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35 Best 50th Birthday Gifts for The Husband of Your Life

Your husband is turning 50 this year - going over a half of a life span, and you wish to get him something really special and meaningful that he can keep for years to come.

In his lifetime, he’s accomplished many things, such as becoming a dad, having his own career, and being a valued leader to everyone with his words of wisdom. He has been devoting his life for half of a century, and this birthday will be a new milestone in his life. But what are great 50th birthday gift ideas for men? Maybe at his age, he’d prefer the items which are practical or really meaningful to treasure as a way to commemorate his birthday. They are much more special to him if they are related to the things he loves. But you questioned yourself what exactly he wanted? What if he does not like your gift? Relax; we are here to help you out by listing out the high-quality and unique gifts that are highly suggested.

Just have a look from the top to the bottom line to consider carefully and find out the most suitable gift for your beloved partner. Let’s make him laugh happily and burst out of tears because of you. It’s time to show and prove your love to him.

Here are Best 50th Birthday Gifts for The Husband of Your Life

If your husband loves collecting wine or drinking wine, this whiskey decanter will be a perfect choice for you.

It is also a wonderful decoration at home whether it is empty or not. Personalized etched whiskey decanter perfect for milestone birthdays! This 23.75 oz decanter comes with a glass stopper and is dishwasher safe. Of course, engraving is permanent and requires no maintenance.

Perfect for a night of entertaining or commemorating a special occasion.

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Giving your husband this elegant, simple 1971 vintage shirt will be a perfect gift on his memorable birthday!

Made of 100% blend cotton, this classic shirt is very comfortable and breathable to take on. It also goes well with any kind of events and even occasions, especially the shirt will be much more stunning to style with a jean.

Just choose your size and print location from the menu above, and they will get your shirt shipped out fast.

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If your husband often cooks or is interested in cooking, give him this engraved cutting board.

This “Dad’s Carving Station” cutting board is made from only 100% solid hardwoods free of stain, paint, and other chemicals. Display the engraved side and use the opposite side to prepare your family meals. You can also use the board as a cheese or charcuterie board. It is also perfect to decorate in the kitchen area as well!

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Do you think giving your husband a necklace on his 50th birthday is a good idea? Yes, it will be if you come with this star map necklace.

The custom star map is a glance of the heavens. Capturing the exact way the night stars looked at the location and date of your choice. If the custom engraving option is available, engrave onto the back of the pendant your loved one’s name or your wedding date.

A unique way to remember a special day and highlight a memory for your husband.

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Are you looking for a special gift that is made for 50th birthday celebration only? Then you have come to the right place. Go with this personalized “50 years” picture frame.

The listing is for the digital version of my 50 years letter art image that the print will include. You will receive one printable 50 years letter art image which is then customized with your husband’s name above the letter art image and the 50th Birthday date or short comment below. You can add a good wishes quote of your choice around the digital image which is much more spectacular.

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On the birthday of your husband, especially his 50th birthday, the card to note down your beloved wishes to your partner is always a good way. It is the fastest way to make his birthday much more touching and memorable.

All cards are blank inside for your personal message. Cards are laser cut using thick 300 GSM cards. All products come sealed in an eco-friendly cellophane bag and are shipped in a hardback envelope to keep your cards safe.

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Do you want to find a funny, special present that feels like it is made for your husband? Then this personalized newsletter makes a perfect gift for your choice.

This 50th birthday gift print makes a perfect gift idea for someone born in 1971. On the heading news, you can see the name of the recipient is printed on it. It is a fun way to look back! He will be very excited and surprised to see their name in print.

It is great for framing or you can choose laminated. It is up to you!

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A penny keychain will be a great and stunning keepsake that he will treasure like your love to him for years to come.

These keyrings have been lovingly handmade from highly polished 1971 copper penny coins. Made from heavy metal, it never gets faded or blurred by the physical effects. The keyrings are made using rose gold plated bezels and penny coins giving a high quality finish.

You will receive your keyring in a luxury presentation box, so your gift is ready to be sent to him right away!

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Have you not found out the great gift for your husband’s birthday? This metallic word print will help you out.

This is a modern, personalised keepsake print to highlight everything about your beloved person. Hand finished with gold or copper metallic foil, this metallic print will make a very special gift, filled with your best wishes to him. He will be very touched when he knows how sweet and delicate you are.

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For your husband’s 50th birthday, if he has a fishing hobby then you cannot miss this eight bronze fishing lure.

He will be happy and excited so much when you show this gift in front of him. It makes a perfect 50th birthday commomentary for him. It also can be purchased in antiqued copper, antiqued brass or stainless steel. You can customize this fish hook with your own.

