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70 Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Mom That'll Make Her Smile

The most precious person in our life - our mom, who has raised and given a lot of warm-heartedly and boundless love towards us. She deserves to receive your affection through gifts. Especially for her 60th birthday party, the gift should be more meaningful and special to celebrate.

To mark her special milestones of turning 60, it is quite hard to find an appropriate item to take her back. Don’t worry! We have a list of potential items suitable as a birthday present that you can consider buying - from necklaces, beauty items, ornaments, keepsakes, or related-house products. By reading our reviews, you can choose your own suitable gift for your beloved mother.

Without a doubt, there are no other reasonable clues to say that you should buy a birthday present. In particular, this gift is for remarking her significant memory of turning to a new path in her life. Therefore, this present is the best way to show your love as well as your appreciation to mom through the thoughtful value of that present. Moreover, it boosts your relationship with your mom when she sees your effort picking up her present. Let her anniversary become the most memorable celebration.

With our clues demonstrated above, buying a 60th birthday gift for mom is a must-have to do. To help you point out the appropriate items, we will show you a variety of highly recommended gifts, coming with detailed descriptions. These gifts surely make her touched by your surprise. Coming to our place, we are appreciative that we can complete the mission for you. Hope that our recommendations do not lead you to a dreadful decision.

Here are Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Mom That'll Make Her Smile

If you need to choose a gift for your lady, jewelry is always a good option that any woman loves! Hurry to get this fabulous necklace to give her on her 60th birthday!

Look at how stunning and sparkling this necklace is! Featuring a love knot charm, it is embellished with high quality shining stones. When being on her neck, it will brighten her beauty as well as her dress. In addition, this necklace swings from an adjustable cable chain, fastened securely with a lobster clasp.

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  • Come with this fabulous shirt to give to your incredible and amazing woman on her 60th birthday! With a cool image printing “60 party crew”, it is a great dress code for her birthday when welcoming her family and friends.

  • Available in more than 5 different colors, you can choose the color that suits her skin color or simply her favorite color. You also select the size for this shirt, they are designed to fit all types of woman’s body shape.

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  • Look no further to get the pretty and unique birthday gift for your mom/dad on their 60th birthday! This custom vintage 60 aged pillow will not let you down, going beyond your expectation!

  • Add your personalized touch to your bedroom or living room! This throw pillow features a removable canvas case with a zipper enclosure. Colorfast dyed fabric of your image yields unrivalled durability and color vibrancy.

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  • Decorate something on a blank wall on his/her 60th remarkable birthday with this 60 Party print. It will be like a sign that welcomes all of her guests to their special party on that day. This print is a pretty decor as well as an impressive sign to catch everyone’s attention.

  • Vivid, lifelike images are similar to traditional silver halide prints. Luster photo paper delivers rich colors and a wide range of colors.

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  • Pick up the best picture that you like about you and your mother to clip it on this adorable and sweet “Mother World” sign! It will be her favorite gift that she has ever received!

-Each frame is designed and made to order for you. This frame is made with the highest quality materials and the utmost attention to detail, making it to be treasured for many years to come.

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  • Get this funny “Sixty Sassy” mug to give your mom on her 60th birthday. She will smile happily and receive this adorable birthday gift from her child!

  • Full-color imprinting, strong ceramic construction, and everyday convenience come together in one product.

  • With the trendy design, the mug is perfect for a gift, or you can keep one to yourself and use it for a cup of hot coffee, tea or cocoa with your friends in different scenarios.

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  • Show your love to your precious woman (mommy or grandma) by giving her this thoughtful “I love you” print decor.

  • This frame is made with the highest quality materials and the utmost attention to detail, making them gifts to be treasured for many years to come. Professionally printed wood design that is permanently mounted to board.

  • The clip holds a 4×6 photo, your picture will slide into the clip that sits on top of the board.

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Make your gifts more meaningful with an inspirational quote and catchy design that can be impressed your mom from the first sight on her birthday. This candle has made with 100% natural soy wax and over 50 - 60 hours of burning time. The blended scent between lavender and vanilla essential oil not only relieves stress but also removes odors to let the house be full of sweet aromas.

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A notebook can be a great present for your mom to write a diary-like way of capturing memories. With funny words on the notebook’s cover, “Shit I can’t remember,” she will laugh out loud for sure because of its implicit meaning.

Designed with a floral pattern, it brings a natural look to this notebook. The quality of the paper is excellent, as well as writing it down smoothly. Your mom can write down anything she wants, but maybe it’s your gift so that the notebook will be more special to treasure!

Don’t hesitate and buy it for your mom now!

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Buying a bracelet has always been the top priority present to give women. We suggest that the 60th birthday gift for your mom should be a Beads bracelet from the Lapis Lazuli shop.

Why? This Lapis Lazuli stone means wisdom, power, and truth, which is appropriate to commemorate her milestone 60th birthday. Made of high-quality beads, wearing this bracelet is a reminder of the wisdom and power she has and the love and respect surrounding her every day. Implicitly, the tiny heart also symbolizes the affection you have for her.

It is an excellent gift-giving so don’t hesitate to buy it now!

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A perfect gift for your mom on her special day. There are 60 blank squares to fill in, but it can be as long or short as you’d like.

You’ve been there through thick and thin, with love and support. This print gives you the chance to tell your mom exactly why she’s so special. It’s 60 Reasons We Love You Print, customizable with your own reasons/things! There are 60 blank squares to fill in, but it can be as long or short as you’d like.

