a flavorful alcohol glass. You also add love and care to it to push up the wine's flavor and make your lover delightful.

The set gift will have a cocktail kit, 100% natural 12 botanicals, Italian glass bottles, and stainless steel jigger. Being a bartender at your home bar and creating some wonderful cocktails for your loved one.


✔️ Give you an unforgettable experience

✔️ Easy to make wine with a recipe booklet

✔️ Romantic gift set to give you good alcohol glasses

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Proving your specific design or idea to get a unique label for your alcohol gift. The label is amazingly to show your love and sentiment to your friends, lovers, and parents.

The size is 3"x3.5", which is ideal for standard sizes of wine. Using plastic material, the label will resist water, tear, and water damage. It is an absolutely fantastic sticker for your wine bottle.


✔️ Deliver your love in a hilarious way

✔️ Give you a nice wine bottle with adhesive stickers

✔️ Help you turn any design come true

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Grabbing the decent and nice decanter set back home for your husband. The gift could be more wonderful when having your text or specific design. Cheer up your lovers with the alcohol set.

The decenter is 850ml, and you can choose the quantity of glass you want to have in the order; keep in mind that each glass is 250ml. These products are manufactured from solid glass.


✔️ Get your favorite wine by giving a requirement

✔️ Beautiful ornament with permanently engraved texts

✔️ Create a heartwarming vibe for your house

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Bitter and sweet tastes are feelings you will feel when falling in love. Instead of chocolate, the old-fashioned cocktail mix will give you these tastes. Giving your lovers this alcohol gift to express your thoughts.

The liquid capacity is 375ml, and the main ingredients include organic sugar, bitters, and orange juice concentrate. You can mix 1 part mixer and 4 parts whiskey to taste better.


✔️ Symbol of love through bitter and sweet taste

✔️ Excellent beverage for events with decent shape

✔️ Bring a flavorful taste when sipping

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Filling up your home bar with the beautiful and elegant decanter set. The set gift will give you a delicious drink to enjoy on a special day and make your bar look professional.

There are 2 options for you to choose from. One is you can get an 850ml to decenter and 2 glasses; other is you will get 4 glasses. Besides, you will enjoy alcohol better with a stopper and a wooden base in the order.


✔️ Give you a wonderful date with a romantic wine

✔️ Ideal gift for your boss with careful packing

✔️ Perfect decenter to keep any kind of wine

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Whiskey is always a great beverage for men; it is a rich and strong flavor that is similar to men's characteristics. Let's purchase the whiskey decanter set for your husband and keep him at home with this alcohol gift.

It is so amazing when you will receive 4 twisted glasses of 24oz in each, 9 whiskey stones, funnel, and 750ml decenter. The decenter is safely made of 110% crystal grass, so it is very durable.


✔️ Lovely set for events and parties

✔️ Suitable for gatherings with the large capacity of decenter

✔️ Luxury whiskey set gift with a cute gift package

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Do you need an alcohol bottle for a special day? Here is a wonderful gift for you on any occasion. The Cabernet Sauvignon Wine will make your family party to be happier and leave you with lots of valuable memories.

Standard capacity of 750ml, the product has a weight of 5.42 pounds and only contains roughly 0,5% alcohol. It is healthy wine as grape juice.


✔️ Healthy beverage with no alcohol and not too sweet

✔️ Help you absorb food better

✔️ Keep you in a good mood with a sweet taste

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Whiskey taste often represents men's characteristics. That is strong and powerful. Therefore, the whiskey decanter set is a familiar gift for your loved husband or boyfriend.

The Jillmo decanter set offers 2 glasses with 12 ounces in each, 1 crystal glass decanter of 1250 ml, and a wooden dispenser. It is a free-standing style, and you can set it on the table or desk.


✔️ Ensure whiskey taste always in good condition

✔️ Help you get whiskey quickly with the convenient design of the dispenser

✔️ Durable glass stopper to keep the wine from evaporating

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Marinating your close relationship with the sweet flavor of the Cabernet Sauvignon, it is a non-alcoholic bottle as well as a great gift for a party with many generations. Spreading out from tongue to heart, the gift is perfect for showing your love.

