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35 Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas That Your Recipients Definitely Love

Birthdays are a time to relax from the daily stresses and have fun with the people you care about most. Friends and family often plan birthdays together. They can invite other people and buy birthday gifts for that person. One's 40th birthday is an important milestone in life. The date of birth represents the maturity and experience in one's life.

Family members often give gifts or money to the person celebrating. They can also send birthday messages expressing how much they care about the person. Birthday messages can be written on postcards and printed in birthday magazines so that everyone can contribute their thoughts to the celebration of the person's birthday. In addition, family members can plan a surprise birthday party for their loved ones so that more people can join in celebrating their birthday. A 40th birthday gift should remind your friend that you consider him or her an essential part of your life; This will help them feel appreciated by you.

One's fortieth birthday is a vital event in one's life. One's 40th birthday is a symbol of maturity and life experience. Your friend will appreciate any gift or congratulatory letter you send him or her at this time! To help him celebrate, consider gifting him something relevant to your niche, or elevate his world with dozens of greeting cards. Check out our 40th birthday gift ideas.

Here are Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas That Your Recipients Definitely Love

The word "boy/girl" is used with people under the age of 18. But who can stop the people you love from living those beautiful years forever. That's why this T-shirt was chosen for the birthday.

The T-shirt is designed in a unisex form with high quality cotton blend material to bring a comfortable experience to the recipient. This is a unique gift version as it is completed with personalized details with the recipient's photo.


✔️ The beauty of youth

✔️ Colorful personalized print content

✔️ Short but meaningful wishes

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Captivate your Mom on her 40th birthday with a Custom Puzzle Photo to bring her special memories to life!

With up to 10 images of your choice and 500 or 1000 pieces for extra challenging fun, our puzzle is done with a paper & wood fiber blending for a durable and sturdy finish. Available in two sizes of 54 x 40 cm and 75 x50 cm, it features a 2.3mm thickness and will be sure to brighten up any wall decor. Give your Mom the best gift she will love!


✔️ Give her a special keepsake to remember this milestone

✔️ Create a cozy time together to finish the picture

✔️ A gift of art but is unique and is the only one

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Our mother's gratitude can never be fully paid back, and will you ever get all the good things for your mother when you grow up? So instead of saying, give your mother a "Stunning at 40 Acrylic- Birthday Gift" on her 40th birthday.

Acrylic is made of friendly and durable material. Besides, you can easily customize the image, song, or song title to suit the taste of you and your mother. In addition, the product is suitable for decorating any room in the house. This will be the handiest gift for many uses.


✔️ Durable materials

✔️ Professional printing technology

✔️ Can customize the image, song

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What women wear reveals a great deal about their beliefs and personalities. At first glance, this Custom Name Sterling Silver Necklace gives off a summary of your loved one's personality and way of life.

This necklace has excellent craftsmanship and straight, clean lines. It is made with modern font designs and is a requirement if your loved one wants to customize her accessorizing style. She will have a strong sense of self-assurance and joy when wearing this necklace because she will feel like you are by her side.


✔️ Won’t cause any itching

✔️ Help with her circulation

✔️ Improve her mood and accent any outfit

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Our Personalized Floral Style Tumbler is a great option for anyone looking for the ideal hydration bottle to bring with them on their run, walk, or jog — or even to the gym.

Give us your loved one's name and birth year so we can make a custom tumbler as a gift. This slim tumbler is more beautiful and vivid thanks to the imaginative 3D print, which will also touch the recipient's personality. The tumbler is ideal for car travel because it does not spill or leak and keeps any beverages hot or cold for hours. Gifting your loved one now to express your love!


✔️ Have a wide opening

✔️ Fit in car cup holders

✔️ Enjoy hot and cold drinks longer

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3D illusion light lamps are wonderful items for anyone to have in their home. This 12 Zodiac Signs LED Lamp is undoubtedly intended to liven up a room as décor.

You can select the zodiac sign that best suits the recipient from the twelve available. Additionally, you can personalize the name and birthdate to make the gift even more unique. The recipient will be overjoyed and cherish your gift for a very long time. We also send heartfelt messages specific to each lamp's zodiac sign. What more wonderful and desirable thing could there be than such a lovely and thoughtful gift? Purchase now before it's too late!