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Send lots of love to your mom with this lovable and sentimental pillow. Your precious woman will love you more and more after getting your meaningful gift.

This pillow look uses the art printing technology combined with premium photo paper results in sharp photographic reproduction and color fidelity. It will add a distinctive look to posters, fine photographs, portraits, and even commercial prints. This premium poster is sure to light up a room when hanging it on the wall.

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A small lovely item to mark your mother’s 60th birthday as a special milestone is a meaningful gift. We suggest you buy a pin badge attaching a funny quote birthday style to give her.

Made on a badge machine, this high-quality pin button badge is created delicately. Moreover, the design is customized with a vintage style in the 1960s, along with the personalized quote you ask the shop to do. After a few days of ordering, the package will arrive soon.

She will be very excited and happy to use a pin badge on her outfit when receiving this present!

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On your mom or dad’s birthday, it is a great way to show how much you love them by giving an impressive gift, right? Then this birthday print will not let you down!

This high-quality matte canvas can be used to add color and life to any space. When your order arrives, it is ready to hang up on the wall. Make a pretty home decor with this poster, he/she will be so happy every time looking at your gift!

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A 60th birthday is a milestone that deserves a special celebration. Why not give mom a unique card that can be treasured and kept forever? You will definitely bring a big smile on her face when she receives this special gift!

Age 60 Popup Cards are a timeless and memorable keepsake for your loved one on her 60th birthday. Each card is a little work of art to keep forever and decorate your home with. You can choose one card or all three! All cards are blank inside and have a space on the back for your own message.

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Make someone’s day extra special with this truly personalized love knot necklace. Personalized with their name or message in a gorgeous love knot, it’s the perfect 60th birthday gift for the love in your life. The personalized message will be hand-written by our artists and is laser engraved directly onto the black stainless-steel heart, making this necklace a one-of-a-kind keepsake that they’ll treasure for years to come. We hand create these unique necklaces to match the exact wording of your personal message on the accompanying card, then you could have a meaningful personalized birthday gift for your special ones.

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A self-care is a perfect relaxation, so an essential oil is a necessity in a spa process. This essential oil with lavender fragrance is an excellent present.

Made from 100% pure therapeutic grade lavender, you can ensure its quality. Definitely, it will not let your mom down when using it for relaxation. This oil offers a soft, clean scent and helps her promote relaxation. Moreover, this oil can be used for other purposes such as towels, sheets, and clothes.

At her 60th birthday party, it will literally be a great idea! Add it to your cart right now!

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Since your mom is at the age of 60, her health should be on the priority, and Yoga is a suitable exercise for her physical condition. On her birthday, you can give her a high-quality Gaiam Yoga mat as a present.

This classic mat has 7 different colors in total that you can pick and includes a carrying sling to strap up this mat and go everywhere conveniently. Moreover, created with a sticky non-slip texture, that is excellent traction, and superior grip on all sorts of yoga exercises. This mat is durable and lightweight to use as well!

Don’t hesitate, buy it now!

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A lovely slipper to protect your mother’s feet is a thoughtful present, especially when she turns 60, right? Then a Dearfoams Mama bear plaid clog slipper is very suitable for your needs.

This Mama bear slipper is not only charming but also cozy and comfortable when wearing. Made from 100% polyester, each slipper is manufactured delicately to ensure its quality. That is perfect for sliding on when you are looking for extra comfort for your mom’s feet. You definitely put a smile on her face.

With various color options and sizes, don’t hesitate to get one for your mom now!

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When giving someone a present, especially at their birthday celebration, you need to wrap the gift beautifully, right? Even at your mom’s 60th birthday party, you should have an impressive birthday gift wrap - and the “60th birthday” wrap is a perfect choice for you.

Printed on quality 110gsm uncoated paper, paper with the printed image assures the best quality of wrapping the gift. Many customers are delighted with this fantastic quality and highly recommend using it again. Moreover, the order is delivered super fast, adhering to a lovely “Thank you” card in the package.

Indeed, you won’t regret this party supply in BrainboxCandy!

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An engraved-personalized mug saying “Hey Mom, I love You” is an excellent present to express your affection to your mom directly. Apparently, it is very appropriate to give her a 60th birthday present.

With high-quality metal material, this mug can be used for such a long time. Furthermore, its capacity is up to 20 fluid ounces of water. In terms of personalized quote design, it is flexible to custom to fit your desired choice of sizes. If personalization is requested, the quote will be engraved on the front side of the mug.

Add it to your cart right now!

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A shirt carrying the 1960s vibe is probably a unique gift to give your mom for her 60th birthday. Twistee shirts designed by their own manufacture with locally sourced fabrics will bring the most comfortable fit for her!

The store takes pride in their shirts because they always carry the finest collection of trendy and personalized T-shirts in different styles. Thus, you can choose the favorite design color of various others shown on the listing photo. If you select the “No design color” option, they will send you a default T-shirt.

You won’t regret buying this shirt!

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This 60th birthday poster is perfect for anyone looking for a sentimental 60th present. This fantasy poster decor is perfectly paired with her style to display it in her room.

Inspired by the old newspaper concept, its vibe is very classic and nostalgic. They personalize this print with the name of the recipient and the number one song on the date of birth. If you’d like anything extra please get in touch. Please message once you have purchased with the information required.