He will cherish your gift a lot, as a grateful way to appreciate how thoughtful you are.

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A simple but meaningful present, a mug like this silver metallic coffee mug is always a good choice.

Engraved with a striking “1971: Year of the Legend” design, this gift is sure to put a smile on your love’s face! Up to hold 350 ml capacity, this unique mug will get plenty of use, to indulge in his well deserved tea or coffee every morning!

This truly is a thoughtful fiftieth present that can be used again and again.

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For a romantic gift on your husband’s 50th birthday, why don’t you give him this flower card. The card will make a deep impression on him, more than any kind of luxurious gifts he has received.

This stylish handcrafted number birthday card can be personalized with the recipient’s own name and birthday age and is sure to add even more joy to the already happy occasion! Just write down some wishes and beloved notes to congratulate your partner turning 50 this year. He will keep it as a precious keepsake to treasure.

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If your husband loves cycling, this 3D cycling standee decoration will be a surprising gift so far. He will love this gift so much since it is related to his hobby/interest!

The 3D decoration is in the shape of a cyclist riding through trees. Personalised text on the tree trunk with name. The message piece is pulled out at a 45 degree angle at the back and all text can be personalized following your request. This gift will be packaged carefully in a hard backed envelope before arriving.

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On your husband’s 50th birthday, you think that the gift should be very special and meaningful right? Then this custom print will not let you down!

On the number 50, it prints several photos inside that you choose then send to the store. Below is the birthday wish and his birthday date that you can personalize. Please choose a digital or printed option and dimensions. Then add your request in the checkbox section. Just wait to get the preview and give them feedback to get the best quality item!

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To mark his special and memorable birthday - he turns 50 this year, you should give him something like a prize for his devotion. This silver commemorative is a perfect choice.

The commemorative is finished in fine silver and presented in a high-quality molded capsule. This proof-quality commemorative features very intricate detailing throughout with fully embossed designs to both sides. In particular, it is engraved with the congratulations “50 years…” and you can choose a different design following your preference.

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A gift for your husband as a 50th birthday gift and an anniversary one, this 3D light decoration will catch your eyes at first glance.

Their skilled technicians will laser etch the 3D model into the crystal. Just send them your wedding photo and they can personalize 3D engraving along with a free optional text etching of your selection.

On this anniversary, impress your loved one with your most thoughtful gift yet!

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Think of a unique present for your husband on his 50th milestone birthday, this printed vintage glass will make him smile happily as being given.

Permanently engraved rocks glass engraved with “Vintage 1971 Cheers to 50 Years Aged To Perfection” - This “Cheers to 50 years” glass is a very special present that is designed for someone having their 50th birthday. The glass can hold up to 11 oz, the perfect size to enjoy drinking wine taste.

He’ll love using your gift whenever he drinks wine so much!

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On someone’s birthday, even your husband’s 50th birthday, the card to write down your wishes and congratulations cannot be missed!

The card is designed with a funny quote ““Oh my goodness- you’re half a hundred!!!”. With a green color, it matches with the man’s color taste that is not too feminine for him. This card is also a recycled white card 132 mm square with an envelope and biodegradable sleeve.

You can choose one of 8 different colors to find a suitable card for him!

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Do you find your husband’s gift really tough? Don’t worry, just give this funny sock as a gift, he will laugh out loud when opening the gift box and see what’s inside.

This pair of printed socks come in 2 neutral colors: grey and light grey with different sizes. All sock selections will come with the quote/writing shown in the first image, even if not shown on the stock photo.

Mark it as a gift and add a gift message, update the address when you check out and the packages will be sent directly to your gift recipient.

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This fifty scrabble frame makes a perfect gift for the 50th birthday party. It will mean a lot to your husband when being given this present from his darling.

The picture frame is presented in a wooden whitewashed frame measuring 7 inch x 7 inch. Scrabble pieces spelling FIFTY mounted on a white background. Finished with black ink text and a choice of wooden heart or star embellishments. Frames can be personalized with names at an additional charge.

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The coin keychain will be a great option for your husband on his 50th birthday.

Choose your penny year from the drop-down menu to the right of the listing. One 1” aluminum silver stamped charm. Because they have been circulated, there may be minor nicks and scratches, especially on older coins.

Hand stamping is striking metal with steel stamps by hand. Any quirks and irregularities are part of the process and add to the piece’s uniqueness.

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To light up the birthday party, these light-up wine bottles are an awesome option for you. It will heat up the romantic atmosphere when he switches on these bottles.

Each bottle engraves the line “Happy 50th” feature with a personalized name below. You can type his name on the box selection while ordering. It is sure to appeal to anyone who likes to fill their home with stylish and sentimental items.