✔️ Produce minimal heat output

✔️ Enough brightness and illumination

✔️ Have a long lifespan with normal use

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Get ready to surprise her with the best gift ever on her 40th birthday - a personalized photo poster!

For a truly special and unforgettable gift, you can create a unique poster with up to 10 of your own photos on our high-quality resin-coated paper. Plus, easily add her name and age for the perfect finishing touch. Feel the love without spending hours editing - Custom Photo Poster has got it covered!


✔️ Will help remind her how beautiful she is

✔️ Great way to express yourself and your love

✔️ Let her look back how beautiful life she has

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Happy 40th birthday to the amazing woman in your life. Let this unique piece of jewelry make the special day sweeter and more memorable.

The necklace features a pendant engraved with the name in a modern font. Sterling silver material does not rust and does not yellow to ensure its long-lasting beauty. It will become her favorite item that shows her personality and bravery.


✔️ Elegant jewelry for women

✔️ Personalized with her name

✔️ Guaranteed for many years

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Father's gratitude for birth and upbringing is always great and sacred because he is also the one who nurtures us to grow up every day. So, on your father's birthday, give him a meaningful gift to show his love him. For example, you can give Dad "Vintage Dock Station For 40th Birthday Men."

The product is made from natural birch plywood which is very durable and natural color. Besides, it can help keep a lot of your gadgets, making it easy to manage as well as not being afraid to mix things up.


✔️ Natural birch plywood

✔️ Keep a lot of gadgets

✔️ Practical gift

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Birthday gifts for 40-year-olds are always a concern and headache for many people. Gift-giving is a direct expression of love for the recipient. We would like to introduce the Fun Than Two Tumbler For 40th Birthday Recipients as a meaningful birthday gift.

The mug is made of unique SUS 304 material with a vacuum layer that helps keep the water temperature up to 3 to 4 hours. You can also print your name and choose up to 7 colors for the mug.


✔️ Can customize the name

✔️ Keep water temperature from 3-4 hours

✔️ Lovely birthday gift

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Have you been considering a wooden plaque for a special one's birthday present? If you’re not sure which one to choose from, consider investing in this The One Where Turn 40 Wooden Plaque.

This wooden item is strong and lasts for a very long time. A whole scale exists to rate wood according to its hardness. It is ideal for use as decoration in the bedroom or anywhere else your loved one desires. Even though the gift is classic, it conveys your sincere sentiments. Such a special and significant product is not available anywhere. Get it now!


✔️ Add a quality piece to any home

✔️ Can mesh with any current decor

✔️ Can be passed down through the generations

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Make sure he remembers every special moment of his 40th birthday party with a Custom Chronograph Watch.

This sleek stainless steel watch features a water-resistance rating of 3 ATM and can be customized with his age. Perfect for special occasions and great as a 40th birthday gift, it's something no man should be without! With the Custom Chronograph Watch, he'll stay stylish while honoring all the moments that make life worth living.


✔️ Provides a touch of sophistication

✔️ Gives you a classic look that fits any occasion

✔️ Increases your confidence level when he's out with friends

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Make a move and grab the perfect gift for celebrating any milestone! Our limited edition Personalized Tumbler is timeless & unique, crafted with premium 304 stainless steel material and a lid to preserve your hot or cold beverage. Give the gift of long-lasting memories with this special edition tumbler that says: "Still Awesome After All These Years" - perfect for celebrating milestones like a 40th birthday or wedding anniversary.


✔️ Holds 20 ounces of your favorite beverage

✔️ The personalization will make it memorable

✔️ Come with 5 background colors

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If a person wakes up at night, a led light allows them to see where they are going without turning on the main light and disturbing other members of the household. One of the best options is this Multiple Colors 3D LED Light.

The nightlight comes in seven different colors. It provides users with a gentle but adequate illumination effect that isn't dazzling or flickering and won't harm their eyes. Moreover, there is no high temperature. Because the lamp is safe to touch, it can be used in any home. View it right away!