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At your mother’s 60th birthday celebration, there is no more touching present than giving her a “60 years bullet vase” gift, also for her wedding anniversary.

This glass bullet vase is designed in a straightforward but elegant style - a perfect gift idea for your lady enjoying her special 60th birthday with her beloved bestie. As for the personalized quote to be printed on, they offer you to add 5 lines of text to make the present extra unique to the recipient.

Wrapped in a cardboard gift box beautifully, buy it now! She will be very pleased and thrilled.

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Display this pretty poster in your mom’s room to brighten her mood everyday!

This high-quality matte canvas can be used to add color and life to any space. For any size you would like to have for your own decoration, the shop is available in 17 different sizes with both vertical and horizontal orientations. The matte canvas features state of the art printing technology for sharp photographic reproduction and color fidelity, will not fade or warp, and comes ready to hang.

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For the 60th birthday of your mom, this sentimental, personalized wall art makes a great gift to let her know how much you care. Celebrate this milestone with an original piece of decor that she will value for years.

This sentimental wooden print from Etsy is the perfect way to let your mother know how much you appreciate her. Made from high quality wood, it has a warm, earthy feel that feels comfortable in any home. The simple design is both elegant and timeless, making this a thoughtful gift she will smile happily when receiving your gift.

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An earring for women is always a great option to give your mother as a 60th birthday gift. We will suggest an elegant interlocking earring to mark a special occasion.

This elegant earring made from high-quality silver sterling is designed with interlocking custom. It makes your mom become more stylish, winning over any outfit - even your mom turns 60. When ordering, you can ask the shop to personalize the message in the note with the best wishes to your mom.

Without a doubt, you need to purchase this beautiful earring for your beloved mom. Your affection definitely touches her!

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The 60th Birthday is a rare milestone, and any 60-year-old will look back at the past six decades with a mix of nostalgia and pride. This sign captures that sentiment perfectly, allowing the recipient to hang it up in their home or office and enjoy a daily reminder of how far they’ve come.

This vintage-look birthday print is a modern way to wish someone a happy 60th birthday. It can be customized in which you can leave any message to your mother/grandmother and just ask the shop to print these texts for you. The photo will be much more special than ever!

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Give the best 60th birthday gifts in style. Our crystal necklace is made of cubic zirconia and has a white gold chain with a pendant to wear on your neck. Add some sparkle to your wardrobe with these beautiful cubic zirconia crystal necklaces. The bright white stones are set into durable sterling silver and would make a great Christmas or Birthday gift! Cubic Zirconia is highly durable, very beautiful, and very safe for your skin. Each stone is handcrafted to perfection, so your engagement ring will remain a timeless heirloom for years to come. It is an excellent way to express your feelings for someone special. A birthday gift for your special one, they will surely love it.

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A wall art filled with sincere, warm-hearted messages from you to your mom is an excellent 60th birthday gift ever! This well-made wall art definitely takes her back to your thoughtful preparation.

This eco-friendly product is made with love and care from the shop which they personally design and create the canvas just for your requirement. Of course, when you ask them to print 60 best wishes following your favorite quotes, this service is totally free.

With this personalized present, you will take your mom’s special occasion and turn it into a treasured celebration. She will love it so much!

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Besides giving a physical present like bracelets or necklaces, you should have a card to send your best wishes towards your mom’s 60th anniversary, right? This card from the FoxCardCo shop may satisfy your needs.

The high-quality digital print process literally strikes a card with a lovely cover. Inside a card is blank where you write down your message to your lovely mother. Trust us; she will love your special note more than any other luxurious present ever!

Have a card to send some love - let her know that she is always the most awesome person to you!

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When thinking of the 60th birthday gift for your mother, you will consider jewelry, beauty items, or accessories, right? Sometimes, an everyday-used item like a ceramic ring dish is a unique present to give her.

Ueerdant ceramic tray is designed with an elegant and stylish vibe to show and organize her jewelry or accessories without worrying about them getting lost. This dish also has a printed beloved text implicitly to express your love when you give her this adorable present. For sure, she will be happy and touched by your affection.

Don’t be indecisive; just add it to your cart now!

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The lighting standing on the desk is a beautiful decoration. It is more meaningful that you give to your mom for her 60th birthday. A 3D rose crystal with led light is a potential item you can buy!

Made of high-quality crystal, the carved image of a flower and the message “I love you” makes the light more fabulous. Apparently, it is created for giving to your most precious person. This lighting is also easy to use with a touch switch and highly durable for a long time.

This nightlight lamp will put your mom in tight sleep. She will love it a lot!

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A present given to anyone is to make them happy, right? A candle Pavilion gift for her 60th birthday celebration is a suitable item to take her back.

Seeing this product, you will know this gift is for your mom through the quote on the cover “All your wishes come true - Happy 60th Birthday”. Packaged in a printed open-faced box, it is made from ceramic and soy wax and has a serenity scent to make mom relaxing. Moreover, it is appropriate for decoration in your house.

This present is perfect for giving her a relaxing feel when using this fragrance candle.

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At your mother’s 60th birthday party, you want every decoration and utensil to be absorbed with the birthday vibe, right? You can buy gold foil to 60 years of black cocktail paper napkins to decorate the event beautifully.