The 750ml bottle weighs 25 ounces, and it only has 0.5% alcohol. The sugar you will intake from this beverage is 18g, and it is very nice to give your loved one.


✔️ Decent gift with adhesive and a nice label

✔️ Give you an amazing experience with the balance between aromas and flavor

✔️ Fantastic to eat with pasta and meat

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A funny party cannot be an alcoholic shotgun. The gift will give you a new method of drinking wine instead of some elegant glasses. It is perfect for parties with friends or a romantic date with your lovers.

The gun has a weight of 0.43 pounds, and it can load 1.5 ounces of beverage. The compact dimension of 2.5 x 11 x 5.1 inches, and have handles for you to hold it easily.


✔️ Create a dramatic day with a drinking game

✔️ Give your endless funny times

✔️ Surprising your loved one through a harmless gun

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Enhance the feeling when tasting alcohol with the Absinthe Making Alcohol gift. With spices and botanicals, your glass of wine will be tastier and make you feel fabulous.

The product is 100% organic spices and botanicals. It is perfect for 500ml alcohol. To enable to keep the items to be fresh for two years, keep in mind avoiding high temperatures and sunlight.


✔️ Bring you a great drink with organic herbs

✔️ Kick the rich taste in wine

✔️ High-quality product as it is firmly sealed

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Purchasing the exquisite whiskey decanter to be a gift for your manly husband. The gift is so amazing in crisp shape and gives him a unique flavor to raise up her mood.

The capacity of this alcohol decanter is 850ml, and it is made of crystal to ensure to keep the fresh taste of whiskey. Complementing the 4.3"W x 11.4"H whiskey decanter for your husband's bar right now.


✔️ Fantastic drinks to celebrate a success

✔️ Win people's hearts with a unique appearance

✔️ Kick your emotion with a strong taste

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If you are bored with the normal whiskey taste, let's get the whiskey sour cocktail mixer to refresh your tongue. The alcohol gift will boost your spirit and take you to the next level to try a new wonderful beverage.

The liquid is tightly kept in a glass bottle of 375ml. The wine mixer is made of lime, lemon, organic sugar, and premium whiskey. Try to taste and break your limitation.


✔️ Raise the taste by adding ice

✔️ Give you delicious cocktails with a toxic flavor

✔️ Incredible beverages with high-quality ingredients

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Purchasing non-alcoholic prosecco to make your daily meal decent. The product is also very excellent for you as a gift to bring to a party or gathering. Showing your politeness and respect to the host with this gift.

8 bottles are equal to a 750ml wine bottle, and there will have 8 or 24 bottles in a set. The product is made of glass, and it is ideal for diet meals that only offer 50 calories.


✔️ Excellent for gatherings with no alcohol

✔️ Supply your energy with natural sugar from grapes

✔️ Give you some lovely and tasty cocktails

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Indulging the fabulous feeling the Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine brings to you when buying this gift. The alcohol bottle will push up your spirit and help you find out a great taste to cherish for any event.

The red wine is contained in a standard bottle of 750ml, and the alcohol occupies 14%. The grape is used to make this wine which is nicely harvested from vineyards in California.


✔️ Tasty beverage with a rich flavor

✔️ Premium wine when through a complex artisanal process

✔️ Nice in color and appearance for a noble party

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Caring for your husband or your boyfriend bobby in alcohol with the customized whiskey set gift. The gift will deliver your love and show your understanding of your lovers.

The box has 2 customized glasses with 315 ccs in each one and 2cmx2cm whiskey stones. Beyond this, these products are carefully put in an against-break box.


✔️ Help you enjoy the whiskey perfectly

✔️ Beautiful and permanent engraved design

✔️ Best beverage to celebrate any occasion

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The whiskey decanter definitely conquers anyone who have been tasted it and even those who never try whiskey in a lovely shape. There is nothing to overcome this alcohol gift to be the best beautiful decanter.