✔️ Save the replacement cost

✔️ Produce less waste light

✔️ Emit almost no heat

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If anyone in your life is a coin collector, then he will love this gold commemorative coin for his 40th birthday. A fun and respectful way to remind him/her of his age. He/she will be able to keep this cute little gift in his wallet as a reminder.


✔️ Finished with 999 US Silver

✔️ Perfect souvenir to show your love

✔️ Shiny, clear design

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You can never go wrong with a pampering gift for a woman on her 40th birthday or any holiday for that matter. Let her know how much you love her and what life wouldn't be without her with this spa gift set. This is an unforgettable birthday greeting for both you and her.


✔️ Perfect way to show love, care

✔️ Easy to get her smile

✔️ A luxury gift packed in a gorgeous box

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Ready for a cute, fun birthday gift for the woman who's about to have her 40th birthday? Sash and crown will make a huge hit at her birthday party. 40th birthday crown and sash make your lady feel like a queen at the party.


✔️ Gift that pleases everyone

✔️ Make your 40th birthday party memorable

✔️ Elegant accessories for the party

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These makeup bags are customizable and perfect as cute 40th birthday gifts for ladies. Girls always want to look cool and with this product, they will be able to do it anytime, anywhere. Perfect for travel or on the go, this is sure to be her favorite accessory!


✔️ Made of luxurious genuine leather

✔️ Great feeling to the touch

✔️ Best personalized for your loved one

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If it's a great gift idea for men you're looking for, look no further than a personalized pocket watch. You can easily gift this watch on his 40th birthday so he has a one-of-a-kind luxury gift that he is sure to show off to guys.


✔️ Premium Quality

✔️ Exquisitely crafted

✔️ Long-lasting use

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Personalized gifts, as opposed to gift certificates and generic goods, are memorable and can remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness each time they see it in the future. That's the reason why we recommend this Welcome To 40th Birthday Party Wood Ornament.

Our product features a nontoxic, odor-free, exquisitely crafted, and fashionable design. It won't go out of style or become obsolete like other things, like shag carpets, did. It can be hung as a door decoration or displayed as a home decoration anywhere the recipient desires. Check it out for more information!


✔️ Show that you understand and care

✔️ Honor the recipient individually

✔️ Unlikely to fade over time

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Do you know the way to turn a simple item into a meaningful gift? If not, this Still Pretty Nifty Happy Birthday - Personalized Wine Tumbler will be a brilliant choice to help your beloved have a memorable 40th birthday.

This stainless steel tumbler is amazing with its 12oz capacity and the ability to keep the temperature for up to 4 hours. A custom name and age will be professionally printed on the item to ensure its uniqueness and meaningfulness for the receiver.


✔️ Double-wall design, useful to keep the temperature

✔️ Made from high-quality materials, safe for health

✔️ Dishwasher safe

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A mug is a universal gift no matter the occasion, but you can still make it special with this Old Lives Matter Personalized Cup.

Impressive products with outstanding patterns and custom names will make a unique and stylish gift for you. You can be personalized to match the gift recipient. This tumbler is ideal for reminding your lover which of his traits makes you happiest. Tell him how special he is to you.


✔️ Take your favorite drink everywhere

✔️ Bring a refreshing experience

✔️ Show your thoughtfulness and meticulousness

✔️ Simple but practical everyday

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Level up in style with our personalized Twill Cap! Featuring ‘Level Unlocked’ text on the front and comfortable cotton twill material, this cap is the perfect way to show off your style while keeping it simple and classic.

Choose the color and number of your choice, and make it a meaningful gift for him on his 40th birthday - he will cherish it for a lifetime!


✔️ A special gift that will never go out of style

✔️ Keeps your head cool during summer

✔️ Great way to start any conversation

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This God Says You Are Empathetic Creative Passionate - Customized Canvas is an ideal choice for her birthday!

The most interesting part lies in the custom words you choose to describe her, and each of those characteristics will be presented together with a flower. Everything is just beautiful and impressive enough to attract her at the first sight.


✔️ Can be displayed in any spaces

✔️ Personalized with personal characteristics

✔️ Delivered in a protective tube

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People used to personalize their gifts with intricate designs and initials to show how much they cared for their loved ones. So, why not add a personal touch to your wife's 40th birthday gift with this hilarious yet charming personalized white mug?