The set includes 50 absorbent napkins made from paper featuring a “Cheers to 60 years” imprint in gold foil. It is very soft and durable to ensure a comfortable wiping usage for your party dinnerware, cocktail, or buffets.

This is the perfect party supply for a busy host; add it to your cart now! She will appreciate your effort a lot.

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An elegant bracelet is a great idea for your mom at her 60th birthday party as a present for women. Then, a Joycuff mom bracelet should be on your gift list.

Cuff bracelet is made of surgical stainless steel, so it is more sustainable and durable for a longer time. In particular, it is 100% healthy for the body and environment. You can get exquisite quality through a delicate design of personalized quotes graved on the bracelet by paying an affordable price.

This gift will definitely make your mom a surprise for her 60th birthday anniversary. So, buy it now!

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At your mom’s 60th birthday party, party supplies are a necessity to decorate her celebration, making her more fabulous as a center position. So, a silver Satin Sash crown featuring the number “60” is a great gift to give her.

She literally deserves to be your queen when wearing this sparkling crown. Packaged with a message “60 never looked so good”, the crown definitely helps her stand out at the party, making everyone surprised by her appearance. Don’t worry if you don’t like this supply; the store can refund a 100% money guarantee.

Let’s add it to your cart now!

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For your mother’s 60th birthday gift, do you want to give your mother a happy prank? We suggest you a funny toilet paper.

The store makes the funny gift a big role and longs for various occasions such as wrapping around the car and hanging in the house like banners. This is surely a unique gift for your mother, attracting her eyes at first sight. It will be a big hit at her party as a great decoration.

This funny prank toilet will please and wow all the guests!

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Sweet gifts for a sweet occasion is not a bad idea, right? A retro candy gift box for a milestone 60th birthday is a meaningful opportunity to return nostalgic memories.

The box is designed for the 1960s vibe that helps your mom delight faded memories gone with decades. The store loaded this box down for you with 3 different concepts: classic, old-time, and retro. Of course, the old design leaves an impression, but the candies are sugary and tasty too!

Everyone has a beautiful story to recall; what better present like this fun box to celebrate a memorable mom’s birthday?

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To celebrate mom’s special birthday, jewelry like a bracelet is a suitable product to give her as a gift. The Sterling silver beaded bracelet with a minimal design is specially personalized for this purpose.

With tube beads adding subtle sparkle, this high-quality silver bracelet is adjustable and easy to take on or off - make sure to let your mom feel comfortable when wearing it. In particular, before the personal gift arrives, you also ask the store to print your message in the box.

A special 60th birthday bracelet is a top-quality gift to get now for your mom’s meaningful occasion.

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This lovable pendant represents an unbreakable bond between you and your beloved mommy. It is an eternal love that lasts forever. Surprise your loved one with this gorgeous gift on her 60th birthday!

It is crafted with brilliant 14k white gold over stainless steel, and swings from an adjustable cable chain, fastened securely with a lobster clasp. The center cubic zirconia crystal measures 6mm in diameter, and is surrounded with smaller cubic zirconia, showcasing added sparkle to this gorgeous gift.

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Are you looking for a unique and affordable way to celebrate your mom’s 60th birthday? This custom print will be a great choice for you.

Alles Gute zum Print is saying “all the best” on your mother’s 60s birthday. Digital JPEG files are available for purchase here. Once you make a purchase you will receive a digital JPEG file to your email in turnaround time you choose from the drop down menu.

This item is printed on demand once you place the order and the turnaround time for this product is 7 business days.

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The 60th birthday decorations for women are a must-have decor you should buy to beautifully celebrate your mother’s party. It is a perfect happy 60th birthday party for your mother!

This birthday decoration kit has various sets such as ribbons, stickers, banners, and others which are easy to decorate and bring her party theme to life. Use them to create a memorable event and boost a happy atmosphere for your family! You can cheer your mother’s 60th birthday by using this set to apply either for indoor or outdoor.

So, her event will be the most unforgettable party ever! Buy it now.

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Happy 60th Birthday to your mother! No matter if it is a small intimate celebration or a large blowout, let’s make it extra special with this number centerpiece.

You can also see our extra decorations for the party including balloons, confetti, paper straws, and more! It’s pleasant to help you find the perfect decoration or other item to correspond with your theme.

When your guests arrive they will be blown away by the extraordinary decorations you have put together so much!

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Make a perfect gift for your mommy with this lovable print!

You will be surprised by how detailed and vivid this print is in real person! The shop uses high quality printing technology along with qualified paper so the image and text come out very pretty. When this product arrives, it can be hung with tape, tacks, or attached with clamps; so easy to install and display it on the wall.

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Do you want to give a special 60th birthday gift to your precious lady? Come with this pretty birthday 6 ring bracelet to give.

This beautiful bracelet has six rose gold vermeil rings that slide freely around. Made from silver sterling, it is very durable and does not get her skin irritated or steel allergic. More than pretty jewelry, its meaning is deep to mention. Each of the silver rings celebrates each decade of her life.

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Jasper Gemstone Bracelet is a wonderful gift for your mom on her 60th birthday, which has four meaningful charms: live, laugh, love and angel. It is made of high quality jasper gemstone beads strung on a full sterling silver plated chain bracelet.

Jasper is a grounding stone that helps you feel more secure and balanced in your life. It helps you stay focused on what truly matters most, acting as a reminder to live life with heart and soul. The angel charm at the end of the chain reminds you of the blessings in your life.