Send your loved one, one of our gorgeous bottles for their 50th birthday and treat them to a gift they’ll treasure forever.

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To show your love to your beloved husband on his memorable 50th birthday, this wall art will make him very very touched and happy.

Today is his 50th birthday, and this beautiful poster deserves to be a wonderful gift. The print contains a high-quality image that looks fabulous printed and framed. Fill out each of the 50 hearts with reasons you love the recipient - this works great as a party guest book alternative where everyone can write a comment in a heart.

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As a birthday gift, this leather bracelet will be a great option ever. It will be his favorite accessory along with his daily outfit.

Bracelets are made from high-quality genuine leather, finished with our signature magnetic stainless steel clasp to create a unique modern finish. They fit snugly around the leather and they do not move around the leather unless you push them. This means he can organize them along with the band wherever he wants!

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Do you want to find a couple of gift that shows your deep love towards your partner? This gold couple sculpture will catch your eyes right away!

The golden anniversary is a remarkable accomplishment and shall be celebrated with a small treasure to commemorate the day. Children’s figures can be added on the other side but if you intend to add figures.

Your husband married your twin flame and the fire is still burning in your hearts.

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A print filled with lots of love and wishes is an awesome present you can give your husband on his 50th birthday.

The shop specializes in personalized canvas prints, metal prints, and photographic paper prints with all of our original designs. You can view the different sizes and mediums available, along with a respective price, from the drop-down selection box.

This custom art piece is specially designed to commemorate the wedding anniversary, so it comes out very pretty and suitable for your gift purpose.

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To make your 50th birthday much more meaningful and full of precious memories, then this decoration - a mental family tree.

Traditionally, tin is the gift for ten-year wedding anniversaries. Tin perfectly symbolizes the purity of your marriage, as it has low toxicity and is resistant to corrosion, while still being pliable. It is used to symbolize how a successful marriage needs the flexibility to reach this milestone.

So this gift means a lot to him. This family tree makes a fantastic gift that he can treasure forever.

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If your husband loves cooking, this “Made in 1971” apron will be a great gift for him.

High-quality printing and fabric make this birthday apron a gift to last a lifetime! Made from 100% cotton, the 78cm length fits all the body sizes. All their aprons are designed and printed in-house at their UK print factory. So, don’t worry about its quality at all, you will be satisfied with this product when it arrives.

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On your husband’s 50th birthday, giving a ceramic ornament will be a good gift that he is not expecting at all.

A gorgeous keepsake heart ceramic measures approx 7cm across comes wrapped in pink tissue in an organza bag ready to give. Note this is a standard ceramic/s and cannot be personalized. If you want a personalized item please purchase a personalized ceramic. In case you want a gift message included please add a gift note, message them as well.

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To capture the precious memories, you can give your husband this notebook as a birthday gift.

This 24-page, square format Personalised 50th Birthday Memory Book is a unique and individual handmade gift for celebrating this special birthday occasion and landmark in life! He can write his personal message as a daily diary or stick his favorite photos on it like the album.

Choose from 6 background colors for the front cover as well as the image cover to be like the birthday gift most.

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A funny printed sock will make your husband’s 50th birthday full of surprise and joy. He will be very excited when being given this present from you.

Underneath each of the socks, it prints “I’m not 50 - I’m 18 with 32 years experience” which is very funny. Using the highest quality stretch vinyl, he will feel warm and comfortable wearing these socks every single day.

Please pay extra attention when placing your order and ensure you pick the right design.

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A 1971 vintage shirt will be a worthy gift that he will love wearing at his birthday party.

There are many sizes that you can choose from as long as it fits his body shape and he feels comfortable when using it. Part of the 6TN 2021 Birthday range, this vintage 1971 t-shirt looks and feels great. It’s our take on 1971 clothes with a retro disco feel it’s the disco king of 1971 shirts.

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For a 50th birthday for your husband, this custom anniversary wall art will be a great option for him!

The print proudly shows off all the conquests, experiences, and adventures you have taken - as a couple and as a family with him! You can personalize an adventure map that captures lots of precious memories. Adding more locations will affect the quality of the print.

He’ll be touched when receiving this special present from you!

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The cardinal couple bird decoration is a wonderful and pretty keepsake to be in your bedroom.

These beautiful birds are hand-carved in oak and hand-painted with wood dye, then coated with a clear finish. Each bird measures 5 inches long x 2 inches wide x 2.5 inches high. They are mounted on a beautiful base made of Cherry burl.

They can personalize this piece by adding an engraved wooden heart with your choice of words. That makes the present much more special.

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