This 15oz white gloss ceramic mug comes with a top to bottom full wrap decoration that features the funny and playful message "Caution This One May Make Desperate Attempts To Be Sexy".


✔️ Available in two different sizes for your favorite

✔️ Come with the full-color imprinting

✔️ Have sturdy ceramic construction

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A 40th birthday is significant: a nearly half-century of life is certainly something to be celebrated. We recommend this Happy 40th Birthday Wall Clock to help you celebrate your special woman's milestone birthday.

This unique clock measures 12 inches (30 cm) and is the perfect size for any room in your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom. The vintage rustic design features a lightly distressed wooden clock face with numerals that add a touch of elegance to any home decor style.


✔️ Vintage rustic design perfect for decor style

✔️ Battery operated for convenience

✔️ Easily installed with attached keyhole hanger

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Did you know that the hoodie was originally invented in the 1930s as workwear for laborers in cold warehouses? Now, it has become a popular fashion item and a versatile gift option for any occasion, including a 40th birthday celebration.

Make your loved one, family member, or friend's 40th birthday more exciting with this playful "more fun than 20 years old" hoodie. The soft shirt features a basic form but stands out with its witty slogan that will surely bring smiles and laughter to the party.


✔️ Made with 100% cotton polyester

✔️ High-quality print that won't fade or peel

✔️ Machine washable for easy care

✔️ Perfect for a cozy night in or a casual day out

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Do you know that reusable plastic water bottles aren't as hygienic as tumblers? To protect our health, use our Vacuum Insulation Skinny Tumbler.

The tumbler is the ideal birthday present that everyone will treasure. It can make people want to drink more water and keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 6 hours. Particularly, the detachable lid is simple to twist off for easy filling and cleaning.


✔️ Designed on your demand

✔️ Feature a reduced spills slide lock

✔️ Come with the best possible seal

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Her 40th birthday will become more complete if she receives this Making The World A Happier Place Since 1983 - Customized Necklace as a gift. She will look gorgeous and charming with this necklace, a piece of jewelry that is made from perfect craftsmanship and care.


✔️ A meaningful and attractive birthday gift for all women

✔️ Added with a personalized year to make the gift more unique

✔️ Adjustable length to fit almost all

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It's your lucky day because you get to choose the exact date of birth, you'd like us to print on your personalized night light. It's the perfect 40th birthday present to let your loved ones know just how special they are to you. And don't worry - we'll add the personality you want to include to the mix. It's up to you.


✔️ A wide choice of customization

✔️ Bring happiness to his or her birthday

✔️ Create long-lasting memories forever

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3D Light is an essential accent for every room or hallway. The 3D light will provide a new depth and feeling of wonder to the space, as well as enlighten it from the dark. 3D lighting is not only a lovely and romantic ornament, but it is also an efficient source of light. It is an absolute must-have for everyone who lives in a high-rise flat or wants a modern yet lovely lighting décor.


✔️ Create a breathtaking view behind your back

✔️ Provides a 3D experience like no other

✔️ Create a fun, romantic ambiance

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For your 40-year-old man, there is something here regardless of your budget or his interests. This Limited Edition Aged to Perfection Tumbler has you covered with an unforgettable idea if you're looking to buy him a bit of a splurge birthday gift. Regardless, your present will undoubtedly make his biggest birthday yet even more memorable!


✔️ Custom year

✔️ Choose the background

✔️ Convenient for filling and cleaning

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Make your man feel extra special with this Custom Age Men Short because turning 40 is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated. The quick "meet your man where he is for the day" will turn into a humorous gift, whether he is relaxing at home, going for a run, attending class, or working.


✔️ Ease slightly near the leg

✔️ Pull-On closure

✔️ Make him feel surprised

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Birthday presents come in a wide variety, but the one that the recipient finds most useful will undoubtedly be her favorite. For your loved one's 40th birthday, a custom boxer is the perfect gift choice. Sizes XS to 5XL are available, so you can pick the one that fits him best without worrying about a fit issue.