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A beautifully plain and simple solid silver bracelet, the perfect gift for that very special milestone birthday.

Made from 925 Sterling Silver beads hand threaded on high quality jewelry elastic in the UK with a stretch fit making it very easy to put on and take off. This is a really versatile piece of jewelry which goes with absolutely any kind of outfit. Six textured silver rings sit at the center of this bracelet. Each ring represents and celebrates each decade.

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Your mom has everything so you find it hard to get a suitable gift for her? This loving mom will strike her at the first sight for sure!

Look at how impressive this print is. It has a mom and baby lion, representing your mom and you. Besides, it also features many wishes and emotional messages for her. To wipe off the dust, you just use a dry cloth to clean the print.

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Is there a woman in your life who is about to hit 60? Want to celebrate in style? This unique poster decor is an impressive 60th birthday gift.

This listing is for the digital version of my 60 years letter art image. You will receive one printable jpg 60 years letter art image which is then customized with the birthday mom’s name above the letter art image and the birthday date or short comment below. You can add a good wishes quote of your choice.

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To help her get in the spirit, give the special someone in your life the perfect personalized gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or any special occasion – this stylish interlocking heart necklace. She’ll love that she can wear it forever, even after the magic of the season wears off. Create an exquisite gift for any occasion by adding your special message to this Interlocked Heart Necklace. A thoughtful birthday present for her, a touching anniversary gift for her, a touching engagement gift for the couple you adore, or a sweet gift for your closest friends. Your loved one will be delighted by a gift that will last forever.

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Why not treat your loved one to a special sixtieth gift that they will love! On your mom’s birthday, give her this birthstone stretch bracelet.

The stretch bracelet in this modern style is threaded onto strong jewelers elastic for durability and ease of wear. These aquamarine semi precious gemstone beads are genuine that are not easily to break. Your gift will be packed beautifully in a box, along with a short personal message added to the printed insert - no extra charge!

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If your mom is a coffee lover who likes drinking it everyday, then this engraved treat board may be your great choice for her 60th birthday.

Engraved with a striking “SIX-TEA” design, one of these 60th birthday gifts is sure to put a smile on your mom’s face. This board will get plenty of use, to indulge with a well deserved tea or coffee and biscuits every morning! This truly is a thoughtful sixtieth present that can be used again and again.

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This fun poem was written and designed by Unique Word Designs and so you can guarantee a truly unique gift for this special occasion. Give it to your mom as a 60th birthday gift right now!

Let’s all raise a glass to your mom as she hits the big 60. The shape as well as the poem can be changed to suit any milestone birthday. They will assure that your ordered print will be personalized exactly what you are expecting. With all your love pouring into this gift, she can feel your sincere thoughts and care for her!

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This sign will be the perfect decoration or gift for anyone celebrating 60 years in 2022!

Print out and frame! That will be a memorable birthday gift that your mom will cherish for years to come. It contains American facts from 1962. Old newspaper style is shown, gender-neutral, presenting how this poster looks back to the year 1962. After ordering, note that this is a digital product so you need to print it yourself. There are 4 size options for you to get.

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No matter where we go, no matter what we do, your mom will always have you and you will always have her. Let her know how sincere thoughts you have for her through giving her this interlocking necklace.

The metals used are high quality from a very reputable silver supplier and do not contain nickel. So when she wears it, it will not turn her skin green, red, or itchy. She will be so happy to receive this pretty jewelry from her beloved one on her remarkable 60th birthday.

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Tell how much you adore your mom on her 60th birthday with this “60 reasons We love You” print.

This design is very unique but also meaningful to give as a birthday gift. The reasons printed are personalized by you. That makes this gift much more memorable to her to treasure it. Please send your color option and the final version of your reasons/things. Don’t forget to spell check and consider the order you would like them to appear.

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This silver necklace is a real must have piece. Such a perfect gift for that very special 60th birthday for your precious mom.

The six solid silver interlocked sterling rings sit in the center of this beautiful little necklace (approx 14mm diameter). Each of the silver rings represents and celebrates each decade. The necklace can also be mounted on a sweet little message card ‘Sixty, SIX RINGS FOR SIX DECADES’.

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Looking for a meaningful 60th birthday gift for your mom? This lovable 60 reasons print will be your great choice.

This listing is for a jpg digital file that you print yourself. No physical product will be shipped to you. The shop will personalize this print with your chosen information. Please send your color choice and the final version of your reasons/things, spell checked and in the order you would like them to appear.

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Through the ages, the lapis lazuli stone is worn to attract wisdom, power and truth. Commemorate your lovely mom’s special 60th birthday with this lapis lazuli bracelet.

What a pretty birthday gift for her! Wear this bracelet as a reminder of the wisdom and power she already possesses. And the tiny heart symbolizes the love you have with her, and reminds her of the love and appreciation which surround her always.

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Surprise your loved one with this gorgeous gift on her 60th birthday! This lovable diamond necklace is the best anniversary gift that she will be so happy and touched when receiving.

This pendant is so sparkling, especially when it is on her necklace! It is crafted with brilliant 14k white gold over stainless steel. The center cubic zirconia crystal measures 6mm in diameter, and is surrounded with smaller cubic zirconia, showcasing added sparkle and shine to this gorgeous gift.