The volume of the gift is 750ml, and the decanter is made of glass. With a height of 9'' and a width of 3.75'', the product will increase the beauty of your loved one's bar.


✔️ Enable buying with personalized engraved glasses

✔️ Intriguing gift for a whiskey lover

✔️ Quickly clean the decanter as it is safe for the dishwasher

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Vermouth is one of the most ancient alcohols in the world; it may be an important part of Wester people even in the past or right now. The gift will help you find back the taste in your memory and relive your valuable moments.

With 750ml and 2.65 pounds in weight, the bottle is enough for any party or gathering with lots of people.


✔️ Adding Gin to boost the flavor

✔️ Memoriable gift when infused with a French recipe

✔️ Give you a good mood with a tasty vermouth cocktail

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Getting the St.Regis Chardonnay gift to make your family party wonderful. The gift is no alcohol, so you, your parent, and your children can all comfortably enjoy this heartwarming gift.

The bottle is extracted 100% from grapes, and it is manufactured in Germany, so the quality is high. Specifically, the calories on this bottle are only 50, so it is ideal for those who are on a diet.


✔️ Amazing beverage when made of natural ingredients

✔️ Fascinating gift for women when supply low calory

✔️ Suitable wine for a party with children

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Sending the whiskey decanter to heat up your relationship with your lovers. The alcohol gift is lovely and monogrammed with her/his name and helps you have a romantic date.

The decanter features 23.75oz liquid, and you will receive 2 personalized glasses of 10oz in each. The product uses a high-tech laser to etch your design on the bottle to make sure you will have a perfect gift.


✔️ Nice decoration for the wine cellar with a beautiful shape

✔️ Stimulate your sentiment with a strong taste

✔️ Create a heartwarming party through a high-quality product

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Temporarily forget some gatherings with friends at a bar and go back home to hold intimate dinners with your partner with the whiskey cocktail kit. The gift will make you and your lovers drunk in love.

The set includes a 750ml cocktail mixing glass, 1.7 aromatic bottles, a spoon, and a muddler. The item is all safely made of crystal and metal and doesn't have any harmful reaction when exposed.


✔️ Make your lovers happy with a whiskey glass

✔️ Light up love's flame with a little bit of alcohol

✔️ Beautiful packing in a wooden box

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Dipping your mind in a glass of vodka to expel all anxiety and fatigue with the vodka infusion cocktail kit. The gift offers you everything you need to have a vodka cocktail at home. It is simple and absolutely addicts you to this kind of alcohol.

Receiving a 1000ml jar, 750ml liquor bottle, funnel, and strainer, you will get a quick vodka to enjoy within some minutes. To stimulate your taste, there will be a creative label for you in the order.


✔️ Easy to infuse with a recipe book

✔️ Offer you lots of tasty drinks with over 70 recipes

✔️ Satisfy all people's beverage tastes, even picky people

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Freely releasing your imaginative brain to design a logo for the whiskey decanter and give it to your husband or your loved one. The gift would bring a good mood for him while sipping a little bit of alcohol.

You will get a 26oz whiskey decanter with 4lb, a set of glasses, and 9 whiskey stones. It is perfect to make a whiskey every day and relax the mind.


✔️ Keep whiskey tasting great with tightened stopper

✔️ Beautify your wine room with a luxury whiskey

✔️ Have sufficient items to get a delicious drink

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Celebrating a good day with the Cellars Pinot Noir. The alcohol gift is extracted from the fresh grapes which are harvested from vineyards. The wine will give you a novelty and tasty taste. Challenging your limitation with this beverage.

The bottle of wine is 750 ml and the alcoholic level accounts for 13.5% of the volume. The size measures 3"L x 3" W x 13"H so it is perfect to hold in hand to an event.


✔️ Refreshing your taste with a new flavor

✔️ Elegant gift with a beautiful label

✔️ Create a wonderful atmosphere for a gathering

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Holding the non-alcoholic red wine to a family party is an excellent gift. The bottle is luxury, and it would be elegant to use a nice glass. Expressing your respect to anyone with this gift.