✔️ No need to worry about the size

✔️ Soft and comfortable material

✔️ Print funny details about the age of 40

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If you are finding a gift for a 40th birthday, this It Took Me 40 Years To Look This Good Twill Cap will be the best. The cap is suitable for all events, so it will be a good collection for your man's outfit collection.


✔️ Vary in color

✔️Special with embroidery text

✔️ Adjustable

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You will have the most special birthday gift if you choose this custom decor sign for the upcoming birthday party, believe us. Everyone who receives this present will be amazed by how well-made it is, and he/she will appreciate how thoughtful you are to choose such a unique personalized present.


✔️ Differentiated birthday gift with custom letter/word

✔️ Durable with premium quality materials

✔️ Suitable for all gift receivers

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A great 40th birthday gift for someone special in your life. The personalized birth chart canvas poster is a must-have birthday gift for your loved ones. Featuring a charming and unique canvas print on a frame, this personalized birthday poster will surely be cherished.


✔️ An eye-catching way to express your big love

✔️ Easily personalize to your choice

✔️ Come with a vibrant design

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Are you going to a party tonight? Do you have plans for a fun night with friends and family later on in the week? The ‘I am 39 +’ sweatshirt is an awesome birthday present that you can order now and have delivered in time for your friend’s 40th birthday. There is no doubt they will appreciate this thoughtful and sweet gift!


✔️ Made from the finest fabric materials

✔️ Have a soft stretchy interior and exterior

✔️ Fit true to size

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  • Express your love on his or her birthday. If you don't know how to say it, don't worry, the poster with 40 reasons I love you will make that person the happiest person in the party.

  • You just need to give the words of love you want to send, and how to express it will be expressed in the gift that person receives.

  • The number 40 is really meaningful to those who are about to turn 40.

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  • On someone's 40th birthday, they will love meaningful and commemorative gifts. Personalized fabric sheet music will be one of the gift suggestions for you.

  • At the age of 40 are neither too old nor young, at this age, they like to enjoy themselves. With personalized music that will help make their preferences come true.

  • Send your love and the music that the person likes, and you will surely receive a gift that will not disappoint.

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  • A personalized mug is a perfect suggestion for birthday gifts that you want to give to those who are about to have their 40th birthday. The cup will make the person receiving the gift feel warm and happy.

  • Help them sip their favorite coffee flavors. The cute mug will be packed in a meaningful and safe box when it reaches the gift recipient.

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  • With the number of 40 memories for those who are about to have their 40th birthday, this is a suitable and meaningful gift. This birthday milestone will make the person touched by this meaningful number.

  • On the landmark, you can personalize it with pictures of the two of you. They feel that they are a special person in the love and affection of the two of you.

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  • The cross necklace is a perfect gift suggestion for you. This gift is very meaningful to those who are about to have their 40th birthday. Your wishes for that person will be personalized on the cross.

  • Made of stainless steel, with a shiny cross face, this will be the most outstanding birthday present in gifts. Do not hesitate any longer without choosing this unique gift as gift.

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  • A gift that never fades, will be a gift to keep memories forever. Are you looking for such a gift? Don't worry, the personalized keychain won't let you down.

  • The keychain is made from stainless steel, it will stay with you as long as possible. You just need to give your requirements, then just wait and have a customized gift right in your hand.

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  • More than just a blanket, it's also a blanket you can personalize as a gift. This is a perfect suggestion for those who are about to have their 40th birthday.

  • This warm blanket will make the recipient happy and relaxed with it. Made from soft cotton yarns, they are pleasurable to the touch.

  • In addition to being a gift, the blanket will make the recipient fall asleep without worrying about the cold.

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  • You want to say words of love to your loved one when his 40th birthday is approaching. You have no way to express your feelings? Don't worry, the personalized 40 Reasons I Love You poster will make that mistake for you.

  • You just need to give sweet words, you will have a poster full of love words to give to that person. The person who receives this gift will probably shed tears because he feels he is the happiest person.

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  • Personalized posters will be the unique gift you should give someone on their 40th birthday. They will be very surprised with your gift along with that they will smile happily with this unique gift.

  • The birthday songs are personalized on the poster, along with the images you choose to be printed with. Unexpectedly, this gift will be made according to the recipient's preferences.