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As a mother and a wife, maybe your beloved mom loves the kitchen area, right? So on her 60th birthday, you can give her a cutting board as kitchen decor so that she can see your love wishes every day.

When she cooks, every dish is filled with her love and care. So a personalized engraved cutting board is the way you can respond to her love indirectly. Apparently, about the message carved on its surface, you can ask the shop to do it - they will reply quickly to any of your questions!

Needless to say, it’s worth your money purchasing it!

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To celebrate a special anniversary like your mother’s 60th birthday, a wine bottle cannot be missed. Then the 60th birthday party wine bottle is a perfect unique birthday gift for her as a party decoration.

Including 6 unique wine bottle labels, this set will be a hit at the party, and everyone will ask you where you get that gift. Its design also maximizes the special effect with a printed image of glitter - exactly the celebration concept you are looking for.

This gift is excellent to match with her 60th birthday party decorations and supplies. Buy it right now!

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If your mom is turning 60, then you want to get her the most memorable and meaningful present that conveys your gratitude and love for her. Thankfully, this gorgeous personalized leather bracelet does just that!

It features one ring per decade for each of the 60 years that she has lived so far. The bracelet is customized to your requirements, regarding the color of the leather and the size of the bracelet.

A wonderful Birthday gift to celebrate a milestone birthday, it will be a big surprise for your mother indeed!

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A ShinnyWis mug with printed “60&Fabulous” is another excellent birthday gift to celebrate mom’s 60th birthday. This gift will never become outdated when you think of giving a birthday gift to someone.

A pink mug featuring patterns printed on the cover is definitely for the woman’s style. It makes her get more fabulous when drinking coffee with this mug set. Moreover, this elegant hand-made mug is unique, symbolizing the limited edition gift - suitable for a special occasion like your mom’s birthday.

For sure, she will absolutely enjoy it the same when she cherishes her milestone anniversary for years to come!

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Your mother’s 60th birthday has come around the corner! Besides preparing special gifts and centerpieces for the celebration, a card filled with a beloved message cannot be missed, right? With this flower popup card, she will be much happier than ever!

The card opens to reveal a lovely floral display. It can be posted or hung on a wall, and opens up to reveal a colourful flower design with the greeting “Happy 60th Birthday”. The lovely design will have her feeling special, and the card can be personalized with a message you choose.

Create an unforgettable memory with this card now!

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Sing it loud and proud with this rocking 60th birthday card. They laser cut from FSC certified boards to create intricate designs. All their cards are hand made and may slightly differ from the photo you see above.

Each card is a little work of art to keep forever and decorate your home with. All cards are blank inside and have a space on the back for your own message to show your affection to your mom on this special occasion.

Hurry to get it now! You definitely need this!

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If you’re looking for a great gift for mom on her big day, try this 60 Number Decor.

Use them as cupcake toppers, place cards, table numbers, or just to hang around the house. This set will be the perfect addition to any DIY centerpiece and it will take just a couple of minutes to arrange it and create a unique and impressive decoration.

Every number has its own place at the center allowing you to easily customize it with your own colors or text.

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You don’t need to hire a graphic designer to create your centerpieces for your mom’s 60th birthday party! This is an instant download file. Purchase this file, download it, print it and enjoy!

These printable centerpieces are designed to be printed on 8.5×11 inch cardstock. They can be cut out and either used as a centerpiece or attached to a wooden dowel to make a banner. This is a digital file. No physical cards or printable will be mailed to you. Please contact the shop before you purchase if you would like any changes.

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If you are looking for a memorable, unusual and original present for a 60th birthday – then this is a great option.

This shop will make a personalized round plaque with 60th birthday congratulation for your mom and at the back the stand includes a bill holder with fake banknote. This plaque is made of wood, with a diameter of 9 inches. The name of the person to be congratulated is written in the middle of the round plaque.

The plaque is not only an original present but also an amazing decoration. Your mom will love it.

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Trees of life are a beautiful and individual packaging for your gift for a round birthday on the birthday table of the anniversary, celebrating your mother’s special milestone birthday.

Included is a lower plate and a tree of life with the anniversary number. The parts are supplied loosely and only need to be assembled and fixed with a little glue or wood glue. For painting we recommend acrylic paints or the beautiful Posca pens.

Life trees are a beautiful and individual packaging for your gift, excellent as decoration at your home indeed.

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My 60th Birthday Gift is one of a kind, personalized photo collage that was designed to showcase the experiences and memories captured across the span of 6 decades. It will be a very sentimental present to give your mother/grandmother so far.

Send pictures the recipient captured as they explored the land, throw in some photos they shared with friends. Let them capture the wonder of their life and supply you a gift that captures their light. Share the memories that the blessing of life creates and display them within this unique keepsake.

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A glittering 60th birthday is a cause for celebration – and with the Glitter Cake Topper, you can make your mom’s special day extra magical.

The glitter cake topper is provided unmounted, so you can make the best decision on the stick height and placement. This cake topper features “Happy 60th Birthday Mum” written in a pink, purple, blue and green design on a white background. Cake toppers are provided unmounted, so you can make the best decision on the stick height and placement.

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The Boho Glasses Chain is a beautifully crafted handmade green glasses chain that can be worn as a necklace or belt.

This glasses chain necklace is a unique way to accessorize your eyeglasses. It can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. The gorgeous green color looks amazing with everything. It comes pre-strung on an adjustable cord, so no matter how big or small you are, it is guaranteed to fit.