The bottle is 0.63 ounces, which is enough for a crowded party, and the liquor is a mix of grape and black cheery, so it will bring a great flavor to your tongue.


✔️ Stimulate your smell with a wonderful fruit mixing

✔️ Healthy drink for pregnant women

✔️ Enable keep for several weeks after opening

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Champagne is well-known as the best beverage to honor a success or a victory. If you want to hold a congratulatory party, get it is a perfect choice for you.

The bottle measures 3.99 pounds and is greatly manufactured in California. It is 100% fruit and has no alcohol, so both youngsters and elders can enjoy this drink.


✔️ Amazing gifts for any kind of party with non-alcoholic

✔️ Easy to open with a cord in the bottle

✔️ Cheer up your happiness with a great drink

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Melting your loved one heart with a small activity such as making a glass of whiskey for her/her with the whisket-making kit gift. Enjoying a glass of alcohol is always the best way to relax your mind.

Offering 13 infusion kits with different flavors and 6 whiskey stones, you will quickly get a glass of whiskey to enjoy. Beyond, add 9 botanicals and 3 wood chips to perfect your beverages.


✔️ Perfect drinks to cherish your success

✔️ Training your bartending skills with the set

✔️ Create a unique taste with a variety of infusion kits

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Would you like to become a bartender at your home? Mixing some tasty drinks for your husband/wife with the cocktail mixer set. The gift is also perfect for supporting your loved one's interest in non-alcohol.

The gift is a set of 12 flavors and no alcohol in each bottle. Each bottle is used plastic to make, so the total weight of the set is only 3.04 pounds. The cocktail is professionally manufactured through many stages.


✔️ Give you an over-the-world flavor when mixing

✔️ Get you out of a bad mood with delicious flavor

✔️ Push the taste up to the next level when mixing

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Make your life convenient and comfortable with the alcohol bottle stopper. After opening a bottle of wine, but you cannot finish it, let's take to the stopper to seal the wine bottle and make sure you will get a tasty wine on the next celebrating day.

Each stopper is well-packed in a packet of 4x1x1in, and the big box offers you up to 6 packets. The most important thing is that it is fit for almost standard size of alcohol bottles.


✔️ Friendly with the environment when enabling reusable

✔️ Feature stretchy with 100% rubber material

✔️ Bring a great experience with a good wine taste

✔️ Beautiful gift when packed in a nice box

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Using alcohol to start a conversation would be wonderful. The whiskey decanter is what you are finding for evening talk between couples or spouses. It will gradually ignite emotions in you and him.

The decenter gift is wonderfully made of clear glass. It offers 3 options for shape which is respective with 700ml, 750 ml, and 1000ml, and 3 logos for you to be etched on the bottle.


✔️ Infinity logo to present for eternal love

✔️ Glass material helps you clearly see the color

✔️ Safe for drinking with premium whiskey

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Do you want to celebrate a special day or event? It definitely cannot lack a whiskey bottle. The whiskey decanter set will be a perfect gift for your husband and help you create a great day.

The gift measure 25 or 27 oz and offer four glasses. The most special is that you can choose a design for bottle and glass from 21 designs. All of the designs are well engraved on the items.


✔️ Personalized with the chosen logo

✔️ Thoughtful gift to strengthen your relationship

✔️ Nice gift to send when packed in a black box

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Whiskey is always the most luxurious alcohol. Men are big fans of this wine, so why not give the double faucet whiskey dispenser for your husband to cherish his interest?

The body of the dispenser gift is made of pine wood, and the faucet is metal. You put it in standing with the size of 9.8" x 10.6" x10.2" or get the cup base size of 9.8" x 10.6".


✔️ Great dispenser when suitable for all sizes of liquor bottles

✔️ Create the best event by taking a glass of wine easily

✔️ Wonderful taste with the good-preservative whiskey dispenser

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