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  • A birthday gift is a necklace that you will give on someone's 40th birthday that is sure to be great. The stone face sparkles like a diamond that will highlight them in the birthday party.

  • This necklace will not disappoint anyone, it will surprise everyone at the birthday party with the stone studded on the ring. This will be a gift forever that will never rust.

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  • A personalized shirt looks better than ever when you get it as someone's 40th birthday gift. With unique colors and designs, the recipient will not be disappointed with this gift of yours.

  • You have 3 colors to choose from, the quality shirt is made from cool cotton. The words printed on the shirt will be the message you want to send to the recipient. They will be delighted with this gift.

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  • In addition to luxury and expensive gifts, you can give meaningful gifts to celebrate someone on their 40th birthday. A personalized T-shirt is one of the birthday gift suggestions for you.

  • The shirt is made of cotton fabric, cool and elastic, don't worry about the product quality. The shirt also has a funny graphic printed on the front, so the recipient is sure to feel unique and smile.

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  • Every birthday gift has its meaning, and you don't know what special gift to give to those who are about to have their 40th birthday. A personalized acrylic array is a gift suggestion for you.

  • You just need to send your love messages, and you will immediately receive a perfect gift to give to that person.

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  • Looking for a colorful birthday gift for someone who is about to have a 40th birthday? Don't worry, your custom star is a gift suggestion for you.

  • The product is made from durable acrylic, you do not need to worry about the quality of the product. Each light on the map will make the gift recipient speechless.

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  • There's nothing better than celebrating someone's 40th birthday with a personalized mug. Write your messages or words of love on the gift so they can see your sincerity.

  • This special gift can help those who are about to have their 40th birthday sip some coffee or hot drinks of the cold winter.

  • This unique gift idea is for you, so what are you waiting for.

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  • People who are about to have their 40th birthday will not expect that you will give them a pillow. This unique gift idea certainly won't let them down.

  • Can be used as a gift, as well as a decoration for the sofa to increase the solemnity of the house.

  • Made from fabric with sharp prints, the pillow becomes unique and strange when it becomes a birthday gift.

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  • One gift idea for you for those approaching their 40th birthday is a personalized horoscope. With this gift, the person can make a souvenir and decorate their home.

  • The glitter of the stars printed on a personalized map with your words of love makes this simple gift more special than ever.

  • Celebrate those who are about to turn 40 with this special gift to make them feel more loved.

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  • If you want to increase the charm and elegance of a man approaching 40 years old, a personalized luxury watch is a gift idea for you. Your 44-yea4-old man will feel pampered with this gift.

  • The beauty of a luxury watch will increase the charm of a man. An anniversary gift will make him never forget you.

  • The luxurious gift packaged in an equally expensive box will attract all eyes to you.

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  • Celebrate those who are about to turn 40 with a unique and novel birthday gift. Personalized posters are one of the gift suggestions for you to give to those who are about to have their 40th birthday.

  • The lines printed on the poster are clear, adding colorful colors will make the poster unique and new. Along with your messages, give this gift to that person.

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  • One's fortieth birthday is an important event in one's life. You are looking to give a funny, funny gift on their birthday. The 40th birthday badge is a unique gift idea.

  • They will feel funny and meaningful with this gift from you. It seems that students will appreciate this gift more than ever. All are handmade so you can be assured of the quality of the product.

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  • These comfortable and stylish socks are the perfect personalized 40th birthday gift. These socks are perfect for anyone celebrating turning 40 and make a fun souvenir that's sure to make you laugh!

  • These fun socks will help the recipient retain the good memories of his or her birthday. In addition, it also keeps their feet warm. So what are you waiting for with this unique gift idea.

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  • The 40th birthday is a celebration of the world that shaped the recipient. Help them celebrate their birthday with a personalized 40th birthday book US version.

  • Each page is filled with personalized memories and details, from the day they were born, throughout their childhood, and important teen years.

  • Each unique book is created using our state-of-the-art software. All we need from you is the name and date of birth of the gift recipient.

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  • 40th birthday gift for those who like to sip their favorite drinks. A personalized wine glass will be a surprise gift for your partner.

  • The cups are made of vinyl so you don't have to worry about it fading. This gift will make the recipient smile happily with what they are wanting.