It is handmade out of polymer clay beads, wire, glass beads and finished with Swarovski crystals. This green glasses chain is perfect for 60th birthday gifts for mom!

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Order this unique gift and they will create a very special candle for you. Add a personal message to create a one of a kind gift that will never be forgotten!

This lovely candle is a great gift for your mom’s 60th birthday. It can be personalized with a message of your choice. It comes in a cobalt blue glass votive holder and measures 2 inches by 2 inches by 4 inches. It also has a 40-hour burn time and is naturally scented with 100% soy wax with cotton wicks.

This candle makes the perfect gift for any occasion!

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a photo collage is priceless. Give your mom the gift of a lifetime with this custom collage from Etsy.

A photo collage is a great way to show how much you love your mother! You give her a handmade photo frame with all the pictures of the greatest memories of your life together. You will get the digital file of your choice so you can print it out at home or send it directly to a professional printer.

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Your mom is a precious person in your life that deserves to get the best thing that you can do. Then on a special occasion, it is great to give her this mom print gift for her.

Such a great gift to express how grateful and lovable you are to her! This print features a sunflower pattern, decorated with sentimental messages from a daughter to her mom. She will be so happy when opening your gift box.

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This is a personalized gift that was designed with care and attention to detail. Buy this gift to show your gratitude for all the love and support shown by your mother on her milestone birthday.

Your print is made on a premium giclee paper. This is a thick, luxurious paper with a matte finish and watercolor like paper texture. Loaded with thoughtful words of wisdom, this Turning 60 Birthday Gift is the perfect card to send to your favorite lady who has recently entered into her sixth decade.

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A picture with you and your mom to celebrate her 60th birthday event are very stunning when hung on the wall or standing on the desk. Whenever she looks at this picture, her memory of you will be alive in her mind.

More than just a normal picture frame, this well-made one has a unique string heart below a picture. The frame has a perfect size for both being on the wall and the table. Moreover, it proves that your relationship with your beloved mom is filled with boundless love.

The picture frame is a beautiful present deserving of giving your mom!

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If you’re looking for a Personalized Token Gift that’s truly unique, then look no further than this handcrafted card. This thoughtful keepsake is the perfect way to celebrate your mother’s 60 years of living and loving.

The cutest mini fold-out card in sparkly pink that says ‘60 and most definitely sensational’ in metallic gold foil. This blank card is a keepsake she’ll cherish for years to come, and it’s decorated with a festive happy birthday motif. Personalize it with her name and the date on the front, along with your own special message on the back.

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As a daughter, you want to impress your mom by giving her a special present on her special day? Then this Loving mom print will not let you down.

Available in 3 frame sizes, after choosing one of these options, you can select this print to be either a poster or a canvas. This high-quality matte canvas can be used to add color and life to any space. It features state of the art printing technology, and will not fade or warp.

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Leopardskin Jasper is the stone of wisdom. It is a combination of several different shades and hues of brown, with some jaspers containing spots or swirls of red, white or black. This beautiful necklace is said to have the power to promote happiness, awareness and insight.

Discover all of this beautiful leopardskin jasper silver necklace has to offer! This elegant silver necklace makes a great birthday gift for mom, 60th birthday gifts for mom or simply a special gift for someone you love!

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If your mother loves plants, it’s time to give her a plant holder set for her 60th birthday. This surprising gift will take her back for sure!

The plant hanger is very stylish and unique - vintage-inspired holders bring the perfect touch to your house. This holder set is very flexible for different shapes and sizes of planters. Your mom can use this plant holder to hang up on the balcony or any appropriate area as a decoration. So it both creates a green environment and a modern minimalist vibe.

This will be a wonderful gift to give her - she loves it so much!

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What do you think of a special 60th birthday gift for your mother? A customized floral apron chef is a great present.

This apron is designed with a natural pattern, definitely created for women. It will be much more unique because their apron is personalized professionally to bring you a stylish tote along with its high-quality experience. Your mother’s name is printed on the apron - it makes her feel like this present is only for her. There are various designs for you to select as your favorite color as well as the creature.

Needless to say, this gift should be added to your cart!

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If your mother is interested in home organization, then the book “Ball complete book of home preserving” is an awesome gift to give her. It is more special than she gets it on her 60th birthday.

With a designed appealing cover, the content definitely attracts your mom’s attention too. Since as a mother, she will keep her eyes on these kinds of things relating to the house. Along with lively illustrations, the book includes 400 innovative tips for the gold standard in home preserving supplies ranging from food to utensils.

Without a doubt, she will be thrilled with your present!

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If your mother is truly a cooking lover, then you can miss buying Sticky Toffee cotton kitchen towels for her 60th birthday. She would love it so much!

Made of 100% cotton, it is very absorbent and durable - reminiscent material of traditional flour sacks. As for care, you just put it into the washing machine and dry it normally. The design brings a simple, vintage vibe, which brightens the kitchen atmosphere. So she can use these towels for kitchen decors instead, it’s very pretty!

Decorated with charming style, this set of towels makes a wonderful housewarming gift to give her.

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Turning 60, your mother’s interest has changed a lot, so you also select the birthday gift very carefully. A Juniper Bonsai tree from the 9GreenBox store is really appropriate for the older vibe - like a green environment.