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  • To make someone's 40th birthday more romantic, wax candles will be a gift idea for you. This candle is the perfect gift to get a 404yea4-old's smile.

  • Beautiful gift with the glitter of rose and the smell of rosemary sage, it's a strong, yet very pleasant scent.

  • This 100% hand-poured soy wax candle is non-toxic, soos-free, dyd-free and burns 30-50% longer than your regular paraffin wax candle!!!

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  • A super fun 40th birthday card! A funny greeting card for those who are about to have their 40th birthday! This unicorn pole dance card will make him or her explode with a unique gift.

  • If you want to send love messages but are afraid to say it in words, then this is a perfect idea for you. Our 40th birthday greeting cards will send a thousand words of love to them on your behalf.

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  • The perfect addition to a 40th birthday party is colorful posters! This 40th birthday poster prints beautifully and can be framed to keep for years to come!

  • You just need to give your requirements, we are sure that your gift will be more perfect than ever. All posters are professionally printed on thick semi-gloss paper so you don't have to worry about product quality.

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  • Send a gift of chocolate they're sure to love because who doesn't love chocolate, especially when there are 40 on it? The number 40 is symbolic of 40 years old, so meaningful with this unique gift idea.

  • A delicious Cadbury milk chocolate bar wrapped in an individual sleeve; is a perfect gift to show your loved one how much they mean to you.

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  • Your friend turns 40, and a personalized birthday wine glass is the perfect gift idea for you. A cute gift that can be customized for all ages!

  • These glasses are made of high-quality vinyl. To ensure the long life of the glasses, hand wash and dry only. The gift is very suitable for people who like to drink, help them to sip their favorite wine.

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  • When you're looking to buy some unique and eye-catching gifts to give someone's 40th-anniversary gift or decoration, the Happy Prank toilet paper is the right gift idea and makes a big splash.

  • This funny prank toilet paper will leave all guests amazed and satisfied. It is not only a 40th birthday gift but also a great 40th birthday decoration and party supplies.

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-From warming herbs to keep you feeling strong to soothing blends to help you indulge in a peaceful stay. Our tea box is a unique gift idea for you and your 40th birthday.

  • Tea boxes are the perfect way to discover the delicious flavors of herbal teas. Blended by herbalists and nutritionists using the highest quality ingredients. This gift is very suitable for those who are about to have their 40th birthday.
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  • Are you wondering what to give your woman for her 40th birthday? Vintage Women's Souvenir Bags is a gift idea for you.

  • With a capacity of up to 14 liters, open bag, no zip, cotton handle. Perfect for gifting small items and used as a practical carry bag or shopping bag.

  • The unique and creative design makes this a great birthday gift.

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  • Packed with delicious treats from the past, our Vintage candy 40th birthday basket will thrill your loved one with this unique gift idea.

  • A brown souvenir box with vibrant orange sleeves and newspaper inserts will spice up your birthday decor with an original 1980s style. Replenish your last birthday party supplies. your 40th!

  • With a variety of delicious candies you ate as a child in a colorful vintage candy gift box, the birthday present evokes nostalgic memories from the golden 80s.

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  • Show your love with this charming Forty and Fierce bracelet for her 40th birthday, showing how important and inspiring she is to you.

  • This beautiful adjustable bracelet features a colored square charm that reads “Forty & Fierce” – a precious reminder of the milestone.

  • Charming bracelets show her how much you care every day, here's a gift idea for a 40th birthday.

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  • To celebrate the 40th birthday, 2pk Vintage 1982 Etched 1.75oz Shot Glasses will be too unique for you. These vintage style glasses are just what you need for your 40th birthday party.

  • The laser engraved design is permanent and dishwasher safe. Clear glasses hold 1.75 ounces of each of your favorite spirits. Ideal for coffee lovers, these shot glasses are classy and timeless.

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  • Our unique 40th birthday gifts for women are super cute 40th birthday gift ideas and the perfect 40th birthday gift for your significant other.

  • These super cute potted plants are securely placed in the foam to ensure they are always in perfect condition when they reach someone.

  • With 3 plants in each box, these well-made pots will look great when displayed together in any home.

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