Homegrown in California, the tree is treated delicately and handpicked for the best quality. This Juniper is one of the easiest bonsai trees to care for, adapting in any condition - you just water it well. Giving her this tree symbolizes balance, meditation, peace, and fortune to the person who takes care of it!

So, this plant is a wonderful house gift to her!

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A small bag like a tote bag model is a great idea to give your mother for her 60th birthday milestone. So you can consider buying this “Not everyone looks this good at 60” keepsake bag for the ladies.

With the capacity of up to 21 liters, it is very suitable to put small items like beauty products, a wallet, a sunglass, or other tiny stuff in this bag, not offering your mom to carry these things in a big bag. Moreover, she can handle it by hand or over the shoulder!

Now, get it for her birthday gift!

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For a mother - your most beloved lady, her 60th birthday is such a meaningful milestone, right? Giving her a T-shirt featuring a “vintage 1961” pattern is a novel idea that is matched with her age.

The custom design created for the 60th birthday shirt is surely made for women. Even your mother’s body shape needs soft unisex clothing, no problem because this T-shirt meets all the available sizes. Moreover, the product quality is printed using eco-friendly materials, ensuring vibrant color and long-lasting durability.

This shirt makes a great birthday gift; get it for your mom now!

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Can’t wait to see your mom wearing this stunning love knot necklace! Add it to your cart to surprise your precious mom right now!

She will appreciate your gift as the effort and love you put into this pendant. It features a beautiful 14k white gold pendant embellished with premium CZ stones. This diamond necklace will be so great when being on her neck, especially with her dress. It is lovingly packaged in a complimentary soft touch box for easy gifting.

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At your mom’s 60th birthday party, a birthday cake is usually a must, right? Then you also should have cake decor and Black font & the golden number “Cheers to 60 years” birthday cake topper supply is a great choice!

The design is very stylish and brings a luxurious concept showing maturity and a sedate vibe. The golden flash of the number “60” also attracts attention and creates a cheerful atmosphere. The item has been assembled to be used directly, so you just put it on the cake.

Without hesitation, let’s add this product to your cart right now!

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Have you ever thought of buying socks to give your mom on your mother’s 60th birthday? We think she will be thrilled with how adorable this item is.

Featured with a “60 & fabulous sixty sexy” pattern, this pair of socks become more special, making her feel like this pair is created for her. As for its quality, it brings her a comfortable fit by the material of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% Elastane. There are several sizes for unisex, don’t worry if you are afraid of having no right size for her.

Your mom will enjoy it very much!

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To give your mom a special present for her 60th birthday celebration, a keepsake for house decoration is literally a great idea. A family tree with 6 hanging picture frames will be your potential option.

With a unique idea of creating this family tree, you can add your family photos and your mom’s photos to this decoration. The rounded stand provides a stable base to display the family tree on the table. It is a perfect place for your cherished photos of your family as precious memories of your mother.

Bringing thoughtful meaning, you should buy this item now!

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Surprise your mom, girlfriend, wife, daughter, grandma, or any special woman in your life with this gorgeous custom-month Love Knot necklace. This stunning piece of jewelry is handcrafted by skilled artisans and will be engraved with the first initial or full name of your recipient. They’ll treasure this necklace forever, and you’ll love that they’re wearing it with every outfit. It will give her a chance to wear the special symbol of your love and show the world what she means to you. This gift will make her feel loved. Show them how much you care with this wonderful gift!

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As a special present for your mom’s 60th birthday, a “60 years old” wall art keeping precious memories is not a bad purchase at all. It deserves to be on your list’s gift.

The art with many beloved wishes to your mother can be signed by the party guest to make a keepsake gift treasured for years to come. Even more special, you can personalize “60 YEARS” by using special digital photos arranged to spell out that phrase. For sure, the wall art seems more unique - only a gift for your mom!

This perfect gift will bring your family together!

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How to say “I love you” emotionally on your mom’s 60th birthday? Just give her this lovable mom tumbler as an indirect way to confess to her.

Designed for a mom gift, this pretty flask is definitely for her. Featuring a double vacuum insulation, it can keep her cold or hot beverage for up to 9 hours straight. Moreover, a tight lid won’t spill her drink out easily if she tosses it into her bag when being in a rush.

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Find nowhere else to get an amazing gift but get this birthday necklace to give your woman to create a 60th remarkable birthday for her!

The petite ribbon shaped pendant is embellished with dainty clear crystals. This necklace is packaged in a lovely box, along with a card filled with your best wishes for her. You can personalize your message by filling in the number and text so the shop will print it for you! So your gift will be much more special!

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If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for a 60th Birthday Woman, then this is the perfect print to make her a big surprise on a special celebration.

Your mom is a true original and she’s about to turn 60! This is a chance to celebrate all the things that make her so special and this print is the perfect gift. Handmade to order with love and sprinkled with special details, this birthday print is the perfect way to help your mom know how much you care.

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Your loved ones will be thrilled to receive this romantic love knot necklace as a gift. The knot is attached by a gold chain, but it’s the personalization that makes it special! These are classic ways to express your everlasting love and devotion to your special someone. Choose from different styles of love knot necklaces and personalize them with the name of your love, date, and/or the symbol of your commitment to them. They come in a special jewelry box that they can keep and display for years to come. What’s more, the personalized love knot necklace is the perfect gift for the 60th birthday or any special occasion.

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